Royalty Next Door


Royalty Next DoorShe was a gorgeous blonde princess and she was vulnerable to my advances.I had booked the best suite on the Harmony of the Seas sailing out of Cape Canaveral. My company had landed a big account and I was treating myself to a much-deserved luxury.The ship had only two luxury suites like mine and the door to each were located about ten feet apart. That’s why I saw her when I came out. She was using the key to her suite but was having trouble getting it to work. She was simply gorgeous with long blonde hair, was wearing an expensive-looking white dress with expensive jewelry, and was behaving like she was used to being pampered.“Excuse me! May I help you?” I asked. As I approached her, I could smell her expensive perfume five feet away.“I don’t know. Maybe. This card doesn’t seem to work!” Then she handed it to me.I immediately saw the problem. “I see your problem. You were trying to put it in the wrong way.” Then I inserted the key properly and the door opened.“Oh, thank goodness! I’m such a dummy when it comes to stuff like this. Thank you so much! You saved me a trip down to the Purser.”“No problem. If you need anything else, I’m right next door.”“Thanks, but I hope I won’t,” she said as she opened the door and closed it.I was left standing there, overwhelmed with how beautiful she was and I didn’t even know her name!- – – – -If you’ve ever taken a cruise, then you know how things work in the dining room. Each person is assigned to an 8-person table and eats with those same seven people at each meal. So, as I entered the vast dining room, I saw the multitude of round tables with a line of two-people tables down one side. I assumed that those were reserved for special guests or special occasions.As the Head Chef de Rang escorted me to my assigned table, I heard a voice…”Hey, neighbor! Why don’t you join me?”I looked around and saw the gorgeous blonde from my neighboring cabin, motioning me to come over.The Chef de Rang immediately turned and said, “You may join Ms. Goldberg,” and pulled out the seat at her table.”Hi, neighbor! Fancy meeting you here!”“I’m glad you could join me so I can properly thank you for your help earlier.”“Oh, not a problem,” I said as I just looked at the most gorgeous girl on the ship.“I’ve ordered champagne. I hope you like it.”“Wow! What are we celebrating?”She laughed and said, “My freedom! My divorce was final yesterday.”“Then I guess I should be happy for you.”“Yes, you should. My ex was an unfaithful bastard, pardon my French, and he’s now out of my life for good. But, let’s change the subject. What do you do?”“I’m the owner of a small capital investment firm and we just won a lucrative contract, so I’m treating myself to this voyage. What about you? What does your ex do?”Just then our champagne arrived and the waiter poured each of us a glass. “Oh. istanbul escort Him again. My lovely ex is the CFO of this cruise line and my father is the CEO. So, my voyages are always free and I can drink all the expensive champagne I want, and it’s at no charge.”I could tell that she had already been hitting the bottle and that the champagne was going to make her quite tipsy. That may or may not be lucky for me.“I see! Then here’s to your recent divorce,” I said as I raised my glass.She raised her glass and said, “Thank you,” and downed the whole glass.“I know your name is Goldberg, but I don’t know your first name.”“Cynthia. Cynthia L. Goldberg…again,” she giggled as I poured her another glass of champagne.“Well, Cynthia. My name is Bill Wilson.”“Well, Bill. What’s on the menu tonight?”“Pheasant I think.”“Oh good! The chef here is wonderful. You’re going to love it.”So, I had landed a friendship with the Carnival Cruise Line’s CEO’s recently divorced daughter! I had to ask myself, “How could I be so lucky?”“I can’t wait.”Before the pheasant was served, we were served a salad, followed by a bowl of soup. All were delicious! Then came the pheasant under glass, which also was excellent.As Cynthia ordered another bottle of champagne, I said, “Don’t you think you’ve had enough to drink, Cynthia?”“What? We’ve only had one teeny, tiny bottle.”She was getting quite drunk, so I decided to try and limit her drinking any further.“Listen. I’ve had plenty to eat and drink. Why don’t I help you to your cabin?””Oh. Do you want to leave? Now?”“Yes, Cynthia. I think we should.”“Oh. Then I’ll bring the champagne with ush,” she said in a slurred voice.“No. We can leave it here. They’ll take care of it.”“Okay. If you shay show.”I helped her stand up on wobbly legs and helped her onto the elevator, then to her cabin. I found her key card in her purse and let us in. Then I helped her lay down on the bed, pulled her high heels off, and sat down beside her. “Thank you,” she said as she patted me on the arm. “You’re a good man. Not at all like my ex.”As I sat there looking down at Cynthia’s golden hair, she fell asleep. So, I used that opportunity to run my finger through it. I imagined pushing her dress up, getting between her legs, and slowly fucking her as she slept. But that would be wrong, so I just kept running my fingers through her soft blonde hair until my cock was so hard that I had to stop before it took over.As I stood up to leave, Cynthia grabbed my hand and said, “Don’t go. Shtay with me.”“I should go and let you sleep.”“But I want you to shtay! Come lay down next to me show we can cuddle.”That was an arousing thought. Cuddling with Cynthia would be wonderful and could lead to more than cuddling. It was a tempting offer, so I tried to turn her avcılar escort down.“Cynthia! We hardly know one another!”“Thash okay. You’re a nish man. Come on,” she said as she pulled on my hand.I had to give in, so I kicked off my shoes and crawled into bed with the beautiful girl I’d just met a few hours earlier.She cuddled up to me; put her arm across my chest and laid her head on my shoulder. I held her close and kissed the top of her head. Cynthia was a princess; a kept woman; a person of privilege; and now she was in my arms. My mind went where it shouldn’t go and my cock got harder.“Now. Ishn’t thish better?” she whispered as she moved her leg over mine, almost brushing my cock in the process.“Yes, Cynthia. This is much better,” I said and kissed the top of her head again.“Mmm. I like the way you kish the top of my head. It’s very shweet.”Then when I thought she was asleep, she whispered in my ear, “Bill, did you know that I haven’t had shex in over a year?”“No. I didn’t know that, Cynthia.”“Well, I haven’t, show I’m pretty horny.”“I see.” I had to wonder where this line of conversation was going?“Well, I am. Show I think we should have shex…don’t you?” she said as she slid her hand down and found the bulge in my pants.“No, Cynthia. You’re drunk!”“Oh! Look what I found. A nish hard cock jush ready for me to shuck.” She kissed me on the lips and asked, “Wouldn’t you like a nish blowjob, Bill?”“No, Cynthia. You’re drunk!”“Oh. You’re no fun,” she managed to say before her head fell on my shoulder, where it remained the rest of the night.I finally got to sleep later, with great difficulty. I had a raging hard-on; I was holding a gorgeous blonde in my arms who wanted to give me a blowjob, and I had refused! I guess my parents raised me right, or I was a fool.- – – – -At around eight the next morning, Cynthia woke up with a start when she realized that she had slept with me, a relative stranger!“Hey, Bill! Wake up!” she said as she shook me.“What?” I said when I finally woke up.“Did we sleep together all night?”“Yes. You wouldn’t let me leave.”“Did we do anything…you know?”“No, Cynthia. We didn’t do anything. I would not take advantage of you like that.”She breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Oh good. I must have been really drunk.”“You were! And you’re cute when you’re drunk.”She laughed and said, “I’m sure I am.”She had set up and was trying to fix her messy hair when she said, “You need to go so I can shower.”“Okay. Can I scrub your back?” I said jokingly.“Very funny.”I put my shoes on and asked, “Will I see you at breakfast?”“Probably. You can sit with me again if you want.”“Only if you promise not to get drunk.”“You’re just full of jokes this morning!”“Okay. I’m leaving. Hope to see you later.”- – – – -I was shown to Cynthia’s table again and sat down.She said, şirinevler escort “I told Andre to always seat you at my table.”“Well, thank you, Cynthia! I’m honored.”“So, before anything else, let me apologize for getting drunk last night. My celebrating went a bit too far.”“Well, I tried to stop you.”“I know you did. And I should have listened. I also want to thank you for not doing anything last night.” “Well, in all honesty, it was difficult. You tried to seduce me.”“Oh god! I didn’t!” she said I horror.“You did!”“I’m afraid to ask what I did.”“Then it will remain my secret,” I said with a smile.“Tell me!” she demanded.“Well…all you did was offer to give me a blowjob.”Cynthia’s face turned bright red and she said, “Oh god! I really did that?”“You did.”“And you turned me down.”“Yes. With great difficulty.”“Oh jeez. I’ve never done anything like that before. Of course, I’ve never been drunk before either.”“Forget it, Cynthia. But I must admit that sleeping with you in my arms all night was wonderful.”“Aww. That’s so sweet. I’m glad we met. You’re a refreshing change in my life.”“Thank you, Cynthia. That goes double for me.”“You don’t have a girlfriend?”“No. I work long hours, so I don’t have time to find one.”“Well, maybe you’ve found one now,” she said with a sly look on her face.“I was hoping that I had.”We smiled at each other for a long time as we both thought about what we’d just said.“You know, Bill, that my cabin is never used by anyone but me. It’s my permanent home away from home.”“Really!”“Yes. When I found out that my ex was having affairs with three secretaries at the same time, I cruised on this ship for two months; got fat on the food; and cried myself to sleep every night.”“Oh, sweetie! I’m so sorry!” I said as I took her hand.“Well, that’s all over now. Now we can take a cruise together if you want. Anytime you want; for as long as you want.”“Together in your cabin?” I asked as my cock responded.“Of course, together! I think we’ll be great together.”My mind went into overdrive creating thoughts of making love to Cynthia…and getting that blowjob! She was so attractive that I thought I might be dreaming. She had just invited me to travel with her, in HER suite, and to sleep with her every night. It had to be fate that brought us together!“You know what, Cynthia?” I said as I took her hand in mine.“What?”“You are so beautiful and wonderful that I have to be the luckiest man on Earth to have met you.”Cynthia’s eyes started to well up as she smiled and said, “I’m the lucky one. After being married to an unfaithful, selfish bastard for five years, you have filled me with hope and even love. I’m so happy we’ve met.” Then our food arrived and broke the spell that we were wrapped in.- – – – -Cynthia and I traveled together many times before getting married. She has a private suite on each of the Carnival Cruise Lines ships, each has a different itinerary, so we had a wonderful time. The Captain on the Mariner of the Seas married us, which was very special.As a bonus to her status, she gets free passage on the QE-2 around-the-world cruises. So, when we took that, we didn’t want to come back home.

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