Revenge On A Sissy Brat

Between Breasts

Revenge On A Sissy BratJuan was a class “A” jerk and I was done! I deleted all his emails and texts. I removed his contact information from my phone and took all the Teddy Bears and jewelry he bought me, and all the clothes he had at my place; put them all in a black trash bag and prepared to toss it down the trash chute. The entire time I was storming around gathering his shit, my phone kept ringing and I knew it was him.Txt – “Baby I’m sorry”Txt – “You always said you wanted to try a gangbang” Return Txt – “NOT WITH ASSHOLES THAT JUST GOT OUT OF PRISON!!!!”Return Txt – “AND YOU EGGED THEM ON WHEN I WANTED TO STOP!!!”I knew I should have turned my phone off, stupid me. Txt – “Let’s talk”Return Txt –“NO”Txt – “Fine, you just a piece of ass to me anyway bitch!”Return Txt – “THAT IS WHY YOU ARE AN EXBOYFRIEND!’Txt – “I’ll be there in 20 mins”Fine, I thought. I wanted closure. I wanted Juan AKA; Mr. Jerkface to know what he will be missing. I knew I was messing with fire, but I was pissed. Quickly doing my hair and makeup, I spotted his favorite booty shots he loved to see me wearing. Putting on my matching powder blue sneakers made the outfit just right. Even in the thick soled sneaker boots Juan was still a full 6-inches taller than me. When the buzzer rang, I squirted on a bit of Red Door (his favorite perfume) on my neck, opened the door, and give that stupid jerk my best death stare to Mr. Jerkface. He barged in like he owned the place and asked, “What the fuck?!” when I pointed at the trash bag in the corner. “Oh, you just going to throw my shit out?!” “Yep” I respond. I did my best to remain steady looking at his thick arms, scruffy beard and bulges in all the right places. I had to keep telling myself bursa escort it was over, then I pictured what happened in my head and remembered why we broke up…I would do anything to please him and when he told me his “boys” said they never fucked a feminine sissy like me, and it was a fantasy of his to watch me getting fucked by another man. That would be my gift to him. As his sissy wife I thought it would be so awesome to have him live out his fantasy of watching me getting fucked by other men. He was supposed to bring two nice guys; but they were gangbanger thugs straight out of prison, and to my surprise I was his gift to those assholes! They abused my entire body, it was a night of sucking their dirty cocks, getting fucked over and over in every position. No tapping out, no limits for them. The one time when I said I couldn’t take anymore was met with a swift smack to my little balls to put me in my place. I was humiliated and Juan laughed, drank and took pictures.The thought of that night helped clear my head, and for the moment I was standing firm. But God, he had a body on him. In his Spanish accent, he apologized over and over. I sat on the couch and Alex went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of wine and two glasses, WTF?! He complimented me on how I looked, how I smelled so pretty; and said he was a jerk for not stopping the assault. We talked, had wine, talked more and had more wine. Then I noticed when he got the second bottle of wine, he hadn’t touched his glass at all. The conversation moved from how sorry he was, to how much me missed my body. How horny he got every time he thought about my thick ass. Unfortunately, was so tipsy and vulnerable, and çanakkale escort me being such a stupid gurl, I believed every word he was saying.The wine had done its job, loosened my guard and he did not waste a second. We had a heavy make-out session on the couch and the next thing I knew my hands were all over his muscular Latin body as he kissed my neck and pawed my big ass. He knew every right button to push, and I was once again I was between his legs sucking his beautiful cock. Fuck he did it again! I continued to rub his powerfully built legs as he told me he knew I really wanted him to fuck me. Standing up, he grabbed me by the waist “Girl get that fat ass over the couch” Between the alcohol and him always having control over me, his commanding voice made my knees weak and the only thing I could do was obey as he placed me over the couch in the perfect fucking position. “You ready for ass babies?” I nodded my head yes.It always takes Juan a while to work his cock to full girth in me and once he does, I must hang on for dear life because that man knows how to make me feel like a woman! The was no time for lube, he had to get my pussy while I was willing. Using the slobber for his blowjob and extra spit, he worked his jumbo dick in my sissy cunt. I moaned as he pushed deeper in me “Damn baby, you know I need this pussy” it sounded like old times. Balancing over the couch I reached back and pulled apart my meaty cheeks, I wanted all if that dick in my hole. “Fuck my pussy daddy” I moaned and that was his cue to try his best to break my asshole. He forced every inch of his brutish Latin dick in me. His balls slapped mine as he pumped me like he would never see me again. escort bayan God, it felt like is dick was bigger and meaner than before. At times, he would pull out all the ways just so he could slam it back in to hear my reaction. He pushed full force in me, and I thought he was going to fuck me over the couch. I balanced myself, but he had a better solution; he grabbed both of my arms, pulled them back and slammed away. Over and over he worked my asshole as I whimpered and moaned feeling every inch dick. My faggot cunt was his and he knew it. “Please give me that cum, I want your ass babies daddy” in the middle begging for his seed, I shot my load as he rocked me over the sofa, then I felt squirt after squirt of his warm semen flood my boi pussy. Juan pulled his cock out making a squishy “pop” and I could feel his cum oozing out of me and down legs. I stayed slumped over sofa, with my butthole twitching as it emptied Juan’s DNA down my balls on the fabric. I was so relaxing to lay there, my ass and legs dangling over one end, and the rest of my body over the other being in total bliss. Juan gently padded my butt then I felt a gentle kiss on my ass cheek. He was unusually sweet, and the quiet moments I drifted off thinking maybe I was just being a brat about my man. I waited for him to walk around the other side of the sofa thinking he may want for me to suck him clean; but he never did. Maybe he thought I was resting happily, so he crept to the bathroom to clean himself off, but it was too quiet. Feeling the silent was too long, I scooched down from the back of sofa, to see where the hell was Juan and got the shock of my life! The apartment door was wide open, and his bag of stuff was gone, WTF?! That fucking jerk’s final act of humiliating me was to creep out, leaving my apartment door wide open. My heart skipped a beat wondering just how many of my neighbors saw me and my big ass bent over the couch, legs spread wide, with a full view of cum dripping out my asshole.

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