Renee – A College Freshman Ch. 01


“Thanks, Jennifer. I’ll talk to you later tonight.”

“Bye.” Jennifer blew her a kiss.

Renee turned and watched as her friend drove away. She hurriedly runs up the porch to the house. She hoped that she and Jennifer would be able to get an apartment soon. Being a freshman on campus was bad enough without having to go home every night.


No answer. Renee casually strolled into the kitchen and drops her bookbag on the floor, reaching into the fridge for a bottle of water.

There is a note on the front bottle.

Hi honey,

I’ll be out with the girls tonight. Dad will be home early, too.

Love you,


Renee sighed. ‘Out with the girls’ was her mother’s code for going out for a random hookup at some sleaze bag night club, she was sure.

She opened the bottle and took a big drink. She needed to unwind a little bit before her dad got home. She opened the refrigerator again and quickly rummaged through the groceries until she found what she was looking for.

“This will do nicely” she thought as she hastily moved to her bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

She put the cucumber down on her bed and she slipped out of her shoes. She moved to the front of the full length mirror and slowly undid her uniform blouse, revealing a pair of nice round bulges held in a lacy bra. She threw the blouse lazily on the floor and did the same with her skirt. It was short, just barely long enough to meet the school dress code.

Her shoulder length blond hair was a stunning contrast to Jennifer’s dark brown hair. Renee thought about the way Jennifer’s hair fell about her body when she was going down on her. Jennifer had been her first sexual experience and they enjoyed the taste of each other’s pussy whenever they could. Jennifer had even just recently purchased a strap-on dildo. They took turns fucking each other with it. She loved the way Jennifer’s lips tasted when they kissed.

Renee undid the bra and let her firm breasts free. Her nipples were already hard with anticipation of the play session that was beginning. She gently stroked and pulled at them, like she was giving a handjob to a little dick.

She could feel wetness beginning to moisten her panties. She slid the panties down to her feet and admired her cleanly shaven pussy. She was glad she started shaving it. It was helping her pass freshman Chemistry, after all.

Dr. bursa escort Schuman, her chemistry professor, liked it that way. He would let her skip class and exams in exchange for a pussy show. She would slowly masturbate in front of him in his office. He would take his little cock out and jerk it in rhythm to her clit strokes. He would cum and then she would. She enjoyed the chance to get off and she didn’t care if he watched. He never asked for anything more.

But today had been a rough day. It was getting close to final exams and the end of the fall semester, so she and Jennifer had been studying a lot, but they still had time for each other, too.

She lay down on the bed, her cunt was getting really wet thinking about the fucking the cucumber was going to give her. She kissed the end of it like she was kissing the head of a cock.

“Make me cum, you fucker.”

With her left hand she opened her pussy lips and began to massage her clit with the vegetable, tightly gripped in her right. She inserted it just a little bit, twisting it and drilling it into herself. She let out a little moan of pleasure when the cucumber went a little bit deeper. She began to move the imaginary cock in and out of her glistening pussy with a more pronounced rhythm. Her hips moved up to take it deeper with each stroke.

Renee could feel the ecstasy of her orgasm starting to build already, her nipples were on fire and her clit began to quiver.

“Ooo, yea, fuck me,” she whispered, drawing in sharp breaths between her clenched teeth. She didn’t see or hear her father had come into the room.

He stood there watching, waiting. Just as she seemed like she was about to cum, he shouted her name.


Renee jumped up like she was shot from a cannon. She hadn’t heard him at all. She stood there, her eyes were wide open, the cucumber still clutched in her right hand. Her left moved from her open mouth to cover herself between her legs. She didn’t know what to do or say.

“Daddy…I…I’m…” she was so startled, she couldn’t even speak.

“You shouldn’t be using those things, they have pesticides and you may get sick. And that’s not what I buy them for anyway. From now on you can buy your own cucumbers. Understood?”

“Y..yes, Daddy.” She could barely get the words out.

“Now put that down.”

As she put it into the trash can near her night stand, bursa escort bayan her father began to undo his zipper and pants.

“I’ll show you what a real cock feels like.” He slipped a massive hard on out of his khakis, letting them drop to his ankles. Her eye opened wide and a gasp escaped her mouth, he had the biggest dick she had ever seen, and it was still getting harder. He stepped out of his pants and quickly undid the rest of his clothes.

“Lay down on the bed again. Keep your ass near the edge.”

Renee quickly and quietly did as she was told. He father moved in front of her.

“Lay down. Now hold my dick like you were holding that.. that thing.”

Renee’s hand reached out and wrapped around the base of his thick shaft. It was warm and pulsing.

“Stroke it.”

She pulled and tugged on his still hardening dick.

“Mmm, that feels good,” he said as he looked down on her, “Good girl.” His cock was stiffer than Jennifer’s dildo. The thought of him inside her made her pussy ache.

“Now open your cunt with the other hand. Show me your clit.”

Her left hand moved down and opened up her lips revealing her aroused clit. She didn’t feel the urge to resist, she wanted it.

“Guide my dick into you.”

She pulled him closer until the head of his cock rested on her swollen clit. He pulled back a bit.

“Do you want me to stop,” he asked. “Or do you want me to fuck you?”

“Fuck me, Daddy. Please. Fuck me.” She pulled him closer until his cock head entered her wet pussy.

She let out a whimper as her cunt expanded to wrap around the head and then the shaft of his enormous dick. “Yes, Daddy, fuck me. Yes”

He began to rhythmically pump his meat in and out of her; she let out a gasp every time the weight of his body slammed into her cunt and his nut sack slapped her ass. His cock felt bigger with each thrust.

She watched him, his eyes never left hers. She couldn’t do anything else. She laid there and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy receiving his shaft. She could feel her orgasm returning, first in her nipples, which were harder than she could ever remember them, then in her toes and finally in her pussy.

“Daddy, I want to cum” she said in between clenched teeth, trying to hold her the orgasm in check until the last possible moment.

“Cum all over my cock.” he commanded as he slammed himself into her escort bursa harder.

Renee let go and the waves of a monumental orgasm crashed into her, igniting her senses, every nerve in her body alive with the tingle of sexual release.

She was moaning loudly but couldn’t help it. This was the most intense sex of her life. The orgasm rolled over her body again and again, until she was finally spent. She went limp, while her father continued to pump her cunt.

He stopped and pulled out. His cock was wet with her orgasm.

“Sit up.”

She sat up and he pulled her long blond hair back into a pony tail.

“Suck me off.”

Renee opened her mouth; her tongue outstretched waiting to receive his thick tube of red hot sex.

She began to suck it gently, but he grabbed her head with both hands and shoved his dick in deep and hard. She began to gag.

“That’s it. All the way, that’s my little girl. I want to dump my load in your mouth.”

She could feel his balls on her chin, the dick deeply lodged in the back of her throat.

He withdrew and began to fuck her mouth. She was having trouble keeping her mouth open wide enough to take the pistoning motion of his manhood.

After a few minutes of sucking him, Renee felt it stiffen even more, and then the first volley of searing hot sperm entered her mouth, quickly followed by a second and third. He pulled out and a fourth jet of cum splattered on her face.

“God, that’s it, swallow my load, all of it.”

Renee gagged down the thick, salty paste in her mouth, quickly opening up again for more, which he obliged. Several more powerful shots erupted, glazing her face and mouth. She sucked the head of her father’s cock hungrily, coaxing every drop of seed from his balls.

He began rubbing his cock into the loads on her face, smearing them around and pushing the sperm into her greedy mouth.

She kept sucking until he was clean and getting limp. Not that it mattered. Even his flaccid cock was bigger than the frat boys at school.

He stepped away and picked up his clothes were they had fallen to the floor and made his way to the door.

“Next time, bring that little slut Jennifer, too.” He left the room.

Renee sat there, in a surreal stupor. She had just had the orgasm of her young life. She got her cell phone from her purse and hit the speed dial for Jennifer. While she waited for her friend to pick up, she retrieved the discarded cucumber and began to massage her clit with it.

“Jennifer, just shut up and listen. Are you somewhere you can masturbate? Well get there, I have a story for you.”

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