Random guy at the bar pt.2

Random guy at the bar pt.2So out the front door walks Ray. He didn’t look very happy. I asked him “what’s wrong?”. He goes on to tell me that his BF didn’t have a place for him to sleep that night. I was rather taken back by this. I mean come on, if you’re going to bring someone(especially a gay guy) to a little town you had best have some place to sleep. I offered up my couch to Ray for the evening. I did feel bad for him. Brought to a place that he had never been before and his BF just left him hanging at this bar. So we sat there talking and smoking for a while. Finally we made out way to my apartment.We were just chillin havin another drink. By this time I was feeling pretty good and he looked even better. I could see the outline of his 9 inch cock thru those skin tight jeans he had on. Ray looks over at me and called me out…. Ya I got busted checking out his package! So the confession came out that I’m bi and hell ya I thought he was sexy! I also let him know how much I’d really love to get him naked, and do all sort of things to him! But I’m not a homewrecker and wasn’t trying to do anything because I personally know his BF. As the conversation went on we were still drinking. I got up to go get another illegal bahis siteleri beer and a smoke. As I walked past the couch Ray was stretched out on he stood up and pulled me close to lay on me one of the most passionate kisses that has ever graced my lips. I was already half hard from just looking at him! That kiss was an instant full on hard on! As we stood there making out I reached down and grabbed me a handful of that beautiful man meat, it was freakin huge!!!! He pushed me into the bedroom and I damn sure wasn’t arguing with it! I pulled his shirt off to reveal a smooth chest and soft skin. As I was fumbling with Ray’s belt, he pulled my shirt off and started to kiss my neck and ears. By the time I peeled those skin tight jeans off I was almost drooling! Dropping to my knees I pushed him down onto the bed and got that huge cock out of his tight boxers. I was amazing! I could hardly get my mouth around the damn thing! I sucked, licked, kissed and slobbered up and down all 9 inches of that beautiful throbbing cock! Going down a little further I made sure both of those walnut size nuts got their share of lovin too! While I was sucking him off he had reached around and was fingering his man youwin giriş pussy! I pulled off his cock made my way down to replace his finger with my tongue to make sure he was good and lube up for my 6 inches of hard cock! After a good long while eating and sucking that tasty boi pussy he started moaning…fuck me….fuck me…fuck me. I had Ray laid down on his back while the rimming and sucking was going on. So I pulled his legs up and pressed the head of my cock against his tight pucker and slowly began to inch my way inside him. OMG he was sooooo fucking tight. I was working my way in and just as slowly inching my way out. I was enjoying this hottie for all he was worth! Out of nowhere without so much as a word or even half an inch of me coming out of his hot tight hole, I was on my back and getting rode like a bull at the rodeo! I’ve been with a few people, some of the best sex i’ve ever had was balls deep with a woman riding me. This smooth, sleek, beautiful twink has all them bitches beat! he rode me for all he was worth. He fucked like an earthquake! I was going to cum… and he knew it. IDK if it was the look on my face or the swelling in my nuts, but he knew I was bout to cum. canlı bahis He slowed down just enough to hold back. As he slid himself off my cock he said…” I want to cum first!” Sure no problem with me. Still on my back I got as much of that monster in my mouth as I could and showed him every trick I know to milk that cock… and he let me have it! I gulped down every last drop of that sweet seed. Just as the last drip came out if the tip of his dick, he reached back, pulled the condom off me, and said ” now it’s my turn for some cum and I want you to breed me big boy!” I was hesitant at first cuz I play safe! Before I could even really object that smoking hot twink had stuck himself with my cock and went back to the grinding and twisting he had been doing earlier. Oh his ass was so amazing! So freaking tight and he knew how to work those muscles! That boy was milking my cock with his boi pussy and damn he was good at it! I was still right on the brink after everything else that had just transpired. Within a few minutes I was ready to blow my own load and he made sure that every single drop in me was deposited into him that night. He kept right on riding me till he came again! I was still half hard with my cum starting to leak out of him and he blew another load all over my belly! That night was some of the hottest sex I’ve EVER had and I still beat off to it on a regular. I’ve not seen Ray since that night. I’d sure like to have round 2 with my random guy from that bar!

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