Rachel and Stephanie (part 6 – The Phone Call)

Rachel and Stephanie (part 6 – The Phone Call)The Phone CallWhen we came into the house from the patio we had both started to shiver a little, it was a warm evening but eventually the rain had started to chill us both. It was almost 10.30 now and Stephanie should have been in bed half an hour ago.I still intended to get her into her bed soon but after our fun and games outside I had no intention of leaving her alone there to sleep. First however we both needed to warm up and then dry off.Stephanie took me by the hand and pulled me through the house towards the bathroom. We made wet splashing noises as the rainwater ran off us and we left wet footprints through the house.Once in the bathroom we quickly turned the shower on and dumped our wet clothing in the sink. They had a fantastic,large shower where you could have had 6 people at the same time so plenty of room for the two of us. Before too long we were both under the warm spray of the shower and rapidly warming up.Now that we were standing beside each other, totally naked, I was able to take a really good look at Stephanie’s body. Although clearly not fully developed and with a very modest chest she had a very womanly curve to her hips which is very sexually inviting – it stating that I have woman’s hips, I can bare c***dren, I can be sexually active.It is hardly surprising that I started to stir again and felt my erection grown. It didn’t take long for Stephanie to notice it too.“Mmmmmm, I still can’t believe that you managed to fit all of that inside me.”“Did it hurt? Do you feel OK?”“It did hurt at first but then it just felt really good. Now I feel a little tender but I can still feel what it was like when you were inside me.”While she was talking I squirted some gel on my hands and lathered them up. Rather than using them to wash myself I reached out and gently started to wash Stephanie’s back and chest, paying particular attention to her breasts. Her nipples hardened almost immediately and she closed her eyes and moaned as my touch started to arouse her again.“Oh David, that feels sooooo good. Please don’t stop.”I only occasionally paused to get some more soap as the shower fairly quickly washed it off. I was now standing pressed to her side, sort of at right angles to her so that she was standing between my legs with my erection pressed into her left hip.Like this it was easy for my right hand to wander up and down her back and for my left hand to massage and tease her budding breasts. She hand taken some of the lather off her own chest and was reaching over with her right hand and soaping up my hard cock and balls. Able to really examine me for the first time.Looking down at her I could now admire her flat stomach and trim waist and the smooth mound of her pubis with its almost invisible coating of hair – not enough to even catch the bubbles of soap.I lathered up my hands again and allowed them both to drift lower down her body. One across the taut flatness of her tummy, the other over the breathtaking curve of her bottom. Both hands then wandered into her most private places. My right middle finger extended and pushed between her buttocks to run down the length of her bottom crack and run over the tightness of her virgin rosebud, puckered and inviolate. She gasped in surprise at the nice feelings she received when I lingered there and teased around her anus.The fingers of my left hand stayed together and passed over her clitoris and down across her puffy outer lips until they met with the fingers of my other hand, both slippery with soap. I then drew my hand back slowly over her vagina only this time pressing in to her opening and sliding over a completely different kind of slipperiness. Her juices mingled with my own cum naturally lubricated her.Stephanie turned her head to me and started turning her body too. We kissed, long and deep with steadily increasing passion. She bahis firmaları pulled on my cock trying to get me to turn to her so that our groins would be pressed together.I had other plans though. I was acutely conscious that there had been little foreplay in our first instinctive and unplanned coupling in the rain and I wanted Stephanie to understand some of the joys that a more drawn out encounter can bring.I pulled her to me and kissed her with increasing passion, she reached behind me and used both of her hands to pull me into her, crushing my hardness against her tummy. Her hips were grinding against me and it was clear that she was interested again.I disengaged from her, kissed her a few times lightly on her lips and then started to slowly sink to my knees. As I slid down her body I kissed her tiny but hard nipples, running my tongue around them teasing her and causing her to pull my head into her hard; then continued my journey down her body.When I finally landed on my knees I stayed fairly upright at first, kissing her tummy and occasionally darting my tongue into her little belly button which caused her to wriggle and giggle at the tingling sensation it sent deep into her belly.Then ever so slowly I sank down further until I was sitting on my heels. My kisses also descended slowly from the middle of her tummy down until I was able to plant the lightest and most delicate kisses on the very top of her slit. She tried to pull back from me, not really understanding what I was doing and not sure that this was a normal part of sexual play. I reached behind her with both hands and held her firmly in place by pulling on her buttocks.I pushed my jaw forward so that I could reach my mouth down to the whole of her pussy, starting at the bottom, near her puckered anus I travelled the whole length of her with one long slow lick, my tongue splayed as wide as I could make it so that I covered the full length and breadth of her pussy.She coo’ed as my tongue parted her lips and tasted the sweetness of her juices mingled with some of my own cum and she yelped when my tongue encountered her hard little cli. I made my tongue narrower and harder as I played with her nubbin flicking I firmly and then running around it.She quickly realised the benefits of what I was doing; all reluctance melted and she started to rhythmically push her hips out towards me and to pull my head forward with her hands.I travelled back down again to her pussy, this time keeping it narrow and hard so that I could push past her lips into the very entrance of her pussy. The taste of our earlier coupling was strong now, a delicious a****l taste, unmistakably the taste of fully consummated sex.She was now leant back against the tiled wall of the shower with her legs apart and her hips thrust forward, her hands holding my head tight into her. It would have been a fantastically erotic picture with her head thrown back and her eyes shut and her hard nipples as little peaks on the top of her almost boyish chest.I was in seventh heaven there on my knees with the shower running down my back and my tongue buried deep in Stephanie’s freshly deflowered pussy. I think we both rather lost track of time, although it may not have been all that long when I noticed that her breathing had changed and that the movement of her hips was more spasmodic as if she had no control over them.Her grip became tighter and she pulled me into her more firmly. One leg was now cocked over my shoulder so that I was able to really bury my face in between her legs. Then she gasped and clamped her legs tightly around my head so that I could not have moved if I had wanted to and came with a shuddering climax. I felt and tasted the release of her juice right into my open mouth as I lapped at her.As her orgasm subsided and her breathing returned to normal she gently pushed me back from her until I was perabet güvenilir mi sitting on my haunches and able to look up at her.The shower was running down her front, around her tiny breasts and then down between her legs to run off down her thighs, she opened her eyes and smiled down at me.“Wow, that was the most intense feeling I have ever had. Different from when you were inside me but just WOW all the same. I had no idea that people did that sort of thing.”“That and so much more Stephanie, so much more.”“Lets get out of the shower now and get ready for bed – you are way past your bed time now young lady.” I put on a pretend stern face and wiggled my finger at her. She just slapped me on the shoulder and turned her back on me to wash the last remains of soap off herself.It only took us about 10 minutes or so to dry off and get into a couple of robes, she had to lend me one of her Dad’s as I hadn’t thought to bring one myself. Neither of us put anything on underneath as I don’t think either or us thought it necessary. Tonight was unlikely to be a night where pajamas were necessary.We went through to the living room, both content to just sit and cuddle for a little while as we came down from the high we had shared in the shower.At about 11.00 the phone rang rather to our surprise. I put my finger to my lips to indicate that she should be quiet and then answered the phone.“Hello.”“Hi David, its Joel here, I just wanted to check that everything was alright with you and that you were all OK.” I could hear the noise of dance music and talking in the background and guessed that he had just slipped out of the party to call me.“Sure, its fine here, Stephanie made it to bed pretty much on time but we have had a massive rain storm in the last 40 minutes or so, really very dramatic.” As I was talking to Joel, Stephanie had slipped off the sofa onto her knees in front of me and was parting my dressing gown and was starting to play with my flaccid cock, not that it remained flaccid for long.“Is Stephanie alright? She doesn’t normally like thunderstorms.” Stephanie was definitely alright, I was sure of that because at that moment she was kissing her way up the inside of my right thigh heading rapidly towards my now erect cock.“Oh I think she is fine but I can go check on her if you want me to.” She had now slipped the end of my cock into the warmth of her mouth and was starting to suck the sensitive end where she had peeled my foreskin back exposing the glans. I was struggling to concentrate and could not take much more of this.“Well, I wouldn’t want you to wake her but why don’t I hold here while you take a peek around her bedroom door to make sure she is fine.” I pushed Stephanie back off me and started to stand up.“OK, I’ll leave the phone here and go and have a quick look.” I put the phone down on the little table next to the sofa and turned to Stephanie. I rested my hands on her back so that she could not stand up and then knelt behind her on the floor.Like this her chest was resting on the sofa and I was able to kneel between her legs. I forced her legs apart so that the back access to her pussy opened up to me and took hold of my cock by its base and ran it up the length of her sopping wet pussy. She let out a stifled moan promptly clamping her hand over her mouth to try and disguise the sound.I gave her no respite and pushed myself into her to the hilt in one forceful movement. Feeling the tight warmth of her pussy around my cock again was delightful. I gave her half a dozen deep long strokes, bottoming out in her each time until she was starting to move her hips back into me to meet my thrusts. Then I reached over and to Stephanie’s horror I picked up the phone again.“Hi there.” It was not easy keeping my voice level as I continued with my long and deep fucking of Stephanie “Oh Hi David. Is she OK?”“She tipobet is find but the storm did wake her and then she heard the phone ring so she is wide awake.”“Bless her, poor thing, I hope she is not scared.”“Oh I don’t think she is scared, she seems fine.” As I said this I slammed particularly hard into her forcing a grunt from her, I hoped it wasn’t picked up by the phone.“Perhaps I should speak to her and reassure her.”“Sure, I bet she will appreciate that, I’ll go and bring her to the phone if you like.” Stephanie was wildly shaking her head from side to side to try and discourage me.” But I was ignoring her and continued with my relentless fucking.“Great, I’ll just hold again.” I put the phone down on the table again and was now able to grasp Stephanie by the hips with both hands and go at her with some real passion.I was really fucking her hard now and there were squelching noises coming from her pussy with every thrust. After a minute or so I picked up the phone again.“Here you are, I’ll pass you over to her.” I tapped Stephanie on the shoulder and passed her the phone. She seemed somewhat reluctant to take it – I can’t think why although I hadn’t missed a stroke the whole time.“Hi Daddy.” Her voice sounded forced, as if she was finding speech difficult. I could no longer hear what her father was saying so could only hear half the conversation.“Yup,…. Sure…… mmm.” I continued to plough her pussy and Stephanie was still responding by moving her hips in time to maximize the penetration but her side of the conversation was definitely monosyllabic with no attempt to make proper sentences.“OK Daddy, I love you too; of course I’ll always be your little pumpkin. Kiss Mummy for me.” With this Stephanie held the phone up behind her for me to take and then dropped her forehead to the sofa pressing her mouth into the cushion – I could hear a clear but muffled moan from her, long and needy.“Hello Sir.”“Oh HI David, thanks for that. She sounds pretty tired, can you see that she gets back to bed. If she doesn’t sleep well tonight because of the storm then you have our permission to keep her off school tomorrow, you can call on our behalf, just use your judgment David.”“OK, I will see how she is in the morning, if necessary I will look after her here until you get home.”“OK, We will call at about 7.45. Speak to you then.”“OK bye.” Before I hang the phone up I passed the mouth piece slowly across Stephanie’s bottom so that it passed within an inch of her pussy as my cock continued to thrust in and out of his “little pumpkin” although right now she was more like his little whore – or more to the point, my little whore.Stephanie heard me hang the phone up, lifted her head from the sofa and give the deepest longest moan I had ever heard. She was still forcing her pussy back onto my every thrust and I was pounding her as deeply as I could go. I reached my hands around to the front of her shoulders and lifted her chest off the sofa so that I could fondle both her breasts and play with her erect nipples. I could now feel my orgasm starting to rise again.“I’m going to cum again, I’m going to fill you with my cum.”“Do it, fuck me, God I want you but you are a complete bastard.”With three last long and deep thrusts I started to cum. My last thrust stopping at its fullest depth so that my first spurt of cum was deposited right at her cervix, spasm after spasm I sprayed the inside of her pussy with my cream.This was the last straw for Stephanie and she finally surrendered to her own orgasm collapsing back down onto the sofa and gasping for breath.After a few moments I softened and slipped out of her very wet and used pussy, I rolled sideways and sat on the floor beside Stephanie stroking her hair with one hand as we both came back down to earth.She moved over and curled up in my arms and we both fell to sleep on the floor in front of the sofa. We woke about an hour later and transferred ourselves to her bedroom where we fell deeply asleep in each other’s arms.My last though before surrendering to sleep was that I would have to make sure that my bed looked slept in before her parents came home the next day.

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