Sandal Tales 02: Sexy Sis


Chapter 2: Sis is sexy after all.

I had never thought of my skinny little sister in a sexual way before. She had just graduated from high school and was a year younger than me- we were often mistaken for twins. Other than that we didn’t have a lot to do with each other. I was mostly interested in my studies and the local technical college which gave me a chance to get off of this dried up old farm- so I had barely even slept at home for the past year. She mostly read fashion magazines and said she was going to be a model some day – totally boring to me. Until that Saturday we hadn’t said boo to each other for quite a while.

Our parents were leaving us alone on the farm for the weekend with a long list of farm work. We would have plenty to do- but I was sure I could manage some free time as well. I wanted to check out the new magazines that I had bought from Barney at tech school. It cost me a lot- twenty bucks for four but at least two of them he promised were real honest to goodness XXX rated- not just girlie mags – from the city, which was over three hours drive away. We had no such place to buy real porn in our little hayseed crossroads of a town.

When I got home from tech school that Friday I had parked the car under the old tractor shed and made a beeline for the shop and stashed the hot items under some old moving blankets in the back corner. Dad had a bunch of them and used the farm truck to help people move heavy stuff and pick up some extra cash now and then. I thought I would come back later that weekend and hopefully have time to check them out- but at least to hide them for now. Come to think of it now – I don’t know why I just didn’t take them to my bedroom…

It was Saturday morning and I was already trying not to get frustrated with sis. I had a plan to start early and have more free time. We had beans to pick before it got hot in the garden- then we could snap them that night in front of the TV. But she was still not out and I sure wasn’t going to do it myself!

She finally came out of the door- and what a sight. I told myself to just hush. If I said anything she would get stubborn and ruin the whole weekend.

Sis was wearing a pink shirt that mom had told her to throw away a long time ago. It had been washed until it was thin and only had the bottom two buttons left on it. It looked like sis had made use of a single safety pin halfway between the two missing upper buttons to close up the top half of it. But the blouse was still moms and way too big for her. She wore it hanging out and it was long enough to hide whatever shorts she was wearing. And then I also noticed that she was wearing some high heeled sandals- the wedge type- not exactly great footwear for gardening! Oh-well..

We each grabbed baskets and headed for the beans. It was already getting warm. I would be on one side of the row and Chele on the other. From there I could see that besides the pink shirt and sandals that she was in total defiance (as in mom would kill her if she saw her). She was also wearing the jean cut off shorts that she had tried to make herself but cut too short to be decent. Mom had told her to thrown those away, too. We were on the second row when some bug got on her blouse and she stood up and yelled and swatted. I saw something go flying by and thought she must have gotten her target. She squatted back down and we kept picking.

Then we were on the third and last row of beans- and that was where things began to change. As we were picking all of a sudden I looked across and notice that the safety pin was gone from her shirt and it was hanging wide open while she picked. I could literally see both of her breasts at the same time- and she seemed not to notice. She must have come undone when she swatted at the bug. As she continued to pick I could see the jiggling of her small globes- about the size of oranges and tipped with dark brown nipples. My dick was pushing against my shorts and I must have been picking slower because now it was her turn to look at me (I looked back at the beans quickly) and say “I thought you said you didn’t want to do this all day…”

Numbly I nodded and moved a little faster- but took every opportunity to stare at my younger sister’s beautiful chest. Then it happened. She caught my look- looked down at her wide open shirt- and I thought I was in for it. Instead she just kept reaching for beans an ignored the fact that to my eyes she pendik escort might as well have taken her shirt off completely.

Then we were done. Not even waiting to carry the baskets I heard from her back as she walked away, “Break time- and I’m going to get something to drink.” She headed for the house.

It took me several trips to bring the full baskets to the porch and go inside. Chele was half finished with an iced tea and I poured myself one. A glance told me that she still had not remedied the missing pin on the blouse- but with her standing up there was no view. I thought I could still see their shape under the thin fabric.

“I’m going to see if I can find my skates for the party next week.” she announced- and was gone in a flash. I stood there finishing my tea and thinking about the morning’s events when all of a sudden it occurred to me that she might be rummaging about in the shop looking for those skates- and my magazines were not all that secure!

I took off at a dead run- the screen door banging behind me. The door to the shop was open and I could see movement inside. As I bounded up the steps I stopped in a panic. She was holding the magazines in her hands and turned and said “Look what I just found.”

Before I could stammer an explanation (and blow everything) Chele said “Hey, lets look at them. They must be dad’s. Lets see what’s inside and lets not tell anybody. What do you think…”

I dumbly nodded and she plopped herself down on the pile of moving pads- set the magazines down beside her and picked up the top one. In amazement I sat beside her and looked as she paged through. This one was a Penthouse- and she began to flip pages until she got to a layout.

The model was barely dressed with a nightie and posing on a bed. You could see her bare pussy and her breasts were visible through the material. But sis noted an incongruity and asked, “If she is getting ready for bed- why does she have her sandals on?”

I noted that the sandals on the model were much like those my sister had on- a wedge type- but lacking the ankle straps. She turned the page and again- as the model pulled off the nightie in the pictures and posed spreading herself- the sandals were still on.

I answered with what it meant to me, “Because it makes her look sexy.”

“Oh.” she replied- and then in a move that made my cock stand at full attention she stretched out her legs and looked down them to her own sandaled feet and actually wiggled her toes and then said “Oh” again as if in a more knowing way.

She got tired of pages with no pictures and tossed that magazine and grabbed another. It had some kind of title like “Fun in the Sun” and had pictures on all of the pages. Basically it was shots from a nude Summer camp setting- girls playing volleyball with nothing on but tennis shoes- stuff like that. But there was a “centerfold” if you will. A young girl in the woods by a pond looking all demure with long hair over one shoulder and- you guessed it- high heeled sandals looking totally out of place for the setting.

My sister took note of the sandals- putting her finger on them in the picture and saying “Hmmm…” Then to my surprise she lifted the magazine off her lap and again stretched her legs and looked down to her feet and wiggled her toes. My cock was absolutely throbbing at this point!

She dropped that magazine and reached for another. Well, I thought, this may be where the stuff hits the fan. This looked to be one of the XXX ones by the cover. As she opened it up she gasped. This was the first set of pictures with a guy in them of the ones that we had seen. He had a good sized dick and the girl in the photo appeared to be stroking it. As my sis turned the page she gasped again as the pictures showed the cock now being accepted into the mouth of the blond model. She turned again and again to similar pictures as the model had intercourse and finished with him releasing his come- while holding his own dick- all over her belly.

“Do you do that?” Chele surprised me with a question. “Does your penis get that big and do you squirt like that?”

I figured silence was better and simply nodded. She continued paging and there was another couple in another layout. Starting similarly with pictures of the male model holding her breasts (I remembered just then and looked at my sister and sure enough- I could see one of her breasts in past her blouse as escort pendik she turned the pages) and the female model holding his dick- it progressed to intercourse. But- as luck would have it- as the sex in the photos began it was clear to see that the woman in the magazine was wearing a pair of black high heels.

To my total amazement my sister mumbled “I see….” and AGAIN looked down her legs to her own sandaled feet.

“They really aren’t having sex, are they? I mean, in the magazine, they are just, like, pretending and acting and stuff, right? Like modeling?”

I nodded a response again and she continued “I wonder what that would be like. What do you think?”

“Well,” I said, following her line of reasoning and hoping that it would be to my advantage, “I guess it is like acting. They have a script and a photographer and a director and they are posing out a scene.”

She thought about it for a minute and jumped up and began looking through some old boxes of stuff. One part of me wondered what in the world she was doing- while the other part was enjoying her long legged look and the lower part of her perky ass peeking out from those too-short homemade shorts as she moved about.

“Got it!” she exclaimed and turned around holding an old camera.

“You know that old thing doesn’t work anymore.” I said (boy I just can’t keep my feet out of my mouth, can I).

But she said, “We don’t have film anyway, stupid. Don’t you know how to pretend?” and she put the camera up to her eye, pointed at me, and I heard a click. And she said, “So I start. I give the directions and take the pictures and you are the model. We are going to create our own magazine.”

I must have looked blank but she just continued,”So try to look sexy and take off your shirt and pants down to your underwear.”

I didn’t know where this was heading- but I was sure going to go along and find out. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and flopped it to the floor.

I heard a click and reached for the button on my shorts. I unbuttoned and unzipped and heard another click. For the excitement I spread the front apart slowly- exposing the pounding bulge in my briefs. I though I heard a sound from her- but then there was another click- so I simply dropped the shorts and stepped out of them. Then- without waiting for further instruction- I slid my thumbs slowly into the waistband and wiggled them down my hips- keeping my dick still covered. Click. Then I slowly worked my thumbs around to the front and exposed the head of my cock. Click.

Now or never, I thought, and in one smooth move pulled the front of the briefs down and my cock stood out straight from my body. This time I know I heard her gasp. Then click. I slid them down and off and said “My turn.”

This is where I was sure that this was only going to go one way. But she handed me the camera. I held it to my eye and she just stood there. I just knew this would soon end- but then she said, “I can’t do anything until you give me directions.”

Get with it, man, before you blow the whole thing! So I said, “Slowly unbutton your blouse the rest of the way.” She did and I went click. “Now unbutton your shorts.”

And she said, “But I haven’t taken my shirt off yet.” to which I replied, “Yes, but I am the director.”

So she said ok and unbuttoned the denim shorts. “Now put your foot up on the box next to you and unzip your shorts.” She put her sandaled foot on the box and it accented the shapeliness of her ankle and leg. Then she slowly (as I had) unzipped. I was taken by surprise that there was no underwear there- and I could just see a few pubic hairs and almost forgot to click the camera. Click. “Now run your hands up and down the sides of your blouse and pull it back a little each time until I can see your breasts.” My heart was pounding as she followed my instructions. I busily clicked the camera and soon she was exposed.

“Now,” I said, “remove your shorts.” I clicked several times while she slowly did so and then straightened back up- and put her foot back on the box. Just under the thin dark hairs of her cunt I could see a pink pussy. Click.

Then she put her foot back down and took a step towards me. “That was kindof exciting,” she said. I don’t know if she meant it the same way I was thinking- but she did look at my throbbing cock. So I looked at her total nakedness- her perky breasts and smooth tummy fully exposed pendik escort bayan with the shirt wide open, her gently furred pussy with a wonderful gap between her slender thighs, to her shapely calves and thin ankles, and ending with her delicate feet so wonderfully held and curved in those delicious sandals. And as if she did this sort of thing every day she added, “Do I get the camera next. What should we do for our next take?”

Thinking quickly I remembered that we still had one magazine that we hadn’t looked at. It was supposed to be one of the triple X ones. So I said (doubting that she would go this far) “We need another camera person. Right here-” as I carefully positioned an old bar stool and set the camera on it. “Now we will use a new script that we have and play out the next scene.” I reached for the last magazine and set it on the shop table. I opened it and said, “There is our next shot.” and pointed to the first picture. In it a man was standing behind a woman- both nude- and his arms were around her and his hands were on her breasts. The other three pictures on those pages also showed him apparently massaging them.

Without a word Chele stepped in front of the camera in a pose. I stepped behind her and reached around and began to feel her small boobs.

Gradually working them and tweaking each tight little nipple in turn- I also pressed up against her with my cock vertical against her curvy little bottom. “Click” I said and let go to move over to the magazine and turn the page.

She came to look, too, and see that now the pictures showed the girl squatted down in front of the guy and she was apparently stroking his penis. As I have been having absolutely all of the luck today- I was not in the least surprised to see that in these next pictures it showed the woman to be wearing white high-heeled sandals.

I moved back in front of the camera and sis squatted down and gently reached out and held my pulsing dick. Then she began to rub it up and down. Too much of this and we were going to have a final scene real fast! Click! I backed away and went for the next set of pictures. The man was back at it- this time with closeups of him licking and sucking on the woman’s breasts.

We moved back over in front of the “photographer” and I began to do the same. My sister must have been getting aroused because at this point she held my head with her hands and pulled me tighter as I sucked. Then she said “click” and moved over and turned the page. Now the photos were showing the couple in reverse position- he licking her pussy and she sucking his cock. I figured any time now sis would back out.

But- not even bothering with camera position- she walked over to the pile of moving pads and lay down and spread her legs. I moved in-between them and began licking her little clit- spreading it with my fingers. Not exactly like the picture- but sis only moaned gently in response. I knew if she put her mouth on me at this point that I would instantly release it all. She did not take my cock in her mouth like in the picture- but sucking on her moist pussy I did not care!

Soon she was bucking against my tongue and I decided it was time for the next picture. I got up and turned what turned out to be two pages as it wanted to open naturally to the center of the magazine. It was a full sized spread of the man lying on his back and the woman squatting over him with her spread open pussy inches above his dick.

This time I walked over and lay down on my back. My sister walked over me and put her sandals on either side of my hips. Then she proceeded to squat down to just above where I held my pecker erect. She spread her pussy with her hand like the woman in the photo. But then she continued downward! Her pink pussy lips came in contact with the head of my cock and moved on either side of it. Then she continued and I watched as inch after inch of me disappeared into her until her weight sat on me and it was all inside her.

She began rocking back and forth- harder and harder. Her small breasts jiggled as she rocked. Then she lifted herself up until the head of my dick was all that was inside her- and then she plunged down again, and then again, and as I watched my slippery cock ran in and out of her tight little pussy over and over. Then a final plunge and she began to come as she rocked back and forth. I could feel her pussy tighten as she orgasmed and my penis took it as the signal to pump load after load deep inside her.

After we got our clothes back on (her blouse still hanging mostly open) she said, “That was fun, wasn’t it. Maybe we will have to try that again sometime.”

Go figure.

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