Returning Home is a Furry Experience Ch. 01


The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story! This story cannot be posted or reused elsewhere without the permission of this Author.


Walter and Mary Fenmoore – Ashes in a jar.

Nancy and Bill Fenmoore – Daughter and Son.

Endowed [or not]:

Mary – five/six, shoulder length medium auburn, full medium breasts. Re-interview. A live-in keeper and Ashley’s lover.

Tina – petite, long dark auburn, olive skin, exotic. Non-starter

Nina – thin, five/eight, mousy blond, gray eyes, smallish breasts and nervous. Seduced in interview. Nancy’s pet. Permanent live in and Bridgett’s lover.

Ashley – five/eight, blue eyes, short pageboy dark hair, generous breasts and JLo lips. Seduces Nancy and suck off Bill. Re-interview, live in and Mary’s lover.

Carol – Not so bright with voluptuous body. Non-starter

Bridgett – five/nine, blue eyes, blond, buxom. Re-interview seduction by Nina and her live in pet.

Two other boring non-starters.


In their paranoia over Nancy getting pregnant, getting into drugs, mixing with the wrong crowd and drinking her parents had sent her to a very strict private boarding school at age 13. When Nancy left for boarding school she had been a shy, scrawny, be-spectacled, wiry red headed geek of a girl. Bookish to a fault. It may have been the worst thing they could have done to her despite their good intentions.

Though she has remained a virgin there is little else she has not at least attempted. There were over 500 girls and only 100 teachers and staff, far fewer at night. Girl on girl experiences were not unheard of. It is a strict girls only school after all. The Staff couldn’t be everywhere at once. One of the requirements for getting in was being smart and what’s life without challenge for youthful bright girls after all.

Nancy’s parents were killed in a terrorist attack on the hotel they were staying at in a third world country just a year ago. Ironically they had gone there for humanitarian purposes. They were very wealthy and could afford to lavish their wealth in such ways. Nancy and her brother Bill now have most of that wealth and control the rest.

Before leaving the Fenmoore’s had left their .com business in their son’s hands. They dis-invested at the peak of the stock value. Their Will gave the two 40-40 Trusts with the remaining 20 in The Fenmoore Charitable Education Trust.

Bill had done all the things they were afraid Nancy would do while attending the local University and living at home. Though only 21 he’s grown up fast. The good news was his 180 turnabout a year and a half before they took their trip. One reason they felt secure in taking the trip.

Bill had arranged for the sale of the Company six months before their death at their instance. He had worked well with their parent’s lawyers and accountants. The Trust funds that were established for them has left them both fantastically well off, truly stinking rich. Nancy is her own multi-millionaire at 18. Bill is the Trustee of the Education Trust.

She had shipped the bulk of her things home from school and they are most likely already here. How strange it is. Like her home town is a place she’s never been it’s changed so much. She had graduated alone at just 18 a few days ago and she’s on her way home alone in the Airporter, hardly recognizing anything in the drive home.

She hadn’t been home in three years since before her parents left on their trip over two years ago. Not even for the funeral services. They had been cremated and their ashes mixed abroad and sent home by a State Department Courier. A last obligation is for her and Bill to scatter their ashes in the local mountains according to their wishes.

From early childhood Nancy has always been fond of her mothers substantial collection of furs and was allowed to get some of her own while in school. Mom had fostered her fondness for furs in the hope it would help her overcome some of her shyness and foster more self confidence. The furs helped her geeky image early on but they always looked awkwardly strange on her, like a child playing dress-up in her mother’s closet. Nancy still likes them large and over-sized on her. They don’t look awkward anymore even though they are still over-sized.

Her mom’s considerable collection of furs are all hers now along with everything else. She’s now nearly the same size as her once gloriously tall, slender and beautiful mom. She was a blond and their father had red hair. Both Nancy and Bill got their father’s hair and fair, freckled skin.

Nancy knew their parents were very much in love and she fantasized over her parents making love tuzla escort in their furs obsessively. Her dad had furs as well plus their Lynx bed spread that fed her fantasies. She dreamed of this nearly every night hoping she might loose her virginity while wallowing in a pile of soft furs. She had used her furs in a few of her girl on girl encounters at school and this feed her obsession. One reason she has held off for the right man and situation. She wasn’t going to loose it to just any dick-head.

Nancy has grieved in private since her parent’s death, only occasionally breaking down. She had promised her brother she would finish school and she did so with Honors. She is very smart after all. She’s wearing her favorite Red Fox hooded parka for the trip like Little Furry Red Riding Hoodie. Seeing Bill as they drive up the long drive has Nancy loosing control. By the time she exits the van she is running into her brothers arms sobbing and weeping uncontrollably, like she has been holding it all in ’till now. He walks her into the house and they sit with Bill holding her until she calms and is able to talk.

Bill is stunned by her beauty. He hasn’t seen her in almost four years, not even a picture. He had missed her last trip home. Nancy is like a red headed version of his gorgeous mom now. Bill had truly loved his mom which is one reason for his being so out of control. No woman was close to her in his affection so none of his girls escaped or wanted to escape his indiscriminate and passionate lust he harbored for his mom. They got to experience some of the wildest and most unrestrained sex many will ever have. Here he is holding the image of his mom’s fur wrapped body in his arms! Bill quickly gets a grip on his emotions.

“It’s so good to see you home at last. I miss them too.”

“Bill .. what do we do now?”

“Get on with our lives! Our parents would want us to do no less. They certainly have taken good care that we don’t have to ever worry.”

Nancy is struck by how much Bill looks like their dad! He’s so much more handsome than the awkward teen she remembered. He’s taken on muscle tone and his build is wonderful, just like her dad. Nancy loved her dad very much .. the measure of all the guys that had come so very close to taking her virginity. None measured up .. literally. From seeing her dad in a bathing suit she knew her dad was super-hung. She always envied what her mom must have felt inside her. Her greatest fantasy has been to loose it to a big cock between her thighs to a magnificent man like her dad. She finds herself looking at her brothers cock with an ever so quick a glance and nice reward.

“I suppose so. I’m really lost right now and need to just get adjusted to being home maybe?”

“Yeah. Let’s go out to eat.”

Bill takes her to a favorite French Provincial Restaurant of his for dinner. Nancy decides to wear her mothers wonderful Golden Sable hooded short coat over her bright blue cashmere sweater dress. It’s a combination her mom loved and they both hit her mid thigh. It fits her wonderful body like a glove. Her wild thick red hair now gives her a totally sexy and provocative look with her wonderful attire. She’s magnificent.

Bill is dumb-struck over her incredible beauty. Beyond their mother’s beauty. Not the geeky, scrawny and rather freakish girl he had know as his sister at all. She stands out as a beautiful beacon in a room full of beautiful women .. just like their mom did.

“Bill .. maybe we should deal with our parents ashes tomorrow? We can take off first thing. I’d like to have the closure and feel all they wished for has been done.”

“We’ll do that.” he stammers out .. gazing at his wonderful sister, his eyes taking in her magnificent beauty and sensual gestures.

“I missed mom and dad, home and the friends I use to have here all the time. So many times I wanted to come home but I swore I’d stick to getting the best education I could. Dating was not an option for so long because of my geek status and shyness. Guys just didn’t seem interested in me until the last year or so.”

“I can’t imagine that seeing you now!”

“Well it all seemed to happen overnight. Then I wasn’t too interested in them. When I did get with boys they all seemed so inept and clumsy. We sure did just about everything else. It’s real hard for them to monitor us 24-7.”

Nancy is mesmerized by her brothers handsome image as they talk. The image of making love with her dad flashes through her mind with a jolt straight to her vagina. She has to control the gasp of sexual stimulation with its contraction. She unconsciously strokes the Sable.

“It was that way with me until I went on my wild streak. Then I screwed every girl in sight until I got straightened out and knew life had a more serious side. It was almost too late for our parents to appreciate but those last months were wonderful before they left on their trip. I’m really sorry you weren’t here to enjoy it. We were looking forward to your return with great anticipation.”

“It’s nice to be tuzla escort bayan home anyway, even if our folks are dead. I wanted so bad to leave school but felt I had to prove my worth despite my compulsion to rebel. I think mom, in particular, knew this about me even though it didn’t show.”

“I was tempted to throw a Return Home party for you but I didn’t know who to invite? I wasn’t certain you would have appreciated it anyway?”

“Maybe we can .. but more of a Getting on with life party instead.”

They continued with chit chat and getting Nancy up to local news. They found each other increasingly comfortable to be with and an undertow of sexual tension building. They are drawn closer than ever before .. a growing sexual attraction to the other.

They drive home in near silence.

“Time for bed. I’m suddenly exhausted from my trip home.” heading for her old room and Bill to his old room. The master Suite is like a Temple in the middle of the house to them both.


Nancy had already taken several furs from her mother’s closet and taken them to her room. She is naked as she always is for bed. She hates the restriction of pajamas and finds herself wrapped in the furs as never before .. sexually stroking her body with the soft Fox and Sable .. thinking of making love. First her father is on her as she had imagined so many times in the way she imagined him making love to her mom. Then a flash of mixed surprise and excitement with the image of Bill and his thick cock driving between her thighs as she moans and writhes in the furs with this thought. She falls asleep shaking with passionate feelings for her brother. No thoughts of its forbidden nature. Only the warm satisfaction of his presence in her life now.

In the other bedroom Bill is fur masturbating furiously to the image of Nancy in the Sable at dinner. He knows he has to have his sister. The connection to their mom is all too clear and too much to bear. He had so wanted to make love to mom in the furs. The thoughts of incestuous love has long lost its taboo status for Bill. Nancy didn’t know that Bill has also become totally addicted to furs and now wears his father’s furs all the time. It was all he could do to not wear them to dinner. He usually does since their death.

Nancy awakes with a start in her dark room, gripped with anxiety and fear. The full import of her parents death is like a dagger to the heart. She has the soft Golden Sable wrapped around her with the fur to her soft skin. A comfort wrap of her mother’s.

Before she realizes her actions she is in her parents bedroom staring at the plain earthen jar containing the ashes of her parents on the fireplace mantle at the foot of the bed. She is stroking her crotch and breasts with the soft Sable fur.

Nancy shivers and moans in a string of mild and soft orgasms. She has never had ones like this with fur. “Oh mom .. dad .. I miss you so.” as she strokes herself more energetically. Staggering back into the soft Lynx spread her parents made love on for so long she writhes and shakes in stronger orgasms. Getting more furs from the closet she is in a large pile of furs like in her dreams .. loosing her virginity. Nancy falls asleep .. comforted by the smell and softness of her parents and their furs.

She awakes again with the sense she is not alone. Looking around in the dim light she sees a dark form. Her brother wrapped in a mammoth dark Sable to the floor, close to the bed and looking down on her nude form in the soft furs. Nancy says nothing but spreads her thighs, exposing her nude body to her brother and smiles up at him.

Bill was drawn to his parents room by a strong force. It’s not the first time he has been in here to masturbate in the Lynx and other furs. He has worn his dad’s big Sable many times now but this time is different. It’s like a wedding robe and he’s about to take his sister’s virginity without any concerns at all. It’s as if it’s meant to be. He slowly moves over her soft and willing body buried in their parents furs, her sweet smile beckoning him to her willing virgin body. He looks down at his large cock sticking out between the thick fur lapels like a battering ram with a strong awareness of the finality of their actions with far more gravity of feeling than any time before. Nancy is looking at it with an eager look, her darting tongue licking her lips giving up her true feelings of the moment.

“Oh yes Bill. Thrust your magnificent cock deep into my virgin womb.” Bill falls slowly on her like a large tree, his cock thrusting into the fur pile between her thighs. The huge Sable coat covers her as the full weight of his body bears on her body. Nancy moans and takes her brother’s passionate kiss as a lovers kiss. She can feel the tip of his monster cock pushing at the gate of her labia lips, rubbing in her thick soft harry red muff. She eagerly counter thrusts with very short humping .. making the tip just part her lips. With her kissing and tongue she mimics this thrust.

Bill is pleasantly shocked at his sister’s escort tuzla actions. No other woman has shown such subtle and eager sensitivity. He responds with the same small, incremental thrust .. barely parting her labia lips he softly vibrates his cock tip in and out of her labia. Nancy erupts in a stronger orgasm than before but clearly far from her goal. Their furs are making them both super excited and they are both fur fondling the other very energetically almost like his cock in her is a side issue. Bill’s cock has never been so large or painfully erect. The excitement and anticipation is almost more than he can manage but manage he will. This is the most exciting fuck of his life and her first so he doesn’t dare mess it up. His mom’s image is still fixed in his mind with his attentions to his sister.

The thought of her bother about to take her virginity is almost more than Nancy can handle. She wants so badly for him to thrust deep into her womb but she wants to savor every last moment for as long as she can and Bill seems willing and eager to do the same. It’s like his cock advances into her a tiny fraction every half hour. They are both going out of their minds with the anticipation. Nancy continues to shake with mini-orgasms. Bill is driven to levels of excitement he’s never experienced with any woman. Her mini-orgasms has him thrusting even faster in and out of her sending her into even more frequent orgasms.

After what seems a wonderful eternity of sensual fondling and vaginal manipulations Bill gives one mighty thrust .. driving his huge cock deep into her incredibly tight twat. Nancy gasps and freezes. Bill freezes with his cock fully into her .. cock hair to muff. He slowly and gently rubs his cock hair to her muff .. his cock slowly rotating in her. She moans and squeaks softly with the pain in the most erotic and sensual way that Bill has ever encountered. His sister is a love fox!

Nancy is initially paralyzed with pain but slowly expands inside to accommodate Bill’s cock partly distracted by burying her face and moans in the big soft Sable collar of Bills coat. She begins squeezing his cock with her vagina muscles and enjoying the rubbing action as her clitoris gets stimulated with his big root rubbing her entire insides. She’s imagining her dad screwing her like she has imagined him screwing her mom and thinking of what it would be like if Bill were screwing her mom! These thoughts makes their actions somehow complete. It’s way beyond her fantasies and she’s, for some reason, so glad it’s her brother. Like he belongs between her thighs … deep inside her … her eyes fixed on the earthen jug of their parents ashes … she smiles as she finally moans and squeals in sheer pleasure like they have been blessed.

Bill is going out of his mind with her squeezing his cock inside herself. This is totally new and he can’t control himself any longer with her last loud moan and her legs gripping around his butt over the Sable. She thrusts him into her womb with a mighty grip.

“Sis .. I’m going to unload .. we’re not .. OOOHHH ….. ” as he shoots the largest load of his life into his sisters warm womb. He thought he would never stop ejaculating … big pulse after pulse of wild and willing passionate insemination. Nancy is pulling him tighter to her twat than ever .. with counter thrusts and her wrestling grip around his butt .. driving him ever deeper into her warm well … touching her cervix.

“OOHH what a wonderful way to loose my virginity brother!!!! Your seed is sooo woonderful in me ……. it’s OK .. I’m on the pill.”

With that Bill launches into powerful, long, deep and fast thrusts into her now well lubricated twat. Ponding Nancy for all he’s worth. Bill is soon shooting more large pulses of warm cream deep into her womb as Nancy moans in a cataclysmic orgasm like never before .. gripping her brother ever tighter into her counter-thrusting twat. Their moans and screams are mixed and muffled in the thick soft furs as they wallow and roll with each other in a passionate embrace.

They screw and furiously pump each other for many orgasms and inseminations …. sometimes Bill’s on top and sometimes Nancy’s on top. Bill is way beyond spent when they fall apart and lay back in the furs with exhaustion.

“Sis … never!!!!!!! ……. Oh my god you’re soooo good.”

“Thank you brother. I’m sure I got the best from you tonight …. well this morning.”

She leans over him and licks at the tip of his still stiff but spent cock .. licking the tip of its creamy coating .. their mixed fluids. “My we’re yummy together.” going down further with the entire tip in her mouth Bill moans loudly as the sensations of her warm mouth around his cock makes its way to his brain. She licks up all the fluids as she sucks and slurps on his big cock. It twitches with involuntary efforts to make more cream in a throbbing and exquisitely painful effort with Nancy’s fur fondling of his throbbing ball sack. Sharp pain with the slightest touch but he can’t bring himself to have her stop. Her attention to him is so incredible he wants it to last forever. Bill goes flush with the realization they are lovers for life. Nancy knew it with her gigantic orgasms. She somehow knows she’s sealing the deal now.

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