Rents Due Gay


Rents Due Gay”5 days!”You put the phone down and hang your head. You don’t know what to do. You can’t go out on the street. You hear a knock on your office door, and you say come in. You see the door open, and immediately your heart drops.It’s him. That arrogant hot shot “stud” from across the hall. He had only been working with the company for a year, and already he was the talk of the town. You had been there for a decade, and he had taken your promotion. And he took every chance he had to throw it in your face.He comes and sits down at your desk and tells you that he overheard your conversation. You start to lash out, but he stops you. He asks you if you need money. You tell him that you don’t need anything and to not worry about it. But he presses the issue. And in a moment of weakness, you break down and tell him your situation.He listens, and seems compassionate. You can’t believe that you even told him. And then he asks you how much you need. You tell him that you will get the money on your own. You think to yourself that the last thing that you need, is to owe this cocky son of a bitch money. But he presses the issue.So you tell him the money that you need. He is surprised at the amount. You tell him that you are 3 months behind already. He hesitates for a moment, and then he tells you that he will loan you the money. You tell him to stop bullshitting you. But he says that he is serious. You know that the both of you don’t like each other, so you ask him. “What’s the catch?”He tells you that he will pay you, but only if you do him a favor. You know that he is a pompous son of a bitch. But you are desperate… and weak. Reluctantly, you ask him what he wants. His response to your question shocks you. He tells you that he will pay you the money you need. But only… if you suck his dick. And then he promises you, that you will enjoy every second of it.You tell him to fuck off, and you storm out of the room. You get in your car, and begin to drive home. You can’t believe that he would say something like this. But you think about it.You even wonder to yourself, is this guy serious? Would he actually give you the money you need, it you sucked him off? You are desperate, but not that desperate. But you tell yourself that he probably just said that to fuck with you. He is just the type to do that.The next day in the office, he asks you, “Do you have the money yet?” You look at him, frowning. He smiles. He knows that you don’t have it. He tells you that he thinks that you will enjoy it. You tell him that you are not gay. He tells you that he is not gay either. He just enjoys having his dick sucked. He tells you that he thinks you would do a great job. You tell him to fuck off and leave you alone.But you think about it.—————-There are only a few days left. You become more and more desperate. You apply for loans. You ask friends and family. But everything leads to a dead end.He is still talking to you everyday at the office. And you begin to realize that he is dead serious. He tells you that just because you suck a man off doesn’t mean you’re gay. Especially if you had to do it. He tells you that you just might like it. You ask him to just leave you alone. He tells you that his offer stands. You tell him that you would rather be on the street than to suck a dick.But you think about it. You can’t sleep at night. You wrack your brain every night, trying to think of something. But you can’t come up with anything. And then, you begin to say to yourself, maybe it won’t be so bad. But then you retract it. “What am I thinking?” you say to yourself. There has to be another way to get the money.—————-There are two days left. He continues to pursue you. He tells you that you can’t be out on the street. You have a wife and a k**. And you bartın escort obviously don’t have any other options. You don’t respond. You can’t respond. Because you know that he is right. He tells you his offer still stands.As you drive home, you begin to contemplate the possibility of sucking a cock. You can’t believe that you are having these thoughts, but you are desperate. You wonder if you could even bring yourself to put your mouth on another mans penis. The thought repulses you.—————-The next day at the office, he visits you. He tells you that he will be in his office tomorrow, after hours, and after everyone leaves. You don’t respond to him, and he walks out. You keep thinking that there has to be another way. But… there’s not.That night, you don’t sleep. You try, but you can’t. Thoughts of how humiliating it will be to suck off another man fill your head. What if someone finds out? What if your family finds out! As you get ready for work the next morning, you are nervous and trembling.—————-Today is the day. If you don’t pay your rent by morning, you are done. Out on the street. He steps in your office, and he asks you, “So… what will it be? Should I wait?” You don’t answer him, but your silence speaks to him. The day goes by excruciatingly slow. You can’t get any work done. You still try to figure a way to come up with the money, but you can’t. You have no options, and you have no where to go. You can’t be out on the street. You know it. And you know that he knows it.As the day winds down, everyone in your complex starts to leave. You sit in your room, looking outside. You watch every car leave the driveway, until you see that his car and yours are the only ones in the lot. Everyone is gone now. You can’t believe what you are about to do. But deep down, you’ve known for some time that this is what you were going to do. You get up, and walk over to his door and knock. The door opens, and he is standing there smiling. You hate him for that. “Have a seat.” He says to you.It’s just you, and him. He walks over and sits down in front of you. And he looks at you, and smiles again. You tell him that he better not tell anyone about this. No one can know about this. No one can find out.You also tell him that you will suck him, but you won’t swallow. So he better warn you. Then you tell him that if he tells anyone about this that you will kill him. And you mean it.He looks you in your eyes. He promises you, that this is just between you and him. No one will ever know about this. You don’t know if you can trust him, but you don’t have a choice. You sit there trembling, not believing what you are about to do. And you watch him get up, and walk to the office door. He shuts it, and locks it. He then moves to the shades and closes them. He turns and begins to walk towards you.He steps in front of you, and slowly unzips his pants. This is the moment of truth. This is your last chance. There is no turning back after this. You want to get up and leave. But you can’t. You need the money. You sit there and watch, as he pulls down, and then steps out of his pants. You immediately see the bulge in his pants. He is already aroused.Your mind is spinning as begins to pull his underwear down slowly. He is teasing you. As his underwear creeps down, his cock begins to reveal it self. You immediately notice that he shaves. His cock is thick and long. Slowly, inch by inch he reveals himself to you until his penis is in full view. He is big. At least 7 inches, and he only has a semi erection. His cock and testicles are completely shaven. His penis is smooth. You look his cock over from the base, down to his mushroom head. You’ve never seen a penis up close. Your mouth begins to water.As you look at his cock, you begin batman escort to feel strange sensations inside of you. You try to fight them, but you can’t. You can smell a scent, emanating from him. You can’t decipher what it is, but its masculine. And it begins to overtake you as you breathe in.”Don’t be afraid.” He whispers to you. You move your hands up, and wrap them around the base of his cock. His dick is warm. You move your hands up his shaft, feeling his silky smooth skin. You hear him breathe out, and his cock begins to expand. You continue to stroke his penis, mesmerized by it. It gets thicker, and stronger in your hands, stretching out towards you. Soon, it is rock hard, and hot.As you stroke, you feel your whole entire body responding to him. The blood rushes through you. His penis is so hard… yet so soft in your hands. Your breath begins to quicken, and his penis grows even stronger. It’s like a magnet… drawing you in. You can no longer look at him… you are completely fixated, on this cock in front of you.Your heart begins to beat faster, and faster. You are afraid. But you don’t know why. You know that you are not gay. You know, that you don’t lust after men. You are completely into women, physically… and emotionally. But something about his cock, is turning you on. It’s big, thick… powerful.You can feel your own dick beginning to rise. You groan involuntarily… and your hands tremble, as they move back and forth over his shaft. You feel his hand, gently at the back of your head… caressing you. But he is not going to force you. He is going to force you to make the first move.His scent, fills your nostrils, and you can feel the masculine energy radiating from him. And it draws you in. You are afraid to suck him, because you want to suck him. You lean in, slowly and reluctantly… getting closer, and closer. You can feel the heat of his dick, as you lean in. You open your mouth slowly, and his thick mushroom head slips past your lips.You hear his low, guttural moan, as the tip of his penis slides into your mouth. You open your mouth even wider as his cock penetrates you. You feel his hand gently press you in, and you grab his thighs. You look up at him, and he catches your eye. He begins to unbutton his shirt. He is teasing you with his body. He slides his shirt off, and you groan, as you look over his body. His abs and chest are perfectly chiseled. You have never looked at a man this way, but at this moment you realize how sexy a man’s body can be.You begin to feel a deep forbidden desire rise inside of you. And it is stronger anything you’ve ever felt. You try to fight it, but you can’t. You tell yourself, that you don’t want this, you don’t enjoy this, but your lust for him takes you over. You moan loudly onto his cock, and begin to suck him, with passion. You see him throw his head back… in ecstasy. You want to please him, in every way. And you will.You move back, until you are right at the tip of his penis, and you lick around the head. You lick up his slit, and taste his precum. And it tastes so fucking good. With your hands still gripping his thighs, you take your mouth off of him, and his thick cock angles upward. You move down, and run your tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip of him, and engulf him again.He gasps out loud. You run your hands up his body, wanting to feel all of him. You can feel the ridges of his tight abs, and his chest, as you caress his upper body. And as you feel him up, his cock travels deeper into your hungry mouth. You close your eyes and concentrate, and you relax your throat, and begin to take more of him in.You want him now. You want every inch of his beautiful penis in your mouth. You reach around and grab his firm ass, and you feel his hand at the escort bayan back of your head, push your mouth further onto his cock, until it is deep in your throat. Tears fall from the corners of your eyes as you take him to the hilt. You gag, and you feel like you are about to choke, so he pulls you back.His cock pops from your lips, and you breathe heavy. Strings of saliva bridge from his cock to your mouth, as you catch your breath. His penis, is dripping wet. You look up at him again, and the both of your eyes meet. He looks down at you, with lust. He wants your mouth. And you want to give him your mouth. You grip his ass tighter, and lunge back onto his cock. The both of you groan in unison, as you begin to service him. You are hungry for him now. You begin to suck him in earnest, letting go of all your inhibitions. And at this very moment, you don’t care whether you are straight, or gay. You don’t care who finds out about this. You don’t give a fuck about anything.All you want is his cock. You want to lick, taste, suck and service his cock. Something inside you… a deep dark forbidden desire laying dormant in you has been unlocked. And you are out of your mind with lust. The blowjob becomes hotter, and wetter, until slurping, and moaning sounds fill the entire room.He begins to pump his hips involuntarily, driving his cock in and out of your mouth. You feel his grip on your head tighten, and he tries to push his cock violently into your mouth. But you hold your ground. You want to bring him off, in a way that he has never been brought off before in his life.You push back against his stomach with one hand, and grab the base of his cock with your other hand. You continue to suck him off at a moderate pace, moving your head back and licking around his mushroom head, and tasting his precum before taking him in deeper. The both of you establish a rhythm, with him bucking, and you lunging into him.You can feel his dick throbbing, twitching, and pulsating in your mouth. And you know that it won’t be long now. You reach around and grab his ass again, and suck him in even harder, relaxing your throat, deepthroating him effortlessly now.You hear him cry out, as you continue to service him. You know better than any woman, how to suck him off. This is natural to you. You feel a sense of pride, knowing that you are giving him the ultimate pleasure. You look up at him again, and you can see beads of sweat dripping from his upper body. His body begins to tremble. And then, he tells you that he is about to cum. You know that you should pull away. But you don’t. You can’t. He warns, you again… telling you that he is about to explode. He even tries to pull your head back.You push his hands away. You told him that you wouldn’t swallow. But right now, you want his cum. You groan loudly onto his cock. His entire body tightens, he throws his head back and roars out. You feel his cock expand… and he erupts, and begins to shoot scalding hot, milky, creamy cum in your mouth.You begin to swallow, and swallow, and swallow his seed. You can feel his hot liquid, splash against the back of your tongue, and it fills every crevice of your mouth. You begin to gulp down his hot cum, savoring each spurt of it, before the next jet pumps into your mouth.He continues to cry out, and shoot spurt, after spurt, after spurt of hot cum in your hungry mouth. You groan in between swallows, as you can’t get enough of his cum. And you want every single drop. You begin to milk him, making sure that none escapes you until he forces your head off of his cock.He falls down to his knees on the floor, and you lay back in your chair. Both of you breathe heavy. And then, everything begins to set in. You put your head into your hands, not being able to believe that you just sucked off a man, and swallowed his cum. After a couple of minutes, you see him stand up, walk around and reach into his desk, pull out the money and hand it to you. And then he tells me, and now that we know you swallow “I expect you here anytime I call to suck my cock or the deals off”

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