Sabash:”Liya,i indeed like you!”


Sabash:”Liya,i indeed like you!”(well,actually this story looks like a plot more than a hentai-doujinshi story.based on anime movie Dragon Nest Warriors` Dawn.To my best friend Saberrung here XD.)Sabash is a human fighter boy,before the union between human and elves decides to kill the evil black dragon,he once saved Liya`s life in New Moon forest(as said in the movie) by killing several monsters which wanted to raid Liya.Liya thanked him by let him fuck her once and leave,and since then Sabash missed Liya very much but have no idea where to find her.Sabash joined the army to kill the evil black dragon,he didnt know that Liya had become a heroine of seven heroes who killed the evil dragon until he came back with the troop,and of course,he knew that she had had a boyfriend named Lambert.Sabash felt kinda upset but still okay.After Sabash have known Liya had a boyfriend,he didnt plan to disturb them,but what unfortunately is that Elena,that evil black elf known as the biggest villain in the movie,had known that Lambert wasnt just a simple canlı bahis young fighter,actually he was the one who had the power of dragon,which could help with her controlling the black dragon gem,what she needed to do is to enrage Lambert and thus he would burst out his real power.So Elena camouflaged herself ,found Sabash and controlled his mind,then “Sabash” invited Liya to visit him in near by village then r-a-p-ed her,meanwhile Elena controlled other some pass-by teen boys to join the r-a-p-e.Lambert finally found Liya and saw what happened,got very angry and ready to go mad to release his dragon power.At the moment, Lambert`s sword gave out very strong light to depress his power and bring him to the real world,at the same time,Sabash and those teens recovered,Elena could not resist this magic power from the sword and escaped.Sabash and the boys felt very sorry to what have done to Liya,and Liya knew that`s all what Elena did.Liya forgave them and persuade Lambert to forgave them too.After sending teen boys home,the three bahis siteleri came back to the Saint Heaven,and despite the influence from Elena,Lambert admitted that when he saw they were g-a-ngb-a-nging Liya,he got horny temporarily,and Liya said although they were too fierce when g-a-ngb-anging her,she`s kinda of enjoying it.Then Sabash told them the affair happened between him and Liya in the forest before Liya met Lambert,Lambert felt kinda embarrassed but said”well,it`s okay….*-*”(XD),and Liya couldn`t stand giggling as she didnt remeber that very clear until Sabash retelled it.Sabash said that he indeed liked Liya,and actually didnt want to r-a-pe her but in some more gentle ways (XD).Anyway Liya thought it`s interesting that this human boy still liked after such a long time.Feeling happy,Liya suggested that why not both of Lambert and Sabash,the two boys who saved her life each other and liked her,fuck her together?This time Sabash and Lambert got embarrassed together(XD),Liya just took off her suit,then took off theirs,the güvenilir bahis boys somehow got excited,and then the three enjoy the double -f-u-ck Liya all the night.(aha,just imagine and expand what you three will do that night haha ).This has not been the end yet.Since Elena knew that Lambert`s sword had more magic power which could depress his,she wanted to get the sword.Meanwhile the three now were in tight relationships and wanted to caught the biggest threat in the land-Elena,so they made a trap that Liya used the handle of the sword to masturbate herself to seduce Elena to rob it and Lambert showed up to pretend to be very angry thus to release the power in the sword then to depress Elena`s power and stoped her escaping.All things were going on well,and Sabash and Lambert caught Elena successfully,before they sent her to the troop,they wanted to punish the evil villain,of course,double fuck her,fiercely.(XD)During the f-u-ck,Lambert`s dragon power eliminated all Elena`s,and she became a very ordinary black elf.Then they sent Elena to human troop,made the great contribution to the whole land.Yes,Elena got g-a-n-g-b-a-n-ged again and again in human troop,those soldiers wanted her to make up for everything she did to the land and their country.End

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