Runnin’ in the Rain


It is always scary to start something new. Does that mean you shouldn’t? Of course not. Leaving for college is one of those life-changing moments that you will never forget, and the beginning of my freshman year will go down as one I will never forget.

I was desperate to make new friends in those first days. My roommate had a girlfriend and wanted nothing to do with me, and the rest I tended to miss the bulk of the dorm bonding activities the RAs set up. So what was I to do? High school tended to be a lonely time for me, so it was no strange thing to set out on my own.

Club Day was the last day of freshman orientation, and I took full advantage of it. Dozens of clubs, frats, and sororities were set up across the quad, and I had a good time looking around. I had matured a great deal in my last year of high school, and by the time I reached college I had reached my maximum height and potential. I was just over six feet and well-muscled from my time on the swim and track team, confident in my abilities to meet new people.

I searched through the crowd, stopping at different stations and gathering information. Nothing struck my fancy, though, until I found the trail-running group.

I had just about given up when I saw the sign above one of the farthest tables from the academic buildings. Trail running? I had been an active runner throughout high school, and enjoyed getting out on my own. Maybe this group would be an avenue for a few solid friendships.

The sun was high and hot, and the crowd had already started dispersing when as I headed over to the booth and my eyes fell on a true vision of beauty. This being a college, an attractive girl in shorts and a t-shirt was nothing new, but this girl almost took my breath away. A few inches below my height and blonde, her body toned and lithe, she drew me in from across the open square. I forced my eyes to hers, a sparkling blue, and smiled when I drew near.

“Hi, so you guys have a trail running group?” She smiled and my heart melted.

“Yeah! The mountains aren’t much more than a half hour from here, and there are some great trails up there. Do you have much running experience?” I smiled, trying to match her beaming gaze.

“Yeah, I ran through high school, but never did much off-road. I’m Jake, by the way.” I held out my hand, and the girl shook her head and took it in both hands.

“Of course! Sorry, this is my first year running the group. My name’s Callie. Great to meet you!”

She was bubbly and gorgeous. I was hooked.

“I’m already sold. Have many others signed up today?” Her smile faltered.

“Not really. Last year most people came out later in the year, especially after New Year’s. Got to keep that resolution, right?” I laughed.

“I guess. Did they hang around long?” She sighed.

“No. we only had about seven show up on a semi-regular basis last year. Four of them were seniors, so we are starting over almost completely new. You said you’re in, right? Can I get your information?”

She could have asked for my soul and I would have handed it over without another thought. I wrote down my name, number, and email on her sheet and was met again by her dazzling smile.

“Great! Thanks Jake. We’re shooting for our first run in about two weeks. I’ll email the time and location.”

I smile and thank her before moving on. I stop at a few other booths, leaving my info at a few. When I get back to my dorm, however, it’s Callie’s face that crowds out all other thoughts.

Ten days later I get an email from Callie.

“Hey guys! Hope your first few weeks of the semester have been going well. Our first run is going to be this Sunday along the Jones Cavern Trail up in the Appalachians. It’s really beautiful, with the turn-around point at a waterfall. The forecast calls for a light rain, but don’t worry about that. We’ll be running rain or shine! Can’t wait to see you there!”

She posts the meeting time and location. After a heavier course load than I had expected for my first few weeks, there is no place I’d rather be.

I pull in to the meet-up location, a trailhead about a half hour from campus. There’s only one other car. Callie jumps out of it as I leave mine.

“Hi! Jake, right?”

“Yeah. Where’s everybody else?” I regret the question as soon as I ask it.

“Well… it looks like it might be just us. Not much interest yet, you know?” She looks troubled by the fact, and I scramble to lighten the mood.

“No worries! We’ll still have a good run. How far is the waterfall from here?”

“About four miles up the trail. Gonna be a pretty good run.” She grins, shaking off the doubt of a moment ago. “You ready for it?”

She looks towards the trail and I seize the opportunity to give her a quick look over. Long legs intersecting beneath tight running shorts that just cover the flesh beneath. Her shirt is tight and sporty, the outline of her sports bra visible beneath the white fabric. Her breasts are sizable but well-proportioned, bursa escort jutting out above a trim torso. Her blonde hair is pulled into ponytail, revealing along neck that tapers off beneath a truly beautiful face.

“Definitely,” I say, grinning. “Just as long as you lead the way.”

She flashes me a look, her blue eyes questioning. I look away, pulling my leg up into a quad stretch. She can interpret that last phrase however she wants.

“How long are we going to wait for anyone else to show?” She sighs.

“Not long. Let’s get stretched out, and if no one else shows in a few minutes we’ll get going.”

I nod and squat into a groin stretch. Callie takes a few steps forward before bending over to stretch out her legs. With her eyes closed, I seize the opportunity to drink in the sight. Her shorts are pulled tight, and I can see the hint of a tan line at the juncture of her tanned limbs. She holds the pose for a ten count before rising up, her legs still spread. She claps both hands to her butt, the sound taught as she leans back, stretching her abs. She runs her hands over her thighs, soft and smooth. She exits the stretch and hops up and down a few times, he calves flexing and her hair bobbing to the rhythm. Her breasts move only a fraction beneath the tight bra. She glances back and sees me staring, still stuck in my groin stretch.

“Making sure you’re ready there, huh?” I blush and hop up.

“Sorry.” I take a deep breath and plunge forward. “I really just couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

I was impressed with my fortitude. Usually I could scarcely get a word out around attractive women. Callie grins.

“Glad you enjoyed the show. Looks like it’s just us today. Ready to go?”

I hop up, imitating her bounces from a moment ago.

“Let’s do this.”

Callie jogs to the trailhead and I fall behind her. Distant thunder sounds as we enter the forest.

“We probably won’t make it back before the rain comes,” she looks back at me, a faint challenge in her eyes. “You ok with that?”

“Of course. We were going to cool off in the waterfall anyway, right?” She laughs.

“Right. Should cool us down well enough before the trip back.” I look at her empty hands.

“No water bottle?” She arches an eyebrow.

“Come on Jake, it’s only eight miles. You got water in the car?”


“Then we’ll be fine.” She grins, and I mentally note that I will follow this girl anywhere.

She picks up her pace and we fall into an easy pace alongside each other, finding out more about each other’s lives. She’s the youngest of three, all girls. A junior and an economics major. Wants to start up her own non-profit when she graduates, benefiting young girls living in poverty who want to expand their education.

“Enough money-grubbers in the world, right?” She asks me. I nod, sucking in a deep breath before a steep incline.

I had underestimated this endeavor. Callie took the constant ups and downs of the trail in stride, and I fell behind her more than once, winded from a summer of little activity. Not that I really minded. All that was necessary to keep me going was the sight of her tight butt beneath her jogging shorts, her calf muscles flexing with every step. At one point she glances back and catches me staring.

“Come on big guy, not there yet,” she wiggles her butt as she faces forward again, an impressive endeavor while running. I speed up and run alongside her once more as she tells me that we still have one mile left before the waterfall. The clouds are heavy over us now, and the thunder is echoing throughout the surrounding mountains.

We talk a lot in that last mile, and I drink in every word she says. She’s fun and intelligent, a dream wrapped in the body of a goddess. We hear the roar of the waterfall and she slows.

“Good pace. How’re you feeling?” I nod and hold up two thumbs. She grins. “Good. There’s a little cave behind the waterfall. Want to take a little break before heading back?”

“Sure,” I say as we round the bend and see a thick wall of water falling from about thirty feet above us. The cool mist is welcome relief to my hot skin, and we gratefully enter the small cave behind the water. Callie surprises me by pulling off her shirt as she leans on a tall rock. I catch myself staring as she does it, enthralled by the smooth skin of her torso beneath her heavy breasts. Her skin is tan, a stark contrast to the hot pink of her sports bra. Her nipples are poking out against the material, a marvelous sight in the dim light.

She catches me staring again and grins, walking across the small enclave until her face is just below mine.

She says something that is lost in the roar of the water. I lean down to ask her to repeat herself and she pulls me in for a kiss. Her lips are sweet and plump, soft against mine. She holds it for a long moment, breaking it only to look into my eyes with a questioning gaze. She bites her lip and I lean down again into her lips, pulling her body into mine.

Were bursa escort bayan we sweating from our run? Yes. Did I care? Not at all. To my eyes, there are few things more beautiful than a woman directly after exercise. Callie was glowing in the dimness of our cave, and I was hungry for more of her. We kiss for a few long moments before her tongue pokes past my lips, exploring within. I welcome it with glee and pull her body tighter against mine. Her hips jut forward just enough to excite my rising erection, straining against my compression shorts. Her hands run up my back, massaging my muscles as she pulls my shirt up. I lift my arms and bend my knees, allowing her to remove it without difficulty.

I step back and we stare at each other, and I lose myself in the hunger in her eyes. She pulls me back in again, her lean limbs surprisingly strong. Her nails rake my back as both hands run towards my hair, her fingers twisting within it. Simultaneously one of my hands runs down her back, cupping one cheek of her butt. The flesh is pert and firm, and I groan as I pull her closer to me.

Callie breaks our kiss, her breathing short. Her chest is starting to heave, and I again am greeted by the image of her breasts straining against her sports bra. My free hand creeps up her back and crawls beneath it, massaging her tight muscles. I move it towards her front as one of her moves down my belly and down my shorts, running over one of my legs. I groan as her fingers brush over my bulge, feeling my member strain against the tight material constraining it. She grins at me again, pulling my lips down to hers once more.

I don’t remain there long, breaking our kiss to kiss her neck, her shoulders. A woman with well-figured shoulders can be hard to find, and Callie’s were magnificent. I spend some time there as she massages my inner thighs. As I do this my hand continues to work beneath her sports bra, moving until it encounters the bulge of one breast. Callie drops her head back as my fingers work the soft flesh, groping and feeling towards her nipple. Still my other hand clutches one cheek of her butt, pulling her close to me and kneading the tight flesh with my fingers. Her hips begin to move against mine, rotating and grinding.

I move my lips back to hers. She jerks and cries out into my mouth as I grab one her nipples, giving it a quick squeeze between thumb and forefinger. She reacts by smashing her hips against mine, her hand in between us as it starts stroking my cock through my shorts. As my hand teases her breast my other slips into her shorts, reveling at the feel of the naked flesh of her butt. I push down until my fingers reach into the deep cleft between her legs. Callie moans against my mouth and spreads her legs as I push deeper, the tips of fingers sliding along her vulva and feeling the gathering moisture.

I pull my lips away from hers once more pull upon her sports bra with my other hand. Her breasts drop out, pert and full. She moans as I take one nipple into my mouth, keeping her other breast firm in my grip. The fingers of my other hand continue to delve, drawing her close to me as I enter her wet passage from behind with two fingers.

She gasps as I do so, though my fingers slide in without resistance. She is tight and incredibly wet, and as my two fingers drive deep her hand pulls at the elastic of sorts and releases my aching cock. She licks her palm before taking it in her hand, stroking me as I finger her from behind. Her fingers pull down and grab my balls, massaging them as my fingers work in and out. I pull my lips form her nipple and we lock in again in a kiss, our tongues locked in each other mouths.

I pull my fingers out of her and move them to her front, stroking her erect clit with her own juices. She breaks our kiss and leans her forehead against mine, moaning as I drive my fingers into her once more. She licks her hand again and continues stroking my cock, corkscrewing around it with deft skill.

With her free hand she pulls my head tight against her. Her body tenses and the walls of her passage clamp on my fingers as an orgasm washes over her. I wrap my free hand around her lithe body and grab her breast with it, squeezing the nipple as she shudders and moans against me. She leans against me as it fades, shuddering once or twice as I twitch my fingers inside of her.

She pushes away from me, straightening as the aftereffects of her orgasm wear off. With my cock still in one hand, she kneels down and takes in the length of my member, one hand at the base of my shaft.

I groan and lean back as she goes to work, sucking me and torquing her hand around me with skill and expertise. Already turned on by getting her off, it’s not long after she cups my balls with her free hand that I feel them begin to tighten.

I run my hand through her hair and try to say something, but my words are lost in the roar of the waterfall. I grab the top of head as I cum, the sweet release flowing through the sore muscles of my legs as Callie’s escort bursa tongue continues to lap over my shaft. I look down and lock eyes with her as she swallows every drop I give her. She grins as I finish and fall back against a rock.

Neither of us say anything for a few minutes, and Callie walks topless to the mouth of the cave. Free of their hot pink restraints, her breasts jiggle with her every step. Despite my release of moments before, I feel something stirring below.

“It’s raining!” She yells over the sound of the falling water. She’s smiling as she says it, and I feel myself falling for this beautiful girl whom I barely knew. She pulls her bra back on as I move from my rock.

“You ready for the run back?” She asks me, her eyes gleaming. I kiss her forehead and drop my lips to her ear.

“Just as long as you’re leading,” I growl, and she squirms away from me.

“We only have four miles before we reach the cars,” she says, her eyes locked on mine. “I hope you are ready to go again by then.”

Before I can answer, she bounds out into the pouring rain.

I will never forget the run back. The lightning flashed around us and the thunder roared above, but I cared only for Callie. She bounded in front of me, the rain causing her already tight shorts to cling to her even more so. She would turn back to me, and when she did I leapt forward and grabbed her, pulling her in for a kiss. I would run my hand over her breasts, insatiable for their feel beneath my fingertips. We were panting with far more than exertion before we reached our cars.

Once we arrived she looked at me, her hair pulling loose and plastered to her face.

“Your car or mine?” She asks, and I pull my rear door open. Before she can get in I kiss her again, the rain still falling hard on us. She pulls away and backs into the backseat of my car, pulling me in after her. My lips find hers again as I pull the door shut behind us, and she leans back in our cramped quarters, one leg already wrapped around me.

We break our kiss and I laugh looking into her eyes, bright and blue. I pull her bra over her head and again am confronted with the exquisite beauty of her nude torso, and I devour each breast in turn. She arches her back against me, and I reach my hand into her shorts, grabbing the smooth flesh of her butt. We scramble to pull each other’s shorts down, straining against our tight quarters.

Once I have her naked I stop and sit back on my knees, taking in the sight. She cocks her head against her shoulder, her smile suddenly shy.

Other than a thin strip of white around her hips, her body is tan. The faintest hint of abs protrude from her flat abdomen, and her skin is taught yet soft in all the right places. Her eyes meet mine and she parts her leg, one hand running along her cleft.

I need no further invitation.

I fall on top of her again, hungry for her mouth. My cock is hard against her leg, and she grabs it with one hand. She guides it against her lower lips and rubs the tip along it, our moans matching beneath the rain pounding on my roof.

We lock eyes as I enter her, and she juts her chin forward as I push into her as deep as possible, her eyes closed. I kiss the tip of her chin and then I’m pounding into her as hard as I can, all foreplay taken care of four miles ago. She wraps both legs around me, her cries soft and low. One hand grips the back of my head as the other rakes down my back, grabbing my butt and pushing me deeper into her. I pull one hand under her and pull her against me, delighting in every twitch, every thrust.

She arches one hip and we tumble over on our sides, her legs still locked around me. Her body is beginning to tense, and I lather one finger in her juices before pressing it against the tight hole in her rear.

That is all it takes. Again her body tenses against mine, again her breasts jut towards my face. My tongue reaches for them as she presses her pelvis into mine, crying out as she climaxes against me.

My finger slips into her as the other grabs one of her breasts. She pushes against me and we fumble around again until now she is on top, her legs squeezed around me so she doesn’t slip of the seat. There is no recovery time now as she bounces against me with everything she has, her juices flowing around my cock.

I pull my finger from her rear entrance and lather it again before pushing into her once more, pushing deep. Her breasts are bouncing, her nipples rock hard. She grabs the door handle above my head as we move together, me pushing up into her with all of my might.

We continue like that for some time, this young goddess riding me for all I’m worth. She reaches back at one point and cups my balls, and again that is all it takes. I grab one of her breasts and push my finger as deep into her as possible as I climax, thrusting my hips up against her. She leans against me, growling and mewling as she comes with me, my cock nestled deep and tight within her.

As we finish we collapse together, cramped in the backseat of my car. She sits up after a few minutes with my cock still buried deep within her, her breasts shining with perspiration. She giggles and they jiggle along with her, and I am in love.

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