Revenge pt2

Big Tits

Revenge pt2″I’d worship them… Lick them…” I hear my voice speak.”…and what else?” The feet curve sensually and rub against each other.”I’d suck the toes… One by one… And when I’ve given them the devotion they deserve…””They deserve…?””I’d wrap the soft arches around my dick… And slowly fuck them…”A moan forces me to look away from the feet. The delicate ankles… The calves… A hint of mouthwatering thighs… Red robe… Up… Her face… Biting the bottom lip. Eyes piercing into me. My mother makes another soft moan.I’m violently ripped out of the trance.If I couldn’t look at her before, it’s a thousand times worse now. The couch feels too small… A force pulls me towards her and pushes me away at the same time. Like if opposite ends of two magnets are pushed together by an outside force, but instinctively repel each other from within.”…You did that on purpose.” I say, my whole body facing another direction.”Yes, I did.” She says simply, shamelessly.”Why?””Irrelevant. My turn. What do you wanna know?”I fight to get my breathing and heart rate under control.”Have you ever cheated on Dad?””No.”I give free reign to my mind. “What’s something you do, when no one’s looking?””Besides fingering my cunt?””Oh God…””Would you like to see what else I do when no one’s looking?””I don’t think so…” I whisper, the muscles in my neck straining as I struggle not to look at her. The more we’ve been talking, the more open and… free, my mother had become.”Well too bad, because I feel like doing it.” What follows is the sound of rustling clothes…”I like cleaning in the nude…” She whispers in my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. “Or watching T.V, doing the laundry… All without wearing anything…””Mom, I think…””Enough thinking…” Her hand lands on my shoulder. The long graceful fingers tapping from the pinkie…to the index finger…and back again. “Why don’t you turn around and look at me?””Because you’re my mother…””The same mother you fucked last night?” Her head rests on my shoulder and her tits press into my back. “Why can’t you look at me?” She pecks me on the cheek.”I…””Why are you blushing?” Another peck. Her scent, a flowery shampoo mixed with a spicy lotion, permeates my nose.Twenty-two years of age, and still I behave like a fucking teenager… My mind is scrambled… The ability to form coherent sentences, lost…”Is it because you finally see your mother as a woman?”I can only nod.”And pray tell, how did you see me before?”Deep breaths. “As just a mother…””And mothers can’t be sexy?””…Not ordinarily, no.””Do find me sexy?”She presses her lips to my cheek a little longer when I remain silent. “Come on, baby. If you tell Mommy the truth…”, her breath hot against my ear, “…you can have her feet.”My body temperature skyrockets as my heart pumps warm blood at an even higher rate.”Let me ask you again… Do you find Mommy sexy?”A pause. “I do now…”She releases me and moves back. I break the compulsion holding me in place and slowly turn around.My mom is leaning on her side of the couch. Her right leg is curved over the back, with the other leg lying straight out towards me.She’s wearing black see-through lingerie with filigree patterns all over… The bra fails completely to hide her rock hard nipples and dark areola…And the thong… She might as well not be wearing it. Her hairy pussy is on prominent display… The thick brown labia glistening with fluid that runs down her puffy inner thighs and onto the couch…She massages a breast and looks directly into my eyes, licking her lips.”Let’s continue, shall we?” She says.I accept both her feet onto my lap. As soon as my hands make contact with the damp skin, I start pressing my thumbs into the sole of one foot and rub it lovingly.”Fuck, that feels good…” She closes her eyes and moans. “Another thing I’ve always wanted, but have always been denied…””Tell me.””Is having my pussy eaten.” She narrows her eyes, daring me to look away. I don’t. “According to your father, men don’t eat pussies. Is that true?””True or not, that is a fucking tragedy…””It is, isn’t it?””It would be a shame to deprive you for any longer…” I say.”Such a shame…”Her foot feels divine in my hands… Let the worshiping begin…”Oh, you bad boy…”I start from the heel and drag my tongue up the sole until I get to her green painted toes. The salty taste of sweat causes me to sigh in bliss. My mother wriggles her big toe in my mouth as I suck on it. I move to the next one, and the next, until I get to the pinkie toe.”Oh fuck…” My mother has her eyes closed and a hand down her thong, furiously rubbing her engorged clit.I run my tongue between her toes, savoring the taste of her sweat.My dick throbs intermittently in briefs, hidden underneath my halkalı escort sweat pants. The feeling of licking my mother’s sexy feet is overwhelming… Like my role is to serve at her feet… Beneath her… She is my goddess…I bring up her other foot and start over again… I suck on her heel and lick the sole clean, before moving to her toes, taking them in one by one…”Fuck!” My mother’s waist rises off the couch and I move back as she writhes sporadically… Her hand doesn’t leave her clit and she presses down hard with her fingers, eliciting a scream of pleasure…For a few minutes she clenches her jaw and trembles with orgasms. I help her along by bringing up both her feet and dragging my tongue all over the soles, nibbling on the sides, and kissing the tender arches…”Please w-wait…Fuck!” She shudders through another earth shattering orgasm. Her panties are soaked. Copious amounts of fluid leaking out the sides.For a while she lies still… Her entire body glistening with sweat, breathing is erratic… I envision steam rising from her pussy that twitches every few seconds.A small voice echoing from somewhere, reminds me that this is wrong. This is your mother. What are you doing?But then I think back on the fact that we already had sex last night. On top of it, my father had found out and we’re already waiting for the axe to drop.At this point we’re already fucked, so might as well just see where it goes.I grab a couple bottles of water from the kitchen. When I get back to the living room, my mother is sitting upright on the sofa with her legs spread open. The black thong and bra lie discarded on the wooden floorboards.I can’t take my eyes off her dripping pussy… The hair… the thick lips, and the large swollen clit look so fucking delicious…”Thanks.” She says after I hand her a bottle. I place the rest on a nearby table and grab one myself.”I’ve never cum so hard before…” My mother says, gulping down some of the cool liquid. The rest she pours carelessly out onto her heated pussy. “I want your mouth on my feet every day from now on…””Mom, I don’t think there’s going to be an ‘everyday’. As soon as Dad gets back—” I’m stopped by her knowing smirk.”Forget about your father for now.” She rubs her finger through her pussy and points at the space in front of the couch with her feet. “Take off your clothes and come lie down.””Mom…””Listen to your mother.” Her tone gets stern.I take off all my clothes except the briefs and stand in front of her.”Oh my… You bad boy, hiding all these muscles from Mommy.” She places her soft foot on my bare chest and drags it down to my stomach.”Is this for me?” She presses the sole into my hard cock. I moan deliriously.”You like that don’t you?” She grips the waistband with her toes and pulls down. My throbbing erection springs out, dripping precum.”Oh poor baby, so much tension…” She gently rubs the sole of her foot all over the engorged glans.”Want Mommy to give you some release?” She giggles and squeezes with her toes.”Yes.” I say through clenched teeth.”And what do good boys say?””…Yes, please.””Good boy. Now lie down.”As soon I’m on the floor, she shifts forward to the edge of the seat, her feet on the move. She steps on my cock while looking down on me from the sofa…”How does that feel?” Her foot starts frantically rubbing the underside of my shaft.”So fucking good…” I say while enduring the blissful hot pulses spreading from my loins. My hips lift from the floor uncontrollably as I seek more of her soft feet.She spits on my cock and wraps the arches around it. It feels like I’ll explode at any moment as the pleasure starts building up rapidly.My mother pumps her feet up and down, my raging member squeezed tightly between them.”You like Mommy’s feet?””I love them…”She releases her grip, lays a flat sole against the meat, and starts rubbing her foot all over my dick. Faster and faster… The saliva and precum makes it smoother, becoming a white froth…My mother has three fingers up her wet cunt, her hand moving in time with her footwork.”More…””Oh yeah? Baby wants to go harder?” She puts more pressure on my dick and I moan at the raw pleasure.How long has it been, minutes? Hours? Every time I’d get close to cumming, my mother would lift her feet as my dick pulsed, anxiously awaiting the release.”Please…””What was that, Baby?””Please let me cum…” I beg. My mother makes a sensual sadistic smile. She unplugs her hand from her pussy and licks it clean before placing both hands on the edge of the seat. “Very well.”She wraps both feet tightly around my dick and interlocks her toes.I grab on to them as soon as she starts pumping.”This filthy dick…” She breaths taksim escort out. “Belongs… to me.””Yes.””Say it! It’s Mommy’s dick…”A fog starts building up in my lust fueled mind and I can hardly see anything…”It’s Mommy’s dick!” I nearly scream out.”Now cum for me.”I growl as I fuck her soft arches.”Cum on your mother’s feet!”White hot pleasure assaults my brain, my jaw is clenched, spine rigid. My dick spasms and ejaculates semen all over my mother’s feet… My breathing stops. There’s nothing but the bliss…I’m consumed by the euphoria… To echo my mother, I’ve never cum this hard before… Her feet alone are better than the only two pussies I’ve ever had…The haze on my mind finally clears after I hear wet smacking noises… What is that?I struggle to open my eyes or sit, and when I do… It’s almost too much.My mother has her leg up, gripping her foot… and hungrily licking off my cum. That sight alone will never leave my mind, no matter what happens tomorrow.Her feet are shiny with her saliva as she’d cleaned every last drop of semen.I drop back down, breathing heavily.”Did that really just happen?””…It most certainly did.” My mother says, smiling down at me.”Oh… You’re no longer possessed by the Mommy demon?”She laughs. A sexy throaty laugh. Why am I only now realizing how amazing that sounds?”As if you didn’t enjoy it…””…It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…””Obviously.” She smirks. “And the fun is only getting started.””Wait… I’m thirsty as hell.” I say, panting like a dog. “Give me a moment.”My mother stands up and walks over me… her feet on both sides of my head. Drops of fluid drip down on my face from her swollen cunt lips. “I have just the thing to quench your thirst.”A few seconds later, my mouth is stuffed with my mother’s pussy. I suck on the delectable lips and push my tongue up into her folds.”Yes… Just like that…”Her abundant ass and thighs are squashed around my face; her weight on her knees. The overwhelming powerful odor of woman, is all I can breathe. I close my eyes as the sweat from her juicy thighs drip down and run off my neck, pooling on the floor.”Lick your mother’s pussy… Oh, such a good boy…” She holds my head in place by gripping my hair.I knew it would be delicious. I can’t get enough of my mother’s creamy cum… So sour… So sweet… I want more.My tongue digs deep and elicits a hungry moan when I hit a certain spot. I hit it again and am rewarded with more fluid…Divine…My mother grips my hair painfully and grinds her hairy pussy down harder on my face. My tongue slips out of her hole as she starts riding.Back and forth… Back and forth…Harder…Faster…Her pussy suffocates me, but getting fresh air is the last thing on my mind. Her lips coat my entire face with her juices as they are splayed open. The sharp, painful tugs on my hair increase as my mother starts to roughly fuck my face.The only thing on her mind is chasing her orgasm. She doesn’t give a fuck about how rough she’s being… And I wouldn’t have it any other way.She’d twist, turn, and move her hips in all directions. Then she’d jerk my head up by the hair as she’d push down her waist. Her vulva and thighs would fully cover my nose, mouth, and eyes as she’d hold that position tightly for at least ten or twenty seconds.Just when it would feel like I’m running out of oxygen, she’d relent and resume facefucking me. Instead of inhaling fresh air, I’d get the smell of damp pussy.Pretty soon that became my fresh air.I move my head a little and suck in that prominent clit.My mother screams in bliss…My tongue rolls around the bundle of nerves and I press hard on it to get the most interesting responses. I lose the button when she starts riding me again.For the next eternity my world consisted only of my mother’s pussy. It’s all I could taste… All I could smell… All I could hear… And all I could see if I briefly opened my eyes. I’m nothing but a sexual outlet for her lust at this moment. A slave to her pussy…”Get ready…” This is the only warning I’d get when she’d cum. How many times has it been now? Five? Ten? Twenty?I’ve lost count. After climaxing enough times, a big one will consume her… This next one is a big one. I can tell by how hard she’s gripping my hair… How hard she’s grinding her pussy… By the little squeals that follow her warning…Finally, she leans back and pulls my head with her. My mouth is plugged to her pussy at just the right spot, my first two failures had prepared me for this.”Oh, fucking motherfucker!” She jerks my head as tight against her cunt as possible, and that’s when it happens.My mouth fills rapidly with her fluid as she squirts explosively. This time I gulp down the mild, sweet watery juice. One… şişli escort Two… Three… Four…Four mouthfuls, and I swallow it all, barely spilling even a drop.My mother finally rolls off me…What should’ve been actual fresh air is nowhere to be found. All I smell is raw a****l sex…The first thing I see is my painfully erect and swollen cock. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so hard and pulsing before.As my mother lies on her stomach, occasionally convulsing in pleasure, my eyes become glued to that pussy.With adrenaline fueled herculean strength, I drag my gaze away. That does nothing for my throbbing cock, however.I grab a water bottle and drink maybe a quarter before putting it down. I’ve had enough to drink.My mother finally stirs and drags her body onto the sofa.”…That was insane.” She says, gulping down one and a half bottles of water in less than ten seconds. Her tits move up and down in sync with her heavy breathing.”I’d say you more than made up for all those times you missed out…””…I don’t think I can ever live without that again…””If we by some miracle make it through today, I’ll be sure to dine at restaurant de la mère as often as you’d like.””You promise?” She leans back on the sofa, sitting with her legs spread open, her favorite position apparently.”I do.”That sadistic smile I’ve come to love appears on her face again. “There’s no going back now…””…Why do I think you know something, I don’t?””Because I know something you don’t.””Of course.”As she’s sitting so crudely with no care for grace, my eyes again fall on those thick pussy lips that seem to invite me closer… Her whole body is slick with sweat… It’s like the perfect bundle of femininity…At this moment, I’m certain beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my mother is my ideal woman.The throbbing in my cock returns with a vengeance and I’m powerless to stop my lust.How long was I underneath my mother with an erect cock that received zero stimulation? A poignant mist overwhelms my rational mind…”Mom… I don’t think I can hold back.”She massages her tits. “And you’ll never have to. Now bring Mommy’s cock over here…”I walk slowly towards her, one step at a time. It’s like I’m not in control of my body, driven only by a primal need to fuck…My mother smirks as I lower myself.I rest my forehead on hers, and grip my aching rod, guiding it in the right direction. This should be a repeat of last night… Did I fuck her in the same way?My aching dick spreads my mother’s labia open… They stretch around me as I sink deeper and deeper into her boiling hot, wet pussy…The heat extends out from my loins… Eroding my very being with lust…More… More…Finally, my pubic mound presses tightly against my mother’s more pronounced one… My hard cock is buried to the root… Her walls massage the shaft with immense pressure… The glans is pushed firmly against her cervix…We breathe in each other’s faces, not speaking a word… I look into her silvery eyes that mirror my own, a carnal hunger burning there…She moans as I start to grind… My hips moving side to side, cock digging around inside her saturated cunt… Sweat drips down our warm slippery bodies.Without warning my mother sucks on my bottom lip and I take in her top puffy one… She slips her tongue into my mouth…I slide my dick out halfway, her pussy clinging to me, and slam back into her with a loud squelch as her juices squirt onto me.Another moan into my mouth. Our tongues battle with each other, saliva building up and being exchanged… It leaks and runs crudely down our chins…Blissful sensations assault my nerves when I think that the woman beneath me is my mother… That the pussy I’m drilling into, belongs to my own mother…Several hours ago, I’d felt like my world was over because of a drunken mistaken… Now I’m only wishing that I can remember that mistake.Did she wrap her legs around my waist, like she’s doing now, to keep me inside her? Did I relentlessly pump into, savoring her yelps of pleasure, as I’m doing now?My mother lifts her hips higher as I’m hammering down into her. Our mixed fluid builds up a froth that cling to our pubic hair, contributing more to the aroma of raw sex that keeps getting stronger.The sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills the air… All thoughts of consequences leave my mind… My father can walk in right this moment, and I wouldn’t stop pounding my mother’s pussy.We hungrily explore each other’s mouths, breathing deeply through our noses. The acute pleasure keeps pushing us closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy.I hug her tight, feeling those perky nipples press against my chest.”You really know how to,” she moans through a wave of pleasure, “fuck your mother, don’t you?””I never did want to disappoint you…””Keeping fucking me and you never will.”I grab her ass and thighs and she wraps her arms around my neck as I stand up.”Oh fuck…” My mother starts rolling her hips, enjoying our new position. She’s like a snake, the way her slippery body wriggles and writhes… “This is new…””I’ve always wanted to try it…” I say through clenched teeth.

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