Prom Night


Author’s statement: This is a fairly long story. I thought of making chapters of it, but at the time, didn’t think it would be this long.


NOTE: All characters depicted in sexual situations are 18.

DISCLAIMER: Names and events of characters in this story are fictional. Any person, living or dead having these names, or were in similar events, is purely coincidence.


“I’m going to the prom! I’m going to the prom!” Becky yelled as she ran into the house. “Hey mom! I’m going to the prom.”

“Yes, I heard you the first time Becky. Who’s taking you?” My mom asked, happy for her.

“That new kid Evan. You know. He and his family recently moved into that house on the corner of Baker and Pine.”

“Evan Nichols? Isn’t he a bit out of your league?” I said interrupting her.

“Shut up Ricky!” Becky shouted.

“So who’s this Evan Nichols?” Mom asked.

“Well, Evan…”

Interrupting her again. “Evan Nichols is a transfer student. He came here to play football. His old school dropped it, so he came here to play.”

“Ricky!! Mom asked me. Not you!! Can I tell my fucking story without being interrupted?!”

“Becky!! Watch that mouth of yours!! You may be eighteen, but I’ll still wash your mouth out with soap.” Mom said angrily. “And Ricky! Stop interrupting your sister. She doesn’t need you to speak for her.”

“Sorry mom.” We both said in unison.

I sat back listening to Becky tell mom how she was asked by Evan to the prom. To me, something didn’t seem right. Though I was out of high school, I do remember how the jocks, and even cheerleaders, would pull these senior pranks on unsuspecting souls. They called it “Sympathy Dates”, where they would ask a girl or boy out who wasn’t that physically attractive, or had very few friends in school, or wanted to hang around with such a bunch of assholes. That was Becky. She wasn’t ugly, but she was by no means cheerleader type. She has a nice body. Big tits, D-cup, I assume, but just a tad pudgy. She wasn’t fat, but did have a slightly flabby belly. Her brown hair was long and straight, reaching down to her tailbone. She has a pretty face, no acne or blemishes, but her cheeks are puffy, and she has a slight scar on her chin from when she tripped, hitting the edge of the kitchen counter when she was nine. As she talked, the same thing kept entering my mind; Sympathy date! After Becky left, I sat down close to my mom.

“I don’t like this mom.” I whispered to her.

“Why? I think it’s nice that your sister was asked to the prom.” Smiling at me.

“Mom. This kid is a popular jock in school. He could get any girl to go to the prom with him. Any of those “easy” girls If you get my drift. Becky, as far as I know, is still a virgin.”

“I hope so!” She snorted. “So what are you saying? That she’s being set up?”

“Could be.” I replied. “These kids call it a sympathy date. They ask a vulnerable looking kid out on a date, mainly the prom. Then they embarrass them.

“How?” She asked now being concerned.

“With boys, it could be a variety of things. But with girls, well, it could mainly end up with rape.”

“Are you serious? I thought Becky’s school had that ‘No tolerance’ policy.”

“They do. But some kids are privileged. Especially jocks. Some get good scholarships to great colleges. Nobody wants to see them lose that, so they overlook it.”

“Well, that’s not going to happen to my daughter!” She huffed.

“Mom. I’m only assuming. I don’t know if it’s truly what he’s up to. It’s just suspicious that he would ask Becky to the prom.”

“Well Becky is very beautiful. I’m surprised more boys hadn’t asked her to go.”

“Yeah. Just like you always said to me how I’m such a stud, and I’ll be having girls knocking down the door. To you, she’s beautiful. To others, she’s a little plain.”

“So are you saying that she shouldn’t go with this Evan kid?”

“No. But she needs to be watched. Someone to make sure she’s not being played.”

“Who do you have in mind to watch her?”

“Well… Me!”

“You?? You’re not in school anymore. How are you going to go? You going to chaperone?”

“No.” Laughing. “I know a few girls who’s looking for a date. I’m sure I could get one that will say yes.”

“Well if you can do it, good. Maybe with you there, he’ll think twice before doing anything stupid with your sister.” Going back watching TV.

With the prom a month away, I’d have plenty of time to find a girl who didn’t have a date. Yet!

It didn’t take me long to find out who didn’t have a date to the prom. Bonnie was my first choice. She and Becky use to be real good friends growing up until Bonnie moved away, then moving back across town a four years later. She always had a crush on me, ever since she moved back to town. I happened to run into her one day at a local burger joint. She was sitting with a couple other girls, drinking sodas, and sharing fries.

“Hey Bonnie.”

“Hi Ricky.” Her face lighting up when she saw me. “How you’ve been?”

“Pretty good.” I said grabbing a french escort ataşehir fry. “Hi.” I said to the girl sitting opposite Bonnie.

“Hello.” Giving me a dirty look for stealing a french fry. “You’re Becky’s brother aren’t you. You graduated last year didn’t you?”

“Yes, to both questions.” Then looking toward Bonnie. “Can I talk to you in private?”

“Sure.” She got up, grabbing her drink. “I’ll be right back.” She said to her friends.

“What’s up.” She asked, sucking soda up through her straw.

“Um. Uh. Do you have a date for the prom?”

She answered a question with a question, stretching out her word. “Why?”

“Do you, or don’t you?”

“Ricky. You’re not in school anymore. Why do you want to go to some stupid prom?”

“Because Evan Nichols asked Becky to go. and I think he’s up to something.”

“No offense, but why would he ask her? He likes the slutty, cheerleader types.”

“Exactly Bonnie. That’s why I think he’s up to something. You know, like sympathy date.”

“No. It’s not that. The jocks picked their victim for that. I’m thinking gang bang, or sex video.”

“Who is it then if it’s not Becky?”

“Melanie Baxter. Poor girl.” Shaking her head in pity.

“So would you like to go with me? I’d like to keep an eye on her.”

“So I’m just being used so you can make sure it doesn’t happen to Becky.”

“I’m paying for the tickets.”

“WOW!! That’s really nice of you.” She said sarcastically.

“Jesus Christ Bonnie. What else do you want?”

Again,stretching out her word.”Well…If I go, you have to please me.”

“Pleasing you like physically? When, and where?” Knowing I’d have to do a whole lot more than buying the tickets.

“Prom night. Either before, or after.”

I pondered over her proposal “You drive a hard bargain Bonnie. It’s a deal.”

“Good. Then I’ll go with you.”

“Thanks.” Starting to depart. “Oh. One more thing. Don’t tell Becky I’m taking you to the prom. I don’t want her to know I’m going.”

“Why not?”

“Because, I don’t want to get chewed out for it, plus I don’t want her to tell Nichols. If he is up to no good, I want him to sweat it out at the prom.”

“I understand. My lips are sealed. Hey!! You’re not leaving without giving me something are you?”

“Jesus Christ!” I said under my breath.

I walked back toward her, giving her a quick kiss. She grabbed me by the back of my head, planting her lips onto mine. She forced her tongue into my mouth, getting a taste of cola from her tongue. I had to admit, she wasn’t a bad kisser. I even submitted to her tongue flickering against mine. My cock got hard behind my pants, forming a bulge between my legs. I felt her free hand reaching down, rubbing my hard boner.

“Wow!! You getting hard for me? I think I’m going to enjoy going to a lame prom after all.”

“Shit Bonnie. We’re out in public.” I said pulling away.

“Hey buddy! Girls get horny too you know. I’m sure you’ve caught Becky having those moments.”

“Bonnie, you’re sick.”

“Just remember our deal Ricky baby.” She said sliding her fingers down my cheek.

“Yeah yeah. Just remember, not a word to Becky.”

I left Bonnie as she walked back to her friends. I was so glad she accepted going to the prom with me. But the thought of having sex with her wasn’t what I really wanted. Sure she was a female, and had a pussy, and titties, it was just that I wasn’t really turned on by her. She’s a light colored, frizzy haired redhead that looks more like an afro, with a shitload of freckles on her face. As a matter of fact, she’s has them all over her body. Head, chest, arms, you name it, she got them there. She’s also a little bit skinny. I mean, I like girls with some meat on their bones. Not fat, but just something I can squeeze. Which leads me to her ass. She doesn’t have one. I’ve seen guys in the boys shower that had curvier asses than her. Not that I was staring. Just making an analogy. But boy, can she kiss. She better do a lot of that if she wants me to stay hard. When I got home later in the day, I saw my mom in the kitchen making dinner when I told her the good news.

“Hey mom.” Giving her a peck on the cheek. “Where’s Becky. She around?”

“No. She over Kim’s house looking at prom dresses.”

“Cool. Oh, speaking about proms, I was able to get a date with Bonnie Kerr.”

“Bonnie? What in the world possessed you to ask her? You know she and Becky use to be close friends.”

“Yeah. It’s perfect mom. Bonnie has one hell of a crush on me, so Becky seeing me at the prom won’t seem too suspicious.”

“But what about Bonnie? Did you think about her feelings that you’re only using her to spy on your sister?”

“Relax mom. I already told her the situation. Besides, I’m not spying. I’m observing. Making sure nothing bad happens to her.”

“So what do you have to do in return for her going to the prom with you?”

“I’m paying for the tickets, and other stuff.”

“What other stuff?”

“Um. That’s between her and me.”

“Uh-huh! kadıköy escort Hope you have protection.”

“Oh shit!! Thanks mom. Have to pick them up.” I gave her another kiss, and left the kitchen heading down into my apartment/basement.

“Glad to be of help. I guess.” I heard her say as I went down the stairs.

It was a week before the prom. Becky already had her dress picked out. Of course, I had to drive her to the boutique store so she could pick up her gown.

“Oh Ricky. I’m so nervous and excited that the prom is next Saturday. What was your senior prom like?” She asked, tapping her fingers on the dashboard.

“It was okay. I had a real good time.”

“Yeah, I bet. You and Carly Myers. Woo! I heard you had a great time with her.” Poking my side with her elbow.

“How did you hear about that?” Asking curiously.

“Ha ha. I guess you don’t know the shit that’s said in the girl’s bathrooms.”

“Yeah Becky. I always went into the girl’s bathroom to listen in on their conversations.”

“Okay. Okay. You got me there. But anyway, shortly after the prom, I was in the bathroom, and I heard her talking to some other girl about how much of a stud you were. I laughed a little bit wondering if she was telling the truth, or just bullshitting like other girls do.”

“So what did she say?” Now really curious.

“Um. let’s see. She said you had a hard time putting on a condom because you got the wrong size.”

“Yeah.” Laughing hysterically. “I forgot to buy some, and had to borrow one from Wayne West. That was kind of embarrassing.”

“Not to her. She thought you had that for a while, and that your dick grew. I had to do all I could not to burst out laughing.”

“That must’ve been hard for you.” Laughing harder.

“Speaking of hard. She said that about you too. Said you really made her cum.”

“She wasn’t bullshitting then. She did cum big time. She made so much noise, the people in the next room were cheering, and banging on the wall.”

“Yep. She said that too. So she wasn’t bullshitting, was she?”

“No. She wasn’t.”

We finally made it to the boutique store. Becky went up to the service counter, as I looked around, checking out the mannequins displaying the gowns, and dresses they were wearing. Becky was given her dress by the desk clerk, and she was escorted to the dressing room. She came out a short time later, where the manager looked over her gown. Her tits really stretched the fabric. For a girl as voluptuous as she was, wearing a strapless gown was a disaster waiting to happen. I knew it was going to be a while with the manager doing last minute alterations, so I sat back, closing my eyes, for a little rest.

“Ricky. Ricky. Come on. I’m all set, and ready to go.”

I woke up to the feel of Becky’s fingers prodding my shoulder.

“Ricky! Come on. Wake up! I’m all set. Let’s go.”

“Okay. Okay. Hold your horses.” I said stretching, then wiping my eyes from them being closed. “Wow! I can’t believe I dozed off. How long have we been here?”

“About forty five minutes.”

“Damn! Alright, let’s go.” I said stretching and yawning again as I stood up.

We left the store, heading to my car. Becky carefully placed box that held her dress in the back seat. She then hopped in, while I slapped my cheeks, trying to snap myself fully awake.

“Oh, I just love my dress.” She said very elated. “What do you think Ricky, do you like it?”

“Yeah. It’s nice. I just hope your boobs don’t pop out.”

“What do you mean? The top fits snug around my boobs.”

“Hmm. Okay. Did you dance in it while in the store?”

“No” She said while laughing. Why would I dance inside the store? The lady there was making the final alterations. I don’t think she’d be too happy if I was moving all over the place.”

“How about when she was done? Did you move around then? Did you twist, or bend?”

“No, I didn’t. Once she was finished, I did some turning, but I didn’t twist, or bend. I didn’t need to. The top part is like a corset, and inside, there are half cups to hold my boobs. So you don’t need to worry about them popping out.”

“Okay, if you say so. I just don’t want to see your tits go viral if they become the life of the party.” I said chuckling.

“Shut up Ricky.” Backhanding my leg, and laughing.

We were finally home. I held the door open for her as she shifted the enlarged box that held her prom dress. Once inside, she went straight to the kitchen placing the box on the table. Mom and I followed her into the kitchen. There she pulled her dress out of the box, showing her the finished product. I just went in to grab a soda, leaving them to talk. I never saw two women get so excited about a dress before, but then again, we guys get excited over a nice car.

It was the day of the prom. I called Bonnie letting her know what time I’d be picking her up. I had to wait until Becky left before I could leave. I thanked her over and over for not saying anything about us going to the prom. All she kept saying is “You can thank me maltepe escort bayan later. Big Boy.” That reminded me that I had to go to the local drug store to get some rubbers. My day was spent driving from place to place getting the things I needed for tonight. Going to the flower shop to get a corsage for Bonnie, and to the drug store for condoms. When I got there, their supply of condoms was thin. Seems every senior was thinking about having sex tonight. I was lucky to find one that would fit over my cock without breaking.

“Becky was all dressed, and ready to go. I stayed down in my basement apartment getting dressed in my tux as Evan showed up to bring Becky to the prom. Mom insisted she take a few pictures of them together. Once they left, I headed out to pick up Bonnie.

It was about a five minute drive to Bonnie’s house. I pulled up along side her house. I walked up the walkway, going up to the porch, and rang the doorbell. Bonnie rushed out the door, grabbing me by my jacket, pulling me to follow her.

“Bonnie!! Come on! Let me take a picture of the two of you.” Her mom said as she sprinted to the door.

“Hi Mrs. Kerr.” I said pulling away from Bonnie.

“Well hello Ricky.” She said in a sexy voice. My, how you’ve grown. You look like your father. How is he doing these days. I haven’t seen him around.”

“Yeah. Mom kicked him out over a year ago. She got tired of his cheating ass.”

“Come on Ricky. We’re going to be late.” She said between clenched teeth.

“Why? Your mom just likes to take a picture. What harm is there in that?”

“Fine!!” She said huffing back into the house. “Let’s get this over with.”

I couldn’t help but notice Bonnie’s mom looking at me with lustful eyes. Her and her husband divorced a few years back. It was the reason why they moved back here. Rumors were always going around that Mrs.Kerr liked to entertain male acquaintances on a regular basis. Usually inviting them here to have an afternoon delight. Maybe that’s why Bonnie turned out the way she did. The usual, what mother does, daughter does.

As we stood in the living room posing for the few pics Bonnie’s mom took, I noticed how pretty Bonnie really was dressed up. She was wearing a yellow dress that had pink and white flowers along the V shaped neck line. It was fastened with yellow buttons, and a yellow sash that was tied in the back like a ribbon bow. The hem of her dress was just above the knees, and she was wearing light brown pantyhose, giving the illusion of tanned legs. Her yellow low heeled shoes matched her dress to a T. The most amazing part was her hair. Instead of it being wild and frizzy, it was now wavy, and flowing down her shoulders and back.

Mrs. Kerr wanted one picture of me standing behind, but slightly to the side of Bonnie, holding her at the waist. Her perfume was very intoxicating as I stood close to her. Bonnie feigned a smile with each picture her mom took. The only real one was when she looked up at me.

Bonnie couldn’t wait to make a mad dash to the door after her mom was finished taking pictures. Grabbing my hand, we trotted down the walkway, to my car. We drove off heading to where the prom was being held.

“I have to admit. You look very pretty tonight.” I said. “Your hair especially. I like what you did with it.”

“Let’s go down to the pond.” Bonnie said as we were close to the road that led there.

The pond was a local hang out were mainly teenagers went to party, or to make out. It use to be a great swimming hole until some metal drums that were illegally dumped there decades ago leaked out some kind of chemicals that came from an old, closed down factory.

I took the turn onto the road the led to the pond. It took about ten minutes before I turned off the main road, onto a bumpy dirt one. Coming here thousands of times, I turned off my lights to avoid being spotted on the dirt road. Cops loved to patrol the area, mainly to catch the drunk drivers going home. As far as going there to make out, well, their motto was: “More power to you.”

We finally made it to the pond. I had no choice now than to turn on my lights. Though I knew this place like the back of my hand, I still had to watch for large rocks,and tree stumps that protruded out of the ground. I found the perfect place to park. There was no one else around. We had the place all to ourselves.

Bonnie got out of the car, stretching her arms up in the air, getting rid of the kinks from sitting. Turning off the lights, and engine, I followed her, meeting her in front of the car.

“Why did you come to the front of the car? Don’t you want make out in the backseat?” Asking curiously.

“Ricky. Do you think I’m a slutty whore?” She asked facing me.

“No. But you do have a reputation.”

“My mother is a slutty whore. She’ll fuck anyone and anything. I’m not that way. I’m choosy who I want to have sex with.”

“Like me?” Putting my hands on her arms, rubbing up and down.

“Yeah. Like you.” Smiling and blushing a bit.

I drew her closer to me, placing my lips onto hers. Our mouths immediately opened up, pushing our tongues outward, connecting at the tips. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth. I got the taste of peppermint from her life saver, She was indeed a great kisser. Our tongues alternated back and forth, with an occasional tongue sucking.

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