Punished for Peeking on My Cousin Ch. 01


This is a copyrighted original work by the author. All rights reserved.

All characters featured herein are at least eighteen years of age, even if not expressly stated. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. This story contains spanking, and anal punishment. If this is not something that you find as a fetish or kink I would encourage you to look for something that is more to your liking. There are a great many great authors on here that can provide you with material of your liking. Thanks, Dean

Two weeks after my mother had punished me severely for peeking at her for the third time and forcing me to punish her anally because she felt she was not being a good mother my cousin arrived. Joyce is a dark haired beauty. She has a beautiful set of tis and an ass to die for and I wanted to see all of it on a more personal level. I had been planning on her arrival and I had taken a few steps to insure that I would get a chance to see her naked.

Due to the fact that the house was not finished the upstairs bathroom was not finished but the downstairs bathroom was. They were situated directly above each other and the shower stall was actually outside the downstairs bathroom. The plumbing for the upstairs bathroom left a gap around those pipes as well and I had set up a periscope laid horizontally so that it was over the hole and I could look into the lenses and not be seen. I knew my plan would work I only had to wait till Joyce took a shower and I would be able to finally see her.

The next morning after Joyce arrived we had to unload hay for our cattle and once that was completed Dad and Mom went to town for feed. That left the rest of us time to shower before they got back. I was told to help unload the feed when they got back so I did not rush toward the shower. My sister went in right away and Joyce and I stayed outside till she was finished. Once she came out of the house Joyce went in to take her shower and I headed upstairs to take a peek. I had done an exceptional job of setting it up. I could indeed see Joyce and I do mean see Joyce. Her tits were perfect and her ass was something else. She had a wonderful little bubble butt on a 5’4″frame. The only thing I could not see was her pussy but I guess I thought allowances had to be made in the interest of science so to speak. Besides I am an ass man and well I got the best part at least in my opinion.

Joyce looked up a couple of times while I was looking at her but I thought nothing of it because she did not seem to notice anything. Joyce shut off the water and started drying her hair and I carefully went back down the stairs and out the door and sat down so she would not think anything of it. Actually my parents helped me out because I had no more than sat down and they came up the road toward the house and I went down to meet dad to unload the feed. We were unloading feed when Joyce came down to where we were. She stood right beside me and she smelled wonderful. Just as we finished my dad said, “Remember we have to collect on three bulls tomorrow and I need your help.” I was less than thrilled but you do what you have to when you sell bulls and semen.

After I finished I went into the house and to the shower and started to clean up. I looked up towards my little invention and noticed that you could just see that there was the look of a glass there but it could actually be anything. The bathroom upstairs was used as a store escort ataşehir room so there are all kinds of things in there. I thought nothing more of it at the time and finished and went downstairs. Everyone was out on the porch and when I got out there Dad said he was going to clean up and take mom into town for dinner and a movie. My sister wanted to go and he flatly told her no but he would drop her off at friends if she wanted him to. She ran to the phone and came back and said she could stay overnight if that was ok. That left Joyce and I together at home which was ok by me. They all piled into the truck a little later and Joyce and I sat down to watch TV.

While we were watching TV Joyce just up and said, “I know you are watching me.” I looked at her like I had no idea what she was talking about and then turned back to the TV without saying a word.

“I know you are watching me.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about I am watching TV.”

“I know you are watching me when I take a shower and it is really naughty of you to do that you know.”

I did not say a word; I just sat there and looked at her.

“I noticed the glass while I was showering and then when you were in the shower I went up and saw the periscope you placed up there to look at me. Did you like what you saw?”

I looked over at her and she said, “You are caught so don’t even try to say you don’t know what I am talking about because if you do I will take your mom up there and show it to her.”

I was caught and I knew I was caught so I just looked at her and said, “Okay I will go upstairs and take it down then.”

“I don’t want you to take it down; I want you to leave it there. I kind of like the idea that you are a peeper because then I get to watch you too.”

“Did you watch me take a shower as well?”

“No; I didn’t get a chance because I had to find it and then I heard the water shut off to the shower and I knew you were getting out when I found it.”

“Well, what do we do about it now?”

“Like I said it is kind of naughty that you are peeping on me and I think we should do something about it.”

“What did you have in mind exactly?”

“I think anyone who is peeping should get punished for doing it and since it was you peeping on me I think I should get to punish you for doing it.”

“Just what are you going to do to me?”

“I think I am going to spank you so that I get a chance to see what I missed earlier today.”

“If I don’t have a choice in this then where are we going to do this at since we can’t do it here? If something happens and my parents come back early that could be a problem.”

“Oh you don’t have a choice but remember I said that anyone who peeks and I like to as well so the tables will get turned eventually.”

Joyce told me to follow her and we headed up the big hill to the north. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “I came up here with your sister earlier today and everything I need is up here. We went to the very top of the hill and there is a line of feed bunks on the flat part of the hill and she told me that I was to strip and lay in the trough since the ends are open. I want your head and chest in the trough and your ass hanging out. So strip.”

I did as Joyce asked and she looked me over and said, “You will do in a pinch I guess.

“Thanks, it’s nice to be appreciated.”

I walked over to the open end of the bunk kadıköy escort and thank God we had not fed in here for a long time so the trough was clean due to the rain. I leaned over into the trough and lay down as she asked. Joyce then said, “Okay I want your legs spread apart so I can see your cock and balls hanging down and I can see your entire cute little ass.”

Joyce proceeded to walk around and inspect me. She reached between my legs and grabbed my cock and stroked it until it was as hard as it could possibly get and then she started to massage my balls as well till I had pre cum dripping off the end of my dick and Joyce was enjoying this way too much.

Joyce then walked up behind me and started to spank my ass. She was not gentle about it either. She gave a few slaps that were easier but it was not long until she was really letting my ass have it. My ass went from pale white from the lack of sunshine to cherry red in a matter of minutes. She looked my ass over and said, “Well this has been fun and your ass will get used to the spankings over time. I guess I wanted to spank you more but you have had enough of that so since I need something else to do to occupy my time up here reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart for me.”

“Oh no, she is just like my mother.” I thought to myself.

Joyce walked up behind me and I heard a snap and I turned and looked and she had one of the latex gloves out of the barn on her right hand. She looked at me and smiled and then said, “This could be painful without lubrication but I forgot to bring any with me.”

I groaned in discomfort at the thought of having my ass penetrated without something to make it go in easier. Just as I was about to offer to suck her fingers she looked at me and said, “Oh yeah I did bring some with me, here let me get it.”

Joyce dropped her pants and pulled down her panties right in front of me and took them off and laid them in the feed bunk and my jaw just about hit the bottom of the feed bunk. She took her right hand and drug it through her pussy and it came out soaked. This is one very naughty girl I thought to myself and it’s going to be great having her around.

Joyce then walked up behind me and said, “Present your ass slave.”

I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart as far as I could get them and I felt a finger start to rub circles around my anus and within seconds a finger plunged straight into my ass. I didn’t yell but I certainly let out a grunt from the unexpected thrust of the finger. “Do you like what I am doing to your ass slave?”


“Yes what?”

“I am sorry I don’t know what you want me to call you.”

“How about from now on you just say yes my queen.”

“Yes my queen.”

“Oh I like the sound of that.”

Joyce pulled her finger in and out of my ass for about 5 minutes and then she reached back to her pussy with her other hand and smeared more of her wetness over my exposed and dilated asshole. She then placed two fingers at the entrance to my ass and shoved them straight in.


“It will be okay very soon. I am only going to put three fingers up your ass tonight since I don’t have any KY with me but the next time you peek on me I will have some and I will use something besides my hand to spank you.”

“Yes my queen.”

“Are you saying you are going to peek on me again?”

“Yes my queen.”

“Good I love it when my slaves admit maltepe escort bayan what they need, and just so you know I expect that you will accommodate me in the same fashion when I peek on you.”

“I will my queen I promise.”

A few seconds later both fingers stopped and Joyce again grabbed moisture from her pussy and wiped it across and into my ass. In a few seconds three fingers went straight into my ass.

“Oh My God you have to be kidding me.”

“I have not reached God status yet my slave but I am working towards it, you may simply call me queen.” Joyce said with a laugh.

She ran her fingers in and out of my ass until she knew that I was gaping and then she stood back and just looked at my ass quiver at the loss of her fingers. She then walked up and started to spank my ass again. I want you to have a nice red ass to remember me by tonight when you are trying to sleep.

After Joyce had turned my ass red she told me to stand up. My cock was rock hard and the pre cum was still drooling from its tip. She walked over and got to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She used her hands to fondle my balls and then she switched to working my balls with one hand and shoving her fingers back up my ass with the other. This girl is talented I thought to myself. She continued to take my cock in her mouth and she picked up her speed as she felt my balls start to tighten up and in a flash I was shooting come down her throat.

I almost fell to my knees but I managed to hold on to her shoulders to keep me upright. I then reached down to Joyce and helped her sit in the bunk with her legs over the edges. She lay back in the trough and I went to work eating her pussy. I had not had the chance to get a good look at it but it was beautiful. There was not a hair in sight. She had a cute little butterfly tattoo above her pussy. When she laid back I had the chance to see her cute little pucker as well and while I was eating her pussy I rubbed my tongue over the top of it to gage her reaction. She moaned as I did this so I pushed my tongue into her pucker as far as it would go. She moaned with delight and then I said, “I am happy to please you my queen.”

I could not believe it Joyce started coming after I said it and I shoved two fingers into her pussy and continued to pump until she moaned and said, “My slave you are finished.”

I helped her up and we both got dressed. After dressing we both stood there and kissed and held each other for a few minutes before we started back down the hill to the house. We knew we needed to be in the house looking like nothing had happened before my parents got home and it was starting to get dark. We had time and we knew that but we didn’t want to press the issue any farther than we had already.

We were watching TV and eating popcorn when mom and dad got home. Mom asked how things went and we both said OK mom which caused her to laugh. They went up to bed and we followed shortly after. I looked at Joyce and said, “What time is your shower tomorrow my queen.”

She looked at me and said, “Who knows maybe tomorrow it will be me calling you my King if you play your cards right.”

Continued in Punished for Peeking on my Cousin Ch. 02- coming soon.

I do appreciate the comments and your votes. It does help when I know what people like and don’t like but I find it amazing when people leave comments and say what they hope will happen in the following chapters. Many times we agree. If there is a story line that you would like to have written and you are not a writer send it to me you never know I might even write it and give you a plug (no pun intended) for it as well. Unless you’re anonymous of course. Dean

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