PTA Mom Gets the Hot Dad


I turned around and studied my ass in the mirror. Thank God for Yoga Pants. A bra for my butt. A fantastic bra for my butt. I wondered if Greg would like it.

My name is Amanda. I’m a stay at home mom in the San Francisco Bay Area. My husband, Rick, is a wonderful guy. I never in a million year imagined being in this situation. We married quite young, but I’ve always tried to be the model wife. We finally had kids when I turned 29 and try to be the best mom to our children.

Rick has always had one sexual quirk, but I never took it seriously. He’s always said I was welcome to have sex outside our marriage. I tolerated his little fantasy, but never indulged it too much. It seemed odd, unhealthy. We have a great marriage, we’re reasonably secure. Why would I do anything to jeopardize that?

Okay, our sex isn’t exactly the greatest, but we don’t expect it to be after this long. The best way to describe it is it goes in cycles. We can go a couple of months with the random quickie, then have sex five times in a week. If I’m around my period, forget it. I turn into a grinch. We laugh about it, but it’s the truth.

I gathered the kids that morning and we left for school, backpacks and lunchboxes in tow. I carried a laptop bag. It carried one computer, with no charge and missing a power cord. That was Rick’s idea. The man is devious, I’ll give him that. I’m more amazed at how devious he’s willing to be to get his wife laid.

I have two kids, an older boy in fourth grade, and my daughter. At school I’m on the Auction Committee. It’s one of the hassles or benefits of being on the PTA, depending on your point of view. Schools need money, even in one of the richest areas on the planet. After a short two block walk, we passed the school gates. There was Greg, waiting at a picnic table outside the main office. I smiled and waved. He reciprocated.

Greg is one of the few truly “hot dads” at school. It’s an open secret between my fellow mom friends on the PTA. There’s no other way to describe it. Tall and muscular, but still relatively young, the way he bounds up the steps in a pair of hiking shorts can set femininity on fire. He has a quick wit, but doesn’t over-rely on it.

Rick has met Greg. He’s no dummy, he could see why we liked him. He’d already heard from me all about the moms with hearts aflutter when he’d be around. Rick worked with Greg for a couple of weekends as they built a stage and set for a school play. Two guys with tools, chatting and getting to know each other.

Like I said, Rick is great, but honestly he’s no Greg, in looks or with a drill. Rick is maybe ten years older, and maybe his tool-set is the best money can buy, but Greg had to show him how to use it. I’d show up escort ankara with the kids, bringing lemonade and snacks for both of them, helping out where I could. I’d needle Rick as Greg corrected his work. Rick smiled at me. I know he enjoyed it, especially after that first Saturday. That evening we had sex and he flat out told me to fuck Greg.

I was coy, I told him maybe. In truth my mind said yes and all lights were green. As he made love to me, I teased Rick some more about how it seemed Greg could really use his tools. Rick had sex with me twice in about twenty minutes. This was a land speed record for his performance in the past decade. We had sex five nights in a row that week. Every time I orgasmed, my eyes were closed as I imagined Greg dominating me.

The problem is we weren’t friends with Greg. We’d chat at school, but our paths didn’t cross outside of those brief moments.

I did try to get a spot on the overnight field trip with the fourth grade. I knew Greg was going. This was my first ham-handed attempt to take Rick up on his offer. I fantasized walking a trail after dark with him, making out behind trees. I wondered where I could safely allow myself to be taken, maybe in the backseat of his car.

When I didn’t get a spot I secretly cursed myself. Rick actually cursed himself out loud when I told him. It was funny. I told myself this was silly and absurd.

When Greg told me he was going to be heavily involved with the auction, helping run the software needed for accounting and budgeting, I gulped. When I told Rick that Greg and I had a meeting scheduled for Thursday, he again gave me permission and advice on how to seduce him.

I walked my children to their rooms and met Greg outside. He expected me to give him a brief tour of the software and go over our schedule, all at school. That wasn’t going to happen if I could help it. We both went into an empty classroom where I was to brief him. He had a seat and I went to the whiteboard to map out a timeline.

I made sure to give him a great view of my ass. When I wrote up high on the board, I’d push it out and arch my back. My yogapants are a gray patterned camo print. I wore a Nike runner’s shirt that hugged my frame. I turned and he was staring at my ass, I had caught him looking. I turned back to write some more figures and when I bent over to write lower, I popped my butt out a little more if that was possible.

“So, what do you think?” I said, not moving. My husband says I have the legs of a gazelle, lithe and powerful.

“It looks good,” he smiled. “Let’s look at that software.

“I’ll get the hardware,” and I unzipped my bag. I opened the laptop and pressed the on button. As expected, nothing happened. etlik evi olan escortlar “Oops, low battery. I’ll just get the, oh no!” the acting job was decent, “I’ve forgotten my power cord. You know, we can get it at my house. I only live two blocks over. We can do this and I can fix you a cup of coffee?”

“That sounds great,” Greg said. “I didn’t know you lived around here.”

“Just lucky I guess,” I answered.

I showed him in the front door and offered him a seat on the couch. I excused myself to the restroom and sent my husband a text. I promised him I would.

“Greg is over now. Your plan worked. I am so nervous.”

I was nervous. The evening before, Rick assured me I had nothing to worry about as I showed him my newly trimmed pubic region. It was Rick’s idea. I took a quick pee and received a response.

“It’s his pussy today if you want it to be.” Did I ever.

I got the coffee started and sat next to him on the couch. I sat really close to him, leg to leg. I stared at his strong hands and forearms, the muscles under his skin so unlike my husband’s arms. My hands actually shook as I tried to type my password in. I wondered if he noticed.

I hadn’t given him much room so he palmed his leg, the side of his hand rested on my leg. I swear my heart skipped a beat. I reached out with my hand on his leg. He froze. I moved my fingers up his inseam until I touched hard cock. He jerked back and apologized.

“It’s okay,” I said, “my husband doesn’t mind,” and I leaned over to kiss him. It was strange, kissing a new man for the first time in 12 years. His style was completely different. His lips seemed to tug at mine, as if he was squeezing a tomato or a ripe piece of fruit. One of his hands slid behind my back and another cupped my breast.

I pushed the laptop over to the coffee table and we made out on the couch like teenagers. His hand went from my breast to the top of my yoga pants. His hand slid down my smooth skin and brushed pubic hair under my panty line. I felt a burst of excitement that caused me to gasp into his mouth. My heavy breathing intensified as his big fingers traced lower to my clit. His finger circled and I absolutely lost it.

It felt so good. He whispered in my ear, asking if I wanted more, and I told him yes. I grabbed his hand through my pants and pressed it into my groin.

When the first finger slipped in I about died. He managed to keep a steady rhythm, my natural wetness coated him as he thrust into me. I spread my legs even more in a vain attempt to give him better access. I had to get the damn pants off of me.

I told him I was sorry and I led him to my bedroom. There were pictures on the wall of my demetevler genç escortlar husband, my family. A secret thrill shivered through me. The taboo of the affair wasn’t making me feel guilty. I thanked God silently for having such a great husband.

Greg stopped me at the foot of the bed and kissed me again. His hands swirled down my hips, his thumbs hooked into my pants and panties and pulled them down in one try. I helped him pull them off completely. We continued to kiss.

I reached down to unbuckle his jeans, squatting in front of his taut stomach. I kissed the happy trail above his pubic area. The smell of his skin intoxicated me. I pulled his jeans down and a thick, dominating cock sprung forth.

It was better than I ever imagined. The pink head glistened. It was clear he kept himself trimmed and clean. I gripped the shaft at the base and squeezed out clear precum. I looked up at him, giving him puppy dog eyes, and placed the head on my tongue, subserviently smearing the precum onto my tastebuds. I then carefully put the head into my mouth. I relished his taste, his sweat, and I opened my mouth wide, determined to master his cock. I couldn’t. It was too big, my gag reflex almost kicked in. I laughed and gasped and he just told me to get on the bed.

I looked at the thick comforter as I lay. I knew it would have to be washed before this day was over.

I was on my back as he mounted me, my legs spread wide, he pinned them back with his biceps. I actually guided his hard member to my entrance, this new penis rubbing my clit and labia. I allowed myself an extra few seconds to rub the head on these parts before aiming for the center. Girls, you know that feeling, how exquisite the pain and pleasure can be? As it broke through my opening, I felt so incredibly full. He was larger than my husband and I just hadn’t felt this feeling since before I met him, maybe never. I gasped as the shaft continued to enter and I felt an instinctive relief. I could relax. This was where my body knew Greg needed to be.

I had surrendered completely. With each thrust and I could feel his balls against me as he enjoyed my warm, wet hole. I needed to feel him push and stretch and fill me up, and he did. He jackhammered me for a couple of minutes and BAM, I felt the wave of orgasm start to crash. I squealed.

It was only then that I remembered too late, the unopened condoms still in the nightstand.

He grunted, an animalistic sound that aroused me. His hips seemed to hesitate then suddenly thrust hard and deep twice. I was his willing vessel. He held me down his penis pushed deep as gushed into me, flooding me with sperm. I never feel my husband shoot in me, only his warmth and wetness. With Greg I felt it splash against my cervix.

I bonded to him. When he moved his arms out of the way I wrapped my legs tightly around the small of his back to keep him from withdrawing. Tears of orgasmic bliss slid down both sides of my face.

His violation of me was complete.

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