Sabrina and Her Brother Ch. 05


Wednesday morning came, and I wasn’t sure at all what to expect. Would there be someone waiting for me at Mom and Dad’s house, when I went to walk Buddy and water the plants? Did I even want someone waiting for me? Or was I done with the whole incestuous adulterous affair scenario? The sex was so incredibly erotic and satisfying… yet I was really struggling to reconcile that with myself. After much internal debate, I put on a short skirt and thong, just in case, but there was nobody waiting for me when I got there, and nobody showed up when I was doing the chores. Even Melissa had to leave as soon as I got home. Part of me was happy that my body wasn’t in demand, but I had to be honest with myself and realize that another part of me was disappointed that nothing erotic had happened. It made me realize just how far I had come in such a short time – from being a wife dedicated only to my husband, to falling into a series of torrid affairs with both of my brothers, my sister-in-law, and my child’s babysitter. That thought itself was both saddening and highly erotic.

At 3 pm the phone rang, and it was Denise. She said that she had been planning on meeting up with me earlier, but hadn’t been able to get away and thus wasn’t able to spend some time with me. She asked if she and Jeff could come over that evening. I wasn’t sure what to say, and asked who would be looking after their kids, if they came over. She told me that Doug had volunteered to watch them so that both she and Jeff could come over. I finally agreed to them coming over after 8pm, so that I would have Brayden asleep for the night and would be done talking to Greg on the phone.

As it turned out, they showed up right at 8pm, and Greg hadn’t called yet. They could tell I was a little tense and had brought over a couple bottles of wine to help me relax and unwind. We talked about my situation, and they fully understood that when Greg got home on Friday that I would be unable to continue my sexual relationship with them, as well as with Doug. I just had to draw the line, if only for my own mental health.

Once we had talked about that, the air seemed to clear (and the wine was having its effect), and I became much more amenable to being intimate with them. Denise and I began to kiss on the couch, while Jeff looked on in envy. Amidst our passionate kissing we managed to strip each other down to bare skin and were getting each other extremely aroused by stroking each others clits as we kissed non-stop. Jeff was also naked and was slowly stroking his cock as he sat across from us, eagerly watching the show.

The phone rang, and I reached over and picked up it up off the side table. It was Greg, and he wanted to once again tell me about his late nights with Stacy finishing up their project. Even as I sat their naked on the couch next to Denise, holding the phone with my fingers that were slick with the wetness of her pussy, I couldn’t help but jealously imagine what their late night project had been. As I talked to Greg, I watched Jeff move over and begin eating Denise out. I made the quiet sign to both of them as I listened to Greg go on and on. Jeff stopped eating Denise and began to slowly fuck her, right there on the couch next to me. It was hard to focus on my conversation with Greg, and Jeff could tell I was struggling. Instead of helping me out and stopping, though, he pulled out of Denise, stood in front of me with a big grin on his face, and indicated to me to suck his cock. I gave him an incredulous look and shook my head to say no, but he leaned forward and thrust his cock into my face. I couldn’t resist and moved the mouthpiece of the phone away, opening my mouth to take his cock in.

It was coated with Denise’s thick wetness and it tasted wonderful. I didn’t want to admit just how erotic it was to be sucking him while listening to Greg. And to make things worse, Denise got between my legs and began to eat me, even as I sucked Jeff. I tried to stop it, but soon enough an overpowering wave of pleasure surged through me, and I groaned out loudly. Greg asked if I was ok, and I leaned forward, taking Jeff’s cock out of my mouth and closing my legs to Denise so that I could talk. I thought fast and told him I had stubbed my toe on the couch.

He continued on and began talking about how excited he was to see us when he got back on Friday afternoon. Denise had gotten back up on the couch next to me, on her hands and knees, and Jeff began slowly pumping her from behind. He pulled out of her and scooted over to me, trying to get between my legs. I tried to resist him, but he was too persistent. He grabbed my hips, pulled me up to the edge of the couch, and soon had his cock poised at my pussy lips, ready to slide in. I shook my head, but he pushed in anyway. Somehow I managed to control myself, and didn’t cry out as he split me in two, but my breathing was somewhat ragged and once again Greg asked if I was ok. Desperately trying to keep my voice calm as Jeff slowly fucked bursa escort me, I told Greg I was fine. We talked for a few more minutes, and then ended the phone conversation. I couldn’t help but feel like a complete whore as I told Greg I loved and missed him, even as Jeff’s cock slid in and out of me.

I hung up the phone and laid my head back on the couch. I said, “You are so bad, Jeff. I can’t believe I just talked with my husband while getting fucked.”

“Come on… it’s kind of kinky, isn’t it?”

“I guess so, but…”

Denise interjected and said, “Why don’t we go back to the bedroom? I’ve only got about another thirty minutes before I need to get home, so Doug can get back to his place.”

Jeff pulled out of me, and we walked back to the master bedroom and closed the door. Jeff got on the bed, and had me sit on his face while Denise rode his cock. We kissed as we both rode Jeff, and I couldn’t help but steal glances in the mirrors on the closet doors, watching both my body and Denise’s body as we received pleasure from Jeff. It was highly intoxicating and helped to push away the last pangs of guilt over my phone conversation with Greg, particularly as I watched Denise arch back and have a long, drawn-out orgasm while riding Jeff. She slid off of him after it was over, and I got off of Jeff’s face and rode him for a few more minutes, before we changed positions.

Jeff had us lay down on our backs on the bed next to each other, so that we could continue to kiss while he fucked us both. He alternated between the two of us, and it must have been highly kinky for him because soon he was coming deep inside Denise. At this point I was highly aroused and found myself very disappointed that he hadn’t come in me. I eagerly got between her legs and began to lap up the huge globs of come that steadily flowed out of her pussy after Jeff pulled out. Although he was spent, he got behind me and began eating me out. The sensation of sucking his come out of Denise, combined with the pleasure his tongue was giving my clit, was enough to make my head swim and soon my body was writhing as my orgasm washed over me.

Denise got up to get dressed and head back home, while Jeff came up and laid next to me, kissing me deeply and slowly. Denise came back into the bedroom fully clothed and watched Jeff and I kiss for a few minutes, before coming over to give us each of us a long, passionate kiss of her own. With a mischievous smile, she said, “You two have fun… I’m going home to fuck Doug… see you tomorrow morning!”

We kissed for a few more minutes, and then Jeff asked what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted to have a bath and some wine, and so he went to go get a bottle of white wine while I got the bath ready. I put in some lavender bath salts and got the water very hot, and sank down in. Jeff came back with the wine and glasses, and got in. He leaned back and I got between his legs, laying my back up against his chest, letting the hot water embrace us. We sat in silence for a while, drinking our wine, relishing the soak in the hot water. Jeff’s free hand was slowly caressing my body, and it was having a wonderful affect on me. It was also affecting him, because I felt his cock begin to slowly grow as it pressed into my back.

After a long while, the water began to cool off and it was time to pull the plug. We finished up our wine as the water drained, and then I reached forward and picked up the bottle of olive oil that I used to moisturize my skin with from time to time. It had been floating in the hot water with us and the oil was still very hot. I began to spread it on my arms and chest. I handed it back to him, and he began to rub it into my back and shoulders and neck. It felt wonderful and got me thoroughly aroused. He told me he needed to get my ass and legs next, and had me get up on my knees. I did, and felt him slowly spread the oil over my ass cheeks and thighs. He leaned forward and spread the oil on the front of my thighs, and then on my inner thighs. I let out a gasp as his oil-covered hands made contact with my clit, and he quickly realized how wet I was.

In the process of putting oil on me, he had also spread oil all over his chest, legs, and fully erect cock. He leaned back and pulled me on top of him. I laid my back onto his chest and positioned my hips above his cock, spreading my legs so that his legs were between me. After a little bit more repositioning, his cock was once again sinking into my pussy, and the wine, hot bath, and hot oil combined to make for extremely erotic sex. I slowly rode his cock for what seemed like hours. His hands continued to massage the oil into my chest as he played non-stop with my nipples. It was too much and I began to have a very powerful orgasm, softly crying out over and over again as he filled me with his cock.

He let me rest a few minutes, but then began to pump me slowly again. After another minute or so, he whispered in my ear that it was time he was inside my bursa escort bayan ass again. I wasn’t sure at first but he slowly convinced me until I was nodding my head in agreement. He pulled his massively hard cock out of my pussy and we repositioned so that his cock was pushing up against my asshole. He took a palm full of oil and spread it around my ass, and then pushed into me.

I gasped and moaned as I slid down onto his shaft. It wasn’t painful but it was somewhat uncomfortable, and took a while to get used to. After some more oil and some adjustment time, I began to ride his cock as I had before, only this time with it filling my ass instead of my pussy. Once again his hands were playing with my breasts and nipples, and I felt another orgasm, more powerful than the last one, begin to wrack my body with waves of pleasure. I didn’t hold back and cried out loudly as I reached climax, and was surprised to feel a powerful gush of juices out of my pussy as he fucked my ass hard and deep. He felt it too, and lost control as his orgasm hit, his breathing ragged as he moaned over and over again, his cock pumping his huge load of come deep inside my ass.

We lay there, still joined together, savoring the orgasms that were leaving both of our bodies. Eventually his cock softened, and I got up off of him and felt a thick dribble of come hit my thigh as his cock slid out of my ass. I could tell that there was quite a bit of come inside my ass and did my best to keep it there. We both took a shower and got cleaned up, and then got into bed.

We lay there together, kissing and talking off and on, and then he asked if I was ready for more. I said of course, and he had me reposition myself so that we could 69 while lying on our sides. I began sucking his limp cock, and it immediately began to spring to life. He was licking my pussy slowly, and I was surprised that I had any arousal left in me. His cell phone, which he had placed on Greg’s bedside table, went off, and he reached over and answered it. I kept sucking him but also listened in.

It was Denise, who was calling to see what was going on. Jeff told her in detail about our bathtub fun, and I could tell she was sorry she had missed out. Then Jeff told her what we were doing now, and asked what she and Doug had been doing. They had already fucked once in their bed, and she was riding his cock again, this time on the couch, before Doug left. Jeff made some dirty talk with her for a little while, which only served to get me aroused again, and then he hung up.

Jeff’s attention returned to my pussy, and he found it much wetter than before. He ate me for a little while, and then when he was fully hard he had me lay on my back. We began to kiss again, passionately, and he asked if he could make love to me, one more time. I knew this was going to be our last night together, and so I wanted to make it special for him. As he got on top of me and slid his cock into me, I began to softly talk to him. I told him I wanted him to make passionate love to me, to fill me with his cock and with his come. I told him that I wasn’t on birth control and that I was ovulating (both of which were true), and that I wanted him to come inside me as deep as possible. I told him that I wanted him to get me pregnant – even though we both knew that was impossible, since he had had a vasectomy. Despite that, all of the talk got us both extremely aroused, and we began to passionately make love like never before.

For what seemed like an eternity, he steadily pumped my pussy full of his cock. Several times we rolled over so that I was on top, so that I could slowly ride him as we kissed and as he sucked deeply on my breasts. The last time we did this I arched back and had a slow, erotic orgasm as I rode him. We rolled back over and his pace quickened, and soon he was coming inside me, his hips thrusting as deeply as possible as his cock once again exploded inside of me, filling me fully. As he came he confessed his love for me over and over again.

We reluctantly broke apart and drifted off to sleep. About 3am Brayden got me up, and I went in to comfort him, my thighs becoming wet as the last vestiges of Jeff’s come dripped out of me as I rocked him to sleep. I crawled back into bed with Jeff and curled up against him until the alarm went off at 6am. I got up and took a shower, and then tried to wake Jeff up with a hot cup of coffee. He wasn’t stirring, so I decided to wake him up by sucking his cock. That did the trick, and soon he was moaning and slowly moving. He took a quick shower, and then got dressed. I got Brayden fed and settled into a TV show while I made breakfast for us both. Jeff came out to the kitchen and we ate and finished off the coffee. As he was standing there, he couldn’t stop looking at me from head to toe.

“You are just so beautiful, Sabrina. So amazingly beautiful.”

I laughed, and said, “Are you kidding? I haven’t done my hair or my makeup.”

“You don’t need that escort bursa stuff. You’re so naturally beautiful. I just love the way you dress, love the way your body fits into the skirts that you wear.”

“You may love that, but what you really want is what’s underneath.”

“Mmm… so true… and what is underneath, anyway?”

I smiled at him, and then turned my back to him, lifted up my skirt, and showed him the lavender thong from before.

He let out a long gasp and said, “Oh wow… that is so incredibly hot.”

Without thinking about it, he moved across and kneeled behind me. I put my elbows on the counter and spread my legs apart, so that he could admire my ass and the thong. I wanted to give him one more erotic quickie. Sure enough, he moved up behind me, his hands under my skirt, caressing my ass and pussy through the thong. It was enough to get me wet, and I could tell he was hard. I felt him unzip his fly and pull his cock out, and I arched my back and lowered my head in expectation of his cock. He pulled the thong aside and began to slowly push his cock into me, one last time. Soon he was pumping me deep and fast, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was coming. With a gasp and a soft cry, he came inside me, his thick come filling me for the last time. I felt strong pangs of regret as that thought went through my head.

He pulled out and slid the thong back in over my pussy. I turned around and squatted down so I could suck his cock clean, something which I knew he loved for me to do to him. It slowly grew limp as I sucked his come and my pussy juices off of it, and then I put it back into his slacks and zipped him up.

I told him I was going to go change my underwear quickly, and then we could head over to his place before I went and did my chores over at Mom and Dad’s house. I was back in the master bedroom when the realization that Melissa was coming over at any moment hit me. Before I could even react, the doorbell rang, and I heard Jeff open the door and let Melissa in. Wave after wave of panic ran through me as I quickly slid off the come-filled thong and tossed it onto the floor of the bathroom, all the while hearing Melissa and Jeff making small talk. Globs of come dripped onto the bedroom floor and my thigh as I pulled out a pair of panties and slid them on, smearing the come on my thigh all over the place. With my stomach in knots and a lump in my throat, I walked out to the living room and found them talking while Melissa played with Brayden.

“Hi, Melissa.”

She stood up and walked over to me, and said, “Hi, Mrs. Woods! I didn’t know you had such a cute brother!”

I blushed deeply, and said, “Oh, thanks… yes, Jeff likes to think he’s cute.”

Jeff laughed, and said, “I do, I do… at least, that’s what all the ladies tell me.”

I rolled my eyes, and said, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, if that’s ok.”

“Sure, no problem, I’ve got some fun things planned with Brayden.”

We said goodbye, and then got into the car. I didn’t know what to feel. I was completely embarrassed and was absolutely sure that Melissa would put the pieces together and figure out that Jeff was my lover. Jeff could tell I was worried, and said, “Why are you so uptight, Sabrina?”

“No reason… I just… hopefully she doesn’t suspect anything.”

“Who, your babysitter? What’s her name again?”

“Melissa. What am I supposed to tell her if she asks why my brother was over at my house so early?”

“What’s the big deal? Just tell her I needed a place to stay, or something.”

“Somehow I don’t think she’s going to buy that.”

“It’s not like she caught us fucking or anything, you know.”

“I know, I know.” How could I explain to Jeff my relationship with Melissa? That she knew I had been seeing a lover all week? That she had tasted his come on and in my body?

And then I remembered the thong. I had left it on the floor of the bathroom, full of come, and there was come all over the floor of my bedroom in front of my dresser. Surely she would find that. And then she would know. A wave of fear and panic hit me like a blast of cold Arctic wind. We drove on in silence, and it must have been driving Jeff crazy, because he tried to make some small talk. I was too caught up in my worry and fear to respond.

We arrived at Jeff’s house, and I pulled into the driveway. He looked at me and said, “Aren’t you going to come in?”

“No, I need to get to Mom and Dad’s house to walk Buddy and water the plants.”

“Come on… please come in? Denise took the kids to the grocery store; they won’t be back for a while.”

It dawned on me that he knew his house would be empty, and thus wanted me to go inside for some more fun. Even as a wave of erotic electricity shot through my thighs, I recoiled, and said, “Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?”

He looked at me expectantly and smiled.

“Are you serious?” I said. “Didn’t you get enough last night? I mean, we have to stop, Jeff. Part of me doesn’t want to, but we both know it’s the right thing to do.”

“I know, I know… I just… don’t want it to stop. Not yet. And besides… we haven’t done it in our bed before.”

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