Rude Games

Rude GamesMy first awareness of sex came through playing rude games with my older brother Colin and often his best mate Dominic.I can remember it was during the summer holidays and we were hanging out at home, both mum and dad were at work. My friend phoned to say she wouldn’t be over today so I went to see what Colin and Dominic were up too.They had been looking through some cupboards adnd had pulled out a first aid kit, which had allsorts in it, a stethoscope, bandages, a thermometer etc.Before I knew it they had talked me into being their patient. They bandaged up one kırşehir escort of my knees and then tried the stethoscope and listened at my heart. Colin then said I had to take my T-shirt off so they could listen properly.I had no bra on underneath, so refused, but they kept on and finally I did what they wanted. They giggled as they saw my tits, they used the stethoscope on them as they grabbed one each and pulled at my hardening nipples, I must admit it felt really good.The boys then wanted me to take my jeans off, they had already seen my tits so seeing escort kırşehir my in my knickers was ne big deal.Once in my knickers the boys used the stethoscope again and listened at my crotch, which kind of felt nice as they rubbed it against me. But it wasnt long before they wanted me to take my panties off. I was really excited and feeling really rude. Colin said that both Dominic and him would show their willes if I showed my fanny. I slipped my panties down and showed both boys my slit, Dominic probed his finger into my slit, it felt incredible, I noticed kırşehir escort bayan both buys had huge bulges in there jeans. But they were not keen in showing what they had. They got me to turn around and bend over. Colin parted my bum cheeks and they both had look at my arsehole as well.Dominic picked up the thermometer and pushed it up my bumhole, it hurt a bit at first but it gave a really nice feeling once in.After this they got me to lay on the bed and the examined my pussy again this time spreading my pussy open and looking and probing me inside, rubbing my clit and inserting fingers up my vagina, again this felt amazing. The boys were about to keep their part of the bargain, but Mum’s car pulled up outside. So I quickly put my knickers back on and got dressed. But they promised they would show me but another day.

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