QVC Julia: The Affair Part 4 – The Brass


QVC Julia: The Affair Part 4 – The BrassFrom the view of Julia2008I could feel his gaze on my naked body as I walked back to bed and got in the covers.“That body of yours. You are so womanly, so voluptuous. You turn me on, like no other.” Dale said.I smiled and kissed him. The affair was getting on for 6 months now. My relationship with my partner had been sterile and did not fulfil me for a long time now. I had other random flings, but felt like something more, I liked Dale’s devotion and that he was a few years younger than me. We had some good times and a bit off threesome action too. But Dale; no. We looked good together, people at work said that, especially when we presented. He was the housewives favourites and well I was the men’s favourite. Sex was ok, but I wanted a lot more. He was not that big and had no connections for me either. He was needy too. I had to tell him we could not meet up next Thursday because I had a business meeting.“How will you repay me then Julia.”“With these.” I said. As I reached next to the bed and thrown him across my knickers.“They are yours now. Please feel free to do what you want with them. I don’t want them back.” I laughed.It has been at least 2 years since I had received any money from The Brass. I was not sure if his business was struggling or not. I had seen him briefly at work, got the usual free gifts, but his, so called “favourite presenter”, wanted the extra money. I had this arrangement going for 8 years now and have been doing well from it. Little tease here, flash there and I got my free gifts when he visited. The real money came from being his plus one when he business in the UK. We had done some good deals in this time and I earned some good money, which I had got use too. It was easy: show up, look good, be nice, help get the deal done and maybe turn on his client, that seemed to get The Brass nice and hard too. If we stayed overnight, have sex with The Brass. The sex was not great great. It was better at the start. The Brass was a big American man, probably early 60’s by now, but had got fatter, the longer I have known him and wasn’t the most attentive in bed. Still it was the power and money, that got me wet for him. The only difficulty was making sure I could make the date and pass it off as a business trip, which in many ways it was.I got the email last week of the meeting. I was excited. No confirmation of the money but the brief was straight forward. A spa date, which would involve meeting a very important customer, Mr Wang. Spa clothes and evening dress, plus a bit for the bedroom. They would be my only outgoings.On my drive down to the spa I had time to reassess, where I was. This affair with Dale was starting to get me to lose my focus. I had the power I wanted but had maybe become complacent looking back. I should have found another arrangement like I had with The Brass. There was more power and money to be had. My salary and free gifts I could seduce out of the bosses and guests, could be a lot more. That could lead to a more glamourous lifestyle. I turned up to the Spa in my sports car with my kit ready. I had done some research on Mr Wang, I liked to be prepared. He was extremely wealthy, multi-millionaire. Probably mid-fifties. From some of the pictures I saw, I thought he would be turning up with some model type; a 20 something. So, I decided on a swimsuit for the spa and lowish cut dress for the evening; it was a very upmarket spa, anything too revealing would be frowned upon. I upgraded my present for The Brass in the evening, well it had been 2 years. I liked it and thought I could get a lot of use out of it. It was quite expensive and heavy, and for a first time, something Mr Brass would not be taking back with him. I was nervous about Mr Wang, but not The Brass. I knew his weaknesses.There was no makeup reunion for me and The Brass, I had seen him the other month in passing, nothing happened. He knew I was only interested in the money and there was nothing coming. “Great my star could make it; this is a big one…a big one Julia. Mr Wang is powerful. A different league. I am sure he will like you though and before you ask. I’m leaving the final payment to you until the bedroom.” He laughed.“Difficult one to pull off. We both need to be good.”“Well I’ve done some research and bought some items. We will do well. Same as usual from me. Nod, flirt a little, help push the deal through.”“Oh yes, you’re a pro Julia. Just don’t go making his pants too wet.” He laughed.“I’ve got an extra treat for you tonight. 2 years is a long time.” I flirted. “To get you thinking, you will not be able to take my bra back with you, which you like to do. This one is too heavy for you; you would need extra luggage space.” I further flirted with him.“I’m all interested now. Big boobs bursa escort need big bras.” He flirted back.I meant it though. He will shoot his load within a minute tonight when he sees me. I am sure I can get lap dog Dale round tomorrow, to fulfil any further cock needs I may have. If this deal doesn’t happen, I won’t be wet from seeing his fat body on me. That money turns him into something else.We checked in and went to the room. We did not have much time, so it was a quick change. Must have been over a £1k stay per night here, it was all very posh and corporate. I could see myself blending into this environment. We both went down to the changing rooms before entering the actual spa. It seemed quiet in there. I got changed and gave myself, a quick once over. It was conservative choice. It needed to be. This was not a place to put out too much flesh. Could have looked a bit cheap.“Wow Julia. You look good. Not since that much of your flesh in 2 years.”“Thanks. I went for a more professional look. Not too much on show.” “When we have been on any similar type meetings, you’ve always been in a bikini. But you’re right. I think that would have been too much for here.”It is a shame he did not take that advice for himself. I was trying here. I wanted to get this deal done. He was stuck I some skin-tight swimming shorts, with all his fat hanging out. He better not lot this deal slip. It had been 2 years; I need some extra cash.We walked round a bit. Usual type of corporate people. The odd nod given out. The Brass’s mobile went off. I did not know phones were allowed. He had it in the complementary gowns you were given. He gave out a serious look, a few grunts, and some brief words.“Mr Wang is late Julia.” The Brass said solemnly.He explained his prior meeting in the morning had over ran, so he would attend the dinner tonight. He seemed ok about it overall. We only had a few hours before then anyway. “Let us make use of the Spa facilities and relax. Use it to discuss this deal in more detail Julia.”We went to a couple of the saunas and then to the pool for a bit of a deep. We did not pre book any treatments, as The Brass did not know what to expect of Mr Wang, so was hoping to just keep it simple and discuss business around the communal areas. These communal areas were very up market. It was big deal, much bigger than I thought, over $600k per annum, about half a million a year. Mr Wang was involved in lots of different industries, but for The Brass, it would be one of his main customers. A big deal for him. He was much more professional too, apart from his choice of swimwear. When we were in pool area, I caught him giving a few of the ladies the once over. It was not a place to display any sort of affection, as I half expected him to give me a touch under the water. I had never visited anywhere as corporate. We went back to the hotel room all relaxed. I got showered and got changed in the bathroom, it was that big. Plus, I wanted to surprise The Brass with my choice of outfit too. Plus, now I knew the value of the deal I did not want him distracted with sex before it.“You look stunning Julia. Again, great choice of dress.”I was just wearing a slightly too tight black dress. Top half covered up by my standards. To be fair to The Brass, all suited up, you could tell he was wealthy. I always fancied hi the most in his business attire. It did give off an air of money and power.We entered the restaurant. As expected, as was the pa itself, it was very up market and again a very corporate atmosphere.Then we saw Mr Wang at the table. He was of Japanese origin, slim but quite athletic frame and of average height. It was his seriousness expression that stood out the most. Differently no easy win.“Hello there, it’s great we could meet up like this in such a great venue. This is Julia, she is one of my contacts here in the UK.”“Pleased to meet you Mr Wang.” I said.That was it really from me. Mr Wang was quiet and serious. He just seemed to take the lead and discuss business with The Brass. I guess, I was supposed to talk to his “plus one,” who I even got less out of. Like me, she was introduced as a business contact in the UK and that was that. She was exactly what I thought, 20 something, tall, skinny, but was from eastern Europe. I could not be sure if it was either a language barrier, her dismissive nature, or Mr Wang’s instructions. I could not get anything out of her. At least she was not scantily dressed. Wore an expense looking dress but gave off a very corporate feel. In the 8 or so years of doing this I felt uncomfortable, be that the value of the deal or the atmosphere. I was not involved in anything. Time went quickly and I was getting a good impression from The Brass it was going well. By the time we had to pay. There was a rare bursa escort bayan smile from Mr Wang, I could not be sure if it was a success or not though. The Brass paid and we said our goodbyes. All very formal. Then Mr Wang held back and his ‘plus one’ spoke to The Brass, ahead of us as we were walking out.“I like you Julia. You have done well today and from what I hear from a few connections I know.”He reached over and passed me his business card discretely.“I have lot of business and could do with some help with clients here in the UK. If this is something of interest to you, then contact my PA. If you don’t mind, please don’t mention this. I know you are good with sales and people. Excuse me if I was in any way unengaging this evening. We are busy and I just wanted to get this deal done. Rest assured I would be very accommodating if you took up my offer on a further meeting.” He continued.He gave me a warm and appreciative look, before walking ahead. I had no idea who these connections were. But I got a good impression from him. This was something I could consider. They could be some serious money here.As we went our separate ways and Mr Wang was out of sight.“Did he say anything at the end to you. You know about the deal.” The Brass said, still not giving any signals on whether the meeting was a success or not.”“No nothing. Just an apology for not saying a lot to me, he was quite nice.” It was loosely the truth and if it went wrong, I didn’t want the blame.“Was it good. I couldn’t tell?” I asked The Brass, as we entered the elevator on our own. “let me tell you in our room in a few minutes.” He said smiling.I got a little excited. A little turned on. I sensed good news. As we stepped out of the elevator, I checked myself out in the mirror. I was looking good. I had not taken in the size of the room before, as we had rushed around and I got changed in the bathroom, before we hurried off to dinner. It was like a studio. The bed was massive too. The Brass took off his shoes and his suit jacket and undone the first few button on his short, stretched his arms up, smiled and looked across at me.“How good was the meeting?” He asked.“Please tell me.”“It was good Julia. Very good.”“How very good?” I was getting excited.“You mean how much money very good?” He laughed.He approached me and kissed me, with his tongue, grabbing me by the waist and hooking me in. My boobs pressed against his chest. He lowered his hands and gave my bum a squeeze.“Still have a nice bum Julia. Bit of meat of down there to grab.”“How much?” I said excitedly.He then stroked my hair gently and looked at it, almost examining it strand by strand.“You still have great hair Julia. You’re best feature and beautiful too.”He always loved my hair, especially longer. He emailed his disapproval when I cut it a little shorter a few years ago.He grabbed and kissed me again with his tongue and pulled me in. A little more aggressively now. I was turned on. Like I said this was enough foreplay for me and that was all I expected from The Brass. He unzipped my dress gently, with a bit of assistance from me and I let it drop to the floor. I was wearing quite expensive lingerie, bra, and pants, but nothing too sexy.“Those curves.” He said. Looking me up and down.“Good job you didn’t wear a bikini. We would have got thrown out.” He giggled. I saw his eyes look at my boobs.“I will tell you how much when you get on top of me over there in that bed.” I knew what he liked. I slowly walked over to the bed and kicked my heels off. I lay down on my side, showing the womanly curve of my body and rested my chest, so it was protruding, with the help of my shoulder facing inwards.“Like what you see.” I said.“I always do.” The Brass said. Using the time, I took to get in position to take his clothes off. He had a semi erection at that point. His body was not great. But he did have broad shoulders and money. Maybe even more money now. He jumped in and started kissing me and moving around from side to side a little. I grabbed his cock and started stroking him. He put his hands down my pants and fingered me, but only briefly, before pulling my pants off. He turned on his back; this was the sign for me to get on top. It was a struggle for him to get on top as he was so big and more a struggle as each year went by. I climbed on and let his cock slide into my pussy. I heard him moan and felt him slowly get bigger in me. I wiggled around gently and put my hands behind my back. I could see him moaning with pleasure, switching his eyes form my face to by bulging cleavage. He grabbed my hips as I moved.“How much I said?”“I’m not saying.” He was playing with me and it was turning me on.I pulled his face towards my cleavage.“How much?”He tried to kiss the top of my boobs, which were oozing out of escort bursa the bra. I pushed him back further now.“£20k for you Julia.”“£30k.”“£22k.” he replied.“No. £30k”.“£25k.”“£30k if you want to see.”“Yes £30k, it’s been two years. £30k…now let me…”“Transfer on the phone first.”“So untrusting Julia.”He reached for his phone on his bed and was typing away, whilst I wiggled more and went to unhook my bra.“There £30k. Now please..” He moaned.I felt his cock harden and I felt myself get wet. In fact if I continued moving on him I would of orgasmed. I used my hands to adjust my bra and let the bra straps slip off my shoulders and pulled the hook out with one hand; letting the big cups of my bra cover my boobs. I just held them there with both hands holding the cups to cover my boobs.“Time for your treat then.” I giggled.“Back in a minute.” I said and slowly raised off him, feeling his cock exit my pussy. He was so excited. I saw in the mirror him following my naked arse out of the bedroom as I approached the bathroom holding my bra up. I was completely naked apart from my boobs.I dropped my bra on the floor and put on my hair clip holding back my hair. The Brass loved my long wavy hair. I looked at my reflection and smiled. I looked pretty. I reached down and picked up my special bra. The cups were like two baking bowls. Steel and heavy. I stepped into the chain contraction and I packed my boobs into the boulders and for a change my bulbous breasts went in with no side bulge. I felt a tingling sensation from the steel touching my sensitive breast flesh and nipples, as well on my pussy from the steel chain. I quivered from the sensual sensation. I hooked up the straps. I looked in the mirror. He would come in under a minute. I looked sexy.I walked around the door slowly.“Still hard for me?”“Oh, fuck Julia. Oh fuck.” That was all he could manage to say.I got back on him and he was harder than before. I felt his cock slip into my very wet pussy, as well as the friction of the chain against his cock and my clit. He felt that extra sensation too. I thought I almost lost him then.I wiggled my hips. He could not take his eyes of my boobs. They looked enormous in these boulders. I have never seen them stuck out as much. I wiggled and wiggled. Then I reached up to my hair clip and pulled it out and flicked my hair a few times, before letting it come to rest just beyond my naked shoulders. He was loving it. I unhooked the chain part of the bra from the bottom of the steel cups and dropped it down. It created a nice sensation of the steel touching my tummy and dropping onto Big Brass’s hairy stomach. I had understated the feeling of the slight tug of the chain on my clit and his cock. He winced with enjoyment. He reached up and held onto the steel cups. His big hands not fully round them. He stared in fascination. I put my hands at back of my head and looked down on him like I was some witch casting a spell on him.I then unclipped the tops of the straps and gently pulled off these steel boulders. My boobs literally exploded out of them like pear shaped cannons before dropping and bouncing back up between my belly and shoulders. The thud of the steel bra against the floor was heard around the room, as I dropped it to one side. The Brass screamed out, as loud as I had ever heard him. I came too, as I felt his sperm shoot up my pussy. I was so excited.The Brass was the one who woke me up early in the morning playing with my hair. He was always very gently when he stroked my hair. As I slowly opened my eyes, he said.“One for the road my beautiful one.”He always did this. I opened my legs and he got on top of me. His big frame and weight gave me a sharp shock. I tried to adjust my position and move up the bed onto my pillow more, to take his weight. He started to pound into me, like I was meat. Thankfully, I knew this would not be long. He always came quickly and was in a rush. I wrapped my legs around his body and tried to pull him closer. He put his head in my boobs. Bobbing his head up and down, kissing my boobs and grunting. After a couple of minutes, I felt a big thrust and the feeling of his sperm again, dribbling down my slightly upright legs. I faked a few breathless gestures.“You’re a good boy. Never disappoint.” I lied.“Hope to get some action with you soon. Will be busy on the Mang deal but will keep you briefed.”I showered and dressed quickly, said his goodbyes, and left. I lay in the silk bedding, absorbing all the wealth of the room. It had been a great almost 24 hours. I should have maybe held out or demanded more than £30k, maybe £50k, but to be fair, I literally did nothing for it. That money was straight in my personal funds. Tax free. I got out of bed and went to my bag and got out my treat. Laying back in the bed. I decided not to try and see Dale later. I thought of my money and Mr Wang and what that could bring. A new powerful Sugar daddy. Slowly I used the vibrator and made myself orgasm and relaxed in the room until I had to check out.

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