Repossessed: COD Chapter 2

Repossessed: COD Chapter 2The master’s eyes are fixed on you as he slowly walks toward you, his bare feet silent on the hard stone floor. “Kayla,” he says, “get a prod and a flogger. I want him to know pain before pleasure.” “Yes, Master,” she replies, standing and walking over toward one of the racks on the walls.The master stops directly in front of you. “Look me in the eye,” he commands. You do. His eyes are steel-gray and intense, as if he looks past your naked flesh and judges the weight of your soul.He runs his hands across your chest, tracing the ridges of your ribs. “You are mine now. You have no will of your own. You exist for my pleasure and that of anyone else I see fit.” His voice is quiet, yet commanding. “You have no rights. However, I reward slaves who serve well with certain privileges. Perhaps you will earn that honor. Perhaps not. Either way, you will serve me, in whatever capacity I require of you.” His hands wander around your waist, slowly working behind you to cup the curves of your ass. He squeezes with both hands, his grip unyielding. He pulls your body slightly toward him, causing the dildo to move within you.”You will not speak. Even after that gag is removed. That is an honor you must earn. So is the privilege of clothes. It will take dedication and enthusiasm to earn so much as a loincloth from me. Even then, the instant I command it, any slave must strip immediately.” Releasing your ass, he trails his hands back across your waist, moving slowly down to toy with the metal cage enclosing your cock.”As a new slave, you are at the bottom of my little family here. I will likely offer the use of your body as a reward to slaves that please me. You will serve them as you would serve me, or you will suffer greatly indeed.”Breaking eye contact at last, he turns to Kayla, who had been standing quietly with the tools he asked her to retrieve. He accepts a short electric prod from her, experimentally pressing the trigger and eliciting a sharp pop as a small arc jumps between the prongs.”Your first lesson will be how to endure pain quietly.” He nods to Kayla, and she takes a half-step forward, swinging the leather flogger sharply. It slaps across the front of your canlı bahis thighs, causing a sharp sting followed by a dull burn as your flesh reddens. You jerk involuntarily, but manage to avoid any noise.”Good. Now I will explain some of the basic rules to you. First, you no longer have a name. Nor will I give you one until you earn it. Even then it will be one of my choosing.” The flogger falls again, snapping against your skin. The Master smiles coldly as you flinch with the impact.”You are mine for the rest of your days. Even if you fail to the extent that I cannot use you as I desire, I will not sell you. My resources are great enough that I can keep you for the sole purpose of punishing you ceaselessly. Few earn that fate, for I do not assign it lightly, but it has happened before. Believe me when I say that you do not want that for yourself.” The crack of the flogger rings out again, the fire across your thighs growing more intense. The Master rests his free hand on your shoulder. The gesture seems unusually caring, until his hand darts to your left nipple, twisting it between his fingers and sending pain stabbing through your chest. He continues talking calmly as he holds your abused nipple tightly, watching you squirm on the fat dildo impaling your ass. “You will not orgasm without permission. Pleasure is a privilege, not a right for slaves like you. If you do, you will be punished. On the rare occasions that I allow it, it will be a reward for loyal and attentive service.”He releases your nipple, watching you sag against the post, only to jerk again as the flogger strikes again, this time against your exposed right ass cheek.”If I decide to allow you to speak, you will address me as Master. That is the only name you need to know. Kayla is my most loyal and trusted slave, and only she knows my true name. If you must speak to her, you will call her Mistress. Even then, you will not speak without permission. She has been mine ever since the day she was enslaved at eighteen. She has served me unfailingly.”Crack.The flogger falls again. The burning across your ass intensifies.”Ah, enough talk. It is time to test your pain tolerance, toy.”He presses the prod’s metal bahis siteleri contacts against your stomach and presses the trigger. Sharp pain explodes from the point it touches you, followed by a deep ache as the muscles respond to the current. As you hang forward from the chains holding your wrists, you can see that his thick, heavily veined cock is throbbing with pleasure from watching you suffer.Your torment continues for what seems like hours, the two of them slowly circling you, working methodically across your exposed, vulnerable flesh until every inch of you is reddened, stinging, aching and covered in a sheen of sweat. Your muscles shake with fatigue and the pain inflicted by your new owner and his assistant.The Master presses the prod to the base of your cock, zapping you through the bars of the chastity cage. The current tenses the muscles suddenly, and you fall into the grip of an intense orgasm, squirting cum uncontrollably.The Master grasps your chin with a powerful hand, making you look into his eyes. “What was that?” he demands. “You do not cum without my permission! Already I must punish you…” His voice trails off, his expression suddenly thoughtful. “Actually, if you desire it so badly, I shall give it to you. I will make you hate orgasms when I am through with you.” Looking to Kayla, he says, “Unhook his ankle chains.” She moves behind you, and after a moment, you feel the chain holding your feet up release. Your feet can touch the floor again, but in your exhausted condition they won’t bear your weight.Reaching above your head, the Master releases the chain holding your wrists above your head, but clips your manacles together, cuffing your hands to each other. He lifts you off of the dildo as if you weighed nothing. You drop to you knees, unable to support yourself. He presses a hand to the nape of your neck, bending you over to display your ass to him. “Hah, slave, your body accepts training more readily than you do, it seems. Your asshole is wide open, just like it should be.” Holding you by your wrists, he begins dragging you over towards a low metal bench. The smooth stone floor feels cool against your reddened, stinging skin.He bends you unceremoniously bahis şirketleri over the bench, securing your manacles to an eye bolt set in the far end, stretching your upper body across the cold metal, facing in towards the center of the room. Your ass hangs off the end, your caged cock dangling heavily between your legs. You can see Kayla circling round behind you. You feel a tugging on your right ankle, and realize that Kayla has attached a chain to the steel band around it. She pulls until your leg is extended out behind you at an angle. You hear a click as she locks it to a ring in the floor, then does the same to your left leg. Now you are laid across the bench, your gaping asshole exposed and vulnerable. The Master moves around behind you. After a moment, you feel something big and firm invading your abused asshole. This is it,you think. He’s going to fuck me. Then you realize that the object in your ass isn’t warm. It’s another dildo. He slides it deeper into you. As he does, you can feel Kayla’s hands working at your cock cage. After a moment, she removes it. The dildo begins slowly pumping in and out of your ass. You can feel something stiff and smooth sliding over your cock, then a tight strap wraps around your balls and secures it over your shaft. You can feel the tube enclosing your cock begin to apply suction, first gently, then stronger and stronger. The dildo in your ass likewise increases its intensity, thrusting faster and deeper.Your captors walk back into your view, leaving the fucking machines to their work. You can feel your cock stiffening already, another orgasm building inside. “We’ll leave you like that for a while,” says the Master. “Come, Kayla, playing with the new toy has me worked up. Let’s spend some time enjoying each other’s company before I go to initiate the other new slaves.” He lifts her like a doll, and she wraps her long, lithe legs around his waist, eagerly taking his throbbing cock deep inside her, moaning in ecstasy and need. She puts her arms around his neck and begins thrusting herself onto him even as he carries her across the room. They reach the huge wrought-iron bed against the wall, and as they collapse into the silken sheets, deep in the grasp of a****l lust, you feel an irresistible orgasm overtake you. It feels good now, but you know it is only the first of many, and you try to prepare for an exhausting, sleepless night of pleasure turned to agony…

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