Riders Tale


Jamie hurries to get ready, excited about her date with Rider. He’d promised to take her to Bounders, a local biker bar she had heard about but never had the nerve to visit. He had been hesitant at first to agree but she had given him her best puppy dog eyes look…smiling as she remembers how easily he had given in.

Jamie sits on the chair blowdrying her hair so it lands just below her shoulder, curling around her face, then looking into the mirror as she applies her make up. Finally putting on the outfit that she had bought specially for tonight. She moves to the full-length mirror to check that everything is just how she wanted. The tight leather pants clinging to her curves, The black ribbed tank top, barely containing her full breasts. Her fingers absently playing with the white gold chain with the small silver model of the Harley that she’d so liked and Rider had bought for her. She then reaches for the boots, slipping them over her calves, smiling as she remembered how the salesgirl had referred to them as CFM (Come fuck me) boots. Just one more touch she thought, reaching for the perfume to spray a few select spots.

Jamies mind flashes back to the previous night had spent with Rider. It had been incredible, The sites, sounds and feeling of that night still burned in her. They had just entered his cabin and moved through the door when Rider had turned to her pressing his tight hard body against her. Her arms had gone around his neck kissing him hard , Rider’s body had responded eagerly. Her hands pulling back his jacket, tossing it aside, then each of them had hungrily removed the other’s clothing . Naked and pressed against the nearby wall, his mouth once again descended on hers. Her moans of almost animalistic pleasure joining his while Rider’s hardness pressed up between her thighs, spreading her lips, penetrating her deeply, and filling her. She’d buried her face in his neck as she held on as he thrusted up into her, her back against the cold wall, bracing her against his powerful thrusts stroking her time and time again.

“Oh God Rider…yes more, more!” She had moaned into his ear as he filled her completely. The force of his strokes had lifted her each time, her velvet walls gripping him so tightly. She had been so wet that he glided easily in and out. The passion had been like a tidal wave, rising quickly , biting down on his shoulder as her pussy rippled over his hardness. The delicious feeling of him stiffening inside her as the waves of pleasure had spread out over her from where they were joined, to her entire body. Then his yelling out her name while he’d emptied load after load inside her. Setting off yet another wave of pleasure in her.

Recalling the sensations a shudder runs through her jolting her back to reality . Jamie glances at the time. She had better hurry!.

Jamie rushes out the door spotting Riders and her heart leaps. He’s leaning against his Harley, his long hard body stretched out, black jeans and black T-shirt under his leather jacket. She runs to him in joy, as he stands to pick her up, laughing, Jamie tilts his shades up looking into his steel grey eyes, then wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him hard.

He sets her down as she grins at him, turning slowly for him, “you like?” she queries, grinning.

“Very much” Rider smiles, reaching out for a quick grope of her tight ass.

“Well come on then…lets go. “Jamie urges tugging on his arm.

Rider climbs on the bike turning to help her as she moves quickly behind him. Still amazed by the feeling of freedom, of closeness, she presses her cheek against his shoulder, feeling the cool leather against her.The engine roaring between her legs, while her grip tighens around Rider’s waist. She thinks this is how birds must feel as they soar through the sky.

They arrive at Bounders…Riders arm around her shoulder as they enter. The smoke filled room is already crowded, with the pool tables all occupied off to the left as a couple of bikers along with their babes, look on, beer bottles in hand. The hard beat of rock and roll music filling the room as Bat out of Hell plays on the jukebox. Jamie despite her enthusiasm presses a little closer to Rider. Even though it’s crowded, they move easily towards the bar, the crowd seems to part for Rider. Jamie hears the respect in their voices as various men and women acknowledge him.Until this large mountain of a man moves to stand directly in their way. Bald, big belly, denim jacket with the sleeves cut off revealing large biceps covered with tattoos of snakes, dragons and women. The rough look offset by the huge grin on his face.

“Rider! You son of a bitch! You’re here!” the man shouts, grabbing Rider in a huge bear hug.

” Jake! Let me breathe before you kill me!” Rider gasps.

Jake lets him down laughing, noticing whom Rider is with. “Hey who’s this?” He queries looking admiringly at her.

“Jake this is Jamie ” Rider says softly, the affection obvious. Jake looks at him oddly, as this is out of character for Rider, then shrugs it off as he nods appreciatively to her..

” Hey c’mon, Jaxx and I are sitting over here”, Jake states, leading taking them over to a booth sincan escort bayan off to the side.

A squeal of delight erupts as a red headed bombshell bolts out of the booth leaping on him. “Rider, you studmuffin!” (Much to Rider’s chagrin and Jamie’s amusement.)

“Down Jaxx…he’s taken,” Jake laughs, “Meet Jamie!”

Jaxx turns to Jamie hugging her like a long lost sister. Jaxx is a bundle of energy in a tight package neatly wrapped in tight faded Levis, and a midriff denim vest, which barely contains her 36dd breasts. Her shaggy red hair surrounding her pixielike features. They all move to the booth, beer bottles appearing quickly as Jake expound the virtues of his new bike. The girls laughing at some joke about boys and their toys. Jamie’s hand rests on Riders thigh, the adrenaline flowing. Her hand slides slowly up higher, until its resting on Rider’s bulge. Rider tries to appear nonchalant as he feels her fingers tugging on his zipper, and her small hand slipping into the opening. She grips him, feeling him grow in her hand as she plays. Not missing a beat in her conversation as she pulls on him

“How about it Rider?” Jake asks

Riders eyes snap back to attention, “er…How about what?”

“My bike… lets go out back so I can show it to you. What’s up with you anyway?” Jake asks looking at him suspiciously.

Jamie turns and smiles sweetly at Rider “Why don’t you go ahead babe, I’m fine here with Jaxx” giving him one more squeeze before she removes her hand.

“Just give me a sec to finish this beer” Rider states, using it as an excuse to let things return to normal. Jamie tries hard not to smile, but as Rider and Jake head out the back both the girls start giggling. .Jaxx had been aware of Jamie’s stunt and they shared a good laugh, with Rider’s ears burning as they head out.

Shortly afterwards a group of about eight tough looking bikers enter the bar, briskly brushing and pushing aside any that stand in their way as they move to the bar.

“Oh, oh!” Jaxx leans over and whispers to Jamie “those are the Scorpions, they’re a new gang that have just moved into town. The only one I know is their leader Streak, the one with the black leather jacket and the leather chaps.. He used to hang with Jake and Rider. Every time they show up there’s trouble.” Jamie looks over to them, then glances at the back door. She breathes a sigh of relief on seeing Rider and Jake heading back over to them.

Jaxx’s earlier words seem prophetic as several of the bikers gather around two young girls, each maybe 19-20 years of age, that are seated by the bar. At first the girls seem almost pleased with the attention, but that quickly changes as the bikers become more physical. One of the bikers, a tall, well muscled, a scar over his left eye, a gap in his teeth, pulls the blonde haired girl on to his lap, ignoring her struggles, while the other bikers laugh.

Riders eyes glance over taking in the scene, knuckles whitening as his grip on the beer bottle tightens.

“Rider…” Jake warns glancing over at Jamie as if to remind Rider that he’s not here alone.

“Oh babe,” Jaxx says sympathetically to Rider, resting her hand briefly on his forearm,” You can’t save them all”

Jamie looks over at Rider sensing his turmoil, then over to Jaxx. “Honey, surely you’ve noticed that our Rider here is a protector,” Jaxx replies to Jamie’s unspoken question, “whenever he sees a woman in trouble he feels he has to ride to her rescue. “

Jamie looks over at Rider, as he takes a hard pull of his beer , and realizes that what Jaxx is saying is true. She also realizes this is part of what she loves about him. His willingness to do what others would not. Hearing a cry her attention is drawn back to the bar. The girls are trying to leave but the bikers won’t let them, jostling them between them, each takes turns groping. The scar face one forcing his lips onto the blonde as he paws at her, while her tears flow down her face.

Jamie’s eyes turn back to Rider just as his turn to hers. “Help them Rider” she says softly.

Rider nods, levering himself out of the booth and starts over towards the bikers. Turning back for a second to look over at Jaxx. “Jaxx, look after her while I’m gone ok?” he asks, his eyes pleading. Jaxx nods silently in reply.

“Shit, here we go again,” Jake sighs, getting up to follow Rider. Almost resigned to the fact that this was inevitable.

The bar suddenly grows quiet except for the Scorpions laughter, and then several of them glance over to see Rider in front of them, with Jake close behind.. The one called Clutch who is closest to Scar elbows him to get his attention.

Rider looks at them with stone cold eyes ” Funs over boys, its time to let the girls go”

Scar rises up, brushing the girl aside. “Who the fuck are you” he demands

The names Rider…and I wont say it again, let the girls go” As Rider speaks, the threat of violence hangs over the room like a black storm cloud on a muggy summer day.

Scar and Clutch unconsciously take a step back on hearing the name. However, as Scar sees the other Scorpions closing in, he regains his courage and steps forward.

“You eryaman escort think you can take us all Rider?” Scar sneers, his lip curling.

Rider eyes glance quickly to the side, spotting Streak. Then locking his eyes back on Scar while he quietly asks “You in on this Streak?”

Streak shrugs “You still playing the hero, huh Rider?” He asks… then looks around the bar assessing the situation. His eyes stopping at Jake. “How about you Jake, you backing Rider’s play?”

Jake answers in one word, leaving no doubt, “Always”

Streak nods, his eyes darting taking in the rest of the bar, noting Steve, the bartender, who is reaching for the baseball bat he keeps under the counter, a number of the other bikers in the bar inching closer.

“Well you know Rider I don’t think this is the time or the place. You and I still have some unfinished business, but I’m patient. C’mon guys lets go” Streaks tells the rest of the Scorpions…”We got places to ride to, trouble to find…. and women to pillage!” the last comment he directs at Rider, who just lets it wash over him.

“But Streak” Scar states… his protests fading quickly away as Streak gives him a hard look.

Rider slides aside to let Scar, Clutch and the others pass. Scar sees an opening and grabs a bottle from the bar, swinging it in an arch towards Riders head. Rider almost impossibly quick, reaches out and grabs Scars wrist, stopping it dead in mid swing, then twisting it. There is a sickening crack of a bone breaking, and then glass breaking as the bottle falls to the floor and Scar drops to his knees holding his wrist in agony.

Streak looks down at him in disgust, then back at Rider.” Looks like that’s another one I owe you, even if he is a fuckup. Hey Clutch help him would you and lets blow this place” Rider just nods. As Streak and the rest of the Scorpions file out.

Rider then turns to the two girls that are by the bar, who are moving to him, worshipping looks in their eyes, wanting to thank him for his help, but stoppiong dead in their tracks when they see the look he gives them.

” And you two. What the hell are you doing in here anyway, what are you, 18, 19?” Rider demands.

“Rider you’re scaring them” Jamie admonishes gently moving to Rider taking his arm. Rider calms down almost immediately, taking a deep breath. Jamie nods to the door and the two girls quickly hightail it out .

“C’mon honey; Let’s get out of here and back to the cabin. Hey Jaxx why don’t you and Jake join us?” she asks turning to her.

Jake chimes in “Might be a good idea, you never know if those assholes are hanging around” he says referring to the Scorpions

The two couples head out, Jamie nervously glances around for any sign of trouble, but the trip home turns out to be just fun as the girls ride behind their men. Jake and Rider take turns taking the lead, and even do a fake race for the girl’s benefit. Jaxx winks over at Jamie as they laugh. Before long they arrive at the cabin, Jake and Rider head outside to share a beer and talk about old times. Jaxx and Jamie find a place by the fire, curling up in a couple of overstuffed chairs and sipping some wine.

“Jaxx… can I ask you something? Jamie queries as she slowly traces her finger over the lip of the glass, ” How long have you known Rider?”

“Lets see, id say for about 10 years hun…when I first met him he was so wild!” Jaxx replies smiling.

“Has he always been …what did you call him, a protector?”

Jaxx sets down her glass, and looks directly at Jamie. “Girl, I don’t know if I should be the one that tells you this story, but I’m going to. I’ve seen the way Rider looks at you and I think you should know.”

Jamie nods…cradling her glass as she curls her legs under her…focused on Jaxx now.

“When I first met Rider he rode with a bike gang called the dragons, actually he was their leader. Yeah he was one tough son of a bitch. Would try anything, fight anyone and always won. But before I can tell you more about that you need to know about Skye.”

“Skye? ” Jamie asks

Jaxx just nods. Her voice serious now. “Actually her name was Sylvia, Rider just called her Skye because of the color of her eyes.

Skye was a girl that had an extremely tough life, her father had left when she was just a girl, and her mother was an alcoholic and remarried badly. When she was 16 Skye ran away from home. She spent several years on the streets. Getting into trouble with drugs, the law, just about everything. That is till she met Daniel. It was love at first sight, if there is such a thing…(Jamie nods thinking of how she felt when she met Rider)

Daniel took care of her and they moved in together shortly after. She’d found a job and they were planning on being married. One night they were at a party and were driving home in Danny’s truck. They were having an argument over some silly thing or another that she just wouldn’t let go of. I don’t know if it was the dark night, the fact it had rained, or that they were arguing or maybe all of it, but the truck missed a curve and drove off the side of the road, crashing into a tree.”

“Oh no.” Jamie whispers, her hand going to her mouth.

Yes etimesgut bayan escort Jaxx nods “It was bad. Skye was the first to move. She had a cut over her eye, but was able to get out. The truck’s engine was smoking, however she managed to open the driver’s side and get Danny away from the truck. Skye tried everything to save him, but it wasn’t to be. She was holding his head in his arms, crying, when Rider came upon them.” Jaxx pauses taking a sip of her wine.

” Rider took over, getting an ambulance, making sure she got to a hospital, and calling the police.

I don’t know why but after Rider made a point of going to the hospital and visiting her. I think he was the main reason she was able to go on. Still I don’t think she ever got over the fact that she wasn’t able to save Daniel

She and Rider became friends for quite a while, then one night it became more than that. After that Sylvia or rather Skye started hanging with the dragons – with Rider.

“Were Skye and Rider lovers Jaxx?” Jamie asks

Jaxx nods, “yes Jamie they were… Anyway one night Rider and Skye were out with some of the other Dragons at a bar called Rusties, kind of a Dragon hangout. I was there, just barely old enough to be legal.

So was Jake, Riders best friend then, and now for that matter, Another group of bikers came in that Rider and his group had never seen, wearing their colors which you just didn’t do. Like I said Rusties was a Dragon hangout

So Rider braced them. One thing led to another and Rider and their leader squared off. It was over pretty quickly with Rider taking him down, but then one of the other Ravens pulled out a gun. Skye saw it and screamed Rider’s name, placing herself in the way of the bullet meant for Rider. Jake took care of the shooter, but it was too late.

Jaxx reaches for her wine…needing a drink, sipping on it for a few minutes, needing to catch her breath, The scene appears in her mind…one she will never forget. Rider on his knees cradling Skye’s body against him. For the first time helpless. Skye weakly reaching up to touch Riders face, the blood spreading over her top.

“Rider?” Skye asking looking up at him

“Yes love…I’m here” Rider saying softly

” I saved you didn’ t I?” she asks

“Yes you saved me Skye”

Then Skye smiling as her eyes closed for the final time.

It was the only time anyone had seen Rider cry.

Jamie sits quietly, wiping the tears from her own eyes as she thinks of the pain Rider must have felt. Waiting for Jaxx to pull herself together as well, as she hands her the Kleenex. Jaxx dries her eyes and then takes a deep breath to continue.

. “Rider was never the same after that. He left the dragons within a year. Moving from place to place, like Streak said, usually playing the part of the hero whenever he saw a woman in trouble but always ending up back here.”

“Jaxx, that’s how I met Rider…” Jamie says quietly.” Some punks were trying to steal my purse and he stopped them.”

The room grows silent for a while then Jaxx looks up at Jamie “There’s one other thing you should know. Rider has never looked at anyone in the way he looked at Skye, before or since, like she was the only woman in the world.”

A small pause as Jaxx looks into Jamie’s eyes.

“Until now.”

“Until you.”

Jamie looks back, smiling at the last part, but still an ache in her heart as she thinks of the pain Rider went through. Finally understanding what she had seen before in his eyes but never really understood.

Jaxx gets up to hug Jamie.” whispering to her, “take care of him honey.” he needs you.”

” I will” Jamie replies…” I love him Jaxx”

Just then Rider and Jake come in the door, Jamie jumps up and runs to Rider hugging him tight. Rider can feel the wetness of her cheeks and looks suspiciously at Jaxx.

Jaxx smiles sweetly, then moves to Jake taking his hand. “Lets go hun “

“But Jaxx there is still more beer!’ Jake whines

“Hun…” Jaxx admonishes, indicating toward Rider and Jamie, tugging on his arm.

“Ok ok…” Jake and Jaxx head out the door..”See ya Rider, you too Jamie ” Jake hollers

Rider calls back” see ya Jake, bye Jaxx” laughing at the sight of Jaxx dragging the big lunk out the door,

Jaxx and Jamie give each other a smile and a small wave, as Jamie still clings to Rider.As the door closes Jamie whispers to Rider ” take me to bed baby, please…”

Rider just picks her up and carries her. As he sets her beside the bed they quickly undress. Rider slides in first and Jamie follows right after him, pulling herself on top of him, flush to his body. So hungry for him she leans over him kissing him deeply, then moving downward kissing her way down his body. Her eyes seeking and finding his stiff cock as it lengthens to meet her. She licks his cock slowly, her tongue flat against his shaft, starting with the head then downward to his balls. Taking each one into her mouth, rolling them against her tongue as her hand gently works his cock up and down. Then licking her way back up him, her mouth surrounding his head, she wanted, no needed to taste him, to feel his silky cock in her mouth. A feeling of exhilaration washes over her as she feels him twitch. She takes him deeper, drawing him into her throat as she bobs her head up and down hungrilly. Her moans mixing with his as she increases the tempo, her fingers on his balls squeezing,

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