Sable In The Stable


Sable In The StableI’m in the house taking a small break. I happen to go to fetlife and read that Sable, my sub, read and interesting story (about texting while driving and being punished for it) and commented that she speeds a lot and does text while driving! I also see she was texting on fetlife. As we all know the text is much smaller than regular text messages. Thus making it harder to drive correctly! I am NOT pleased.We live in a beautiful house with many acres of land. I have some farm hands that I’ve sent to fix some fencing on the outskirts of the land. So I can have some uninterrupted quality time with Sable. I’m sitting in the living room waiting for her to drive up and walk in the house.She needs to learn that this is not only against the rules I’ve laid out, but also unsafe. It will probably be the least painful way to learn. Considering the alternative of what could happen, such as causing an accident or even a death. She will learn from this punishment I’m about to give her.I hear her vehicle drive up, the door shuts. In the door she walks. She sees me sitting there. “Hi, honey!” “What are you doing in the house with so much to do outside?” She walks over to kiss me. Then notices I’m not my cheerful self. “What’s wrong?” “I’ll get right to the point, Sable.” “I see you’ve been speeding and texting while driving?” “How would you…” “That isn’t a question, because I know it’s true!” Sable is looking at me with a puzzled look?”Let me quote you” “@b826ecky thas kinda what I was thinking!!! I am bad for this…and speeding….””You know the rules.” “We’ve talked at length about this.” “That’s one of the reasons we have Bluetooth’s” “yes, I know you can’t text using that, you know what mean!” Sable starts to apologize. “Shut your mouth!” “We are way beyond that!””STRIP, NOW!” “Leave your boots on” “And no back talk!” “In fact, I have this for you.” “Open your mouth.” I slip a bit gag into her mouth and buckle the strap behind her head. “No talking allowed!” Sable begins to slowly strip her cloths off. “Quit goofing off, hurry up.” She quickly strips off the rest of her cloths.”Now, bend over the back of the couch and reach back and spread your cheeks for me.” She does as she is told. I have prepared a number of items ahead of time. I have a butt plug pre-lubed. I pump some more lube onto my finger tips and canlı bahis slide them into her asshole. Sable gives a squeal. I know she likes her asshole spread. She’s probably smiling right now. I pop it in. I then wipe my hands on the dress she just took off. “Get up and stick your arms out in front of you.” She does. I take a small rope and bind her wrist’s together. I get behind her and push her to the back door of the house. She looks over her shoulder, puzzled as I keep pushing her out the door. Remember she is totally naked except her boots. She’s trying to muffle a “But, but” “Keep going.” We are heading into the back yard, headed for the stable. All the a****ls are not there. They are either in the field, outer stalls or somewhere else.We enter and near one of the wider stalls I’ve attached at the floor and overhead beam a new 2×4 in the middle. I also have a pulley ready with a hook, in the middle of the stable. We stop in the middle I pull the hook down and loop it through her wrists. I start to hoist her arms up. She’s starts screaming into her bit gag, shocked at what I’m doing! I ignore her. I leave her standing flat footed, barely. I take a industrial roll of saran wrap. Start on her arms and wrap it all around her body, except her head. Stopping at her ankles. I pull on the pulley again and lift her whole body off the ground quickly and swiftly and guide her to the 2×4, and gently position her right in front of it. She’s now flat footed again. I come to her face “SSSSHH”, You are being taught a lesson.” I flip out my knife. Sable starts to scream again. “Sable!” “STOP IT!!” She stops and with big eyes is just staring at me. I have never done anything like this before to her and she is very unsure as to what I have in mind!I take the knife and poke it in right next to where her nipple is and trim just enough for her nipple to come out a bit. I do the same with the other nipple. I put my knife away. I then attach an alligator clamp to the right nipple with a string attached. Sable sucks in her breath as the little claws dig into her soft flesh. I do the same with the left nipple, and get the same reaction. I then screw a piece of metal to the 2×4 so I can hang the string over it. I then attach 1 fishing weight which weighs 1 pound each from the strings. Thus pulling on her nipples. She again is screaming bahis siteleri into her gag. I caress the nipples, “ssshhh, you’ll be fine” Her eyes are starting to tear.I pick up the saran wrap again and secure her to the post, just under her breast, all the way down to her ankles. I flip open my knife again and cut out a section of saran wrap to expose her ass cheeks and just a bit of her upper thighs.I walk around to face her. “Sable, we are now ready to begin your punishment.” “First I will start with my hand and then I will show you each implement I will use next.” “Don’t worry, you don’t have to count.” “But I hope you have been taking notes, because I want you to write about how you felt and your feelings during your punishment.” “Do you understand?” “Just nod.” Sable nods, yes. “Thank you.”I begin to spank one cheek then the other. I don’t start off to easy, since this is a punishment. I spank all around her cheeks, even her upper thighs and that soft spot where her legs meet her cheeks. This of course is just a warm up. This goes on for about 10 minutes. With my hand coming down harder with each passing minute. All she is doing is grunting with each spank.I stop and hold up the next implement. A riding crop. I see her almost crack a smile. Typically she enjoys this, but not this time. As the blows come harder and faster than she is used to. I pay special attention to that soft spot. Her grunts are now accompanied by sniffles. this goes on for 10 minutes.I stop and hold up the next implement. A heavy flogger. I swing it over her back (through the plastic) and ass and legs (through the plastic). She is probably thinking we are just about done. Since we often end play with the flogger. We are NOT.I stop and hold up the next implement. A hair brush, she hates the hair brush. She shakes her head NO, but in doing so also is straining her nipples taught, which is painful. “Sorry, pet, you don’t have a choice in the matter.” I pull up a stool and begin. She is screaming into her gag. Her ass is red and must feel as if it is on fire. I stand and look her in the face. “Are you learning not to text?” Through muffled cries, she’s trying to say “yes, yes, yes”. “Good, but we are not done yet.”I hold up the next implement. Its a wooden paddle with holes in it, like a sorority paddle. I take aim and begin. Throughout the güvenilir bahis whole time Sable is balling her eyes out. I stop and come to face her. “I think you are learning?” “After we are done, I’m going to put the word out if Anyone sees you texting or using your phone without your Bluetooth.” “They are to report back to me” “But, I’m pretty sure that will never happen after today!””This workout as gotten me all worked up!” I’m standing behind Sable and she must hear my zipper go down. I lube up my cock and spread her cheeks and reach in and grab a hold of and slide the butt plug out. I stand behind her and spread her cheeks a bit and I slide my rock hard cock all the way into her tight little asshole. I take no mercy and grab her hips and fuck her hard, with the occasional slap of her cheeks! This goes on for several minutes. Right before I shoot a good load into her I reach around and take those alligator clips off her nipples. She screams out! From pleasure or pain I’m not sure! I unload into her ass. I pull out and my cum dribbles out her ass and down her legs. She thinks we are done, we are NOT.I hold up the last implement. She is again screaming into her bit, trying to say “NO, NO. NO!!!” Its a Heavy Duty tawse I’ve made out of a 1/4″ thick weight belt. No, this is not soft leather by any means. It’s a double belt. “I made this a while ago.” “I NEVER thought I would EVER use it, especially on YOU!” “Are you Ready?” “At the count of 3.” “1”, “2”, “3!”CRACK!again, Sable is crying out!CRACK!”Can you feel that!”CRACK!I think she’s trying to say, “No more!”CRACK!CRACK!”Have you learned!”CRACK!I think she’s trying to say “YES, YES!”CRACK!CRACK!”Yes, you want more?”CRACK!CRACK!I flip open my knife in front of her and start at her feet. I slice off the plastic wrap. All the way to her wrist and the little rope too. She falls into my arms. I lay her down next to me. Cuddling and soothing her. Telling her “This seems the only way for you to learn.” she in return says “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, it will NEVER happen again I promise!” “I know it won’t” we lay there with her on top of me for a few minutes.We get up. “Go in the house and wash just your face, and meet me on the front porch, with a beer.” “I still want you naked” “yes, sir.” I’m sitting on the porch and she comes out and sees her spanking bench next to my chair. Her eyes pop wide and she starts to say “No way can I…” “come over here and lay over the bench.” She hands me my beer. She lays over the bench. I bring out some lotion and sooth it all over her ass and upper cheeks.

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