Red Nixy (Shower time with Daddy)


Red Nixy (Shower time with Daddy)Shower time with DaddyI want to be your Daddy’s girl that you love more than anyone else in the world. I want to walk around the house in short cheerleading shorts with a tight small undershirt on with no bra on. I am sitting Indian style on the floor of the living room texting friends on my phone but when you get up and walk by to go to your room I will pull the fabric covering my pretty pink pussy to the side and show daddy a little bit of his naughty girl. I am so excited that my Daddy saw my pussy that my nipples begin to poke out of my shirt. I wait for my Daddy to come back down stairs but it was taking him so long, why? I want to spread my legs and show Daddy my pussy again but he was still in his room. I get up to go upstairs and as I walk towards the bedroom, I hear something. AAAawwwwww AAAWWwwww Nixy……Baby girl……AWwww. I could hear that Daddy was in the shower. I peak my head around the corner and saw my Daddy in his shower with his hand touching his penis. When I saw this I licked my lips because all I could think about was sneaking in and kissing on my Daddy’s dick slowly over and over and over. I love my Daddy so much, he is so smart. He knows everything. Daddy and I have always had a special relationship with one another. I have always kept it a secret though. Daddy is still moaning and stroking his big dick. Daddy looks so good to his baby girl. As I peek at my Daddy masturbating to the thought of peeping between my legs in the living room, I begin to touch my pussy from outside of my little shorts. I put my finger in my mouth and wish it was my Daddy’s dick. As I tried to move into a more comfortable position I push the door closed. Oh No! Now Daddy knows I was out here watching him. He knows how dirty of a little girl I am but he is always running away to masturbate, resisting me. Daddy calls me into the bathroom while he is standing in the shower with a rock hard dick watching my body as I slowly come into the steamy room. I will never forget what my Daddy said to me in the most soothing yet aggressive tone while I was standing there with a soaked pussy wet through my shorts in front of his shower. “Little girl, get over here and learn how to suck your Daddy’s dick.”My face turns Red. This is what I have been waiting for. I touch myself every night thinking about sucking on my Daddy’s dick. Daddy watches me as I slowly take off my shirt and turn facing him. I grab my breasts and softly fondle them in front of Daddy. I know that this is what Daddy wants me to do, so like a good little girl, I do it. Daddy grabs his dick again and begins to watch me, gazing into my eyes seeing all of the nasty things that I am about to do to him. Daddy knows he shouldn’t be doing this to his little girl. But since she was little she had done things to entice Daddy. Smiling at him, sitting on his lap close to his dick, whispering sweet things in his ear like “I love you Daddy”, “I’m proud of you Daddy,” and “I’m scared Daddy please hold halkalı escort me close tonight.”Daddy would let his baby kiss on his neck while she was sitting on his lap wondering what was hard in Daddy’s pants. Daddy enjoys watching her grow and loves that when they are alone, his baby girl will give him a soft sweet kiss right on his lips. But now that I am a little older Daddy will come in the room and watch me. Sometimes I don’t even know. But I do not mind, my Daddy can do whatever he wants to do. After cheer practice I get home at about 8pm. When Daddy hears me coming in the door he runs to get into my closet so that he might watch me get undressed. I go to my room to get in the shower and begin to take off my clothes, I catch Daddy’s reflection in the mirror and I can see that he is in the closet. I can’t tell what he is doing though. But I know that he is watching me. This makes me wet when Daddy does these things. I love the way he watches me all the time and cannot be without me. I can’t find my lotion so I get on my knees next to the bed to look under it, I bend over right in front of the closet door and my phat pussy opens up from behind. Moments after I hear my Daddy shout, “Shit! Fuck! AWww baby girl”. I felt drops from the closet hit my face and my mouth. I remained on my knees and turned to look inside of the crack in the closet door where my Daddy was watching me from, I looked straight into his eyes and licked the speck of cum from my soft lips. Daddy and I did things like that for a while. I was thinking about all of these times that Daddy and I played around while I was standing in his bathroom about to get into the shower with him. I open the door and step in. I go over to my Daddy and give him a big hug putting my arms around his neck and giving him those soft secret kisses we share.Daddy’s dick was hitting my stomach because he was so excited to be this close to his little girl in the shower with the house to themselves. Daddy takes his finger and softly slides it between his baby’s soft young lips. When Daddy feels how wet I am he snatches his hand back. What’s wrong Daddy? I whisper to him looking into his eyes with my pouty lips and big brown baby eyes. Daddy tells me that he can’t touch me there right now because it would make him too excited and he had to save his load for me. I take Daddy’s dick in my hand and begin to do what I saw him doing to it. I watch Daddy’s face as I stroke his throbbing dick. Daddy loves looking into my eyes while I touch him. I love the feeling of having so much power literally in my hands. Daddy is so vulnerable with his dick in his baby girl’s hands. I can control him with every stroke and my Daddy knows it. Daddy knows that his baby girl can get anything she wants out of him while they are in this position. Daddy grabs my head and starts to kiss me all over my face, neck and chest. Daddy’s getting very excited. He started stroking and taksim escort grinding his dick in my hand while biting on my neck and breasts. The water was so hot and Daddy was ready to begin teaching his girl how to please her Daddy. Daddy puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down to my knees. The water is getting all over me but Daddy likes the way I look on my knees in the shower with my hair wet and my young body dripping. I look up at my Daddy and told him how much I love and care about him, and that I would do anything to make him happy. I kiss Daddy’s penis and watch it jump. I laugh and Daddy looks down at me and smiles calling me silly and telling me to continue to be a good little girl and take care of my Daddy. I kiss Daddy’s dick some more and lick it too.Daddy really likes it but I can tell he needs more. Mommy doesn’t do these things for Daddy. Daddy is a very sexual and active man and needs attention. All mommy does is nag Daddy about everything! That’s why Daddy loves his filthy little girl, because she doesn’t stress him out or bother him. She treats her Daddy like a man. Baby girl cooks, cleans up after Daddy and pleases him in secrets ways. I put Daddy’s dick inside of my mouth and let Daddy slowly grind my face. “That’s right little girl”, Daddy moans. Daddy’s dick is so big in my mouth. I want to choke because Daddy is going so far down my throat but I will do my best to be a good little girl and let Daddy use me the way he wants to. Daddy has been so good to me. Giving me everything I needed throughout my life, sleeping with me on cold nights, teaching me how to use tampons, taking me to buy a vibrator while telling the clerk that I was his girlfriend (that made Daddy’s dick so hard for someone to think that his very young daughter was his girlfriend). Daddy keeps digging his dick into my throat and I love it. It’s big but it fits perfectly into my small tight mouth. I am able to tear my head from Daddy’s grasp so I can breathe. Daddy gasps loudly as if he were just about to reach climax. I catch my breath and smile at my Daddy as I slide his dick back into my mouth giving Daddy’s head special attention with my lips and tongue. I know what my Daddy wants and I know how he likes it. Daddy softly tugs on my ponytail and stares into my eyes looking up at him as I suck him off like a good girl is supposed to do to her Daddy when she loves him more than anyone. Daddy couldn’t believe that his girl was on her knees in front of him being so bad licking, kissing and sucking him in his private place. As I suck on Daddy’s dick I look up at him and tell him that I have a secret to tell him. I know I am not supposed to, but I think about you coming into my room and opening up my legs while no one is at home. I want you to take pictures of my pussy Daddy and keep them on your phone so you can look at them whenever you need to be with me.I think about you softly kissing me between my legs like a Daddy is supposed şişli escort to kiss his princess. “Am I a bad girl because I want you to do those things to me Daddy?” I asked innocently. “Yes baby you are a bad girl for wanting your Daddy to take pictures of you and kiss you between your legs. But as long as we keep it secret I can do those things to you baby girl, ok?” Daddy says looking down at me as he softly brushes my hair from my face. “Ok Daddy,” I said and smiled. I went back to sucking my Daddy’s dick and he came right away. All over my face and titties. I licked it from his dick and stomach, I love the way my Daddy taste. “Daddy”, I said looking up at my big strong Father, “I want to drink your cum next time like milk from a bottle. Can you keep making it cum out of your dick Daddy so I can drink it? Please Daddy it is really good.” Daddy tells me he will try and cum as many times as he can. I step out of the shower and left it on and grab a towel.Daddy snatches the towel away from me and tells me to go lay down on his bed. I walk to Daddy’s big bed and lay down on my stomach. Daddy climbs right on top of me and I can feel his dick hard again poking my butt. “Daddy” I moan softly as I notice that he began licking the water drops from my young, tight, sexy, smooth body. Daddy makes me turn over on my back and tells me how pretty I am and how I make him feel so good and he loves doing these things to me. Daddy licks the water from every inch and heads down to my legs. Daddy takes his hand and spreads my legs exposing his little girl’s perfect pink pussy. Daddy loves exposing his daughter this way because it let her know that Daddy was in charge. Daddy wanted to make sure his baby girl knew that even though he loved her and wanted to give her everything, he was still in charge and could do whatever he wanted to do to his little girl.Daddy reached over and grabbed his cell phone. Daddy poses me in different ways all exposing my pink in one way or another. Daddy takes pictures of me with one finger in my mouth and one in my pussy, another photo where I am splitting my legs wide open with my pussy out for Daddy’s pleasure. Daddy can’t help but touch his sweet baby while he is taking these pictures. Daddy loves his baby girl so much. She is so sweet for letting him take pictures of her nasty places. Daddy is already thinking about the way he will use these pictures. Daddy can use them in the office, in the car, in the basement, bathroom, lots of places. When Daddy is done taking pictures he gets on his knees at the edge of the bed and spreads my legs again. Daddy puts his head between my legs and smells my pussy. Daddy tells me that he loves the way I smell. I smell sweet and pretty.He smells me some more and softly kisses my dirty girl lips between my legs. It feels really good. I let my body relax and give myself to my Daddy. I can tell by the way he is touching me that he knows how to please his dirty girl. Daddy slides his nasty tongue over my clit again and again. Daddy’s tongue felt so good. “Kiss my pussy Daddy,” I tell him. Daddy is very happy and is enjoying his little girl when we heard someone running up stairs. Daddy takes his last smell and taste of my little pussy and runs into the bathroom into the shower. I made it out of the room and into my room before Mommy knew anything. At least I think so…

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