Roadside assistance

Double Penetration

Roadside assistanceI was driving through Tennessee on a less than stellar day, a little chilly and misty and just unpleasant, though not totally miserable. The road is a lonely one except on weekends when the tourists are out, and I had not seen a car for miles. As I rounded a curve, pulled off to the side was a rather rough looking old car with the hood up, and two women standing beside it. I pulled over to see if I could help, introducing myself. As it turned out, they were a mother and daughter on their way home, and the car had stalled on them. I tried for a while to get it running again, but it was pretty obvious that it was hopeless. Neither of them had a cell phone, and it wouldn’t have mattered if they did, since there’s no service in the tight valley anyway. I offered to give them a ride to somewhere a little more safe and comfortable, and they gratefully accepted, asking me to take them home, since it wasn’t too far away.As they got in the car, I looked at them a little fethiye escort more closely. The daughter was about 20, overweight and under-dressed in the way that so many poor southern women are. Mom was also overweight but carried it well. I don’t want to say they were white trash, but close to it. Mom got in the back seat, her daughter in the passenger seat beside me. Even though my car was officially a 4 seater, it was a sports coupe, so the back seat left mom a bit cramped and definitely pushed up close to us.We talked about where to go (thankfully, they were headed my direction) and made small talk for a little bit. They were both very grateful that I’d stopped and offered them a ride, since their house was much too far to walk, and it would be dark before long. That road is not a good one to be stranded on. They kept asking if there was anything they could to to repay me, and although I kept refusing anything, my dirty mind kept thinking of ways they could pay me back.The escort fethiye both noticed my growing bulge in my pants, and mom finally told her daughter that she knew what she could to to pay me back, and she didn’t think I’d refuse. Daughter winked and said “I do too,” and she reached over and started rubbing my through my jeans. Feeling my growing erection, she unzipped my jeans, unbuckled my belt, and pulled jeans and shorts down exposing a throbbing cock and hairy balls.”You’re right mom, he’s definitely not going to say no!” While mom watched, she massaged my balls softly and stroked my shaft. When my precum glistened at the tip, she slid her finger over it, then licked her finger clean. Mom told her not to be a tease, and to show how grateful she was for the help. With that, she leaned over and started sucking the head of my cock.Mom leaned in and said to me “Go ahead, play with her tits if you like.” I reached down with my right hand and pulled her shirt and bra up, letting fethiye escort bayan her tits flop out. I cupped and fondled them, feeling the soft flesh and hard nipple in my hand while she bobbed up and down on my shaft. All the time, mom was giving me directions on how to get to their house, and I began to wonder which would come first, the house or me!Just as we got to the gravel driveway, she reached down and slipped a fingertip in my ass and blew me over the edge. She swallowed every last drop of cum, licking her lips and sitting up as she pulled her shirt and bra back down. Mom said “You might want to get those pants back up, before my husband comes out.” I didn’t hesitate for a second, pulling them up and getting the belt buckled just in the nick of time. I had to get out to let mom out, and her daughter was already running to the door where her father was walking out, shotgun in hand. They explained the situation and introduced me, and he thanked me and shook my hand, inviting me in for a beer and some dinner. I thanked him for the invitation, but said I still had a long way to go that night, so after seeing them safely inside and knowing that they’d get the car the next morning, I headed on my way.

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