Riley’s life life lessons.


Riley’s life life lessons.Riley had just turned 18, graduated. And seemed like sge was crossing a milestone every day. In the Fall, she’d be moving across thr country for school. Her folks were sad, but proud and hopeful that she would be fine….There was a lot about the world she needed to know still. So her parents had thebidea uto hire tutors for different life subjects over Riley’s last summer at home. One week each Riley studied budgeting, self defense, tenant’s legal rights, and a few pther subjects. It was the 7th week of summer that surprised her though.On Monday, at 9am the doorbell rang. Her parents had just left for work and she knew the routine by now. A tutor would be on the other side of the door they would do taxes or something for a few hours.This was different.She opened the door and saw a young woman a little older that she was and much less clean cut. “Are you my tutor this week?” Riley asked.”Yeah, I am.” The woman said with a smile. “I’m Katie.”Katie walked right in with her bag and sat on the couch. Riley followed and asked, “What are we doing sarıyer escort this week? My Dad didnt tell me yet.””I’m sure he didnt.” Katie said with a smile. “You’ll be learning about yourself, sweetie.”Tiley just wore a confused face, and had no idea what that meant or how to respond.”Tell me Riley, are you sexually active?” Katie asked.”Oh my god, no.” Riley shot back. Then continued on a softer tone, “I mean I just havent had a serious boyfriend yet. So I havent done much. You know?”Katie laughed, “Ok. OK. Well how often do you masturbate?”Riley took a moment to respond, but finally said sheepishly, “once in the morning and sometimes at night, too.””Mmmm I like it in the morning, too. Wakes you up, right?””Yeah exactly.” Riley said with a smile.Katie reached for her bag and said, “so whats your go to?” And with that she started pulling out all kinds of toys. Vibrators amd dildos mostly, but way more interesting that Rikey had ever seen. There was a little tiny vibrator, am egg shaped thing with esenyurt escort a remote, big dildos, and some thrt obviously moved in some insane way.Riley responded, “I just use my hand… what do you use?””Nothing wrong with a hand.” Katie responded. “I like this one, though.” She said as she picked up the second biggest but most veiny cock shaped dildo. “We friends.” She said with a wink.Katie kept talking, but also started taking off her pants, which distracted Riley. Riley paid attention whrn Katie said, “come on get yours off too. Luke I was saying this is ‘comfort day’ you need to leqrn to be comfortable with your body.”Latie was naked sitting back on the couch now. Riley began to take her clothes off too. Before long they we both lounging naked.Katie started touching herself and reached for her favorite dildo. She said, “OK show me what you do. Feel free to try a toy”Riley slowly tried touching herself. It was awkward. She thought Katie was great and was exited to explore herself, but with someone else there it was weird. Riley avrupa yakası escort opened her eyes a moment and saw Katie going at it. Full on fucking hrrself while rubbing too. Her moans got stronger. Katie through her head back and clenched her jaw. Her toes curled in the air. Then her body relaxed.Riley was wide eyed. Soaking we and wide eyed.Katie toom thebdildo out of herself. Gave it a single good suck to clean it. Held it out and said, “want to try this one?”Riley didnt think, she said, “yeah. I really do.”It took some effort to get the whole thing inside her., but little by little she warmed up tonit and was moaning a bit.Before she knew it katie leaned over. “Check this out.” Katie used two fingers and touched Riley’s clit. She started a circle motion while riley was using the dildo in and out too.It felt unbelievable.Riley was fucking herself faster and faster. Katie was still doing slow circles.Riley’s breathing sped up. She was moaning louder. Her legs tightened. Her toes curled. She let out a huge moan as adorable as her little self could be as she came harder than she ever had.Katie started packing up. She said, “you can keep that one for the day. Obviously you like it too.” She winked.As Katie walked out the door, she said, “Get some rest, tomorrow we’re working on blowjobs.”Riley just lay there, dildo half in her, panting and wondering how they were gonna do that!?

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