Real CME


Real CMEKen bore down on the pedal of the metallic peanut butter brown 2015 Lincoln navigator. In the passenger seat sat his wife of 26 years, Donna. Their youngest son, Austin, a senior accounting major at Paine College had in his earbuds and was deaf to the world bopping his water head. The broad-shouldered driver shifted in his seat and tugged at his seatbelt. Ken had a deep brown complexion and a cool, magenta undertone. Coming in at five-feet-eleven-inches tall and two hundred fifty-five pounds, he had a robust girth. He got comfortable and set the cruise control at 76 miles per hour. Ken was on his way from his home in suburban Atlanta to the small north Florida town where he was raised. His mother’s church was honoring her with a lifetime achievement service. Sis. Fannie Jean Donaldson had been a dutiful member of the congregation for ages. Fannie had been on the usher board for as long as anyone could remember. She was not comfortable with compliments so Ken made it a point to get back to embarrass his mama.Kenneth Arthur Donaldson had grown up in the church. His father, now deceased, was an itinerant minister in the Methodist tradition. His family had not been rich, but made ends meet through his father’s small farming operation and part-time handyman work. His mother toiled as a maid and eventually took a job at the local hospital as a nurse assistant. He was the third of five c***dren – the only son. But he was not a churchgoing brother to be honest. He was what many of the ministers the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church called “true C.M.E.s”. They only came to church on Christmas, Mother’s Day, & Easter.Guilty as charged.Ken, Donna, & Austin made it to the church. Fannie was already seated inside at the front pew. The service was just getting started. Ken’s massive size always drew the attention of others. Today was no different. He had on a navy Perry Ellis three-piece suit and a light-blue bowtie. His salt-and-pepper boxed goatee was neatly manicured. On his left hand, he wore a thick wedding band and a rectangular ring with a sole diamond in the middle on his bird finger. On the other, he had a square gold-plated pinky ring with the ‘Square and Compasses’ emblem in the middle encircled with cubic zirconias. He gave a sly wave to a few of the people.His oldest sister, Sandra, made a big fuss about making room for them. Ken rolled his eyes as he took his seat.The service was lovely. There was even a young man, well younger than Ken anyway, that had written a special song in honor of Sis. Fannie Jean. The clearly effeminate man played the piano and sang. It brought tears to the eyes of many. Ken just licked his lips watching the clearly effeminate dude with texturized hair and 24-carat ass sway as he tickled the ivories. Yeah, he had watched the reddish-brown guy sashay across the sanctuary.Ken had always been attracted to women and feminity so it was nothing when he was stationed all those years ago in the Philippines when the girl turned out to be a guy. He still fucked the short, slim ladyboy with itty bitty titties. She wailed and whined that his 8¾-inch-by-6-inch baseball bat was too big. He stretched her booty hole anyway as her infantile clitty stayed little, soft, and leaked.From then on, he was hooked. He’d joined the Marines right after graduating high school in 1983. His parents had to sign a waiver since he was only 17. He’d spent his time in logistics eventually coming out after twenty years and reaching the rank of gunnery sergeant. Now, he worked as an operations manager for a nationwide moving company,.After service, there was a reception. Ken socialized with everyone as was expected. Donna worked the crowd independent of her husband. The voluptuous, petite bronze-skinned fourth grade teacher once told Ken that she believed a man would be a man and he should just not embarrass her. Thus far, he’d held true to that and she never spent any time following up on his tracks. So, she didn’t really spy Ken chatting with the soloist from earlier.“Hi, I’m Ken. Mrs. Fannie Jean’s my momma,” he stuck out his massive hand. “Nice to meet niğde escort bayan you! I’m Bennie,” the guy wearing green contacts replied warmly. “Your mom’s a gem!”“Yeah! She sure is something. Thanks a lot for writing that song. You live here?”“Actually, no! I live in Macon.”“I’m in A-T-L.”“Great!”“Yeah! I play the guitar a little bit,” his mind went into overdrive. “You ever collaborate. I wanted to write my wife a song for our anniversary,” he smiled.“That’s very kind. Here’s my card. Let me know if I can help.” The musician walked away.Ken studied Bennie’s round butt cheeks wrestle with one another underneath the iridescent slim-fit slack. He was dressed so gay.“Hey, pops,” Austin walked up and slapped a hand on Ken’s should. “Everybody’s ready to go to Granny’s house.”“Yeah, man,” the large fellow said.——Ken, Donna, and Austin hit the road after an hour at Fannie Jean’s. Ken had not taken off the next day off and the plan was for Austin to get up early to drive back to campus.That night, Ken showered after Donna. He put on a pair of black, gray, & white plaid flannel pajama pants. His hefty torso was bare. His oversized fleshy pectorals were on full display. He slid underneath covers and told his wife goodnight. He closed his eyes and thought about Bennie.In actuality, Bennie reminded Ken of Dell. Ken and Dell’s mom, Celia, were dating. Ken was strutting like a big dog because he was 26 and she was 35. And, Celia was a beautiful single mom to the 16 year-old effeminate Dell. Ken was beating up the nurse’s pussy constantly. And every chance her son got to flirt he did. Ken would say he was going to run to the store and Dell would make up an excuse to spend time with Ken.Dell begged his mom for a Super Nintendo. Celia capitulated. This was solely to spend hours playing games he hated with Ken. Dell would say things like, “I saw you get out of the shower.” or “You’re a whole bunch of a man!” or “My mom is so lucky to have a boyfriend like you!”Ken would just play it off by saying nothing.Dell would make it a point to brush against Ken’s firm body whenever possible. He would “have to” scoot in front of Ken to get by him in the kitchen. He would “accidentally” almost sit on Ken’s lap instead of taking his own seat on the couch. Dell would even touch the man’s shoulders and chest gently.Never when Celia was looking.And the teen had even taken to showing off the color of his thongs. He would pull the string up for Ken to see and then wink at him.Ken would lower his gaze and frown. Often cursing under his breath.But…It got into his head.It was day in and day out.One night, he was giving Celia the business. She was begging for him to fuck her big brown ass. He was doing it hard too.All of a sudden Dell busts through the door. “Oh my god,” he wailed. “I’m so sorry, y’all,” he made a big show out of it and walked out of the room.The next day, he said, “I saw you fucking my mom! You looked hot giving her that dick!”“You’re too much, Dell,” the jarhead scowled. “You better watch out before Jeff gets you with that hurricane kick, dude,” Dell hissed as they played Super Double Dragon in two-player mode on the game system.“I’m gonna get his ass,” Ken narrowed his eyes.“Mine too,” giggled Dell.They often played the sidescrolling martial arts beat-’em-up game together. It was Dell’s favorite because they were on the same team and not competing as when they played ‘Nolan Ryan’s Baseball’ or “John Madden Football”.That night, Ken locked Celia’s bedroom door. As he banged her back out, he started to imagine it was Dell’s round, plump rear end he was fucking. He couldn’t shake the thought. Nor, was he trying. He kept pounding the woman, but in his mind was her adorable son’s rotund derriere and pouty heart-shaped mouth. Right then, his dick was bigger than it had ever been. He shot a huge load all over her ample tits.“Damn, nigga! You fucked me like a b**st tonight,” she laughed. “I’m not sure I can walk after that.”Ken wiped the sweat from his brow and went to sleep.The next day was Saturday and Celia had a hair appointment. She was out of the house by 9:00 escort niğde a.m. Ken got up to take a piss. The apartment only had one bathroom. Dell heard the man peeing and was waiting outside the door in just a pair of purple lace boyshorts covering his sepia-toned cherry-shaped tushie. His chest had puffy nipples and was smooth like the rest of his body.Ken stopped in his tracks. He took a step back.“You don’t like it,” Dell batted his dense eyelashes. His cat-like light-brown eyes intently stared at the somewhat taller man.“I…uh…I didn’t say that,” stammered Ken.“Well, let me have some. She’s gone! I’m not gonna tell.”“Fuck,” he huffed and grabbed the tart by the waist. He knew the age of consent in this state was 16 so he wasn’t worried about that. The moment had commenced.He fucked Dell all over the apartment that morning.Dell rode him on the couch.He pounded Dell doggystyle on his bed.They fucked against the wall.They went missionary on a blanket on the floor.“You like this dick, baby boi,” checked Ken.“Yes, sir,” whined the bottom. “Do you?”“Hell yeah!”They straightened up before Celia got back home. Aerosolized the whole place.They fucked frequently even after Ken broke it off with Celia. To his knowledge the chick never found out. Dell had confided in him that he was the only one that cared how it felt to him. The sissy was mainly getting fucked by high school classmates. Ken was his first older man.Ken woke back up in the present with stiff morning wood. He went to rub one out in the half bath. Then, he got ready for work. Midway through the day, he messaged Bennie. The pianist called a few minutes later.“Hello,” Ken boomed.“Fancy hearing from you,” Bennie cooed into the phone.“I was wondering about linking up for that…uh…”“That song, right?”“Yeah!”“Is that the whole truth and nothing but the truth, mister?”“Uhhhh,” chuckled Ken.“I’m 36 years old. We’re both grown.”“Then you know what time it is.”“I guess I do.”“I never asked how you knew my mom,” Ken said.“And I’m sure you didn’t ask her either,” giggled Bennie.“Nope.”“Well,” began the free spirit. “I was working for one of those inventory companies. I was a supervisor and we down in the area. I got sick and had to go to the emergency room. Turns out I had appendicitis. They admitted me and operated immediately. When I was recovering some of the staff were ignoring me or treating me with contempt. I overheard Mrs. Fannie chastise a couple of young girls. She told ‘em they needed to respect me because I was a human being and I had never done them any harm. Plus, she said I was a gentle angel.”“That sounds like, momma,” Ken breathed deeply. “She’s a good woman.”“Yes, she is. So when is her son gonna fuck my boipussy?”“You tell me! I’m ready right now.”“You’re not working today?”“I am, but I can take off tomorrow. What about you?”“Tomorrow is Tuesday. My day is flexible. I have some online classes to take, but I’m free until around five o’clock.”“What do you do?”“I’ll give you one guess.”“Minister of music.”“Ding, ding, ding,” sang out Bennie. Ken roared with laughter. “Text me an address. I can be there by ten or ten thirty.”“Okay I will. You’re a whole lotta man,” the musician admitted.“I’ll be gentle.”“I didn’t ask you to.”“So what kinda classes are you taking?”“I’m studying for my doctorate in sacred music.”“Damn,” coughed Ken. “From where?”“Louisiana Bible Institute and Seminary.”“Impressive,” Ken went slack jawed from amazement.“Don’t be. I’m doing it to make people feel better about having a flaming faggot in the church,” explained Bennie. “I’ve got a Bachelor of Music in piano from Central State and a Master of Music in collaborative piano from Valdosta State. Those are real schools. This place is like a diploma mill. I’m taking like four classes and paying four grand and they’re giving me a degree because of my ‘life experience’.” “That’s how you ended up being around north Florida,” Ken surmised. “You were in Valdosta!”“Yes!”“You are one smart cookie. You did play very well and sang great too.”“Thanks!”“Well, I better work double time today so I can be free tomorrow, sexy!”“Sounds niğde escort good!”“Before I go you remind me of someone I knew years ago.”“Who?”“His name was…Well…It’s two people. One name Dell. The other was named Mars. It was a nickname. Mars was a minister of music too. Very sharp. Not quite as sharp as you I don’t think.”“Not many are,” Bennie smiled.“Alright! I gotta go. Talk to you later.”Ken went back to work. He made haste getting more done in four hours than he would normally do in three entire days. As he thought about meeting the intelligent, worldly, well-educated Bennie, he drifted off to Mars.Mars Burch was someone Ken had known early on in his marriage. Mars was someone Ken might have married had things been like they are now back then. It was just bad timing. It was the phrase “master of music” that triggered his memory.Donna was pregnant with their second son, Cameron, then. 1996. Ken was stationed at Quantico. Mars was working at a large African-American church in Manassas, Virginia as the music minister. The young couple had attended and Ken spotted the deep lustrous golden sissy playing the organ and approached after worship service ended. Donna had rushed to the restroom. Ken had their oldest boy in tow. “Great playing,” he remarked.“Thank you! What a cute little boy,” beamed the organist. “What is his name?”“Jordan.”“Hi, Jordan! How are you,” cooed the clearly effeminate man.“He’s good,” Ken stated. “I like music. I’m learning the guitar. I find that church musicians can usually help me get better at what I do. They tend to like working me a lot,” he intimated.“Is that so? Mister???”“Ken. Ken Donaldson.”“Well, I’m Mars Burch. Take my number.”“I don’t have a pen.”“Well, I happen to have a card,” the slightly older performance artist declared.Mars slid it seductively into Ken’s dress shirt pocket. “Call me now, Mr. Donaldson!”“Uhhh. I will!”It turned out that Mars was also very well trained. Howard for undergrad and then Boston College for his Master of Music.Yeah. Ken and that slender flamboyant bitch fucked once a week until Ken got order down to Albany, Georgia. It was fun while it lasted. He learned so much about Black history while being with Mars. The dude came from a family that had of course been enslaved, but never felt the additional bondages of sharecropping. Somehow they had been exempt from that dark piece of time, but Mars was quick to remind that it didn’t mean his ancestors had not faced discrimination.Mars was a great cocksucker and rode dick even better. He would let Ken fuck him till he nutted and then use the cum to jack his own thin, long cock to completion.Ken damn near orgasmed in his office thinking about Mars bouncing up and down on his substantial manhood.“Ride it, Mars,” he remembered coaxing the fag.“Oh shit, Ken! Fuck me with that big dick!”“Yeah! Get it, bitch!”“Cum on my my pussy stick,” begged the D.C. native.From there, Mars had jacked himself off.Ken snapped himself back to reality.That evening at home, he went through the motions. Donna was slightly more talkative. He just mixed in a few more sayings like, “Really?”; “She’s crazy.”; & “No way?” That seemed to pacify here.The next morning he called Bennie to let him know he was coming. Bennie said it was a go.Ken hit the road.He arrived a cool ninety-two minutes later.Bennie buzzed him in.Ken knocked. Bennie answered wearing nothing at all.“Damn,” Ken’s eyes bugged.“This okay,” asked the host.“Hell yeah,” the larger fellow scooped up the pianist. “Where are we going?”“Straight to the back!”Ken rushed down the hall and tossed Bennie on the bed. Bennie rolled over as soon as hit the mattress of the queen-sized bed. Ken dove down and began munching on the booty crack as he pushed the cheeks apart.“Mmmm,” whined Bennie.Ken continued eating the ass. Sticking his tongue in and out.Bennie writhed with pleasure. He begged for Ken to fuck him.Ken jerked him around to suck his big manly dick.Then, it was time for brass tacks.Ken pulled Bennie onto all fours and got behind him. He entered with slow care to start.“Oh my god,” wailed Bennie.“Yeah, baby,” Ken exhaled. “Take it!”“Oh shit!”“Come on, baby!”“It’s yours, daddy!”Bennie started throwing it back.Ken put him in missionary and plowed him for a long time thanks to the Viagra he’d taken earlier.The lovemaking was epic,There would be more…

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