Sailing with Mixed Emotions Ch. 02

All The

First, I’m sorry about the long delay with the continuance of the story. My job took me in the middle of nowhere and communications were almost non-existent. (Even the pigeons got lost trying to finding it.)In fact, you can’t even get there from here, let alone get back from there.

So please accept my apologies and enjoy.


Small feminine fingers found their way under my baggy trunks and tenderly held my right nut and began a very slow and deliberate massage before moving ever so slow toward my sexual center and encompassing the base of my cock.

“Dagg girl!” I exhaled under my breath as a very naughty smile began to appear on her face.

“Tell me you want me to stop,” Karen giggled. “Just think Danny,” she whispered in a teasing sing song manner, loud enough for her sister and mom to hear. “I’m gonna give you a very special gift.”

That did it! My macho male, self controlled ego was just shattered by my state of embarrassment showing like a billion watt red neon sign while my mind traveled in and out of reality or fantasy lust.

Just as I got my mind back, she slowly begins a slow full stroke on my very rigid cock, almost on the verge of blowing its top before it was even touched, making matters worse, the nearness of Kate and Kathy not aware of what my little sex pot wife was doing.

“Karen,” was all I could muster out of my lips as her slick sun screen lubricated hand jerked a few times on my swollen fuck tool before my load released itself onto her hand and coating the inside of my trunks.

Just as fast as I came, her hand was out of my trunks and I watch her without any shame lick my thick white love goo off her hand, making sure her mom and sister couldn’t see her do it.

“Was that it? ” I asked somewhat out of breath.

“No silly, just the teaser.” Winking at me.

Now she did it. My mind and body went on full alert wanting to know what the surprise was at the same time thinking about how lucky I was wearing multi-colored trunks that let the huge cum stain to become well camouflaged while Kathy moved aft toward us not reacting to my wife’s sexual shenanigans.

“What are you two up to?” Her sister asked with a mischievous grin.

Stopping right in front of us with her legs slightly apart, my eyes focused at the junction of her smooth firm tan legs and the very pronounced bumps that formed in her thong’s thin blue material. My eyes making out a perfectly shaped camel toe.

Kathy teased, “I’m up here.” Knowing what I was looking at she teased a little more. “Kinda looks like Karen’s don’t it?”

Well there goes the bursa escort embarrassment light again and I just nodded yes as both girls laughed and went aft to help their mom with some of the rigging. Karen turned and told me, “I’ll tell ya about the surprise tonight.”

The rest of the day was a little more restful for me, however there was still a heighten degree of sexual overtones from the girls b everything they did. Bending over in very un-lady like fashions to do simple task, letting me see three matched sets of camel toes without any thought of hiding them. They had to know their thongs seem to disappear into the secret valley they each had, giving me totally unobstructed views of their fantastic looking firm butt cheeks. Oh what a day.

Time stands still for no one and the day was over before we knew it. Kate was busy dropping the sea anchor while I helped my wife and Kathy drop the sails in preparation for the night. Mixed Emotions slid to a complete stop and the deck began to roll from side to side between the gentle swells, the rocking action becoming almost hypnotic in nature.

Something about a peaceful sunset on the water, great food, fabulous hot female bodies in skimpy swimwear and a great wine that can turn on the romantic button in everyone. I was no different nor was my wife as we enjoyed each others company, her smooth soft body molding to mine while my left arm pulled her even closer on the forward deck after dinner. Cuddling together, occasionally toying with her nipple while lapping water on the hull sent our tired but highly aroused bodies into La La land before she told me about my special gift.

In my sleep my dreams were very erotic in nature, the kind of dreams that included every female in Karen’s family. The feelings seem so real that I could even feel lips around my cock trying to suck every ounce of my sex juice from my ball sac. Then I awoke when I felt a finger tracing around my ass hole to see my cock deep into throat of my wife.

Karen looked up and winked before removing her sweet mouth pussy from my hard on. “Hush,” she whispered, “listen.”

I could hear definite moans coming from the aft cabin while Karen resumed her place on my cock. Two little bobs up and down and then her nose was pressed tight into my pubic hair. Karen is a cum junkie, ever since our early days dating she never went home without a “cum-cock-tail” to satisfy her hunger.

“Oh Shit Kathy Yessssssssss!” came a very emotional cry from her mom, “I’m cummmming again baby, Oh SHIT, YESSSSSS!”

Then there was silence just as I felt my balls boil and release my joy juice bursa escort bayan deep into Karen’s throat.

Karen smiled as she sat up with a little white string of my love juice going from my cock’s cum slit to her mouth before she sucked it up like a string of spaghetti.

“Danny,” again in that silly little teasing but very quiet sing song voice of hers while looking me squarely in the eyes, stopping only to suck the last drop of cum off her pinky finger. “My special gift is,” pausing to make sure she could see my reaction, “You can make love to me anytime you want.” pausing what seemed like hours, but in reality, it was only a few seconds, she continued, “And that includes my mom and sister.”

The bomb was dropped! It was a sex bomb with all kinds of sexual shrapnel hitting every nerve in my body.

“What about them?” I asked with a little more boldness in my voice, after hearing the taboo sex act between mother and daughter.

Karen just smiled, acting like a little girl, she answered. “Oh, I don’t think they would mind. It was my idea.”


“Sure. Why not,” she teased.

“Do. Do they know?”

“Of course silly,” Karen answered boldly. “Mom and Kathy have both teased me ever since we dated to let me let you fuck them. Now I want them to know what I get to enjoy with you. ”

My face told her what she wanted to know. However, for a moment, I forgot about the two lovers in the aft cabin. Karen still had a little bit of cum on her chin and hand as I turned to reach for her. My eyes accustomed to the moon light saw two figures beside us. I could tell they were both naked as the day they were born.

No sooner did Karen let the words out of her mouth Kate moved toward her daughter and saw a missed drop of cum on the corner of her right hand. Reaching for Karen’s hand, she pulled it to her lips and very seductively licked it off her baby girl’s hand. Kate turned toward me, bending over with her face only inches from mine. “So Danny, any problems with fucking your mother-in-law,” pausing with a cute little lustful smirk on her face, “or your sister-in-law?”

I answered her by pulling her naked body to mine and kissed her full and hard on the mouth letting my tongue part her lips, tasting the very familiar taste of a pussy with a hint of my own cum. Knowing what I just heard it excited me even more that it was her sisters cunt juices I was tasting in her mothers mouth mixed with her moms wet kiss.

“Go on Kathy. Do it!” my wife prodding her sister on.” I’ll aim it for ya,” giggling like a high school girl.

My face full of escort bursa her mother, somewhat occupied, I didn’t see Kathy straddle my waist. I felt a hand grab my cock and hold it straight up until I felt my mushroomed cock head part a very wet set of pussy lips.

“Oh Fuck Sis! He feels so fucking good,” Kathy hissed as she slid without any hesitation, straight down my shaft until she bottomed out and just held it there. After a few seconds she slowly began to rise and fall in a very methodical controlled fucking speed. My senses were at an all time high as the deck was filled with all kinds of lust related moans.

“Kathy, you like how smooth he feels stuffing your cunt?” Karen asked.

“Oh baby sister YESSSSSSSSS!”

“Save some for me,” Kate asked as she pulled away from me to watch her oldest fuck my very rigid pole.

“Don’t worry mom,” Karen teased, “After I give him a good head. He’s good for hours,” She bragged.

I watched my lust filled mother-in-law move toward her baby girl and within seconds her face was buried into Karen’s soaking cunt while my very over sexed wife let out a squeal of pure bliss. Kathy leaned forward her lips reaching mine as her tight vaginal walls pulsed with each controlled stroke of her fucking action. Again I tasted a different pussy on a different set of lips and oh my, did I ever like it while my hands found Kathy’s firm breast and I began to roll her rock hard nipples in my fingers sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her body.

“Oh! My! Fucking! Yesssssssssss!” Kathy screamed in my face as her body shook totally out of control, her legs jerking as I could feel her love canal tighten around my fuck stick just like Karen’s does. However, it was different. Her orgasm was harder with more spastic body tremors. I liked it and something else. My cock and balls were soaking wet.

Karen looked over at me with a lost lustful look on her face as she said, “Kathy has a pussy squirt gun.” Pausing only to gasp as her mom locked onto her clit, “just like grandma.”

I smiled at her while making eye contact, seeing absolute pleasure all over her face as it hit me. “Your Grandma?” I asked.

Kathy laughed as her body began to relax and I rolled her over and on top of her without my cock even leaving the warm wet glove it was in.

“Did we shock you lover boy?” Kathy teased.

“Not anymore,” I grinned.

Then the night air was filled with another orgasmic release as my loving wife came all over her mothers face. A sound of pleasure I’ve heard a million times from her. Then I watched her change positions and return the favor to her mother. Kate leaned back on a few cushions so she could watch me plow into her oldest child’s sex hole.

“You know girls,” grinning, Kate went on,” my mother is gonna love our new family relationship.”

To be continued…

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