Rick , Jess: Beginning



My name is Rick (Richard really, but everyone calls me Rick); I’m 43, 5’11” and about 220 pounds, but at the time of this story I was only 23 and about 190 pounds. I’ve always been athletic and always enjoyed sport, and still do. I’m the only son of Tony and Jessica, and I was returning to my family home after the breakup of a long term relationship. At the time I thought this was the end of the world, but looking back I couldn’t have been luckier. This is the story of how my life changed.

A New Start

Louise, my ex, and I had met at university and moved in together. We both secured well-paid jobs with different companies after both graduating with honours. As a couple we were financial very well off, and as our relationship blossomed I was convinced that she was the one for me. I agreed that we wouldn’t get married for a while at Louise’s request but we did set up home together, which resulted in us buying a house. It seemed that Louise wasn’t satisfied with all of that. She decided to run off with Robert, one of her clients, in what I can only assume was an attempt to find greener grass. So after only 4 years in total our relationship was at an end. We had finally agreed in principle to the financial and legal aspects of our separation but it would still take about a year to resolve everything including the sale of our house. With solicitors dealing with the formalities and Louise having already moved in with Robert, it was time to return to my family home.

I had had many long talks with my mum over the last 6 months or so and she had invited me to move back home for a while until all the legal and financial issues had been resolved; selling our old property and splitting the assets of our failed relationship. I had been able to transfer my job from Manchester to an office in Bristol, so I only had a reasonably short commute every day from Bath, where Mum lived. I’d already moved most of my possessions down to Bath, some at home and some into storage, so having finished work in Manchester, and starting work in a couple of weeks time in Bristol, there was nothing to keep me in Manchester anymore. With everything set I’d locked up my old home and handed the keys to my solicitor and I hit the road leaving my old and recently very painful life behind me.

The drive from Manchester to Bath was about four and a half hours. I was thinking how strange it would be going back home. Strange because when I left to go to university Mum and Dad saw me off, but with Dad having died in a car accident 3 years ago, it would only be Mum at home to greet me.

The drive was a little slow with the typical Friday evening traffic on the roads and with no great rush I stopped off a couple of times for a coffee, and took the opportunity to phone Mum and let her know how my journey was going. Eventually at around 10:30pm I backed onto the drive and parked next to Mum’s Audi TT and got out of my car.

As I was stretching I heard the front door of the house, and then Mum’s familiar voice, “Hello Darling, how was your drive?”

I turned towards her. “Hi Mum. It was fine thanks. No surprises and I made reasonable time once I got south of Birmingham.”

She came up to me and gave me a big hug and a motherly kiss on the lips, then said, “It’ll be nice to have some company. It’s so quiet around the house with you having left and Dad having gone, it will be nice to have you around.”

“Hopefully I won’t turn the house upside down,” I replied, and then continued, “I’ll enjoy some company as well. It’s been pretty lonely since Louise left.”

“That bitch doesn’t know when she’s on to a good thing.” Mum said with some venom in her voice, then softening, “Anyway, I’m glad it’s all over and you can spend time home sorting yourself and your future out.”

I was a little surprised at the venom in Mum’s comment about Louise, but I smiled at her and said, “It’s good to be home Mum.”

I took a couple of things from the back seat of the car and grabbed my suitcase from the boot, leaving the rest for the morning. I locked the car and Mum and I went into the house.

I went up to my old room, freshened up from the drive and did a quick change into some joggers and a sweatshirt. When I got back downstairs Mum had made some cheesy crumpets, my favourite, and had poured me a lager. I thanked her and we spent another hour or so just catching up on the latest developments in my saga, before eventually going to bed.

Tomorrow would be the start of my new life, but at that moment I had no idea what my new life would be like, and to be honest I didn’t really care.

Settling In

Mum had offered me the second reception room downstairs and said that while I was staying there I could furnish it how I wished. This allowed me to get my TV and sound system from storage and set up that room as ‘my den’. I’d agreed with Mum that it would be 6-12 months before everything was sorted and she had said that I was welcome for as long as I wished.

So over the next few weeks I’d settled in, got into a bursa escort routine working in Bristol and had met some of my old sixth form college mates and had started to slowly forget the pain of the last year.

Living at home with Mum was a little strange at first. We both had to adjust to the fact that there was someone else in the house. Mum had admitted to me that one morning she’d come down to the kitchen to make a coffee, forgetting I was in the house, then realised she was completely naked. I had also nearly done a similar thing, but had remembered where I was as I went to open my bedroom door. We had a good laugh about it.

Mum was what most people would call pretty. She wasn’t stunning and she rarely turned heads, but she had an almost child-like face, which had its own attractions. She kept her dark brown hair fairly short, almost boyish but a little longer and thicker. She had an athletic frame, standing 5’5″ not too curvy and with an adequate chest, probably 34B or 34C at most. She kept herself very fit, as she had done all her life, with a trim waist and extremely toned legs, and at 43 years of age, she was the envy of many women 10 years her junior.

Mum was not hung up over things like nudity or sex, and often spoke to me and advised me when I was in my mid-teens. I was more relaxed talking to her than I was talking to Dad, who always seemed to try to tell me what to do. I was able to talk to Mum about girls and sex and she would just give me facts and advise me on avoiding some of the traps many young people fall into. Although it was sometimes mildly embarrassing for me Mum never judged me and never gave me a hard time on the few occasions I ignored her advice. She knew that it wouldn’t take me long to realise that whatever she said it was always in my best interests. Although it may not have always been apparent to me a few years back, I am eternally grateful for her advice and still seek it when I have a problem.

Weeks turned into a couple of months and I had truly settled back in at home. Mum and I were both comfortable around each other, and we’d settled into a routine that suited us both. We tended to have breakfast together before leaving for work and then most evenings we’d eat together before one or both of us went out with friends. We rarely did anything together except food shopping, which we tended to do early on a Friday evening, so we only really got together to talk late on in the evening.

It was one such evening when I’d stayed in but Mum had just returned from playing badminton at her club. I was sitting in my den, when there was a tap on the door and Mum popped her head in.

“Hi Rick,” she said. “Are you doing anything special?”

“No not really.” I replied.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

“Of course not,” I said and sat more upright on the sofa.

“Would you like a beer? I could do with one after Badminton.” She asked.

“Yes please.”

Mum disappeared and brought a couple of bottles of lager back with her and came in and sat next to me on the sofa. She smiled warmly as she handed me one of the bottles and asked, “It’s been nearly 2 months now. How are you coping?”

“I’m okay thanks. The house sale is taking a bit of time due to the value dropping a little. Just about all of the other financial arrangements have been completed, so it’s really just the house left now.”

“That’s good,” she said. “I hope you know there is no rush for you to change anything here. You’re welcome to stay as long as you want.” This was delivered with a warm loving smile that reminded me of Mum when she spoke to Dad in years gone by.

Smiling back at Mum I replied, “Thanks Mum, I’m not sure what I would have done if I’d had to stay in Manchester.”

“It’s lovely having you back home, and having someone else to consider rather than just myself.” She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then continued, “You’re a good lad and it’s what mothers are for.”

I reached over to give her a hug, but she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. She smelled wonderful; there was a muskiness that her perfume seemed to enhance without it being at all overpowering. It was a smell that drifted back to me from many years ago. It was Mum’s favourite perfume which she often wore when going out with Dad when I was a kid. I mentally brushed the thought away and enjoyed the physical closeness that I’d missed.

Mum gave out a sigh as she also seemed to enjoy the closeness and contact and we sat and held each other and just watched the TV and sipped our drinks. I was a son being comforted by his mum and she was a mum comforting her son.

Eventually Mum had finished her beer, then instead of cuddling back in she said, “Well, with work tomorrow, I’m off to bed.”

I smiled up at her and said, “Okay. Goodnight.” Then after a brief pause I added, “Thanks Mum.”

She smiled back and leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. After standing back up with a smile still on her face she quietly turned and left the room.

I sat for a while and thought bursa escort bayan back at the closeness that Mum and I had, and the warmth of her body and the smell of something that simply said “Love”.

I recalled the days when I was 14 or so and discovering a pair of Mom’s dirty panties in the laundry basket and the smell they had. There were many occasions when, as a pubescent teenager I had borrowed Mum’s used panties and masturbated to some significant orgasms. Deep down I had a bit of a thing for Mum and having her so physically close reminded me of my adolescent feelings for her.

After another half hour or so I decided to go to bed, and turned everything off, making sure all the doors were locked. I climbed the stairs and went into the bathroom, I peed and cleaned my teeth, and having removed my T-shirt I opened the laundry basket to put in my T-shirt and stopped dead. I could see Mum’s tracksuit, her shorts, her shirt her bra, then right on the top her panties. I stared for what seemed like a lifetime, but was probably only a few seconds. I dropped my T-shirt on the floor and carefully took Mum’s panties and bringing them to my nose I sniffed in her musky scent which brought all those childhood thoughts back. It also reminded me that apart from a couple of masturbation sessions, I’d not really thought about sex since I’d moved back in with Mum.

I went to the bathroom door and locked it and by this time my cock was standing tall and erect. With the crotch of her panties positioned at my nostrils I masturbated to the smell of my mother for the first time in over 5 years. It was instinctive that I just kept pumping my cock and as my orgasm took hold of me more quickly than expected I used my Mum’s panties to catch my semen.

After recovering from my gratification I realised that it might not be a good idea to simply leave the panties in the laundry basket as they were. I couldn’t wash them, which might be noticed in the morning if Mum grabs them to wash. They’ll possibly still be wet or damp at least. I got some toilet tissue and soaked up the semen leaving the panties relatively clean and dry. After this I placed them back in the laundry basket and added my dirty clothes on top.

This seemed to mark a turning point in my life at home and it seemed that the fantasies of my adolescence were returning. Over the next few weeks I grabbed Mum’s dirty panties at the end of the day on many occasions and used them to assist in my sexual relief and gratification. I’d also started to look at Mum in a less than motherly way. She was a vibrant, attractive, sexual and sensual woman and those aspects of her womanhood were filling more and more of my thoughts.

Although looking back, it should have been obvious, at the time I must have been lost in my adoration of Mum, because there was a change in her behaviour around me that I failed to notice. It was very subtle and something that could have easily been missed. Mum and I spent more time together at home at her request. She would choose to join me in my den or ask me to join her in the lounge.

Conversation was lighter and Mum in particular was a little more flirtatious than I’d previously noticed. She also changed her morning routine so that instead of coming downstairs dressed and ready for work, spending only about 15 minutes or so with me, before I left, she was more likely to be in the kitchen before me in a robe, or night dress, or something else that gave me a better view of her body. As I say at the time I was just happy for the opportunity to see Mum’s legs, or her panties and bra through a thin robe or negligee. It was never overt or overly provocative, and it remained on the acceptable edge of decency.

The problem with all of this was that the more I used Mum’s panties and fantasised about her the more I had an erection whenever I was around her. There were a number of occasions when talking, or sitting with Mum, I noticed a small smile on her face and a flush to her face. At the time these less subtle signals were also lost on me. So I went on in ignorant bliss of anything changing.

Found Out!

It was a Friday night and Mum and I had gone out to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping. Everything was fine and after an hour or so we arrived home with the groceries and we proceeded to put the food in the cupboards and the fridge.

Mum was stacking most of the food and I was getting a bit of an eyeful, with her skirt riding up showing her stocking tops when she was reaching up to the high shelves, and the split in the back of her skirt opening showing her panties when she bent down. Watching her had got me all hard and the bulge in my jeans was noticeable.

We’d finished putting the food away and Mum said, “Would you mind putting the kettle on for a coffee please Dear?”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied and got up and went to the kettle.

I was conscious that I had an erection and moved in such a way to hopefully conceal it from Mum. I grabbed the kettle, filled it at the sink then placed it on its base and switched escort bursa it on. When I looked at Mum her eyes rose to meet mine, and she had a faint smile on her face. I felt my face flush and I couldn’t imagine what shade of red it must have been. As a result Mum’s face was also a little flush as she turned towards the lounge.

I made coffee for us both and brought them into the lounge. Mum was sitting on the 2-seater sofa opposite the 3-seater, she was turned towards the television with her feet up.

Still a little nervous about what had happened in the kitchen I handed Mum her coffee. She smiled warmly at me and said, “Thank you Sweetie.”

I just smiled back and sat opposite her. We watched television for a short while then Mum got up and heading out the room she said, “I think I’ll go and change into something more comfortable,” and with a smile she left for her room.

After she’d gone I decided I would get out of my jeans and headed up to my own room, but as I approached Mum’s I heard what sounded like a low groan. I thought about checking to see if she was alright, but decided that if there was a problem she would call for me.

I changed into my favourite joggers and a T-shirt and went back downstairs.

It was about half an hour before Mum came back down. She smiled at me as she came in and sat down. I smiled back at her and wondered why she’d selected one of her summer A-line dresses. It only came down to mid thigh and her breasts sagged a little and her nipples were clearly visible, meaning that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I haven’t seen that dress before,” I commented.

“Oh, it just seemed to be ideal for this evening.” After a brief pause, she added, “I didn’t want to change for bed, but didn’t feel like being trussed up in clothes. This just seemed like a happy medium.”

She smiled at me then turned and watched the television.

About 10 minutes later Mum put her bare left foot up onto the coffee table that stood between us. This caused her hem to rest at the top of the legs. She then lifted her right foot up onto the sofa, with her legs open to about 90 degrees, displaying her panties to all those present, namely me.

I’d glanced over then noticed her position and her panties and got another erection. I shifted my position to make it less obvious and when feeling more confident at not displaying my obvious arousal I exclaimed, “Mum!” pointing to her panties.

Mum just smiled and without moving replied, “What’s the matter Baby, do my panties offend you?”

“No not really,” I replied, “But it’s not very lady like, is it?”

“But darling I thought you liked looking at my panties?”

“What do you mean?”

Completely straight faced, Mum replied, “Well you keep taking them from the laundry basket, and I don’t know what you do with them when you put them back, but they always seem to have this crusty stuff spread over the gusset.”

My head felt like it was in a microwave, cooking nicely, my stomach was knotted with fear, my erection subsided almost instantly and I just sat looking at Mum with my mouth hanging open.

Mum continued, “If I didn’t know better it almost looks as if someone has been masturbating into them.”

I continued to stare, unable to move or speak. I knew I’d been found out and I was just waiting for Mum to go completely ballistic and throw me out.

After what seemed like forever, with me unable to speak, Mum finally said, “To be honest, if someone had been masturbating into my panties that would be really horny. As you’re the only male in the house, and assuming nobody is breaking in, the idea of you sniffing and ejaculating into my panties has been keeping my pussy moist for the last few weeks.”

Still shaking and slowly taking in Mum’s last statement I nervously asked, “You’re not angry then?”

“No, Darling,” she replied smiling warmly at me. She then asked, “Would you like to know a secret?”

I nodded, still feeling very flushed and embarrassed.

“I’ve been grabbing my soiled panties, after you’ve used them, putting them on and masturbated wearing them.” Mum then had this proud grin on her face.

“I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry Mum, I didn’t mean to upset you and I won’t do it again, but I never would have thought you’d be this calm about it.”

“Richard,” Mum said sternly, using my full name and obtaining my full attention. “You don’t understand. I’m not upset, I’m not angry, I’m flattered and most importantly I’m not asking you to stop.”

All of a sudden the penny dropped for me. Mum was happy with me doing this, and at that realisation and the continuing view of her panties, also showing a very clear damp patch, my cock was filling with blood and expanding and stiffening at a frighteningly rapid rate.

I then asked, “You mean you don’t mind.”

“Sweetie, I haven’t had sex for over 3 years, and I hadn’t even thought about sex until a few weeks ago when I found my used panties. I’ll be honest with you; when I found the first pair I was furious for about 5 minutes, but by the end of that 5 minutes my pussy was gushing. I ended up masturbating myself to an earth shattering orgasm at the thought of you pleasuring yourself and using my sexual aroma to help you along.

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