Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 21


Driving Eva Home

“Sarah’s parents sure are an interesting couple.” Eva was talking to Sally who was driving her home after a sex party at Sarah’s house.

“Yeah,” Sally affirmed

“I mean a sex party with their daughter and friends and each of them fucking someone else.”

“They’re swingers,” Sally offered.

“”Yeah. But, … I mean, .. with their daughter.”

“I’ve had sex with her father, and so has Sarah, we had a threesome.”

“Really! That was probably fun. That cock and those balls.” Sarah’s step father had an eight inch cock and large, pendulous balls.

“You had a chance at it during the party.”

“Yeah, it was nice but he really spent his energy on Jennifer. I’d like another chance at him.”

“That may be possible,” Sally was thinking that if Sarah’s parents offered another invite to a swingers’ party she could probably get Eva to go along. Jerry Malone wouldn’t object.

“Oh. By the way, how was Derek?” Sally asked. Derek had been one of Sally’s stable of guys in high school. They were all studious types who Sally had seduced and trained to give her pleasure. “Was he as good as I said?”

“Oh, yes, he gave me several orgasms. You said something about training him?”

“Oh. There were several guys in high school that I had regular sex with and taught them how to please me. If they didn’t learn, I cut them off.”

“I see. Sarah was a cheerleader. You too?”

“Oh no, I was very studious and involved with math and science. Most of those guys were the same and socially somewhat inept. Easy pickin’s for a girl that wanted sex.”

“So how did you meet Sarah?”

“She was a middle school classmate.”

“But you don’t seem to have a lot in common.”

“Maybe not outside of an overwhelming interest in sex.”

“In middle school?”

“Yep, a neighbor boy and I used to undress and inspect each other in his treehouse. He had me invite Sarah over once and, well, things progressed from there.”

“You knew her before that.”

“No, not really. She developed early, had breasts as big as today from the beginning of middle school. We used to invite others to the tree house for our sexual experimentation. Warren asked me to invite her because she was developed. She was the first girl he had sex with and he was her first too. I watched.”

“So was he your first too?”

“No, my first was an older cousin of Warren’s who came to the tree house when he was visiting from out of town. Anyway, after the first year of middle school Warren moved away and Sarah and I started hanging out together, best friends finding and sharing guys.”

“You were active young.”

“I guess so, what about you?”

“No, not ’til I was a Junior.”

“Oh. You’re stunning.” Eva was a tall slender redhead with large breasts and an hourglass figure. “I’d have guessed guys would be after you.”

“Oh, they were. Being beautiful actually made it easier to avoid having sex.”

Sally made a questioning grunt.

“The guys clearly wanted it but I got more attention by not putting out.”

“A cock teaser huh?”

“I don’t think so. I made it clear that if a guy wanted to keep seeing me he’d have to restrain the sexual advances. Lost some but kept more. I was pretty popular with the guys because I was nice to them and they wanted to be around me.”

“So when did you decide to do it?”

“Well, I was kind of forced into it by a senior. The quarterback and football captain.”

“He raped you?”

“Oh no, not that kind of force. He made sure all the guys in school knew not to take me to the prom ’cause he was going to. Then he told me he’d only take me if I put out. Well, I was so set on going to the prom, I felt like I had no other choice.”

“Doesn’t sound like the best of circumstances. Did you enjoy it?”

“It was okay but didn’t live up to the advanced billing.”

“It seemed like you enjoyed it last night. Something must have turned things around.”

“Two guys, when I was 20. One was a friend of my brothers’ …”

“You have a brother?”

“Three, actually, the twins were the guys who took me to the amateur contest.” Sally and Eva had competed at an amateur contest at a strip club before the party.

“I thought you were willing to leave those guys awfully easily.”

“Yeah, they were my brothers. Anyway one guy was their friend and another was this guy who made a play for me at work. They were both so endearingly sweet. MY brothers encouraged me with their friend and co-workers seemed to think we went well together. Anyway …”

Eva went into a semi-trance of revery, “Anyway, I had sex with them and it was so fabulous. I mean foreplay. They really got me off orally and with their hands, kissing every part of my body. They had me so ready, … so ready. I loved holding and caressing and sucking their cocks and balls. They gave me so much pleasure and had me so ready when they finally entered me, so ready. I had never experienced anything like it.”

“Sounds like they were pendik escort pretty much the same.” Sally interrupted.

“Oh no,” Eddie was more gentle and great with his hands. Reynaldo, he was Spanish, was much more wild, expert with his mouth and tongue and used a variety of sexual positions. He flung my body around while his cock drove in and out, in and out.” Eva had begun masturbating herself with her hand through her jeans. “In and out, God what a feeling. What a feeling.” She stopped talking and sat reminiscing.

In the silence Sally’s thoughts drifted to her preoccupation, “What were their penises like?”


“Penises. Long, thick, thin, short.”

“I don’t know. They were adequate to the task.” Eva acted offended, “Why would you ask?”

“Just something I’m fascinated with. I’m curious and thinking about them excites me. Kind of an obsession.”

“Reynaldo wasn’t circumcised. Eddie tasted real salty.” Eva thought a bit, “Nothing else comes to mind but they were more than adequate.”

I gather you don’t see them any more.”

“Reynaldo had to return to Spain, he was here on business and I haven’t heard from him since. I still see Eddie once in a while.”

“Do you get much now?”

“Not a lot. If a cute guy asks I’ll do it with him but it’s mostly unsatisfying. Even Eddie isn’t so great any more. I don’t know if it’s that the newness has worn off or that he’s just not as in to pleasing me. Last night was a pleasant change. Not as good as Reynaldo and Eddie when we first started but better than most of what I’ve had lately.”

Eva had been directing Sally during the conversation and they pulled into the driveway of a smallish one story house.

“This is it. You’re probably tired. Why don’t you crash with us tonight.”

Sally was feeling tired and didn’t want to drive home, “Will that be okay with your parents?”

Eva gave slight laugh, ” I don’t live with my parents. I do live with the twins and I guarantee they won’t mind having you here.”

Sally looked at Eva and realized that she had mistakenly thought they were the same age. Clearly Eva was well into her twenties. “Oh, I’m sorry. I just assumed … “

“That I was as young as you are? I’m 24, last month. How old are you anyway?”

“I just graduated from high school, I’m 18.”

“I’ll have to remember not to offer you any alcohol,” Eva joked. “I’m guessing Sarah is the same age.”

“Yes, and Jennifer too. We graduated together.”

Sally grabbed her sports bag with her costume from the amateur contest, her toiletries and a few other essentials and followed Eva into the darkened house.

“Tim and Tom were off work today and are certainly asleep. They’re kind of light sleepers so try to be quiet,” Eva told Sally as she turned on a single lamp revealing a small, sparsely furnished living room with a kitchen and large family room beyond. “I have a double bed and you’re welcome to bunk with me. Or you can use the couch. There’s a hide-a-bed in the family room and, honestly, I’m not up to unfolding it and making it up, but if you want to.”

Sally considered the options and decided she was to tired to be fighting for bed space and blankets. If she hadn’t been so tired she’d have relished the possibility of some girl on girl action with the striking blond. “The couch sounds good.”

Too tired to be a proper hostess, Eva simply led Sally down the hallway and opened a linen closet. “Take what you need. Bathroom’s there. I’ll see you in the morning, or maybe the afternoon.” She disappeared into one of the rooms off the hallway.

Sally grabbed a blanket and a pillow, threw them on the couch and opened her sports bag. Staring tiredly into it she realized she had no night clothes. Thinking about her options of nude or underwear she went into the bathroom. She came out, stripped off all her clothes and lay on the couch pulling the blanket around her.


“Eeee,” Sally squeaked, pulling the blanket around her. A man, maybe thirty was sitting on the coffee table looking at her.

“Hi!” he said calmly. “I’m Tim. You’re the schoolgirl from amateur night. The one who invited my kid sis to a party. She’s still in her room, probably conked out. Tom’s making bacon. I’m starting pancakes. Come in the kitchen and have some.”

Too tired for any conversation, Sally pulled the blanket tighter and rolled over to face the back of the couch, unknowingly flashing her butt. “Go away! I’m tired,” she responded crankily.

She heard him get up and walk into the kitchen. “I think she’s naked in there,” she heard him say.

She was thinking maybe she had made a mistake not wearing anything to sleep in when the smell of the bacon assaulted her. She considered giving in to the aroma and getting up but briefly held back because of her nudity. She thought about wrapping the blanket around her and rushing to the bathroom to get dressed as the sizzle of the bacon and the thought of pancakes worked on her. She was sure she could smell maple syrup too. “What the hell,” escort pendik she said to herself, getting up and walking naked into the kitchen. They had seen her naked at the club so, “what the hell.”

The two guys, about 5 foot eight, stocky and with short cropped heads were working with their backs to her. Both wore blue shorts and flip flops. The one cooking the bacon, “Tom?” Sally recollected, wore a white T and had a snake inked around his right forearm. The other, “Tim?” wore the blue work shirt she had seen in the living room. “Hi,” she said.

The two turned to look at her. Both had round faces, blue eyes and slightly bulbous noses. Except for the snake she didn’t know how anyone could tell them apart. “I decided to have breakfast.” She had been to tired to think about it last night when Eva had mentioned living with her twin brothers, but now, naked, looking at them, she was thinking about how to get them naked and fucking her.

On their part they stood staring, wondering what to do now. Their penises surged. Tom spoke first, “Sure, why don’t you go get dressed and breakfast will be ready in a couple of minutes.”

“I have a better idea.” Sally walked over to Tim and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Why don’t you two get undressed and we can enjoy breakfast au natural.”

Tim’s shirt fell open to reveal a hairy chest and a stomach, equal parts fat and muscle. The sign of someone who works out both at the gym and the dinner table. Sally then pulled Tom’s shirt up to his armpits, moved her hands along his hairy chest and squeezed his growing cock through his shorts. “Think about it,” she smiled, releasing her hold.

Both guys pulled off their shirts, looked at each other and smiled, leaving their pants on to cook. As they turned back to the counter Sally saw that they had tattoos on their shoulders. Each in an identical old English script, Tim’s left shoulder said, “I’m Tom,” and his right, “Not Tim.” Tim’s left shoulder said, “Not Tom,” and his right, “I’m Tim.”

“Wait a minute. I thought you said Tom was making the bacon.”

“I did,” Tim said and “I’m Tom,” the one working the griddle said.

“But the tattoos.”

“Can’t believe everything you read,” Tim said and the two of them laughed with what seemed to be a low pitched giggle.

Sally was unsure of whether to believe the two brothers or their tattoos.

So you’re saying Tim has a tat’ saying ‘I’m Tom’ and Tom has one saying ‘I’m Tim’.”

“Yep,” they replied simultaneously.

“Yeah sure,” Sally said certain from their demeanor they were pulling her leg. “Why would you do that?”

“’cause it’s so much fun,” they said in unison like they had rehearsed the response.

“Here’s how you can be sure, Tom has a snake tattooed on his arm,” The one labelled “Tim” said.

“And Tim has one …, well you’ll have to see.” The other said.

“Sure,” Sally repeated wondering what she had to see.

“Bacon’s ready,” Tom said.

“I’ve got almost 2 dozen pancakes,” Tim responded.

“Breakfast time!” they said in unison.

Anxious to see where this was leading, Tom declared, “Au Natural!” and unzipped his fly. Tim followed suit.


Sally watched with interest as the twins dropped their shorts and underwear to the floor and stepped out of them. Sally was astonished. Their penises were far from identical. Both were semi-erect, circumcised, maybe 5 inches long and maybe an inch and a half thick. Both had substantial testes with the scrotum pulled against their crotch. But … Tom had snake tattoo covering the entire organ. The head of his penis was the green head of a snake with the mouth surrounding his pee hole and a red forked tongue peeking out. The entire body of the organ was tattooed with scales, green on the top and golden yellow on the bottom. The snake wrapped around his left leg from his crotch.

“Oh my god!” Sally exclaimed and knelt down to examine it. “Did it hurt?”

“Like the dickens,” Tom stated. “Couldn’t use it for two months.”

“You couldn’t pee for two months?” Sally exclaimed thinking he must have used a catheter.

“Oh I could pee, just couldn’t use it for other things.” He wiggled it with his hand towards Sally’s crotch.

“Yeah,” Tim laughed.

“This jerk,” Tom gestured at Tim, “Kept bringing girls home and fucking them where I could see him. And I could barely touch myself.”

Then he added, “It was actually in four parts. She did the head in two sessions and then a couple of months later the shaft. Two weeks off for each”

“She?” Sally was a bit incredulous.

“Yeah, couldn’t do it on a floppy cock. It needed to be hard. She helped keep it that way.”

“Tom had her topless,” Tim interjected.

“Never seen anything like it,” Sally knelt down to examine it and fondle it. Despite the scaly appearance it felt like any cock.

While she was on her knees, Tim went to get the plates and silverware, “Table or counter?” he asked Sally, interrupting her as she was thinking about engulfing the snake with pendik escort bayan her mouth.

Sally decided on the counter with its three stools. She felt the stools offered better access to the guys’ crotches and they would be sitting side by side. She quickly seated herself in the center so there would be a guy on each side. After eating a couple of bacon strips and a short stack of pancakes she took a pancake she judged to be of about the right size, slathered it with butter and added a bit of syrup. “I’ve heard of pigs in a blanket but always wondered what cock in a blanket might be like.” As she said this she slid off the stool, grabbed the pancake and wrapped it around Tim’s cock. She immediately began nibbling it away and licking off any residual butter and syrup. Tim moaned in pleasure as more and more of her mouth engulfed him. The pancake was disintegrating from the syrup and she quickly deep throated him, pancake, butter, syrup and all.

She slowly withdrew, carefully licking up every vestige of butter, syrup and pancake. “That was good!” she exclaimed as she stood up. She turned as if to reseat herself but instead stuck the fingers of one hand into the butter and wiped her other hand through the syrup remaining on her plate. “I need some buttered and syruped snake,” she said and rubbed Tom’s penis with the butter, stroking up and down until the entire organ was coated. She wrapped the syrup covered hand around the hard cock and stroked some more as Tom groaned and writhed. She put her mouth to his crotch, slowly swallowed him and then pulled back, licking him clean just as she had done with his brother. Copious amounts of pre-cum added a salty flavor to the maple-butter.

The brothers watched in disbelief as she pulled herself onto the counter, pushing her dishes aside,and spread her legs. She scooped a tablespoon of butter from the softened stick and pushed it inside her vagina. With her right hand she grabbed the syrup, made sure the spout was open, jammed it inside her and squeezed. Syrup ran down her butt crack, “Anyone want some maple-butter cunt?”

Not a word passed between them as Tim won a quick game of rock-paper-scissors and dove headfirst between her legs, lapping up the emerging fluid. “Ahhh! That’s what I like,” Sally squealed.

Sofa Bed

There was a squeak and clunk as Tom opened the sleeper sofa.

He returned as Sally felt the thrill of an orgasm building in her vagina. “My turn!” and one mouth and tongue was replaced by the other.

Sally began swaying her hips and squirming as Tom expertly lapped away at her syrup covered clit and pushed a couple of fingers into her syrup sticky and butter lubricated vagina. Tim had moved around to the other side of the counter and began massaging and sucking at her large nipples. She reached a hand back and grabbed his hard cock. Steadying herself as a ripple moved in her abdomen from crotch to breast. She gasped and squealed loudly as the simple ripple turned into the almost unbearable pleasure of full fledged orgasm. Her lower body vibrated against Tom’s mouth, increasing the sensations. She held tightly onto Tim’s cock with one hand and the side of the counter with the other to keep from falling off.

The orgasm subsided, “Nice!” Tom exclaimed.

“Very nice!” Tim agreed as he grabbed Sally under her shoulders and helped her sit up.

Tom had his right hand firmly at her crotch as she came up. He lifted her with his hand firmly under her vulva and draped her over his shoulder slowly turning and moving to the bed. He moved his right hand to her butt, his forearm now planted against her soft labia, and gently laid her on her back. He squeezed and massaged the ample lips as he pulled his right hand from underneath.

Two quick games of rock-paper-scissors. A tie and then Tom won. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, separated her legs and moved between them.

Sally would have separated her legs herself and raised them for easy access but for one thing. “Condoms,” she said.

“What?” Tom replied.

“No condom, no fucking,” Sally made her position clear and emphasized it by sitting up and pulling her legs back together. “I have some in my purse if you don’t”

“But,” Tom protested.

“No condom, no fuck!” Sally repeated.

“Go get some condoms!” Tim told his brother. Then he took advantage of his brothers absence to lie down next to Sally and began stoking her body from her small breasts with their substantial nipples down to her crotch with its large, soft labia. Sally responded by stroking his cock gently and then with more vigor. Tom leaned in to kiss her and she responded by planting her lips firmly against his and sucking her tongue into his mouth.

They were wrestling around, hands on each others genitalia, mouths joined and bodies rubbing together when Tom returned. “Hey break it up!”

They separated bodies and mouths, keeping the genitalia in their grasps and looked over at Tom, his snake looking like a large, lime Popsicle due to the color of the condom he wore. The scales of the snake were dimly visible through the thin latex. He handed Tim a purple package and Sally grabbed it. “Grape flavor,” she read, and suspected that the lime Popsicle might actually taste like a lime Popsicle.

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