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Lori walked in the house, with Renee right behind her. Two seconds later, Bill came walking out of the kitchen.

“Hi, Daddy!” Lori yelled as she threw her arms around Bill and gave him a big hug. “It’s good to see you!”

“Hi, sweetheart. It’s good to see you, too.”

When he released his hug and Lori moved out of the way, Renee gave Bill a more relaxed hug.

“Hi, Bill. Nice to see you. Thanks for letting me visit.”

“Hi, Renee. Nice to see you, too. You know you’re always welcome here.”

Lori met Renee her junior year at college, and they lived together the last two years. They were both getting ready for their second year of grad school, but the research project they were working on was waiting for the next round of funding to come in, so their professor told them to take a week off. Renee was from Australia, so she certainly wasn’t going to fly there for one week. And when Lori invited her to her house, she jumped at the chance.

“Where’s Maureen?” Lori asked.

“Her father fell last week and messed up his knee, so she flew home to help her sister take care of him until he’s back on his feet. She asked me to apologize and tell you she hopes to get back while you’re still here.”

“That would be nice,” Lori said, without meaning a word of it.

Technically, Maureen was Lori’s step mother, but she always referred to her as her father’s wife. Bill and Lori’s mother, Kim, divorced right after Lori started college. Lori knew her parents kind of led separate lives the last few years, but she was still surprised when they told her they were splitting up. Lori was always closer to her Dad, so Kim and Bill agreed Bill should stay in the house so Lori could come home during college and be with him.

About two years later, Bill met Maureen. Since Lori was at college, she didn’t spend a lot of time with Maureen and didn’t know her all that well. But there was one thing she did know: she didn’t really like her. It’s not that Maureen was ever nasty to her, but she just didn’t exude warmth and love. And Lori thought sometimes Maureen was a bitch to Bill. She got the feeling she used sex as a tool to get what she wanted and withheld it as punishment if she wasn’t happy. And although Lori didn’t really know, she had the feeling she withheld it a lot over the last year or so.

So as far as Lori was concerned, she wouldn’t be upset if Maureen didn’t come back until after she went back to school.

“So, do you girls have any plans for the week?” Bill asked.

“Tonight, we’re meeting up with some of my high school girlfriends I haven’t seen in a while. I’m gonna’ see mom in a couple of days, and I want to see Aunt Karen. Other than that, we’re gonna’ shop, sunbathe, and party!”

Bill chuckled. “So pretty much the same as every time you come home, huh?”

“Yep, pretty much!”

“Is there time for us to go out for dinner tonight before you meet your girlfriends, or should we just order in?” Bill asked.

“We’ve got time. We’re not meeting until 8:00, although I might need to take a nap. I’m tired from the drive.”

“Okay, do what you want for now — sleep, swim or whatever, and we’ll catch an early dinner at Frankie’s.”

“Thanks, Dad. C’mon, Renee, let’s go unpack.”

A half hour later, the girls came down in their bikinis. When Lori was growing up, Bill always tried very hard to never, ever look at her girlfriends as “beautiful women”, even though some of them definitely were. He obviously knew some of the girls were prettier than others and some of them had very attractive figures, but he basically treated them like his daughters. So even if they were wearing something very flirty or body-hugging, he never stared or thought any inappropriate thoughts.

But now her friends were young women. And Renee definitely fell in the “beautiful woman” category. Her face had perfectly smooth skin with beautiful blue eyes. She was tall, with long legs, and she obviously kept herself in shape. And her breasts were, in Bill’s mind, perfect. Perhaps a large B cup, he always found smaller-breasted girls to be more attractive. Seeing her in a bikini caused one or two inappropriate thoughts to flash through his mind. He watched the girls as they walked outside to lie in the sun.

Truth is, Bill hadn’t had sex in quite a while. Maureen seemed to have lost interest not long after they got married, so Bill’s only excitement came from his right hand. Seeing Renee confirmed everything still worked, as he suddenly realized he was hard. His mind was playing out some very nice scenarios, even if he didn’t want to admit it to himself.

Later that evening, Bill washed his face and brushed his teeth in preparation for going to dinner.

“We need to leave in 15 minutes,” Bill yelled upstairs to the girls. Over the years he learned to give early warnings if he ever expected to get some place on time.

When the girls finally came down the stairs, they were dressed for their night at the bar with Lori’s friends. Lori was wearing a little escort sincan black dress which Bill thought was a little too short. But he wasn’t in a position to comment on that anymore. Renee was wearing a simple skirt and a white top that hugged her breasts. It didn’t show any cleavage, but it perfectly displayed the size and shape of everything hidden behind her bra. Bill had to force himself not to stare at her.

At the restaurant, they were quickly shown to a semi-circular booth. Lori slipped in on the far side, and Renee slipped in the closer side, with Bill behind her. When she slid over, she saw Bill quickly look down at her thighs. She also quickly looked down and realized when she slid in, her skirt had hiked way up her thigh, exposing it up to bikini panties. She smiled to herself but did nothing to fix it, sliding over so Bill could sit next to her. Bill sat down and had to use every muscle possible to prevent his head from turning to just stare at her bare thigh.

During dinner, Bill ordered a bottle of wine. Renee only had one glass as she was the designated driver for the trip to the bar. But Bill and Lori didn’t have any trouble finishing the rest by themselves.

Bill caught up with the girls on school, their research projects, and Renee’s plans after she finished her degree. She wasn’t sure whether she’d return to Australia or stay in the US. When she first came to school in the US, the plan was always to go home after she got her undergraduate degree. But then she decided to stay for her Masters. And after being here for so long, she just wasn’t sure what she’d do. She had made great friends here — especially Lori — and was really conflicted.

Bill was having a great time. Of course, he cherished any time he could spend with Lori, knowing that she might not even be in the same state once she finished her degree. And Renee was intelligent, very engaging, and also funny. And everything she said sounded adorable with her Aussie accent.

At one point Renee put her hand on Bill’s thigh and said, “Excuse me, Bill, but I’ve got to go to the restroom.” Bill hesitated for half a second, being surprised by her hand, before he moved to let her slide out. And he certainly took advantage of the opportunity to check out her bare thigh again.

When she came back, Renee tried her best to slide in so her skirt would hike up again, but this time it didn’t happen. She liked the thought of Bill checking her out.

Renee knew she was attractive, although a lot of guys didn’t like her small breasts. But she wasn’t wild about all the college guys who just want to get in her pants. She appreciated the way Bill really wanted to know more about her. He obviously loved Lori and was a wonderful father, and she definitely had some kinky thoughts about what she’d like to do with him.

After dinner, the girls only stayed in the house long enough to freshen up. Then they headed out to meet Lori’s friends.

“Don’t wait up, Dad. We’ll probably be late.”

“Okay. Just be safe.”

“Don’t worry, Bill,” Renee responded. “I’m done drinking for the night. Besides being the designated driver, I’m happy to play the responsible adult to keep Lori out of trouble. God knows she needs somebody doing that!”

She and Lori both laughed as they walked out the door.

The next morning, Bill was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Renee walked in still wearing her sleeping outfit, consisting of a T-shirt and running shorts. Bill again took note of her long legs and what appeared to be firm, beautiful breasts. Once again, he found himself straining to make sure he didn’t stare.

“How was last night?” Bill asked.

“It was great!” Renee replied. “Lori’s friends were a lot of fun. I had met a couple of them when they visited us at school. I used to think Australians could drink, but Lori and her friends make great competition,” she said with a chuckle.

“You want some coffee?” Bill asked.

“Yeah, that would be great.” Then she paused for a second. “But on second thought, I think I’ll put on my bathing suit and catch some sun while I drink my coffee. Is that ok?”

“Sure. Go change. I’ll make sure the loungers are in the right place for sun.”

When Renee came outside, she was wearing a red bikini. It was pretty simple and didn’t expose any cleavage, but Bill still thought she looked fantastic. There was a table between the two loungers with two cups of coffee on them. There also were packets of sweetener and a spoon. Renee placed a bottle of suntan lotion on the table.

“Do you want milk? I didn’t want to bring it out in heat if you didn’t use it,” Bill said.

“No, thanks. This is great.”

Renee mixed in one of the yellow packets and took a sip. The two of them talked while they drank their coffee. Then Renee put down her cup.

“Okay, time for serious sun worshipping.”

She flattened the lounger and lay down on her stomach.

“Would you mind putting some suntan lotion on my back. I don’t want to burn.”

Bill’s ankara escort immediate thought was, ‘gee, let me think about this. Do I want to rub lotion on that perfect body of yours?’ But verbally he just said, “Sure.”

He grabbed the bottle and sat on the side of Renee’s lounger. He put some lotion on his hands and started rubbing it on her shoulders.

“Wait a second,” Renee said, and Bill froze. Renee reached behind her back and untied the strings from her bikini top and pulled them to the side. “I wanna make sure it isn’t splotchy from the straps.”

Bill was now looking at her naked back and a tiny bit of side boob peeking out from under Renee’s body. He continued putting on the lotion, being VERY careful to avoid getting anywhere near her boobs. But this stupid, little view of her naked back excited him, and he started getting hard. He continued applying lotion to her lower back.

Renee put her hands behind her back and said, “Here, go a little below the suit to make sure you don’t miss anything.” And with that, she pushed her bottoms down about two inches. She certainly wasn’t exposing her entire butt, but Bill was staring at the start of her crack. With his mind running wild, he was getting very hard.

He applied the lotion down to where she pulled her suit down, rubbing his hands across the top of her butt. He assumed this was having much more of an effect on him than on Renee, but the truth was that she was enjoying the feeling of his hand on the upper edge of her ass. He moved his hands up along her back to her neck.

“Okay, I think you’re set,” Bill said with a slightly shaky voice.

Renee pulled her bottoms back up into position.

“Can you re-tie my top, please?”


Bill grabbed the strings, watching the edge of her side-boob disappear behind her swim suit. As he started to make the knot, Renee blurted out, “Hold on! This got caught.”

She lifted up her body to adjust the top over her boobs. But when she pulled herself up, she totally exposed her breast. It was just hanging there, six inches from Bill’s hand. Although he couldn’t see her nipple, which was still hidden from view, the entire profile of her breast — her beautiful, firm, luscious breast — was on display. It only took Renee two seconds to adjust the suit, but it was enough to leave an image burned in Bill’s mind. Renee obviously didn’t realize what she just did, he thought, but he wasn’t going to mention it — or complain.

After she adjusted the top and lay back down, she simply said, “Okay.”

Bill paused for a second, frozen in a trance by what he just saw. Then he heard Renee.

“Okay, Bill, you can tie me up.”

Bill snapped out of it and started tying her suit. Then he smiled to himself at her words. ‘You can tie me up’, he repeated to himself. ‘Just your arms and legs to the corners of the bed’ he thought to himself.

Although he was hard, Bill was glad he survived without doing anything stupid. Then he heard Renee’s voice again. Just as she crossed one hand over the other and laid her head on them, she said, “will you do my legs, please?”

He looked down at Renee’s long legs which merged somewhere beneath her bathing suit. He couldn’t believe he was being given this opportunity.

He put some more lotion on his hands and started applying to her ankles and feet. He continued up her calf until he got to the back of her knee. She giggled when he rubbed the back of her knee and kicked slightly.

“Sorry… I’m ticklish there.”

“Hmmm,” he said. “I’ll be sure to remember that in case I decide to torture you.”

“Make sure you get the sides, too. I won’t worry about the front until later when I flip over.”

He put some more lotion on his hands and started moving up the back and sides of her thigh. He was now getting dangerously close to her hidden treasure. He really wasn’t sure what to do until Renee ever-so-slightly moved her legs apart to give him better access. He tried to avoid the inside of her thigh for a minute and concentrated on the back and outside.

As he got close to the bottom of her swimsuit, Renee reached back again and pulled up the elastic at the bottom just as she had pushed down the top of the suit. He knew he was supposed to rub the lotion where she pulled up, so now he had his hands on the bottom of her butt. And as he moved toward the inside of thigh, he swore he could see just the beginning of a pussy lip. He spread the lotion, making sure he kept his hands away those lips. Bill was definitely breathing quickly but working hard not to let his dick take over his thinking.

He switched to the other leg, and Renee put her suit bottoms back in place. But as he got toward the top of her thigh, she again pulled the bottom of her suit. Again, Bill enjoyed the brief look and rub on the bottom of Renee’s butt, and again he avoided any embarrassing moves. He wasn’t sure if he was more relieved or disappointed as he announced, “Okay, you’re good.” And to himself, he was thinking, ‘damn, you etimesgut escort bayan really are good…looking.”

“Thanks,” Renee said, cool as a cucumber. But the truth was that she got very excited when Bill was touching her. Yes, she knew she was unfairly teasing him, but she enjoyed it. And she enjoyed the touch. And if Bill continued looking up between her legs, he would soon see a wet spot.

Bill moved back to his lounger, glad that Renee couldn’t see the bulge in the shorts he was wearing.

“Do you and Lori have any plans for today?” Bill asked.

“She wanted to go shopping, but I think it will be a while before she gets up. And we’ll have to see how she feels when she does.”

After a while, Lori came outside, still in her robe.

“Morning, sweetheart,” Bill greeted her.

“Not so loud, Dad. I’ve got a terrible headache!”

Renee laughed. “Really? I feel GREAT! How come you don’t feel so good?”

“Let’s see how you feel the day after we go out with all your girlfriends in Australia, when I’M the designated driver.” This brought even more laughter from Renee, with Bill joining in.

“Go take some Tylenol, a hot shower, and I’ll have your coffee waiting for you,” Bill offered.

“Thanks, Dad. Maybe 10 or 12 Tylenol will help.”

As she dragged herself back in the house, Renee started laughing again. “I knew how she was going to feel today. I’m sure most of her friends are in the same condition.”

When Lori came back downstairs, dressed and with makeup, she looked a whole lot better.

“Feel better?” Bill asked?

“A little. But it’s better to look good than to feel good, right?”

“If you say so, sweetheart.”

“Renee, why don’t you go get dressed so we can hit the mall. I’ll try to mainline this coffee into my veins to see if that gets me going.”

Lori was finishing her coffee just as Renee came back downstairs.

“Okay, Dad, we’ll see you later. You’re stuck with us tonight — I can’t handle another night with my friends like last night — especially if I’m seeing Mom tomorrow.”

A few hours later, the doorbell rang. When Bill opened it, Renee was standing there.

“Um, hi?” Bill said. Renee laughed.

“Lori remembered she was supposed to stop by Kathy’s house to see something, and I didn’t particularly want to go. So she dropped me off.”

“Ahhh. Okay. How was your day shopping?”

Renee sat on the couch. “It was fun. I’m really excited about some thongs I bought. Let me try them on for you.”

Bill was stunned, not knowing what to say. He would love to see Renee in a thong, but he couldn’t believe she was going to try them on for him. Renee reached into a larger bag and pulled out a small Victoria’s Secrets bag. Then she pulled out her purchase, which was wrapped in tissue paper. She looked up at Bill and saw the shocked look on his face. She was confused for a second, and then she burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry, Bill,” she said while still laughing, hardly sounding like someone who was really sorry. “I forgot you guys call them flip flops.”

She unwrapped the tissue and slipped some bright flip flops on her bare feet. “Aren’t these cute?”

Bill was relieved and smiled, as he said, “Very nice.”

Renee got up with her bag and headed toward her room. Just before she disappeared around the corner, she looked over her shoulder. “Hope you weren’t too disappointed when you saw my thongs.”

Bill didn’t move for a few minutes. He thought about what just happened. Why did he even think Renee would try on a thong for him? And why was he even thinking about seeing her in a thong? He shook his head, walked into the kitchen to grab a beer, and walked outside.

The next morning, Bill was again the first one downstairs. After he finished making coffee, Lori came bounding in.

“Morning, Daddy!”

“Good morning, sweetheart. What time are you meeting your mother?”

“We’re meeting for breakfast at the Village Corner in 30 minutes. Then she wants to go to an art exhibit for a friend of hers. I’m sure she’ll want to hit a few fancy clothing stores before lunch. Anyway, I should be home for dinner, so count me in for tonight. You sure you don’t mind Renee being here?”

“Of course not. She’s a big girl. I don’t think I need to entertain her. And I enjoy her company. I think we’ll survive.”

Lori laughed. “Okay, Daddy. I’ll see you later.”

“Say hi to your mother.”

“Yeah, sure, Dad. Will do.”

And with that, she was gone.

Bill sat down with his cup of coffee and thought about Lori’s mother. When they first got married, they were deeply in love. When they had Lori, it seemed like the perfect family. And for fifteen years, everything seemed great.

But then Bill started noticing Kim seemed distant. She just didn’t seem happy. They had a sexless marriage, but Bill was willing to try to make it work. Kim didn’t seem as determined. Eventually she simply said she wanted out.

Bill was standing at the counter, still thinking about the past, when Renee walked into the kitchen.

“Morning, Bill.”

“Good Morning, Renee,” Bill responded, without even turning around.

“Hey, Bill, I put on some different thongs this morning. Do you like this better?”

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