RachelI’d fancied my neighbour Rachel for years, but never got any more than a quick hello as we passed. Then i literally bumped into her in a club one night.As i turned to apologise, i realised it was her, and i couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. They weren’t very big, but they were beautiful, her nipples pushing against the tiny top she had on.”Its rude to stare” she said with a smile.”Its rude to point” I replied.She laughed and walked away.A couple of hours later as i was walking home a taxi pulled up in front of me and a girl got out, then rachel stuck her head out of the window and asked me if i wanted a lift home. I got in the back next to her and she asked if i was still staring, and as i’d had a few pints of courage i said yeah, and that i liked what i saw. Next thing she leaned forward so her top fell forward showing me her perfect titties, i was about to say something when the taxi stopped outside canlı bahis her house. We paid and got out, i lived in the street behind her and was about to go home and beat one off thinking about her (not for the first time) when she invited me in to her place. I answered yes immediately and followed her through the door. As i closed it behind me she grabbed my neck & pulled me down to kiss me. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and as the kiss ended she said that she’d wanted to do that for ages. I couldn’t believe it, I’d been too shy to say anything for all this time. We started to kiss again and i put my hands on her waist and pulled her close, she could feel my erection through my trousers and slid her hand down, gripping my cock. I was in ecstacy. I slipped her top off her shoulders exposing her little tits, i bent down and kissed my way over them, her nipples hardening in my mouth. We kissed bahis siteleri and stripped our way into the bedroom, and i bent her over her bed. I lifted her short skirt and started to kiss my way across her ass. I kissed her thighs, getting closer and closer, then pulled her tiny black thong to one side and ran my tongue along her damp pussy lips, she tasted even better than i’d imagined, i parted her lips with my tongue and slid it inside her, i licked and kissed and stroked her wet pussy til she started to moan and push back against me, i ate her as she came and came, her juices all over my face. she collapsed on the bed and i lay next to her kissing her neck, she kissed me back, then gripped my cock again. She undid my belt and trousers and pulled down my shorts, my cock was rock solid. All she said was “Yummy” then took me in her mouth. The sight of her on her knees sucking me was one i’d dreamed of, güvenilir bahis and it was all i could do to stop myself cumming there and then.She stood up and took off her skirt and thong as i stripped off too, then she pushed me back onto the bed. She sat astride me and slowly lowered her hot wet pussy down onto my big hard cock. She looked amazing riding me, her small tits bouncing as she fucked me, biting her lip as she ground her cunt down onto me. She then rubbed her clit as she fucked me, and i felt her pussy tighten round my cock. I knew i wasn’t going to last much longer so got her on all fours on the bed and fed my cock into her from behind. I gripped her hips and fucked her hard, she was moaning and whimpering as my big hard cock pounded her, then she shouted “I want your cum inside me now!” I thought my head was gonna pop with the intensity of my orgasm, i came deep inside her as she’d demanded, then she took my cock in her mouth again and cleaned our juices off of it.I woke in the morning to another blow job, and we spent the rest of the weekend fucking all over her house.What do you think?Wanna hear more?Jimmymac6900

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