Preparing for the Exams


“Hey, are you awake?” Ted heard his step-sister’s voice coming from the hallway.

He climbed out of his bed and went to the door. He wondered whether he should get dressed, but he had a feeling that it would only be an obstacle.

“Sure, what’s up?” he asked as he opened the door.

Without answering, Tina quickly stepped into his room. Unlike Ted, she was dressed, although barely. She wore one of her lacy bras with matching French panties.

“I have an exam today,” she said hurriedly. “I’m kinda nervous.”

“Again?” he asked a bit loudly.

“Sshhh,” Tina shushed him.

“Oh come on Tina, your mom knows that we, khm…” Ted started to say and searched for the right word.

“Fuck,” Tina winked.

“I wanted to say ‘took this step-sibling thing to the next level’,” he said.

“Yeah, but she also told us to keep a low profile,” she said as she took his rapidly hardening shaft into her hands and gently stroked it. “And I don’t think that the way you calm my nerves before exams pendik escort qualifies for low profile.”

“You sure you want this?” Ted asked. He actually expected Tina to appear in front of his door in the morning and so he skipped wanking off in the evening, but he wanted to be sure. “I mean you don’t really have the possibility to get off with me.”

“Ted, I’m way too stressed before my exams. No amount of time would be enough for me to relax and have an orgasm. However, it really calms my nerves as you fill my pussy with your cock and pound into me. Please, we only have about five minutes before Kate gets here.”

Ted placed his hand over Tina’s body and ran his fingers along the rim of the panties. The soft, frilly material perfectly encompassed the tender skin on her waist and made his blood to boil. He kissed her neck again and again as he slowly pulled off her panties. He did not want them to fall to the floor, just to get access to her sweet pussy.

Tina parted her legs to give Ted easier maltepe escort access to her pussy and to keep her panties stretched on her thighs. She moaned as Ted’s fingers played over her clean mound and took a sharp breath when they found her slit and one of his fingers slipped into her pussy. Then much to her pleasure Ted’s cock replaced his finger and since she was completely wet, he immediately started a steady rhythm of pushing his cock deep inside the tight, hot pussy of his step-sister and then pulling it out again.

“Oh fuck,” Ted breathed heavily. “Your pussy feels amazing!”

Tina closed her eyes and put her head onto Ted’s chest. She enjoyed as his pleasure grew and it indeed acted as a perfect tranquillizer.

She whimpered when she felt Ted’s cock to swell and shoot his first stream of cum deep inside her pussy. Then he quickly pulled out his cock and pumped the rest of his load into her panties. For a few seconds they both just watched as the whitish puddle soaked the fabric of kartal escort the panties, then Tina kissed him.

“Thank you,” she cooed as she pulled up her panties. “Could you prepare a coffee for me? I have to get ready, Kate will be here in a few minutes and we have to leave.”

“She is already here,” they heard the jiggling voice of their friend coming from the door. “I came over a bit early and let myself in with the key you gave me,” Kate said. “Then I heard the noises from upstairs and I got jealous. You know, I have an exam today too.”

Ted looked in bewilderment as Kate pulled up her skirt and pulled the tiny triangle of her thong sideways, revealing her completely clean pussy. Ted took a sharp, deep breath.

“I guess my cock needs some time to recover,” he mumbled.

“Maybe you could use your tongue,” Kate suggested as she ran a finger over her mound.

“Come on bro, you have some time while I get ready,” Tina patted Ted’s ass.

He quickly lay Kate on the bed and began licking her pussy, rolling his tongue over and over Kate’s clit. Kate locked her legs around Ted’s head and she had her first orgasm just as Tina came back fully dressed. She had three more in the following ten minutes and the two girls almost missed their exams.

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