Rear Windows


Rear Windows

“Where are you going?” I asked.

She was dressed up in a blue dress and strappy wedges, looking like she was someone’s blue belle.

“I’m going to meet Meri.”

“Where this time?”

“Oh, her house,” she let fall from her lips as if that were no big deal.

“Her house?!” I asked, concerned. “In COVID Times?”

“Don’t worry, silly. We’ll be at a safe social distance from one another.”

“How’s that?”

“I’ll tell you when you’re older.”

“When I’m older you’ll have to tell it to the funeral director.”

“Love you!” she said as she blew me a kiss and walked on out the door, hopped in her car and drove away with a little beep-beep.

I hadn’t expected to spend that Sunday alone. It was beautiful out. The sky was as blue as Lo’s dress and the sun as bright as her disposition. The air was warm, but not oppressive, as it had been most of July.

Without plans or partner, I ventured to the local park with my folding chair, thermos full of G&T and ice, and the novel I had been reading, My Mother by George Bataille.

Simultaneously, as I was sitting in the park, reading, watching the youthful frolics of the people around me, reminiscing of my Lola in the park with Meri a couple of weeks prior, and comparing the scantily clad flirts around me with my slut, Lola (there is no comparison, really), Lo was off in the burbs engaged in the following activities.

She arrived at Meri’s picture perfect suburban home around eleven. It was in one of the wealthy bedroom communities around our city, about a half-hour away from us. She pulled up along the curb in the cul-de-sac and texted Meri, “I’m here.”

From the car, she observed the blue hydrangeas, the yellow black-eyed Susans, and the rose bushes. She wondered, Did Meri tend those? Hired help, probably.

Due to COVID, there was no going in the house, except for use of the bathroom. Lo put on her mask when she saw Meri come outside. Lo got out of the car and had that awkward moment when, during normal times, there would have been a hug and maybe a little kiss hello, but not now. Not during COVID. They just smiled, delighted to see each other.

Meri said, “I love your dress. And those shoes!”

“Aw, shucks,” said Lo with faux modesty.

“And what do you have on under that dress?” asked an eager Meri.

“We’re tanning in your backyard, right?”


“I’ve got on a bikini.”

“Perfect,” said Meri, smiling a devilish grin that looked even more authentic given her red hair. “I’d give you a tour of the house, but. . .” She didn’t have to say anymore.

She led Lo around the side of the house, through a little gate, to the backyard.

“Is anyone home?” asked Lo.



“Yep. Scott and all three boys.”

“Oh,” said Lo, “I thought it was going to be just us.”

Meri didn’t answer. She simply extended her hand to the lounge chairs in the backyard, separated by many feet from each other, and behind them, the blue inground pool. “How’s this?” she asked.

“It’s lovely!”

“Come on in and get comfortable. Can I make you a drink?”

“What do you have?”

“Anything you want.”

Lo looked at Meri and said, “Something wet that will make my head spin.”

“Coming up!”

Lo removed her shoes and walked around barefoot in the backyard. She looked at all the flowers in bloom, the lush green grass, the tall trees in the distance, and then back at the house. Soon she saw Meri emerge from the sliding doors in the center of the house that led into the kitchen. She was carrying two tall drinks. When she had gone in the house, Meri was wearing jeans and a blouse. But now she was wearing only a tiny thong bikini bottom and a just as skimpy, matching solid yellow bikini top.

“Here you go, Lo,” she said, passing her a glass filled with pink bubbly liquid and a red striped straw in it.

“Thanks,” said Lo, sipping and staring at Meri.

“Don’t you want to change?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Lo pulled her dress up over her head, revealing a more modest bikini than Meri was wearing and than Lo had worn the previous time they met in the park.

“If you feel like going for a swim, help yourself. You can even skinny dip if you want. None of the neighbors can see. Not that that matters to you,” she added, referring to Lo’s exhibitionism in the public park.

“What about. . .?” Lo nodded in the direction of the house, indicating Meri’s family.

“Oh, them?” She shrugged her shoulders. “They’ve seen you naked already.”


“I told you. Remember?”

“You said that you found me through your husband looking at the blog and that your son also discovered it, but you didn’t say everyone had.”

“Well, I don’t know that for sure,” said Meri, “but it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s a house full of testosterone. It is unbearable for me sometimes. It’s nice to have another woman here for once. You’re my first guest since COVID.”

They were lying down now and Lo couldn’t help suspecting that she was being watched pendik escort by four pairs of eyes in the house.

“Is your husband going to come out and say hello?”

“Probably not,” said Meri. “He’s shy. He knows that you know and he’s embarrassed.”

“Do you think he’s watching?”

“I hope so.”


“Oh yeah. He’s been doting on me ever since he found out that I’ve been corresponding with you. It makes him so horny. Sometimes we put your photos on the computer so we can both see it and he goes at me from behind. I’ve told him about how I’d love to have a strap-on to fuck you the way he fucks me. That makes him give it to me even harder. We’ve also been listening to your audiobooks. Sometimes we pick a destination an hour or so away, just to get in the car and listen. Then we pull over in the woods somewhere and I give him a blowjob while he listens to Jupiter Grant narrating those sexy stories about you. Maybe one day she’ll be narrating about me!”

Lo was blushing. She was not used to her life on the down low being out in the open, commented on, and even being pandered to in order to make it into the narrative.

Their lounge chairs were facing the pool, that is, away from the house, but, as they continued to talk, swapping stories and fantasies, the sun had repositioned almost behind them. Lo stood up and said she was hot. She was going to take a dip, if that was ok.

“Sure, it’s fine. I’ll refresh the glasses,” said Meri, walking in the house. Lo watched her strut inside and she liked looking at Meri’s sweet ass move in that thong. She thought about how Meri was almost twice her age, had three sons, and still had an incredibly seductive saunter. MILF Meri, she thought.

The thought of the three sons was gnawing at her conscience, however. The oldest had to be almost Lo’s age. The youngest. . . how old was he? He must be at least eighteen, right? I mean, Meri didn’t seem to have a problem with his reading the blog.

Lo walked out onto the diving board and dove into the pool. The chilly water was refreshing and helped her clear her mind of all the dirty thoughts that were swirling in it.

When Lo saw Meri returning with the drinks, she got out of the pool and the two of them turned their chairs to be facing the sun. Facing the house as well.

“I think I’ll take a dip too,” said Meri.

Lo was sorry that her chair was now facing the opposite direction from the pool because she couldn’t watch Meri without being obvious about it. She didn’t want to gawk.

She sat and sipped her drink and looked at the vacant windows of the house in front of her, wondering behind which of them were her secret admirers.

When Meri returned to the chair, Lo was taken aback because, when Lo wasn’t looking, Meri had stripped out of the little that she was wearing.

Meri picked up a towel to dry off and then put it down on the chair under her and laid down on top of it, naked. Lo liked what she saw. It was clear that Meri usually tans nude.

Lo was about to say something when, from within the house bellowed a loud “Maaaahhh!”

Meri looked at the house. Again, louder, “MAAAAAHHH!”

“Hang on a sec,” said Meri, walking quickly into the house. Lo watched keenly as Meri’s naked ass jiggled in front of her.

Soon Meri came outside again, still naked, her large and slightly sagging breasts flopping without any constraints on them as she walked.

“Everything ok?” asked Lo.

“Yeah,” said Meri. “It was just my son.”

“What did he want?”

“To be a pain in the ass.”


“He craves attention. He was upset because I had put a parental control on the computer and on his phone. He demanded that I unlock it.”

“Did you?”


She was about to add something else when again was heard, “MAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” even louder than before. The sound, which reminded Lo of a foghorn, bellowed from inside the house.

Meri raised her index finger to say just a minute as she danced her way inside again.

This time she took a while. Lo was left wondering at her absence.

When Meri finally returned, she didn’t look happy.

“What’s up?”

“He’s so spoiled. It’s my fault. I spoiled him.”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“Never mind,” said Meri, taking a long sip of her drink. “You don’t have kids, do you?”

Lo laughed, “No. I don’t plan on it.”

“Grrrrr,” grumbled Meri, “I’m sorry. They treat me like a house servant here. It’s always, ‘Mom do this. Mom, I need that. Mom, take me here. Mom, I want. . .’ Since COVID, it’s been even worse. All three boys here twenty-four/seven. Absolutely no privacy. Scott works from home. The kids are always home. I’m used to everyone being out of the house for at least eight hours a day. It’s bad enough that I’ve lost that me-time, but they are up to all hours at night. I have to do something to take my mind off this. Will you help me out?”

“Sure. What can I do?”

“Will you turn towards me?”

“OK,” said Lo as she turned her chair toward Meri.

“Will you maltepe escort show me your pussy like you did in the park?”

“Ummm,” Lo was feeling uncertain. “Where are your sons and your husband?”

“There, there, there, and there,” said Meri, pointing at the three bedroom windows on the second floor and the dining room window on the first floor.

“Are they watching us.”

“I don’t know. Scott was on a phone call when I went in.”

“And the others?”

Meri shrugged her shoulders like it didn’t matter.

Very self-consciously, Lo slid her right hand under her bikini bottom. She raised her leg that was closest to the house in an attempt to conceal what she was doing from the voyeurs within. With her left hand she pulled the thin fabric to the side so Meri had an unobstructed view of what Lo was doing.

Meri moved her right hand down between her legs and parted her pursed lips with her fingers. Slowly she moved her finger inside, stroking back and forth as she watched Lo digitally diddle her clit.

Lo was too aware of the eyes that might be watching to cum, but it didn’t take Meri long to climax quietly in the peaceful suburban sanctuary.

“Feeling better?” asked Lo when she saw the rush of blood to Meri’s chest begin to subside.

Meri just laughed quietly to herself and licked her fingertips. “Thanks Lo,” she said.

Lo mustered up the courage to ask the question that was distracting her the whole time. “You don’t have a problem with the kids. . . uh, seeing you?”

“Like I said,” began Meri nonchalantly, “there is no privacy around here. I’ve given up on trying to hide it. And so have they. We just accept ourselves as we are and accept our sexuality. We’re all sexual beings, Lo. You should know that more than anyone.”

Lo was not at all clear as to what Meri meant by “accepting” things, the way Meri spoke about it. Also, thought Lo, this house is huge. How could you not have privacy? But she didn’t ask questions. She just listened.

“When I went inside, he wanted my help again. He says he likes it better when I do it for him. Spoiled brat. You’d think he could do something for himself at that age! But, it’s ok,” she added in a gentler tone, “He’s just a momma’s boy and I know that one day that will come to an end. My husband calls him ‘Prince Hamlet,’ because his life is so easy, yet he is always seeing the sinister in everything.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have come over,” said Lo, voicing her misgivings.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Lo,” said Meri, spreading her legs further on the lounge chair.

“But I think I’m just complicating everything.” Lo’s head was spinning. The drink, the sun, the sexual stimulation, the hidden intrigue, all culminated in a dizzy spell.

“He might be a little jealous, but I haven’t had a guest in four or five months!”

Lo didn’t know whom Meri was talking about, one of her sons or her husband. Images of men’s faceless faces flashed in her mind.

“Can I, er, use your bathroom?” asked Lo. She felt like she had to get out of the sun, out of the spotlight.

“Sure. Straight in those doors and to the left,” said Meri, pointing.

Lo picked up her mask and put it on as she timorously walked toward the imposing house.

She slid the sliding screen door open and walked into a large, open-plan kitchen/dining room.

A large, rotund man was sitting at the dining room table looking into a laptop computer. He wore cargo shorts and a short-sleeve button-down blue shirt, untucked. He looked over at Lo when she entered the room. Her eyes took a moment to adjust to the relatively dim light inside.

“Oh, you must be Lola,” said the man in an authoritative, booming voice.

“Yes. And you’re Scott?”

“My wife is crazy about you,” he said, making Lola feel awkward.

“The bathroom?” asked Lo, timidly.

“Right there,” said Scott, pointing to a door at the end of the kitchen. “Did you really do all those things H.H. wrote about you?”

“I’m here now, ain’t I?” was all Lo responded, before walking to the bathroom.

When she came out of the bathroom, back into the kitchen, behind the ‘L’ shaped kitchen counter, far at the other end of the room, by the dining room, was a young man, staring unflinchingly at Lola.

Lo walked towards him. She had to if she were to exit the kitchen.

“Hi,” she said nervously.

He was shirtless. No answer.

“You must be. . .” began Lo, realizing she had no idea the names of Meri’s sons.

“You’re even better looking in person,” he said, mesmerized.

Lo looked around the room for Scott. He was nowhere to be found. It was just this kid and Lo, staring each other down like the Sheriff and the Outlaw in some western. But who was who?

“What do you mean?” asked Lo, knowing very well what he meant.

“You like my mom?”

“She’s very nice,” said Lo, flustered.

“Are you going to fuck her?”

“You should watch your mouth!” replied Lo. He had the face of a cherub, but that just made it all seem more inappropriate.

“You’re kartal escort one to talk,” he said in a joking manner that Lo found a little endearing. “Can I see you without your mask on?”

Lo briefly pulled down her mask under her chin.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, seemingly unaware of the words escaping from his lips.

“Shucks, thanks.”

“So, are you and my mom going to. . .?”

Lo walked toward the boy, her mask back on now. “You have needs. Your dad has needs. Well, your mom has needs too,” she said, gently. “You might not be aware of her needs because she’s always taking care of you and your brothers and your dad. Her needs might not be as obvious. But they are just as real and just as. . . pressing.”

The boy looked blankly back at Lo. Then he said, “You don’t know my mom very well, do you?”

“Well enough.”

“Her needs come before everybody else’s,” he said. Lo thought she detected a hint of word play when he said “come.” Maybe it was just in her perverted imagination.

“From what I hear, she takes good care of you,” replied Lo.

The boy acknowledged the truth of that statement wordlessly, looking a little ashamed and blushing. He added, “But we’re all clear that she has needs.”

Lo walked past him and out the door. When she got into the backyard, she saw Scott talking to his naked wife. The sight overwhelmed her for a moment. When Scott was sitting inside, she had noticed his rather hefty size, but now he was standing over Meri and he seemed like a giant in comparison to her. He was enormous, both in height and girth. He was easily 300 pounds.

The two of them saw Lo as she reentered the backyard and they stopped whatever conversation they were having to smile at her as she returned to her lounge chair.

“I just met your son,” said Lo.

“Oh, which one?” asked Meri.

But before Lo could say she didn’t know, Scott chimed in with, “I hope he was polite to you. You know, these boys — three of them — it’s like, I mean sometimes I feel like the animal trainer at a circus. That’s the best we can expect of them at that age!”

“Oh no he was. . .” began Lo before being cut off yet again by Meri.

“Scott, will you go and back me up about the parental controls on the computer?”

“Enjoy the sunshine,” said Scott as he dutifully walked back into the house.

Lo settled into the chair and tried to see in the dark doorway to the kitchen to ascertain if any eyes were looking back at her. She could make out nothing. The brilliant sun outside made the door to the house appear as a rectangular void.

“He’s not wrong,” said Meri. “Living with three teenage boys, well, it is like being a zoo keeper — constantly cleaning out their cages, feeding them, and trying to keep them in line. It’s exhausting. I can’t wait until this damn COVID thing is over and we can send them all to college. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true! I was just getting used to having two of the three out of the house when this plague struck.”

“I can’t even imagine,” said Lo. Then, pensively, Lo asked, “Has it always been like this?”

“Like what?”

“I mean, have you always been so, er, nonchalant around them?” asked Lo, referring to Meri’s non-concern for her nudity.

“I’ve never been ashamed of anything,” she said. “But this COVID quarantine put all of us in closer quarters. And, I have to admit, in the past year or so, my sex-drive has shot way way up. Like through the roof. I don’t know if it’s the onset of menopause or what, but I can’t seem to get enough. And with the three boys always around and, well, frankly, Scott. . .” She trailed off and then added, “I eventually gave up on the idea of me-time. Sex and sexuality are completely natural. We’re all sexual beings. We all have needs and desires. Believe me, I’ve had to clean up enough cum-covered sheets from these three boys to know that they’re not exempt. So, why hide it? Why pretend like it’s not real, for me, for you, for them,” she said, nodding at the house. “Yeah, I’ve known for a long time that Scott looks at porn and that late at night, after I’ve gone to bed, he jacks off in his home office. Frankly, he doesn’t try to hide it. Or, if he does, he doesn’t do a very good job of it. For many years, before my libido kicked into high-gear, I just didn’t care. I mean, at least he wasn’t bugging me at midnight, so I got my sleep. I didn’t like the lying or the deceit, but I put up with it. It was a minor transgression. As long as he wasn’t having an affair. And I checked his computer and phone enough to know that that wasn’t happening.” She paused to take a long sip of her drink. “The boys? I’ve known that they are self-pleasuring ever since the oldest hit puberty. Fine by me. I’d be a hypocrite if I said it was wrong. I just ask that they use tissues rather than give me more laundry to do. I also don’t want them watching all that extreme, violent, misogynistic, hyper-objectifying, crazy porn out there. Women being choked, abused, spat on, peed on. Women fisting other women anally all the way up to their elbows. Women having their anus used as a cereal bowl. Have you seen the porn out there?”

Lo was praying that the question was rhetorical. But, in asking the question, Meri was, perhaps inadvertently or intentionally, giving away what she had seen somewhere.

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