Romantic Bathbub Evening


Setting, A candle lit bathroom, a full Jacuzzi bathtub with rose pedals sprinkled over the surface, the temperature of the water is just right, the candles providing ambient warm light.

You are sitting on the counter, your hair shining with the candles light, you’re gazing in my eyes, and we share eye contact. I come closer to you. We are both naked, ready to take a bath, I lean down and move my lips on to yours, softly kissing you, licking them from side to side, when you finally part them and let my tongue sink into your mouth. We kiss.

My hands are exploring every inch of your body, you are moaning at the warm touch my hands leave on you, they enjoy the feel of your bare skin, I cup your breasts, and break our kiss, my hands kneading your breasts, I trail my lips along your neck, gently kissing it and licking it, my lips reach your collarbone, where I kiss it gently, finally my lips descend to your bare breasts, my tongue tickles your nipple a little and you moan, I take it in my mouth and start sucking on it, circling it with my tongue, my hands get hold of your butt and start kneading it.

You slide off the counter and into my arms, I embrace you, you put your hands on my chest, I lean my head down and kiss the top of your head, you look up at me and you smile, you get on your tippy toes and start kissing me, weaving your hands through my hair. You look at me and whisper that you want me to eat you out, you go to the filled bathtub, you sit on the edge, I grab a towel put it on the tile floor, and kneel in between your parted legs, I lean into your vagina and I make contact bahis firmaları with your lips, my tongue gently parts your lips as I let it explore your clit, your wetness smells good, I kiss around your pussy, and my lips around your clit again and I start sucking on it, I suck on it gently licking it in circles, you moan, harder and harder, one of your hands is holding you up from falling in the tub the other is playing with your breast pinching your nipple, I keep on sucking your clit, I push a fingering your pussy and you lose hold and fall in the tub, we both giggle, the finger I had in you, I look at it making sure you see me, and I put it in my mouth, and suck your juices off of it.

You wink at me and tell me to join you in the tub, I crawl over the edge of the tub and into the water with you, I start kissing your face, licking your lips as one of my hands works on your pussy, rubbing your clit and slowly penetrating you with 2 fingers.

You pull me close to you, and you tell me, fuck me baby, fuck me, you are lying in the tub under water, and me on top of you, the rose pedals clinging to your breasts and the rest of your body as well as mine. You reach down in between your legs and take my dick in your hands and you guide me in, I kiss your lips letting my tongue deep in there, as I start pumping my cock in and out of you, you start moaning, I feel your breasts touching my chest, my cock spreading your pussy lips, your wet hair fragranced by your shampoo, I keep kissing you and making sweet love to you, as you moan, my cock pumping in and out of you, you tell me you want to switch kaçak iddaa positions, I withdraw from you, you get on your knees your butt sticking out, I lean down and kiss it, spreading your glistening butt cheeks, I lean in further and start licking around your asshole, probing my tongue in it licking around, you moan harder, my finger start pumping your pussy, and I start inserting another one in your ass, you moan harder, I insert another in your pussy, while licking around your asshole, I kiss your butt cheeks, I reach over and grab some baby oil and dribble it all over your ass, I start rubbing it in, occasionally probing two fingers into your ass, you feel loose enough, I position myself behind you and start letting it in your ass, you scream, and moan.

You reach behind and spread your ass cheeks for me, I put my hands on your shoulders and slam you down onto my hips, I lean down and kiss your back, my balls are slamming against your pussy, water is splashing every where, you put one hand to your pussy while the other is still spreading, and you start rubbing your clit, and putting fingers in your pussy, you tell me you’re about to cum, I keep fucking your ass, your butt slamming against my pelvis, as you are launched into an orgasm you start cumming all over your fingers, you take your fingers out and suck them dry, I take my cock out of your ass and it leaves a gaping hole, and in one fell swoop I put it up your pussy, you moan harder and harder, I start slamming it into you with all my force, at full speed, you are yelling as my balls launch themselves at your clit slapping it at kaçak bahis every inward stroke I make, my hands are on your hips and I’m slamming my dick into you as far as it will go, I?m moaning and rose pedals are flying everywhere, I keep up slamming you moan and scream my name.

You tell me that you want to be on top of me, I take my dick out of you and your turn around you lick the tip and take it in your mouth a couple of times, you tell me to lay down in the tub and you get on top of me, you reach down and guide me into your pussy you let yourself down on my prick, you roll your eyes in the back of your head and moan in ecstasy, you start moving up and down, moaning and screaming, my dick growing with you, you look at me your hands on my chest, my hands on your breasts, kneading them and pinching their nipples, you move your pussy up and down on my shaft, making it thicker and harder with each stroke, I look at you look at me, we silently decide to cum, you start moving your hips in circles and up and down biting your bottom lip and closing your eyes, I put my hands on your ass and help your up and down, water (whatever is left of it in the tub) is splashing everywhere. you start moaning deeply, I moan too, your pussy start clenching my cock, as you start cumming again, your muscles grabbing my cock, milking it of precum, you yell my name as your are orgasming, your pussy is so hot it starts making me cum, you start getting squirt after squirt of my hot sperm in your pussy, you moan and yell, enjoying this so much, my cum is squirting deep inside of you..

You lean down and we kiss passionately, we lay there in the hot water my cock softening in your moist pussy, we kiss some more, you feel safe on my chest and you close you eyes, I kiss your forehead, as we regain our strengths……

The End

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