Rough Sex Session…

Rough Sex Session…Once Reggie found my puckering anal opening, Reggie deliberately pushed his huge cock head into my butt hole. He was bigger than I thought, my bung hole was straining to keep him from entering. But Reggie was determine to get his cock into my butt, with a growling grunt, Reggie lunged and his enormously huge cock head plopped through into my tender anal cavity, I cried out in agonizing pain. My tender bung hole had been sexed for nearly six hours by a stranger I met in a bar. Even though Reggie id not now this he had seen me expelling copious amounts of male sperm from my anus in the shower.Reggie didn’t give me time to adjust, he started to grind and sink more and more of his man hood into my butt till he had most of his 9″, lodged in my rectum. For the next hour Reggie rammed, slammed and roughly grind his cock in and out of my butt with a vengeance.I don’t know why know one didn’t hear us or the bed, Reggie was grunting and groaning loudly and I could not help but cry out in pain as Reggie roughly sexed me up.Finally, Reggie slowed his pace, his cock grew harder and with a few powerful strokes Reggie rammed deep into my butt till he unloaded an enormous huge load of man spunk. So much so that as he grind I could hear and feel his fluid being pushed from my rectum. Reggie laid down on my back breathing heavily and whispered ‘yeah, that’s a good fucking piece of ass you got. It’s good and tight, I like that, we gonna rest and than aliağa escort fuck some more.’Trapped under the mountain of a man I could only surrender myself to the fact he wasn’t getting up any time soon. Reggie adjusted his body so that his upper body was off to one side, his mid section across my butt. His cock still wedged deep in my bung hole.Reggie drifted off to slumber land in no time at all, I could hear him as he softly snored. His cock would twitch in my butt and my tender anal ring would reciprocate gripping his cock tightly. Reggie would moan in return from pleasure, I guess.I was totally exhausted and worn out, Steve was no slouch in the bed and had worked my butt over good. Now Reggie, a short hulk of a guy had just pounded the little bit of reserve strength from me, I too soon drifted off.We both snoozed for nearly 90 minutes, Reggie woke first and twisted back over my prostate form. His fat thick cock quickly springing to life still lodged tightly in my bung hole. I snapped my head back and snarled ‘damn, man, take it easy.’ Reggie snapped back ‘when I’m fucking a bitch, I do it the way I want to. Now shut the fuck up and take this dick.’I was only about 175lbs wringing wet, Reggie was close to 220lbs at least and strong as an ox. I latter found out his nick name is Ox.Reggis was determine to grind his cock as far up my butt as he could. He would reach between us and part my buttocks, spreading them as wide as he could and grinding deep escort aliağa into me. All I could do was to whimper and moan from his punishing sexual acts.After about another hour, Reggie raised up and pulled on of my legs up. Pushing me over to my back, Reggie managed to twist and turn us so that I was now on my back. His cock still lodge in my butt, Reggie lifted my legs, I tried to push him away with my hands and hold my legs down. I was still exhausted and too weak to put up any defense.With my ankles over his shoulders and my feet behind his head, Reggie started to enjoy him self all the while whispering things to me. ‘Shit, boi pussy like this is the best. I could fuck your nasty ass all day long. That’s right, go ahead and moan bitch, that’s how I know you like this dick in your ass. Fuck back to me, yeah just like that. Se you now how to please a real man. Fuck me back bitch, fuck me back.’I could not escape or relieve myself from the onslaught of my new sex partner. I was giving to the fact that Reggie was going to do what he wanted and I could do little to prevent him. Reggie into my rectum three or four times, his spunk leaking out from around his massive fat cock and running down my butt crack.Reggie would kiss my feet and suck my toes when ever he shot a load of spunk into me. Some times he would ram into me so hard, that when I opened my mouth to cry out. He would cover my lips with his mouth and and capture my tongue and suck it like aliağa escort bayan he could pull it from my throat. I could not remember the last time my sex partner would penetrate my anal cavity and last as long as Reggie with out pulling out and resting.It well after noon that Reggie finally shot his last load and pulled from my ruptured bung hole. His huge cock head stretching my tenderly sore butt hole as he pulled out. Reggie laid on his back as I painfully lowered my legs, than Reggie reached over and took me like a rag doll. He pulled me over on top of him, pushed me down his body till my face was over his cock and demanded, ‘suck this dick like you can’t do without it. Do it or you’ll be sorry,’ as he pushed my head down.My face crushed his cock between his stomach and my lips. I could barely open my mouth and get his cock inside before it sprung up again just as hard as before and gagged me. I tried to suck it, but was too tired to please Reggie. He pushed me off and ordered me to ‘get on your knees and spread that ass pussy open for my dick.’Whimpering I did as ordered and grimaced and cried as Reggie re entered my anal canal once again. Reggie took me by the hips and slammed back and forth into my butt till he exploded once again. My poor butt was making the most obscene sounds as Reggie enjoyed his after noon.When Reggie emptied his load into my butt the last time, he stood over me and said ‘yeah you did all right. The next time you go out on the town fucking around, I want you to come back here to me before you go in the shower doing what I caught you doing. Now go to your room and stay there, I might just want you again and if I do my cum better still be in your ass.’

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