Quarantine: The Plumber Visits


There’s a tap leaking in my en-suite bathroom and it’s been getting worse. You arrive to fix it and I lead you through to my room.

You smell my perfume as you pass through the walk-in wardrobe to the bathroom. We’re supposed to be social distancing, but it’s a tight space in my en-suite and we try to do our best.

I’m wearing a loose light-coloured t-shirt with no bra and soft long pants without underwear. You’re trying not to notice but you can’t help it. You try to keep your mind on the task.

I climb into the bathtub to show you which tap is leaking. You’re standing in the doorway, watching me bend over and play with the taps. I’m so busy showing you the plumbing problem I don’t notice your eyes roaming down my back and over my ass. But I can smell your cologne and I stutter and turn the wrong tap, accidentally spraying myself with the shower head. I squeal, turning the tap off quickly and laughing. It’s too late. My shirt is wet and it’s pasted onto my chest, draping down over my nipples which have gone erect with the cold shock. You gasp and reach for a towel, handing it to me trying not to laugh but bursting out with a giggle anyway.

I blush and reach over to take the towel from you with my right hand while I hopelessly try to cover my breasts with my left. As I reach for the towel, my fingers brush over yours and it becomes kızılay escort clear to both of us that any social distancing rules are now irrelevant. The touch feels electric.

I step out of the bathtub, still grasping your fingers and the towel to steady myself, but you don’t move back and I end up on my feet right in front of you. I lock eyes with you and say thank you as I try to release my grip to bring the towel to my chest. But you don’t let go. And I don’t resist you pushing your hand onto me. I pull your hand in against my chest and move it down over my tit feeling you cup my breast and squeeze it. You bring your other hand up slowly to my chest and I meet it with mine, I’m holding both of your hands to my breasts with the towel. Drying myself off.

Slowly I release my hands leaving you squeezing my tits. You lean into my ear. You ask me if I want it as you press your body against mine.

I move my hands down your body to your belt buckle and starting pulling on the loop. You push me back onto the edge of the sink and you lean back in to kiss my neck and massage my tits, pushing your cock up against me and lowly growling. As I undo the button on your pants and unzip, you throw the towel onto the floor and lean back to tear off my pants.

As your hands move back up the front of my legs you reach around to grip my ass and lift etlik escort me up on the edge of the cabinet. Sliding your hands from my ass down my thighs to my knees so you can push my legs wide apart. I can see your erection bulging in your pants. I want it. Give it to me baby, please. I need it so bad.

You kiss me hard and deep as I reach down into your pants and grab hold of your cock to stroke you, using my other hand to pull them down far enough that they won’t get in the way when you’re pounding me. You moan so hard I feel it down my spine. I want it so bad. Neither of us can believe this is fucking happening.

You pull out of the kiss and we both lean back, to watch. My wet shirt still draping down over my tits and catching on my nipples. I grip the edge of the cabinet with both my hands and tilt my hips back and forth slowly, begging you for it. You’re looking down on my wide open legs, my wet pussy aching to feel your cock thrusting into me. You’re so rock fucking hard, you grab your throbbing cock with one hand. You’re stroking it, pulling on it, moaning while your other hand slides up under my shirt to grab my tit and tweak my nipple. I’m sighing and panting for it. You need some baby? Take it.

You squeeze the hard head of your cock as you rub it up and down my wet lips, my legs close in around your ass and demetevler escort pull you in closer. I moan and my breath quickens. I beg you, please baby, fuck me. Please, I need it. I fucking want you. We’re both about to explode with desire if one of us doesn’t thrust against the other right fucking now.

You slide into me and I scream fuck yes. You grab my hips with both hands and start pumping me hard and fast. You’re watching my tits jerking back and forth with every stroke. You start pounding me harder to make them bounce. It looks and sounds so fucking hot. That’s it, baby. Just like that. Fuck my pussy for me baby. I want more. Keep pounding me.

You move one hand to my clit and start rubbing it with your thumb, leaving your other hand to grip harder on my hip to hold my pelvis steady while you’re relentlessly fucking pounding my hole. You’re rubbing my clit and my eyes roll back in my head as I moan and my head tilts back. I grip the edge of the cabinet to take my weight, lifting my ass up off the edge so I can grind my pussy on you harder with every pound. Listening to you start to cum as my pussy clenches around your hard cock, pulling you in with my legs as you slide in and out of me. Deeper baby. Oh my fucking god you’re gonna make me cum if you keep rubbing my clit like that baby. Do you wanna cum with me? Can you feel it? Cum for me baby. Give it to me. Cum with me. Feel my pussy convulsing around you as I cum and take all of your cock shooting deep inside me. Let me have it. Let me hear it. I fucking love to hear it. I get wet, just hearing your voice. Hearing you cum for me.

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