Rainy Day Ch. 02

Alexis Monroe

Justin scooped her up and carried her forward. Centered in the sunken space was a large glass coffee table and he laid her out on the clear surface. She gasped, her eyes opening as her bare skin touched the cold glass, but he stroked a hand down her body and she quieted, laying back, her eyes on him. Justin knelt, sliding his hands over her thighs as he aligned her the way he wanted, her legs hanging off the edge on either side of his body. “I also made myself some promises, if I ever had you in this situation,” he murmured, lowering his head and licking her belly. He felt the muscles quiver and smiled.

“Oh really?” she asked, her voice sleepy.

“And, while I never envisioned performing while the whole city watched,” he murmured, waving a hand towards the windows, “A promise is a promise…” Justin bent his head and kissed low on her belly, his hands sliding up the inside of her thighs and parting her legs wider. She glistened under the pale light from outside, her flesh swollen and pink. He draped her legs over his shoulders, tilting her hips, exposing her opening which oozed white cum. The site made his cock swell and he groaned.

“I’ve never had a bare pussy before,” he whispered, sliding the tip of his tongue along her swollen folds. He tasted sweetness and salt, smelled musk. He slid his hands under her bare ass and used his thumbs to part her folds, exposing her wet slit, her hard clit, her dripping hole. He tilted her hips a little and exposed her tight little asshole. Little bits of things he’d seen online came back – he’d been turned off initially, but now everything seemed so erotic. Maybe because it was so taboo.

“I never had anyone touch my ass before,” he growled, shifting a thumb to rub her asshole. He remembered how the tip of her finger had been the trigger for his orgasm. It had been so shocking and yet so hot. “I’ve never touched any else’s either.” He bent his head and licked from the tip of her slit, down to her asshole, and back up. “I think I might play with yours…”

“With your fingers,” she murmured, and he raised his head to look at her, “or your cock?” The question rocked him, but his cock responded by swelling even more.

“You like that.” It wasn’t a question. It was a revelation. She was his sexual revelation.

“It’s so tight, a man’s cock is so big,” she shuddered, “There’s pain and pleasure and…” She shuddered a second time and he smelled her musk. It aroused her to even think about it. He knew he would do it. Then she murmured the words that nearly made him cum where he knelt. “It’s even more incredible with two men.”

“Two men…” He’d never imagined. His groin ached, burned, as pictures filled his head.

“Or three,” she whispered, sitting up. She slid a hand in his hair, tilting his face to look at her. “Four hands, six hands, escort ankara stroking your body,” she murmured, “A cock in every hole. Thrusting. Squirting.” She saw the hunger in his face and hid her smile. He was hers. She pushed his head down. “Taste me, baby…feast on me…”

Justin spread her legs and dove in, thrusting his tongue into her pussy and suckling, tasting himself inside her. She moaned and squirmed on the table, clutching the edge of the glass with one hand, his hair with the other. He tilted her legs and she fell back against the glass with a gasp, clutching at the edge as he closed his mouth over her opening and began to suck hard and fast. Her hips bucked as she writhed, gasping and moaning. He pulled back a moment, giving her an intimate kiss, and then began to suck her clit, teasing her with his tongue and teeth. She jerked and cried out and he shifted his hand to rub his thumb over her hole. His fingers paired automatically and he thrust them into her, driving them in to the last knuckle, hammering her with them. He’d never been so primal, so rough, and he savored her eager response.

“Yes, Justin, yes,” she cried, rocking her hips against his thrusting fingers. He was panting, on edge himself, as she clutched the edges of the table and thrust against him. Yanking his fingers from her pussy, he drove them one her ass in one bold move. She cried out, her back arching and he covered her pussy again with his mouth. Finger-fucking her ass, he sucked once, twice…She let go with a broken scream and her juices flooded his mouth.

Justin ripped his mouth away, his hands grabbing her hips as he plunged his throbbing dick into her quivering hole. He felt her juices squirt as he drove as deep as he could. She cried out as he pushed up to his feet, her ankles hooked at his shoulders, her hips bent back, pussy tipped up and open. He pounded his cock into her, drilling down with brutal force, her breathless cries fueling his animal lust. He came in seconds, tilting his head to watch thick white cum squirt from her hole as he ejaculated with each thrust. Lust pumping in his veins, he tipped her hips more and withdrew his dripping cock from her pussy. He used one hand to guide, finding her tight ass and fitting his head against her.

His eyes met hers, seeing the pleasure, the pain, the excitement in her dark depths. “Do it,” she breathed. He gave her a primal grin. “Fuck my ass, Justin,” she whispered, “drive your hot dick in my tight hole…” He leaned into it, his weight pressing his head, stretching her ass. “Bury that fat cock in my ass,” she dared. Just at that moment, something gave and his cock surged in. He saw her eyes roll as her head tilted back and he pumped, working his cock in to the hilt. She bit back a scream as he reamed her ass, his cock stretching her to her etlik evi olan escortlar limits.

“Damn…damn,” he groaned, her hot flesh wrapped so tightly around his dick that his eyes crossed. It was incredible. He drew back and thrust deep again, driving another cry from her. Even her cries made him shudder with pleasure as he worked his dick in and out of her ass, grunting with the effort to stuff his thickness into her small passage. They lasted mere minutes, just a few thrusts before she cried out, her pussy gushing, and he pulled back to spray cum over her like a fire hose. He went to his knees, then onto his back, and she sprawled across the glass as they lay spent and limp.

Eventually, Justin sat up, surveying the scene. White speckled the glass and Melanie’s skin. His seed. Spilled everywhere. He felt his face heat. The sexual flush had faded and she was all peaches and cream again. His dick stirred amazingly as he thought about what they had done. He’d never had sex like this before. This was even beyond his wildest hormone-driven teenage dreams. He glanced at the windows overlooking the city. Had someone in another building looked in at the right angle…

Melanie sat up slowly, stretching muscles. She shook her head at her sticky thighs, then looked at Justin. Uh oh, remorse. She bit the inside of her lip to stop the smile. She’d figured him for an egghead. She could tell by the way he’d looked at her, the shy way they had met time and again, that he was Mr. Straight and Narrow. That’s why she and Lance had hatched this plan. Melanie was going to seduce Justin, driving him into a sexual frenzy, and then lure him into a threesome for their video business. First timers always produced the best sales. Video-wise, it was a little too bad that he’d gone for her ass this time, but, she shivered with pleasure, she wasn’t complaining. First time as the other man would be enough. Time for some more loving, she thought.

“I don’t know about you, but I could use a shower,” she murmured, sliding off the table and kneeling beside him. She ran a hand up Justin’s spine, then down and squeezed his ass. He looked at her, his eyes a little dark with desire, but also reflecting confusion and regret.


“No promises.” she murmured, leaning in to nibble his collarbones, “With a view like this, you must have an incredible shower…” She slid a hand down his chest, aiming for his cock. He didn’t protest as she wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft, just turned his head and she kissed him.

He gave as good as he got, leaning towards her as she drew back. He felt like a horny teenager, but couldn’t complain. Wherever the stamina was coming from, he relished it. Melanie was a dream lover and he wanted more.

“Shower, Justin,” she murmured, demetevler genç escortlar getting up, taking his hand. He got up and led her down the hall to the bedroom. It was dark, the curtains still closed, but she sensed a big bed, heavy blankets and sensual sheets. Later, she told herself. In the bathroom, he did have an incredible shower – a two person glass enclosed space with a rain showerhead. Justin set the water and stepped in, turning to take Melanie in his arms as she followed. They kissed, rubbing bodies, as the warm water drenched them.

“You are so incredible,” he murmured, stroking her backside. He reached over and grabbed the liquid soap, pouring some into his hand and then stroking her skin. She laughed, nuzzling his throat, his chest as he washed her. The water sluiced away the suds as she dropped to her knees. Justin caught her hands. “Not…”

“Just to excite,” she murmured, pulling her hands free, cupping his balls with one while the other circled his shaft. He watched with half-lidded, dangerous eyes, as she stroked and licked his long shaft, teasing his head, but not sliding him into her mouth. She tilted his cock up to his belly and lowered her head to suck his balls, making him groan, pressing her thumb low on his penis to keep him in control. Then she drew back, leaving him rigid, jutting stiffly out from his groin, almost purple with arousal.

Melanie got to her feet, giving Justin a wicked grin and turning to kneel on the tiled bench. She spread her legs as he stepped up behind her, running his hands over her ass. He bent to nuzzle the back of her neck. “I can’t believe how much I want you,” he murmured, his hand sliding between her legs, stroking her slick flesh. She was hot, moist, but not wet from the shower, her flesh plump under his fingers.

“You can have me,” she murmured, arching her back, giving him more access to her throat, “As much of me as you want. As you can take…” He licked and nibbled as his fingers rubbed her clit, teasing her hips into rocking, then pulling away. She gave a breathless moan and he pressed his fingers up into her pussy, twisting them inside her, rubbing. A shudder went through her and he groaned. In an instant, his fingers were gone, replaced by his hard, fat head. She moaned, arching again, as he cupped her breasts and penetrated. His thick dick slid deep inside her, throbbing inside her, filling her.

She pressed her hands to the fogged glass of the shower as he rocked against her, his long rigid shaft sliding up and down her passage. His fingers pinched and tugged her nipples as he licked her neck and nibbled her earlobes. Shudders wracked her as he fucked her easily, whispering how good she felt, how much he enjoyed her body, how hot, slick, perfect…She came suddenly, crying his name and jerking against him. Justin thrust deep and held himself inside her as she shuddered and writhed around him, then he let go and his release filled her with heat. Shivering, quivering, Melanie knew she was in trouble as he emptied his cock into her. She was enjoying this way too much. Lance was waiting…

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