PunishmentPunishment The room was still in darkness when I awoke. It took a few moments for me to realize where I was. There was one thing for sure, I hadn’t been dreaming.I was in a cage, so I must be at Master Dieter’s place. Minor cramping in my gut kept reminding me thatI needed to have a bowel movement.I hoped someone would be along soon.My mouth was dry and I was very thirsty. That Pilsen crap didn’t quench the thirst it only made it worse. I had not been permitted to brush my teeth so my mouth had a terrible taste and my teeth were coated in goop. My bladder was calling and I wondered whether they would allow me to piss in a toilet or would I have to keep pissing in this little bowl and drinking the damned stuff. What about my bowl movement, surely they wouldn’t expect me to shit in the cage. That would make a hell of a mess, not to mention the accompanying smells. Then I remembered the damned bottle of Pilsen, sitting above my head. Dickie had tried to convince me that it was piss. He had succeeded until he made me drink my own just before going to sleep last night.I was now uncertain, it may be nothing more than coloured water with salt and some kind of bitters added, then again maybe it was piss.I did not make a habit of going around drinking piss so I really wasn’t sure. In any case I had to have it all drunk before Dickie appeared and I figured he would be along soon. I placed my lips on the plastic nipple, pressed the bearing with my tongue and the now cold liquid, filled my mouth.I drank until the bottle was empty, sat back and grimaced from the bitter after taste. It seemed like an hour or so went by before Dickie finally showed up. My gut was really cramping now. I had to have a shit and wasn’t going to be able to hold it much longer. As well, my bladder was not helping matters. That bottle of Pilsen I had drunk had not helped matters, I needed relief.I was really in a bad way. The light went on and practically blinded me. I had to close my eyes to let them adjust to the light.Dickie entered the room almost immediately after the light went on. “Ah, I see It is learning to obey.” he said, as he unfastened the empty bottle. “Has it emptied It’s bladder yet?” he asked. “No Sir, It has to have a bowel movement and was waiting to be taken to a toilet, Sir.” I answered carefully. “It does not use toilets. If It must have a bowel movement It will do it right now.” he ordered, that evil grin back on his face. “But Sir, it would make a mess of the cage, Sir.” I said worried that he really meant it. “Too fucking bad.” he sneered, he really meant it. He opened the side hatch and had me hand him my bowl. “I am going to get It’s food and drink.It had better have had It’s shit before I get back or I will tell the Master It is not cooperating, and It knows what that means.”he gave a little laugh as he headed out the door. I could not move more than a few inches, so if I dumped my load where I sat it would be all over my ass.But there was nothing else I could do. He had warned me and I sure didn’t want the fucking prod hitting my dick again.Sitting in my own shit for a while was much more preferable. With no real options opened to me I pushed and started my dump. I am one of those that can not control my bladder while dumping. As soon as I pushed, my bladder opened and I pissed myself. The warm liquid puddled around under my ass and mixing with a mess of soft excrement which shot out under pressure. A terrible stink filled the room. I don’t smell great at the best of times when I crap, but at least the toilet bowl and water help to keep the smell down a bit. What came shooting out was very soft, almost like the runs. The smell was sickening.I almost puked up my guts as my bowels kept shooting out load after load of this runny foul stuff.What the hell were they putting in the food and drink? I was very uncomfortable, as I waited for Dickie to return. It was a particularly hard job trying to hold my stomach down. The bile kept rising. All I wanted was for Dickie to return and get me out of this stinking mess. He was gone for the longest time and the stink just seemed to get worse. I wanted out of this fucking cage and away from the mess under my ass a quickly as possible. I’ll swear it was over an hour before he finally came back. Either I had finally got used to it or the smell had died down to an acceptable limit. The door opened and he stepped in.”What the fuck has It been doing.” he shouted. “The fucking pig shit in It’s cage.Wait till I tell the Master. He is not going to be very happy at all.” he bellowed. “But you ordered me too.” I said in self defense, terror creeping through me. “Not only is It a pig, It also lies. Well the Master will not listen to a single lie that falls from the lips of a pig that shits in It’s own cage.” he said with that evil smile on his face. He walked over to the cage and opened the hatch. He passed me the little bowl and it was full of those cubes. He closed the hatch and told me to eat. He then placed a full bottle of Pilsen on the top of the cage and got it connected to the hose. “I am going to get the Master so he can come and see for himself what a stinking mess It has made. I would suggest It have the Manna and all of this fresh bottle of pilsen gone before he gets here or you will make him even madder than he is going to be about the mess.” and he gave a little laugh.”Please Sir.”I begged with tears in my eyes. “Don’t do this, Sir. Don’t get the Master back to zap It, Please, It will do anything you want, Sir.Anything, but please, don’t tell the Master.”I was really pleading and crying now. But it worked. He had the door almost open, but turned and closed it. “Ok, but this is conditional. It will obey me completely for the next couple of hours. If It disobeys or hesitateswhen given an order, I will tellthe Master about this filthy mess It has made.Does it agree to that condition? Total and complete obedience.” he demanded. “Yes Sir, Dickie Sir, It will obey all of your commands instantly, Sir.It will be obedient”I quickly answered. “Then It will finish It’s breakfast. I will be back in ten minutes.” he said as he turned and left the room. I had been absolutely terrified that he would carry out his threat and tell the Master that I had shit in the cage. There was no doubt that he was going to make my life miserable for the next two hours, but as far as I was concerned nothing could be worse then that fuckingProd. I began chewing the cubes. They are hard little bastards and took a lot of chewing to break down. Even sipping the yellow liquid, which was not quite so salty this morning, didn’t help to soften them down. I only had ten minutes and there was just no way I would be able to get all these cubes chewed before he returned. He had ordered me to finish them before his return and the last thing I wanted was for him to think I had disobeyed.So I only chewed enough to be able to swallow, I know he had warned me to grind them up real good or they would cause cramps, but fuck, I got cramps from the fucking things even when I did chew, so what’s the difference.I ate as quickly as I could and was just sucking the last of the liquid out of the bottle when he returned. “Has It finished eating?” he asked. “Yes Sir. The Manna has all been eaten Sir.”I answered. “Did It chew them up good?” he asked. “It tried to Sir, but that would have taken too long and then It would not have been obeying your order to be finished before you got back, Sir.”I answered. “Does It remember that It was warned about what would happen if It did not chew them up good?” he asked. “Yes Sir. It would suffer cramping, Sir.” “Well, if It didn’t chew It’s breakfast and It ends up with cramps later, It had better not complain. The Master would not be very happy.If It gets cramps, It had better suffer in silence.” he warned. “Yes Sir. It will suffer in silence Sir.” He came over and unlocked the padlock, pulled the lever and opened the cage door.”Out,” he ordered,”but stay on It’s hands and knees. It must never try to get up and walk on two legs while It is here.” Getting out of the cage after 8 or 9 hours of confinement was much easier said then done.My knees had been bent upfairly close to my chest the whole time. The thigh muscles protested when I tried to drop them too quickly. I could not get my hands down to the floor at my sides in order to get some leverage to push myself forward.I worked on getting my legs bent to a 30 degree angle then grabbed the bars on each side and pulled. I could feel my ass slide through the shit and the piss on the floor.As soon as I moved, another great stink arose in the room. There was nothing I could do so I just kept using my legs and pulling myself along with the bars. When my sides were finally at the door and I could get my arms out I placed my hands on the floor and lifted my body and swung it out. “Stop fucking around.” Dickie growled. “I don’t have all day to play fucking games with you.” I got my self over and up on my hands and knees. My nuts touched my legs and I almost doubled up from the pain. I dropped my head and looked under myself to where my nuts and dick were hanging down. I would have sworn at that moment that my nut sack had grown two or three inches. My nuts were hanging almost half way down my thigh.The nuts themselves were swollen to at least twice their normal size. Crawling was a nightmare.I had to be very careful not get my nuts caught between my shifting thighs.This meant keeping my legs spread as I crawled, not exactly the easiest thing to do. My pecs were no piece of heaven either. Those clamps where still screwed on tight. My areolas had swollen and my tits looked weird. As I crawled, pains shot across each pec in turn with the motion of my arms. Dickie of course was playing the part of, “Prick”, right to the hilt. He went power walking down the hall, leaving me way behind. It was physically impossible, even without sore nuts to keep up with him. I did my best and that was all I could do. Then I was up to that rough part of the hallway floor. My knees were still cut and sore from crossing it last night, but with no choice I moved ahead. By the time I got to the end of the rough stuff, my knees were bleeding again and aching terribly. There was no sign of Dickie, I don’t know where he disappeared to. I decided to continue on down the hall for a little bit farther anyway. He finally reappeared just up ahead. “If It doesn’t get a move on I am going to come and kick It’s balls all up and down this hall for the rest of the fucking day.Now move it.” he bellowed. I was moving as fast as I could manage, fear gripped me. If he decided to start kicking me in the balls there would be nothing I could do to stop him. With my balls as sore as they were I wouldn’t stay conscious for more than one kick. Well if that were to be my fate, then so be it. I kept plodding along at the fastest speed I could manage. Dickie never bothered to follow through with his threat. It was becoming obvious that he would not follow through on all his threats.The only problem, I had no idea which ones he would follow through and which ones he wouldn’t. I couldn’t take any chances so would just have to always do my best to obey.As I reached him he held a door open for me and I crawled through into a large men’s room. Dickie walked over to a urinal. “Get over here.” he commanded. I crawled over as quickly as I could. “It will get up on It’s knees and stand still.” he said pointing to a spot close to the wall and to the right of the urinal. He moved up to the urinal. “I have to take a leak, take my cock out and hold it while I piss.When I am finished give it a shake, then lick it clean and put it away in it’s nice warm pouch.” he instructed. Before I could lift my hand to obey the toilet door opened and three gorgeous young men, about my age walked in. They were all hunks, wearing business suits and were chatting away. They greeted Dickie and looked down at me as they talked to him.Dickie’s hand gave me a slight slap to the face and I knew what he wanted.I looked away from the men and reached under his pouch and pulled out his flaccid dick.I can not tell you how humiliating it is to be naked, on your knees before a urinal holding another man’s cock while he pisses and have a small group of men in suits watching. My cock began to rise almost immediately. Just what I needed.Holding Dickie’s cock wasn’t shameful enough, I now had to advertise that I was turned on doing it. As soon as his dick was out and aimed he started a flow.It was a strong flow forming a clear hot stream into the urinal.He stepped back just a bit and I almost lost hold of his cock. “The piggy will take a drink from the fountain.” he ordered. Ah fuck no. Not in front of all these guys. But I had sworn to him I would obey all his orders so I bent forward and too a sip from his hot stream. His pissed tasted almost identical to mine. It was hot, slightly salty and unpalatable. But I took the fucking drink and moved back hoping he would be satisfied with that. “Well you have that pig nicely trained, Dickie. Don’t know how you do it in such a short time. Dieter said he only came in yesterday.”One of the suits said. “If you apply just the right amount of discipline at just the right moment, a piggy will always respond. Won’t you piggy?” he said turning his eyes to look down at me. “Yes Master Dickie Sir.” I answered and lowered my eyes to the ground. The men laughed and walked up to the urinals.When the flow stopped, I shook Dickie’s dick. He stepped back slightly and got himself into a position where the three suits would have a good view of me licking his dick clean. With no choice and face red from all this humiliation I crawled to his dick and licked and sucked it clean. In the process I hit his buttons and his dick rose up hard and throbbing. “Fucking piggy piece of shit.” he screamed pulling his dick out of my mouth. “I did not order It to make my fucking dick hard……. Sonofabitch.” I just stood there shaking again.I was only doing what he had ordered.It wasn’t my fault if his cock gets hard when I lick it. Now he was yelling at me in front of these fucking guys. They of course thought it was funny. “I am sorry Master Dickie, Sir.” I cried out, terrified he may use this as an excuse to go get that fucking stun gun. “I was just trying to do a good job of cleaning your cock, Sir.”tears were rolling down my cheeks again. “Has It been urinal trained yet, Dickie?” one of the suits asked. “No, not yet. This is It’s first dick cleaning. The fucking thing can’t even get that right.” he answered. “Well as punishment for disobedience, why not make it French kiss the urinal rim.We would love to see how it reacts to that.”the suit replied. “Great idea. It is new to this and finds it all revolting, so that should be an excellent punishment. My heart gave a thump and I took in a deep breath. The bastard. I took a quick glance at the urinal rim.There was dried piss all around the lip and sides. “Kiss the rim of the urinal, piggy.” he commanded. Bile rose in my throat. Shit no, I thought to myself as I started moving my head towards the lip of the urinal. There was no doubt in my mind that he would call the Master if I didn’t obey.When my lips were close to the rim, I kissed it. “Does It call that a fucking kiss? Get the fucking mouth open and the tongue working. Give that fucking urinal a kiss it will remember for all fucking time.” he yelled. Fighting off a nausea that was growing in my gut I opened my mouth and began to French kiss the rim of the urinal. The taste was a hundred times worse than the smell of stale urine. The bile was rising quickly in my gorge, but I fought it back down.I could not afford to spew, he just might force me to eat it. Then the vile comments started. The fucking suits were enjoying my humiliation. “Oh It love’s that urinal.” “Kiss that baby.” “What a fucking pig.” “Look at It’s cock, It loves this shit.” “Fucking pig.” They kept laughing and making disgusting comments about me and that fucking urinal.The shame kept creeping higher and higher.My cock throbbed, my eyes leaked tears and my mouth sucked on that filthy urinal rim. I continued French kissing that urinal rim until Dickie gave me permission to stop. Where I had been kissing, the urinal was shiny clean.All four of them laughed and made more disparaging remarks about the piggy.They talked about me as though I really were a dumb a****l. It was all I could do to keep from letting them hear my sobs of despair.Life with Charlie was much better then the few hours I had spent here.I wished with all my might that he would come and get me and take me home. Fucking home!!! I was now thinking of Charlie’s place as being home, and wanting to get back there. Oh man, I was loosing the battle.The three suits had finished pissing by this time and they talked with Dickie for a few moments before saying they would see him later.They then filed out of the washroom.I just stood there on my knees, head bowed and crying. “Quit it with the fucking bawling.” he sneered. “No one here could careless how It feels about anything.” “I must go tend to some other things the Master wishes me to accomplish this morning.I will be gone for about an hour. It did such a good job of French kissing that urinal rim, and seemed to really enjoy doing it so much, that I will give It a little reward for It’s good behavior.” he said with a smile. A reward? Oh fuck no, no rewards please, I thought. I didn’t think from the way he was talking that his idea of a reward and mine would be any where near the same. “It will clean all of the urinals before I return.Remember It is never to stand up.It will stay on It’s hands and knees.”saying that he turned and left the room. Just what I thought some fucking reward. At least cleaning them would not be all that hard, I could manage that in no time at all then just sit and wait for his return. My mouth was still full of the taste from sucking on that fucking urinal. I crawled quickly over to the sinks, rinsed my hands, then using my hands as a cup, proceeded to rinse my mouth out. Once my mouth was feeling cleaner, I looked around for something to use to clean those urinals. I certainly was not going to use my tongue. He had not ordered me to,he had just said have them clean by the time he got back. Both paper towel dispensers were empty. I checked the garbage can figuring it would be full of paper towel waste, but the fucking thing was empty. Then took a quick look in each of the cubicles looking for toilet paper. But again, not one of the cubicles had toilet paper, they had a bad smell though. What the fuck was I going to do? How could I get those urinals clean without something to do it with, besides my tongue that is. I decided I would just have to try and get them clean using just my hands and flush water.I went back to the one Dickie made me kiss. I put my hand in and pulled the flush arm, nothing happened.I pulled it again still nothing. The fucking flushers were turned off. Dickie was making it impossible for me to clean them any way but with my tongue. Tears welled up again, unfortunately the tears didn’t work as a water source, there weren’t enough.All they did was smearthe filth around a bit. Time was flying by and I still had done nothing.Using my tongue it would take at least an hour, maybe more to do all four. Thoughts of the Prod being pushed against my dick or balls because I had failed to get the urinals clean, over came my reluctance to use my tongue and I started licking. The taste was unbelievably bad. I couldn’t force myself to swallow any of this shit. Once my mouth got full of the foul stuff I crawled quickly over to the sink and rinse it out. But then a light clicked on and I started bringing back mouthfuls of water.By squirting it out carefully I found I was able to use my hands to assist with getting them clean. I finished the first one, stood back and took a quick look. It didn’t look too bad so I hurried to the next. I worked away at a frantic pace. My knees were on fire from the constant moving back and forth from urinal to sink. My mouth now had a permanent foul taste. Rinsing just would not remove it.I had no time to worry about it. I figured my time was just about up and I still hadn’t finished. I was almost finished except of a couple of more licks on the flush lever of the fourth urinal when, Dickie reentered the toilet. He walked over and looked at each urinal. “It missed a spot, clean it.” he ordered pointing to an almost invisible brownish coloured bit of stain on one of the urinals. I quickly used my tongue to clean lara escort it.He then went on with his checking. He seemed satisfied as he turned to me. “Not great, but they will do.It will bend over, putIt’s forehead on the floor and It’s front piggy feet behind It’s back.” I immediately adopted the position.He came over and cuffed my wrists tightly together. He connected a chain to each of my ankles, then connected the chain from my right ankle to my left wrist and the left ankle to my right wrist. I heard him get up and walk away. He had not given me permission to lift my head so I kept it glued to thedirty floor. “It will come here.” he called. I lifted my head and my body up so I was on my knees. I then waddled over to him.As soon as I got there he told me to go back to the urinals.Then he had me turn around and face him. “Stand up.”he ordered. Without thinking I tried to stand, but the chains binding my ankles to my wrists made that impossible. I fell over instead. Dickie thought that was the funniest thing he had ever seen and broke out in a fit of hysterical laughter.I went red in the face with shame for my stupidity. “I guess….(laughter)… you… ( more laughter) …. ain’t gonna be… (more laughter) … using the sink…. (laughter) …to rinse your fucking mouth this time.(Now a fit of coughing with the laughter.)” He had seen how I had done the urinals.There must be a hidden camera in here.They could watch and be amused by my degradation. I could feel my shame inmy cheeks as the blood flowed in,turning my face red. “See that black line on the floor around the urinals.” he said. I looked down at the tiled floor. One row of black tiles, was set at a right angle to the wall and went out about 6 feet at both ends of theset of urinals. They were joined by another line, in effect enclosing the urinals in a kind of marked off box. The entire area was about 6ft x 8ft. “Yes Sir, It sees it, Sir.” I answered. “Clean it. Stay away from the sinks and the urinals.You have one hour.” he commanded and then left the room. I looked at the floor.It was filthy. There was dirt, dried piss and blood stains from my knees, which were still bleeding. How in the name of heaven could I possibly be expected to clean up that mess with just my tongue in an hour? I was afraid that this time he had me. I was not going to be able to finish this in the time allotted. There was just too much dirt and filth. Swallowing that would make me sick for sure and that would only lead to a bigger mess. What the fuck was I going to do? I knew I would have to work backwards.I could never crawl across an area once I had cleaned it or it would be dirty again.The urinal on the left end was next to a toilet stall so I figured that would be the best place to start and I crawled there on just my knees.It was very difficult now that I did not have the use of my hands and arms. I went to start licking near the wall when it dawned on me that the toilets would all have water in them. Ok, it might not be pleasant having to wash my mouth in a toilet bowl, but it was a hell of a lot better than trying to swallow that dirt from the floor. I decided that I would clean in strips of one foot width. I would clean outward a foot from the wall and then clean right down along the wall until I had a strip approximatley one foot wide cleaned.Then I would move out another foot and just keep doing that until the whole area was clean. I started into to licking. The tiles were cold on my tongue but the crap came off right away. When I had a mouth full of dirt and grit I crawled as quickly as I could to the first toilet stall. But stopped dead in my tracks. Now I knew why this bathroom stunk so badly. The toilet bowl was clogged and it was full of brown water and clumps of shit. I hadn’t noticed it when I was looking for toilet paper.The stink was something else. I backed out and tried the next one. My heart sank. This one too was clogged, as was the next and the next.There was only one left. My last hope of being able to clean that floor. I pushed the door open and I gave a little prayer of thanks.The water in the bowl was clean, well relatively speaking that is. The toilet bowl, however was stained brown which did not make the prospect of having to use the water to clean my mouth, all that great. With no other alternative,I dipped my head down and sucked up some water. Spit it out and sucked up some more. I did this until all the grit and dirt was out of my mouth, then headed back to the urinals as fast as I could manage.I had a chance of succeeding. By the time I had cleaned that first strip water in the toilet bowl was getting pretty dirty and foul looking. I was afraid that they may have turned the water to the toilets off, just as they had with the urinals. If that were so, and I flushed, I might end up with no water to finish the floor. From the mess in the toilet bowl it was obvious that I could not possibly swallow any of this stuff.I debated with myself for a few precious moments and then decided to risk everything onthe flush of a toilet. If the toilet didn’t have water, I would just go back out to the urinals, sit down, and wait for them to come and punish me.They would have to kill me before they would ever get me to swallow the stuff that was on that floor.Wanting to flush that fucking toilet and doing it turned out to be two diametrically opposed ideas. With my wrists chained to my ankles it was impossible to get close enough to the flush lever to push it down. I tried all kinds of ways but always seemed to come up short. The toilet bowl was too close to the cinder block wall on one side and the metal stall wall on the other. I was too big to squeeze in between on either side. Leaning across the bowl, my head, the only part that could be used to push or pull the lever, was about an inch short of reaching it:I finally sat back, tears forming in my eyes, I felt defeated. Then I spied the toilet paper holder. There was no toilet paper, just the empty bar that holds the roll. An idea formed in my mind but I would have to get that dispenser apart. The bar that holds the toilet paper roll is spring loaded, and usually not a very strong spring.I made my way over, bit down on the thing and pushed my head to the right side.The spring depressed and the bar released. I bent down and dropped it onto the floor.Got my mouth around one end of it and and picked it up.The next task was to lean across the toilet and try depressing the flush handle. It took a half dozens tries, but I finally managed to get enough leverage to force the flush handle down.To my great relief the toilet flushed and filled with clean water. I carefully placed the holder on the floor and headed back to the urinal area. The second foot out and all the way down was not as dirty as that first foot had been. But there was still a fair amount of dirt and grit that I had picked up. After fiddling around I finally managed to get the toilet to flush again. The third foot went very quickly, there was almost no grit, mostly discoloration and blood from my knees. The forth, fifth and sixth rows were the same. I flushed the toilet again after the fourth row and then after the sixth. I used that fresh water to give my mouth a good cleaning as well. I replaced the paper holder on the dispenser, then went back and knelt by my clean floor waiting or Dickie’s return. I was certain he had been gone a lot longer than an hour.I was also sure cleaning a piece of floor the size of the one that I had just done, with just your tongue could not be accomplished in just an hour. But here it was finished, I had messed around quite a bit trying to flush the toilet and now had been kneeling here waiting for what seem like an hour itself. My knees were aching. The pain in my nuts had eased quite a bit, I guess with all the moving aroundI had either got used to the ache or they had actually calmed down. I was contemplating what other horror’s these bastards might have in store for me when dickie finally returned.He walked over to the floor and had a look. “That will have to do, I suppose. It will have to hope Master Dieter is satisfied when he inspects later.” he growled. I said nothing, just knelt there with my head bowed. “Follow me.” he snapped. He moved from the urinal area, down past the row of toilet stalls to a door way. I walked along painfully on my knees trying to keep up.We entered into a men’s locker room and continued through to a large communal shower, with 6 shower heads on each side. He had me go to the centre of the room right over top of the drain and place my forehead on the floor.He unfastened the chains and removed the cuffs from my wrists and ankles. Walking over to the wall at the far end, he opened a large metal door on the wall.I could see all this from between my legs. I still had my forehead on the floor. Inside the compartment was a hose. I knew what was going to happen now. a****ls don’t take showers,I thought,they get hosed down and the Sonofabitch was going to hose me. The hose was on a spindle and all he had to do was pull. He turned on the valve first and a heavy spray of water shot out the knozzle end.It looked like an inch or inch and a half hose, which meant the pressure was going to be quite high. When it hit it almost knocked me over.It was ice cold and I let out a squeal. He paid no attention to my discomfort, just kept hitting me all over with that fucking high pressure stream of ice cold water. “The piggy will get up on all fours and turn It’s back end towards me so I can clean the shit off It’s ass.” he ordered. Shivering with cold and trying hard to maintain my balance against the onslaught of the hose, I raised my front end and turned my back end towards him.As much as I hated the cold, I really wanted that shit off of me. He aimed the fucking stream right for my ass hole and hit it square on. The water was under such pressure that it actually penetrated up into my bowels. I almost moved to avoid it, but my fear of the prod caught me in time. I could feel my bowels filling from the water pressure.Please stop, I kept saying to myself over and over. This was almost like having an enema, but a very painfulenema. The water was really hurting my hole. I had tried holding my pain inside but it had gotten so bad I started cry out. “What the fuck are you yelping about?”Dickie growled. “It’s anus is burning really bad, Master Dickie, Sir.” I gasped out.”And It’s bowels are full and beginning to cramp, Sir.” “Too fucking bad. It is a filthy fucking pig that shat all over itself and now is being cleaned.It will keep It’s fucking mouth shout and stop the whining.” he ordered. I tried but the pain was much greater than my ability to stem the yelps and cries of pain. He kept the water going for another 5 minutes or so, then shut the thing off. My bowels were full and were now wanting to empty. But Dickie hadn’t given me permission. I squeezed tight on my rectum muscle, hoping I could hold it until he gave permission for me to let it out. I was facing away from him and he hadn’t given me permission to turn around and look at what he was doing so I had to try and guess. I heard him open another door and the sound of a bucket being banged around. Then there was the sound of a bucket being filled with water. A smell of strong soap and disinfectant filled the room.I got a sudden chill up my already frozen back.He was going to wash me with disinfectant. How manymore indignities was I going to have to suffer? I heard him pick up the pail and start to walk towards me. He was up to my back end when he placed the pail on the floor. “It will spread It’s legs so It may be scrubbed to get all the crap off.” he ordered. “Master Dickie Sir, It’s bowels are full of water from the hose. It is having a very difficult time trying to hold it until permission is give to release. It does not want to be, or appear to be, disobedient Sir.But if It follows your order to spread It’s legs, It will be disobedient by loosing control of It’s rectal muscle, Sir.” “Did I ask for a fucking sermon.It will spread It’s fucking legs, now.”he yelled. I spread my legs so quickly my knees lost the grip they had on the slippery ceramic tiles and my legs spread wide apart. My centre went straight to the floor mashing my cock under my pubic bone and my balls dropped like stones. They hit the floor rather hard and considering that they were already extremely tender, this sudden bouncing of the balls, caused me to start screaming in agony. At the same moment, I lost control of the sphincter muscle and all that shitty water came shooting out my back end, under great force. Now you would think that a man like Dickie, who tortures people on a regular daily basis, would know better than to stand behind one of his victims, whose ass he has just filled with fucking water.Particularly when the victim has warned him that he is loosing control of the muscle that holds it all in. But me thinks Dickie is one card short of a full deck. That high pressure stream of filthy brown water with clumps of shit, hit him square on the chest, splashed up and got his face. I think maybe his mouth was open because there was a whole lot of spitting going on before the swearing began. I, of course, was in too much fucking pain from my balls bouncing around on the floor to worry too much about poor Dickie and his chest/mouth full of shitty water. The pain was so bad I couldn’t move.I didn’t know at this point that my dick had been smashed quite hard into the floor and would be a little swollen and bruised for almost a week. When the pain eased enough that I could stop screaming, I heard a shower going. Dickie was still spitting and swearing. “Fucking goddamned pig, gonna fucking kill It. Hear that pig I am gonna kill you.”he swore over and over. Although I was in a lot of pain and knew he was really gonna hurt me, I also managed a little smile inside. He was so upset he had forgot himself and was using the, “you”, word to describe me.I was still human to him, no matter how hard he tried to make me feel other wise. The pain finally eased enough that I was able to get back up onto my hands and knees. My nuts were still throbbing and now I could feel the pain in my dick as well. Dickie finished his shower and went into the dressing room. He was gone for a good ten minutes or more. I had a bad feeling he was gone to get the Master and they would start shooting me with that stun gun thingy again. Remembrance of the terror and pain I went through last night with that prod, came back with full force and I began to tremble violently. I was still in the same spot, shivering from cold and trembling violently with fear, when Dickie finally made an appearance.But he was alone and there was no sign of the stun gun. “Fucking pig.It will be punished later for shitting on It’s Master.Master Dieteris really pissed and will most likely let me string It up and use the prod on It for a couple of hours.” he said with a big smile. “I really will enjoy that, pig.” he snapped. Well all I can say is if his intention was to scare me more than he had already, he succeeded admirably.This news cause my stomach to cramp up and the next thing I knew I was spewing my guts all over the floor in front of me. What came up was a greenish mess that couldn’t have been anything other than those hard cubes I had so quickly swallowed this morning. But that is not the worst of it. Oh no. Now I was getting more cramps and the next thing I know I am shooting more water out my back end.I wasn’t finished that when I started spewing again. Between the shivering from cold, the violent trembling from fear and now the cold sweats from…..well from whatever, I was in a very bad way. I lost my balance again and fell to the floor. I was a little more fortunate this time, in that I fell on my side rather than straight down. My balls only got crushed between my legs instead of getting splattered all over the fucking floor. Mind you it didn’t really matter, because the pain was just about the same, if not worse. My arms which up to now had been partially supporting my front end went flying back so I could cup my burning balls. I had no control what-so-ever.I had doubled up into the fetal position and was screaming in agony. I was also rolling around on the floor. Do you remember, by any chance what it was I had just done on that fucking floor? Well I was obliviously rolling around in that foul mixture. Round and round and round I rolled. I suppose you could use that old cliche, “rolling around, happy as a pig in shit”, to describe my actions. Well Dickie had been calling me pig and piggy, so what the hell, might as well be a happy piggy. The white hot pain began to pass and I stopped rolling, instead I was just rocking gently. As the pain eased my other senses began to return proportionally. The smell was first and I was kind’a wishin’ it would go away again. I really didn’t much like what I was smelling. The red haze that had clouded my vision from the first moment of impact, when my legs squashed my nuts, began to clear and I could see Dickie standing there, his mouth moving like crazy. My hearing was the last to come back and it was proportional to the reduction in my screams of agony. Unfortunately, my screams of agony were replaced by screams of abuse from Dickie. I could hear his screaming but really couldn’t make out exactly what it was he was screaming. I was still in too much pain to really give a damn. It was then that he chose to go back and get the hose. I watched him through the red haze and shivered more. He turned the hose back on but this time it wasa luke warm, gently spray that washed over me. He rinsed me down good and hosed down the floor all around me. The warm water trickling down around my legs felt good against my aching nuts. I guess he must have realized that the water was helping to ease the pain because once he finished the floor he held the hose in such a way that the water flowed down and around my nuts removing the burning heat. “Can It get Itself up yet.” he asked, with no real emotion. “It will try Master.” I answered weakly. I managed but it was slow going and every movement caused sharp pain in my nuts. That 50 lb weight yesterday had really done a number on them. “Is It finished shitting or does It have more?” he asked. “I think It is finished Sir.It no longer has any bowel cramps, Sir.” I replied through still trembling lips. He knelt down beside me and pulled the pail over. I heard water splashing in the pail and then a fucking scrub brush was washing my ass with pretty hot water.It is a good thing all this delay took place.If he’d of tried scrubbing me as soon as he had made up that pail it would have burned my fucking skin off. The brush felt terrible. Mind you my nuts were still aching so they probably saved me from feeling the real pain that brush was causing to my soft flesh.He scrubbed my ass good, then down the backs of my legs. He carefully grasped my nuts and pulled them gently out of the way so he could scrub up my crotch. The moment he started scrubbing there,I began to cry out in pain. That fucking brush felt like it was tearing my skin off, and it probably was.He paid no attention, just kept scrubbing.When he was finished with that side he let my nuts down carefully and changed hands. His other hand wrapped around my nuts and lifted them. Then the fucking brush proceeded to tear the skin off the other side of my crotch. It was not agonizing pain, it was just the kind that would make any man cry. You can take it but that is all. If I thought this was bad I was in for a big surprise.Once he had finished my crotch he made me get up so I was just on my knees. He then proceed to scrub my abs.I grit my teeth and tried to hold back from letting the yells of pain out but only managed for a few brush strokes. The pain was terrible. I tried pulling back and away from him once. “It will stand perfectly still and let It’s Master clean It or I will go get that fucking prod right now and prod the shit out of It. Understand.” he yelled. “Yes Master Dickie.” I cried out, biting my lip and trying with every resource in my body to hold still for this torture. It just went on and on and on.He scrubbed my abs, my sides, my pecs, right over top of the fucking nipple clamps which made them feel like they were being torn off. Then it was my pits and my arms. Finally he did my back, and although it wasn’t pleasant it wasn’t painful either. I was covered in soap bubbles and my skin was burning everywhere he had scrubbed.My crotch and pecs were on fire.The longer it took before the soap was washed off, the escort lara more the scrubbed area burned. After finishing my back he stood up and got the hose. He opened the knozzle and the first bit of water to hit was cool, but it then warmed back up again.I thought the rinse would help to stop the stinging, burning feeling.But of course I was wrong.The stinging and the burning only got worse. He finally finished with the hose and let it recoil back into the compartment and turned off the water. He dumped the pail and put it and the scrub brush away.He then headed for the locker room we had come through on the way in. “Well come on stupid.” he sneered. I followed him through the locker room, the toilet and back out into the hallway, on my hands and knees of course.Water was still dripping off me and I was cold. He went down the hall a bit and opened another door and held it for me. I entered and noticed right away that it was the punishment room I had been in yesterday. The one where they tried to tear my nuts off.Dickie walked over to the place where I had been strung up and indicated I was to get over there. “The piggy will stand up and put It’s paws straight out.” he ordered. I had been down like this for so long the act of standing up caused me to become very light headed and I almost went into an uncontrolled fall.Luckily I managed to get my arm out and absorb the force as I reached the floor. I also said a little prayer of thanks that it didn’t cause any serious pain to my nuts. I then got up slowly. Giving the blood a chance to build up the pressure it needed to keep my brain supplied. Once I was up I placed my arms straight out, as Dickie had ordered. I thought he was going to chain me up again but he didn’t. “Stay here and do not move until I return. If It moves or let’s It’s little piggy feet down It will be punished.Is that clear.” he growled. “Yes Sir, It is very clear, Sir.”I answered. He left me standing there with my arms stretched out in front.I knew exactly what the evil plan was now. Leave the poor bastard stand there until the pain of holding his arms out like this gets so bad he has to drop them, then charge into the room and punish him for disobedience. Well fuck’em if they are going to punish me anyway, why the fuck should I let my fucking arms get all cramped up as well.In an act of supreme defiance I dropped my arms to my sides, and started counting.I figured about 30 seconds before they came charging in. But it didn’t happen. I became totally confused.What the fuck was going on. I was sure there was a camera and they were watching, they had to be.But still no one came.In another grand act of defiance, shit was I getting brave or what.I left the spot I was told to stay in. Again nothing happened. Fear started to set in, and it set in deep. Something was wrong.They should have been here to punish me.Tears formed in my eyes and I began to cry. Why the fuck was I crying?I didn’t know. I went back to the spot I was told to stand in and lifted my arms back up. Tears were falling down my cheeks in a cascade, but I didn’t know why.My arms began to feel like lead. It took effort to hold them out there. Tears still flooded down my cheeks and I could see my arms drop. I pulled them back up forcing them to stay.I was just about at the end of my ability to hold them any longer when Dickie finally returned. “It may lower It’s arms.” he said. I was crying like a little k**.Sobbing even. Then I did something I couldn’t believe I was stupid enough to do. “Sir.” I said meekly. “What piggy!” he answered.”It lowered It’s arms while you were gone Sir, and it moved from the spot you told it not to move from.”was that my voice saying that? “Did It’s arms get heavy and It couldn’t hold them up any longer?” he asked quietly. “No Sir. It deliberately put It’s paws down and then deliberately walked away from the spot It was told to stand in and not move.It was an act of defiance, Sir.”what the fuck was I saying. “An act of defiance. It is telling me It committed an act of defiance against It’s Master?”he asked incredulously. “Yes Master, It did, Sir.” I answered. He was stunned. If I’d have taken a hammer and hit the bastard over the head it would not have stunned him more. He became speechless, just standing there looking at me. He didn’t know what the fuck to do. He finally regained enough of his senses that he could move. He turned around and quickly exited the room. I was the one that was now dumfounded. I stood there, trying to figure out why in the hell I told him that I had defied him.It didn’t make any sense. Then it dawned on me that he had gone to get the Master. Oh fucking shit, I thought, the fucking Master. I am in big time shit now. I heard him before he even got to the door. The click, click, click of the metal things on his boots, beat out a steady rhythm as he approached the room. I went into full fear mode. I was a fucking fool and deserved whatever this perverted bastard did to me. My whole body was violently shaking getting worse with each step that drew Master Dieter closer. The door opened and he took a couple of steps inside and stopped. Dickie, right behind, closed the door. He stood there looking at me.He was about 6 foot tall, broad in the shoulder and narrow of hip.He wore a black hood that covered the upper portion of his face,but left his nose and lower face visible.Two slits allowed his piercing, ice blue eyes to bore into his victims. He wore a black vest, that was open, revealing a well developed set of pecs, with a light covering of blond hair.He wore a set of straps across his chest, much as I had seen Pete and Larry wearing. His trousers were black skin tight leather and he wore a pair of highly shined black high top leather boots. The eyes that stared out through the hole piece were ice blue. They were cold, heartless and stared straight through me. When he looked at me I could see that he could care less about me or my welfare.He had no sympathy, no feelings for me at all. “Did It tell Dickie that It had defied him?” in a flat no nonsense tone. “Yes Master Dieter, Sir.It defied him, Sir, and then told him that It had done so, Sir.”I answered with trembling lips. “Does It enjoy being punished?Is that why It did such a stupid thing?” he asked again in that same flat tone. “No Sir, It does not like being punished, Sir. I don’t know why It did it Sir. It thought that the Master should know that the piggy did not obey his instructions, Sir.” “Do you think that It should be punished for disobeying Dickie?”he asked. “It is only a worthless slave, Master.” I cried, big sobs escaping between my words.”It is incapable of thinking. The slave only knows that It should have obeyed the Master, Sir.”what the fuck was I saying. “It will lay down on the floor and spread It’s arms and legs in a spread eagle fashion and hold them there.” he commanded. I dropped to the floor as quickly as possible and adopted the position.I watched fearfully as he walked up between my legs and stood there looking down. I watched in terror as he reached to his belt and pulled out the prod. My whole body began to vibrate. I was shaking so bad that parts of my body were vibrating on the floor and had set up a din in the room. He placed the end of the prod on my dick. His cold blue eyes bored into mine and I could see only coldness. He couldn’t care less about how terrified I was that he might pull that trigger. He wiggled the prod around on top of my dick. My fear had risen so high that I could feel my stomach rebelling again. It didn’t really matter because I knew my stomach to be empty. I had lost it’s contents in the shower. Tiring of rubbing my dick with the fucking thing he moved it down and gently rubbed it against my nuts. I was unable to hold anything back now and began to cry out loud. I watched a smile curl his lips. He was enjoying my fear, my torment.He then moved it back to my dick and rubbed it around. “Defying your Master is a major offence and should be punished severely. However, you confessed to your defiance without being confronted, that is a good sign that you are finally begining to learn your place.For that reason, and that reason alone I shall not make your punishment as severe as it should be.” he stated in a cold, unemotional voice. He continued to rub the prod around my dick. Then suddenly he moved it up to the centre of my gut and pulled the trigger.Pain enwrapped me in its arms again.I involuntarily curled up into a ball and then entered that wonderful black place where only peace and quiet reign. When I regained consciousness I was strapped in some kind of a hammock contraption.My arms were strapped to my sides, my legs were up in the air and spread wide apart. I was bound tight, unable to move at all except for my head. I thought I was alone because I could hear nothing.I tried raising my head but that did no good at all.Icould only see above and slightly to the sides. “It is most fortunate, piggy.” Dickie said suddenly from directly behind my head.”The Master only hit you once with the prod.Defy me again and you may not be so lucky next time.” “Well the morning has been going very nicely so far, but it is far from over. The Master would like the piggy to service some of the slaves. These slaves have not been permitted to have any release for quite some time.Their nut sacs are full and they are hornier then hell.So for the next couple of hours they will have full use of the piggy’s mouth and ass pussy.”he beamed. “It will not be permitted to cum though.Any time it looks like It might, It’s nuts will be squeezed and It knows what that means.” he laughed. Fucking sadistic prick, I screamed at him in my mind as he walked away.Great, I was going to get to suck a few cocks and get fucked in the ass, but would not be permitted to cum.Ok, I could handle that, but why squeeze my fucking balls? Hadn’t they damaged them enough? If they kept this shit up I would be singing soprano before I got back to Charlie. That of course brought Pat to mind.What was he doing, I wondered. Did he miss me as much as I missed him.Did he really care or was his concern for me just an order from Charlie? I was so confused about everything. I wanted desperately to go back to that dull, drab existence I had led before that fateful day I walked into Charlie’s bar.Life had been boring, but I knew who I was, what I was and what the future held in store. I no longer knew anything. By this time tomorrow I could be on a plane to the Parts Farm. There to be dissected and my parts sold to the highest bidder. I was lost in this reverie when the door burst open and loud voices entered the room. Holy fuck, it wasn’t a few, it was a whole fucking herd. If I was going to have to fuck and suck this whole crew I was going to be hurtin’ before it was all over. They headed straight for me. Before I could even blink, one of the suits from this morning was pushing his dick up my ass. He didn’t even try to lube it. It hurt and I had trouble relaxing my sphincter. If the prick had taken his time It would have been easier for the both of us. I was in a bit of pain and had let out a yelp when another body appeared behind my head. He did something to the hammock I was lying in and the part supporting my head fell away.My head dropped back and there was a hard cock pushing against my lips. I opened my mouth to suck it, but the bastard didn’t give me the chance.He just rammed it down my throat.I wasn’t expecting it and of course I began to gag and choke. He didn’t give a fuck, he just started into humping my face as hard as the suit was humping my ass. There was nothing erotic or stimulating about this. It was fucking ****.Two guys were r****g me, I felt cheap and I felt used.But worst of all I felt like I was going to choke to death. The prick fucking my face was not giving me a chance to breath or to get my gag reflex under control. His cock was flying in and out, in and out.Then he was cumming. He let out a hell of a yell, rammed his cock hard down my throat and held it there. I could feel him shooting, but I was turning blue at the same time. I needed fucking air and he was keeping his cock jammed deep in my throat. His pubs pressed tight against my nose.I was beginning to panic. I tried shaking my head to let him know he was suffocating me, but he paid no attention.On the verge of total panic I started to close my mouth to bite his fucking cock, he got the hint and pulled it out. I gasped for air, but didn’t gasp for long, another cock was rammed in and started fucking my face again.They were not going to give me a chance to get a reasonable lung full of air. My chest was heaving, it wanted more air but the fucking cock using my throat was restricting the air flow. Then my world was on fire again, someone decided it would be fun to twist those clamps still holding on tight to my nipples.Now along with gasping for air I was trying to get enough air to scream out my pain. The bastard just kept on twisting those fucking clamps. My pec’s were ablaze of pain. The suit had finally dumped his load up my ass, but someone else had taken his place. I did not have to worry about getting a hard on. I was in too much pain.I have no idea how many of them there were, I lost count somewhere around ten. Each one drove his cock down my throat and fucked my face hard. The outside of my body was bathed in sweat, the inside with pain, as the **** continued, guy after guy.One up the ass and one down the throat.I had almost no feeling at all left in my ass. I didn’t feel them cum, nor could I feel them change places. I was worn out, I didn’t know how much longer I would be able to take this abuse.My whole system was numb and I could no longer respond to any of them at all. They still twisted the nipple clamps but my nipples and pecs had become completely numb and I could only barley feel them twisting. One of them didn’t like the fact that I was not responding and decided to see if he could wake me up. He awoke me beyond his wildest dreams.He grabbed me by the balls and squeezed. The white hot fire went blazing through me in an instant.A scream built up deep in my soul and headed for my lungs, then up my airway, past my vocal cords and into the world. Of course there was a big fat cock in the way impeding it’s progress. My body involuntarily responded to this blockage by closing my jaws, rather hard and rather forcefully.My jaws, in this involuntary action met with some resistance, that being the big fat cockthat was r****g my throat for the umpteenth time. Unfortunately, for the cock, I have rather strong, sharp teeth, and they just happen to be part of the jaw that was trying to close. That poor cock was the recipient of my strong, sharp teeth and began to bleed profusely where my teeth had sunk in. Now attached to that cock, was a strong, virile young man.He had his cock in a mouth and that mouth had just clamped shut trying to bite his fucking cock off. Now as any other virile young man who thinks his cock is being bitten off would do,this young man tired to yank his cock out, but the jaws were clamping down and couldn’t let go because it was all involuntary to begin with. My mouth filled with hot, viscose blood.It started pouring down my throat and choking me.This activated another survival mechanism and the jaw muscles released. The cock pulled out, the scream continued on it’s journey to the mouth and joined in with the young man whose cock I had almost bitten off. The two of us had a wonderful time trying to out scream each other in our agony. I think my agony was much greater than his though, because after that initial scream I could not hear him anymore.I was lost in that world of agony were there is nothingexcept pain, a searing, agonizing pain that just didn’t want to stop. As in the past, it finally began to die down and with it my screaming and the return of my senses.Someone was washing my face with a cold rag as my sense of feeling returned.Then my hearing came back and interspersed with my moaning, I could hear subdued chatter. Finally the red haze began to clear and I returned to the land of the living. One of the young studs was wiping me down with a rag. It must have been him I felt wiping my face. He was now wiping carefully around my hugely swollen nipples.Then Master Dieter’s cold, blue eyes were above me looking down. “It has seriously damaged one of my best slaves.It will be punished.”He lifted the prod for me to see and started walking down toward my bottom end. Oh fucking no, not again. “Master Dieter Sir, please no, I didn’t do it on purpose.Someone squeezed my tender nuts hard and my jaws closed involuntarily. I had no control Sir.” I cried. “It wasn’t my fault.” He paid no attention to my pleas.He got down to the end and came up between my legs.He lifted the prod and placed it against my tender nuts. He gave me a big smile then pulled the trigger. I was off on another, first class, all expenses paid, tripto hell. Again I was unable to tolerate the pain for long and quickly passed into that dark, silent world. It was getting to become my favorite vacation spot. Part 15 Punishment, day 1 (afternoon & prep for party) Again I have no idea how long I was u*********s.When I awoke I was laying on my back on avery narrow bed.My nuts were throbbing, I tried to place my hands over them, but my wrists were shackled to the side of the bed on each side. I lifted my head and looked around.It was a very small room, I would estimate about 10ft x 8ft.The bed was pushed up against one wall. A small night stand beside the bed held a lamp and a glass filled with a clear liquid that may have been water. The walls were painted beige and the ceiling had ceiling tiles, the 12′ x 12′ variety, 10 down along the wall the bed was against and 8 across, that was how I was able to determine the size of the room. The room wasn’t fancy by any means, but it certainly felt more homey than any I had been kept in since I was a*****ed. The lamp was on and cast a ghostly glow all around the room. Other than the pain in my nuts, I actually felt comfortable here. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep.Might as well take advantage of this while I could. I had been lying there for quite a while enjoying the luxury of the soft bed. Caught in that twilight world, not asleep, yet not awake. Someone opened the door quietly and entered the room.I debated whether to open my eyes or just pretend I was still out. Maybe if I kept my eyes closed they would go away and just leave me. I opted to keep them closed.Foot steps crept softly over to the cot and I heard something being placed on the night stand.A soft, warm hand touched my face and I could not longer feign sleep.I opened my eyes and stared into a pair of the greenest eyes I had ever seen. They belonged to a sweet, smooth facewith a cute turned up nose and sensuous lips. I wanted to kiss them they were so inviting. The lips parted in a big beautiful smile when I opened my eyes. “How are you doing….., Ok?” he asked. “Yes, thank you, It is doing ok.” I answered. “You must be starving, would you like something to eat and drink?” he asked gently, still rubbing my face with his warm hand. Tears well up in my eyes. “Please don’t ask It to eat any more of those cubes or drink any more of that Pilsen stuff. It’s insides are not feeling very good.” I answered through my tears. “Hey, no tears, it’s ok. No one will hurt you here. This is a relax room. You get to relax, to rest, to heal.” he said softly as he bent over and kissed me gently on the forehead. He then sat up and I heard keys jiggling. He started unlocking my wrists from the bed. “We found it necessary to tie down new arrivals if they are u*********s. Some have a tendency to go wild when they first awake.It wasn’t necessary for you, you seem to have very good control of your mind.”he said as he finished removing the chains. “Now would you like to eat, no cubes and no pilsen. Just plain old fashioned food, we don’t go for the exotic stuff here.” he said with a small laugh. I had to admit that was funny so I gave a little chuckle as well. “Come on, try sitting up.It will be much easier then trying to do this laying down.” He placed his hands gently around my nuts, cradling them against any sudden jar as I tried sitting up. His help made it much easier and except for one tiny sharp pain which seem to travel through my left nut, it was a painless experience. With my legs hanging over the edge of the bed, he lifted a plate off the night stand and handed it too me.It was a kind of fruit salad only in large finger size pieces.As well I saw on the night stand a large glass of milk.I placed lara escort bayan a piece of apple in my mouth and chewed slowly, savoring the cold, sweet juice as I masticated this wonderful gift of Mother Earth to her c***dren. There were pieces of pear, banana, orange and plum as well as the apple. Along the side were small round biscuits. It was a wonderful meal, I enjoyed every mouth watering bite and was almost sad when it was all gone.I then drank the milk and for the first time in the last 24 hours, I felt human again. He told me to lay back down and go to sleep. I would need my rest. He told me I would be awoken in four hours and would then have to go back to Dickie. To take full advantage of this rest period and let my nuts settle down.I did not have to be told twice, and was sound asleep before he left the room. The four hours flew by quicker than the snap of a finger. The beautiful, green eyed boy was back shaking me gently.I reluctantly opened my eyes.”Time to get up, you must go and be prepared for the party tonight. You are the main attraction.” he said quietly. The party tonight, I seem to remember Charlie said something about a party, but I couldn’t quite remember what it was he had said. “The main attraction?” I queried. “Yes the entertainment. You will be strung up in the main ball room and the guest will get to torture you all evening.After having so many prods to your nuts today, it became imparative that we give you a good rest before the party starts.The Master would not be happy if you spent the whole evening u*********s.” “They are going to torture….It !Oh man, what the hell do you call what they already have been doing to It?” I asked stunned by his words. “Oh this most likely will not be the serious pain type torture, though I am afraid your nuts are going to be hurting. They are into sex stuff, so your torture will most likely be denial of release. They will keep you hot all evening, they all seem to get a big kick out of seeing a guy beg for release.” he giggled. “Anyway, times a wasting.I want to give you another meal of good stuff before Dickie comes to collect you. I am also going to give you a couple of shots that will make you feel much better. I will come around a few times during the evening to check on you.If you are in serious pain I will give you shots to ease it.Ok?” “It doesn’t really have much choice, but It would be very grateful if you can give It something that will keep It’s balls from turning to white hot pain when they are touched” I replied. He picked up a syringe from a tray he had placed on the night stand.He held it up and squirted a bit of juice out the end.He wiped my arm with a wipe, then plunged the needle in and injected the clear fluid. “In about 30 seconds any pain you might have had in your nuts will be gone and this stuff will keep them pain free for about two hours. At that time I know you will need another injection and I will be there to give it to you.” “Thanks.” I replied. The dull throbbing pain in my nuts started to recede before we had finished talking. I then sat up and he handed me a plate. It had some cold meats and salads along with a beautiful crusty roll.I gobbled that food up as though I hadn’t been fed in months. All the puking I had been doing the last few days meant my body was not getting much nourishment. He had also brought me a fruit drink, a glass of milk and a piece of chocolate cake. When I was finished not a crumb or drop of liquid remained.He had me get up and walk around, then jump up and down a bit to check to see if the d**g was working.I never felt a single jolt of pain.It was wonderful.I placed my hand on the clamps still tightly screwed to my nipples and twisted just a bit.Again no pain. This was great I thought, pain free for the first time since I had arrived in this godforsaken place. Satisfied, he said good byeand good luck, picked up my dirty dishes and left me alone.I wasn’t alone for long. Dickie came barging into the room about two minutes later. “On It’s fucking hands and knees, piggy. Who the fuck gave It permission to stand?” he bellowed. I started to answer. “The fe……….” was as far as I got. “It will keep the fucking mouth shut when It is talking to me.” he giggled. I guess he thought he was being really wise here.I just said fuck it to myself and got down on my hands and knees, ready to be treated like a fucking a****l again. He led me from the room, I was crawling of course, and down so many twisting and turning hallways that I was totally lost. I could never have found my way back to that room we just left. He walked at a brisk pace, but one with which it was possible for me to keep up. I was beginning to think he was going to go on walking like this forever, when he finally stopped in front of a door and opened it.He held the door open for me and I entered a huge ball room.This end was all empty floor space except for a pole and some hanging chains in the centre of the area. The far end held tables and they seemed to be set for a dinner. It was a very ornate room with fancy moldings breaking up the corners and ridges all around the room. Huge murals of males fucking and sucking were painted on all the walls and the ceiling. It was one hell of an erotic room. I found my dick getting hard just looking at the paintings.Then I noticed that all the candelabra were in the form of penises. They lined the walls and even on the three large round chandeliers, each light was held by a carving of anerect penis. Dickie led me right up to the pole sticking out of the floor in the centre of the bare area.It was leaning at about a 20 degree angle with the floor and had a huge dildo on the top. The dildo was about ten inches long and an inch and a half in circumference. The distance from the tip of the dildo head to the floor was about 36 inches. When we were beside it, Dickie had me stand up. He had me turn around and back up until the dildo just touched my ass. I had a real bad feeling about this, that fucking dildo was going to be pushed up my ass I just knew it.A couple of guys, dressed almost identical to Dickie were suddenly beside me. They forcefully bent me over, while Dickie went around behind to make sure the big rubber dick was positioned correctly. Then I heard a little vibration and the dildo started pushing upwards and into my ass hole. I did my best to relax my sphincter, because I knewthe thing was very dry and even in a relaxed state the thing could very easily tear my ass apart. The d**g that the green eyed boy had given me prevented this entry from being painful, but I could feel the strong friction that was resisting the entry of the Dildo. Then suddenly it was in and all resistance seemed to vanish.I could feel it going up farther and farther until it seemed to be sitting right in the centre of my gut. “That’s got it.The fucking pig ain’t gonna be able to get off it that’s for sure.” he said with a laugh and his buddies laughed with him. “Ok, get It’s fucking feet out and I’ll get them chained down.” he ordered the guys. They each dropped down and grabbed one of my ankles. Dickie was crouched down on my right side so the guy holding my right ankle lifted and pulled it forward almost a foot. Dickie quickly placed a leather cuff around the ankle, then attached a chain from the floor and did something that pulled it down tight.I would not be able to lift that foot. Dickie moved over to the left and the guy holding my left ankle tried to lift it.Time for panic attack on my part.My right foot was locked to the floor about a foot to the front and to the right.If they pulled my left leg apart and fastened it as far out as the right one much of my body weight would be resting on that thing up my ass. There was nothing inside me to stop it from going up further and that thing could rupture my whole insides.I wasscared. “Lean back asshole.Take the weight off It’s fucking leg.”The guy trying to lift it bellowed at me. “That thing up my ass will tear my insides apart if I do that.” I cried. The bastards, all three of them just laughed and Dickie shouted. “We couldn’t care less if it punctures It’s fucking heart, continues on up and pokes out between It’s fucking eyes.” The guy that had done my right leg went around and helped the other guy. Between them they lifted my leg and pushed it out to Dickie. I instantly felt that thing go up my butt another inch at least.There was no pain, but I was really scared this thing was going to puncture through my bowels. “Please Master, Dickie.”I begged. “It will puncture my bowels and kill me. Please don’t kill me, Sir.Please.” and I started fucking crying again. They just laughed and stood up. “Well It ain’t fucking dead yet so It will quit the fuckin’ sniveling.” he said laughing. “I should call the Master to come punish It for referring to Itself as “My” and “Me”, but I am going to let It off this time. Don’t ever forget again.” he warned. “It thanks you Master Dickie, Sir.” I answered but still scared that dildo was going to puncture my bowels. “It will put It’s arms up over It’s head and grasp It’s elbows on the opposite sides.” he ordered. With tears running down my cheeks and shaking a bit from my fear, I obeyed. As soon asI had grasped my elbows one of the others started wrapping tape around my arms so I could not pull them apart. The other guy brought over a thick collar that was at least 3 inches wide.It had a steel bar about a quarter inch thick and 12 inches long attached to it. He placed the collar around my neck, clipped it together and then inserted a padlock and snapped it closed. The guy doing the taping, taped my already bound arms to the bar. It was quite ingenious really. My arms were now folded above my head, taped tightly together and to the bar. I could not lower them and any attempt to do so caused a little nipple or ridge on the inside of the collar to push against my adamsapple, which choked me.If it hadn’t been for the pain reliever, I had a feeling I would have been crying with pain when one of them pulled my arms forward to test their handiwork. Dickie then rolled out his little cart and I could see weights on it. I said a little thank you to the green eyed k** for the pain reliever. That looked like the same 50 lb. weight that had been attached to my nuts before. “Well wimp you can relax, Master Dieter has decided to be kind. You will only have to hold a 30 lb. weight on your nuts this evening.But you still get the 20 lbs. for each nipple.That should give the guests lots of fun. I can just hear your screams.Oh that will be delicious.” he said with that evil grin on his face. “But that green eyed guy said the Master didn’t want It to have pain tonight and that It would be getting pain reliever injections.” “We always tell the entertainment that.They don’t fight quite so hard while we are getting them ready.” he laughed. “That injection should be wearing off anytime now and It will feel the pain. Another member of the medical team will be by just before the guest arrive to give It an injection that will prevent It going u*********s. It will have to stay awake for the whole evenings festivities. It will hate every pain filled second of it, guaranteed.” he laughed as he connected the four ten pound balls to my nipples. I was stunned. They had made a promise just to keep me from fighting them. Bastards. An injection to make sure I don’t pass out. Going to have to take all the fucking pain they deliver.Now I was scared. They all disappeared, leaving me alone in this big room, facing the tables. For the whole evening, I was going to be able to watch them enjoying themselves eating and drinking, while I, a slave, was bound in this heartless position suffering unknown agonies. Although not in pain, I was uncomfortable already.The angle with which they had secured me to the dildo ensured that I would not be able to stand straight up of my own volition. I could not really move the lower part of my body at all. The ankle chains and the dildo made sure of that. I need not have feared the dildo. It had gone in that extra inch but no more than that. The angle at which I was secured prevented it from penetrating any further.I was fairly certain that this was another situation where that d**g was keeping me from one hell of a lot of pain and I was not looking forward to when it wore off. It had been quite a while since Dickie and the two guys and left me alone. Perhaps as much as a half hour.I started to wonder about what time it was and what time this party was supposed to start. I had been in the sling and was being fucked by those guys in the late morning. So assuming they finished at noon…….oh fuck! I had forgotten that I bit a guys cock.How was he I wondered. I was pretty sure he was a slave just like me and he really didn’t deserve to have his cockbitten off. I felt real bad, but it wasn’t my fault.It was that fucker that squeezed my fucking balls. It was his fault. That played around in my mind for a few minutes and then I got back to wondering about the time.I had been fucked and had sucked a whole bunch of those guys maybe all of them. I couldn’t remember how many, but there were a lot. That had to have taken a couple of hours. If I assume Master Dieter hit me with the stung gun at noon and for sake of argument will assume that I was taken to that rest room right away. I had to have been u*********s for half an hour or so. When I woke up, Green eyes fed me then told me to get some sleep. Let’s assume the feeding took half an hour, that would bring the time up to around 1 pm. He told me to sleep for four hours.So it had to have been around 5 pm when he woke me.He then fed me and then I was brought here by Dickie.If all those assumptions were true, then it was only somewhere around 6 pm. Most parties don’t start until around 8 or so. Fuck that means I have to stand here for close on 2 hours before the fucking party even starts. How long will the party go on?A chill swept through me. The time was dragging, it seemed like I had been bound here for hours.Some other slaves, had been in but they had been busy fussing around the tables at the other end of the room. Something was being done behind me as well, but I could not get my head turned around enough to have a look. These few activities were all I had to break the boredom of being bound there. I began to feel a dull ache in my balls. The pain killer was wearing off and soon I was going to be in agony, I just knew it. Then I started to feel a dull aching in my nipples, followed by a dull aching in my ass. The aching from each area grew steadily until my balls started to have that burning sensation.The nipple aching increased for a bit and then became dull again. The pain in the ass increased until it felt like a knife had been thrust up there. The worst by far was the nut pain. It became so painful I had tears in my eyes and I think I may also have been crying out. The pain was unrelenting, they felt like they were being slowly crushed by a giant hand. I was in such pain I did not hear or even see Dickie approach. “Ah, I think It is in a bit of pain.” he giggled. I heard him but I was in no condition to answer. I opened my eyes and through the red haze could see the evil bastard standing in front of me grinning. He moved up close and I watched as he lifted the four 10lb balls attached to my nipples.I knew he was going to drop them and I wanted to beg him not too, but could not form the words. My nuts were causing just too much pain. His grin got bigger and his eyes brighter. I could see how much amusement he was getting, knowing that I was terrified he would drop them. “Ready to feel the balls pull down on It’s sweet little titties.” he teased. “Bet it will feel like they are being torn off.” said with a big laugh afterwards. “Take a deep breath, piggy here goes the first one.” he said as he let one of the balls connected to my right nipple drop. The pain was great, but the pain from my nuts was greater and I didn’tgive much reaction to the dropped weight.This pissed him off so he immediately let the other one attached to my right nipple go. Again there was pain, but I didn’t really react to it.The smile left Dickie’s face, and he seemed to get a little red. “Fucking piggy. Let’s see what happens when I drop both the left balls.”and so saying he let them both drop. This time the pain was sharp enough form me to give out an additional yell on top of the moaning from the ball pain.But it was only on the initial drop. Then my nipple seemed to go as numb as the other had. “Mmmmm maybe I should lift up the nut weight and let if drop. What does It think. Would It like to have the nut weight lifted and dropped?” he asked evilly. “Please…….M..M…mmaster Dickie…., Sir. Please…..don’t do that, Sir…..Please.” I managed to gasp out, terribly afraid he would. I didn’t think my nuts could take it.If he dropped that weight my nuts would be ruined forever.I was really crying now and I managed to beg again. “Please, Sir.Don’t drop that weight.””Well piggy I really am a nice Master so I am not going to do that.However you can bet your life at least one of the guests will. Those nuts are going to suffer some real pain tonight.”he said and began laughing again. “The guests should start arriving in about 15 to 20 minutes. They may start on you right away or they may wait until after dinner. That’s when you will have to worry.Once they get a few drinks in them they have a tendency to get carried away.Too bad for the entertainment.”he laughed and walked away. A new worry began to sink through the waves of ball pain into my fevered brain. My bladder was full and needed releasing.How long would I be able to hold it, I wondered. Just what I needed. A few minutes later the green eyed guy showed up. “Are you in pain?” he asked. “Yes.” I managed to gasp out. “Ok, will fix you up.Master has changed the orders. I am not permitted to give you a full pain reliever, however he has authorized a special shot to your nuts. This will keep them relatively pain free until the next injection.” He pulled out a syringe, filled it from a little bottle, then bent down.I felt a sudden searing pain, then all the pain started to fade from my nuts. Unfortunately, the pain in my nipples now became very apparent as well as the pain in my ass. “Sir. My bladder is full and needs emptying.” I said to him. “Oh, well I will go get someone to come out and get you emptied.We can’t have you pissing all over the floor or the guests, now can we.” he smiled and walked quickly away. >From the way he said it, I thought he isn’t going to do anything. I am going to have to suffer and possibly piss myself and then be punished. Well at least the pain was all now tolerable.While it was great, it was not all consuming. To my surprise a young man, about 17 or 18 was suddenly in front of me with a large jug.He grabbed hold of my penis and held it in the jug. “It will piss now.” he ordered, not even looking at me. Well I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I opened my bladder and felt blessed relief. The jug was about half full before my bladder finally emptied. The lad shook my dick, then bent down and took it in his mouth.He sucked any remaining urine and at the same time caused me to get my first erection of the evening. Once he had it good and hard and throbbing, he let it go and stood up.I noticed that there were about five other slaves now standing just a short ways away.They all had small smiles on their faces. The lad that had helped me piss, lifted the jug up to my lips. “It will drink it’s piss.” he ordered and started tipping the jug up. I had no choice, as the hot liquid hit my lips I opened them and began to drink. I would have thought that by now I would have gotten used to all the terrible things they made me do to degrade myself in front of others.But I hadn’t. The smiles on those faces as they watched me being forced to drink my own piss, made me feel small and insignificant. He only made me drink about half of the contents of the jug. Then he lifted the jug and took a long swallow. He turned around and walked up to each of the gawking slaves and handed them the jug in turn. They each took a long swallow. After the last one had taken his drink there was still a small amount left.My piss boy, well what the hell else could I call him, lifted the jug to his lips and drained it.They all turned and left me. I was stunned by the whole display. What was it in aide of?What did it mean? Was it some kind of ritual?Why did they all take a drink of my piss?I was totally baffled. It was another 5 minutes or so before my next visitor arrived. Dear old Dickie. “The guests have arrived piggy. They will entering the ball room shortly and your ordeal will begin.I can only say that I am glad it’s not me in your place.” he said this with that evil smile on his face.

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