Sandra’s submission chapter two

Sandra’s submission chapter twoSandra stumbled a couple of times as she was led into the house. Then, still blindfolded the woman led her upstairs, slowly, and carefully. “See you later love” Paul said, and she heard him walk away down the hall. She gets to the top of the stairs and senses she is entering a room. The hostess stops and says “my dear Sandra. Welcome to this CLUB of PLEASURE. I am going to tell you the house rules. You will listen, as it is in your interests”. Sandra listened intently. There was something vaguely threatening, yet exciting about the woman’s tone.The woman continued. “My name is Glenda. you can think of me as your good fairy. While you are in our club, my job is to see that you are not permanently hurt or damaged at all, and to see that your enjoyment is not ignored. You on the other hand are no longer Sandra. During your stay with us, you are to karabük escort be called “SLUT”. For that is what you are”. She grabbed hold of Sandra’s chin, and stood right up close to her, as she continued. “You will experience things you’ve only ever dreamed about and some you could never have imagined. you will be humiliated, and feel pain, but you will also reach heights of sexual pleasure you have never reached before. You are our SLUT my dear, for us to play with and toy with to our hearts content. Now, one more rule. you do not speak unless spoken to. You do exactly as you are told, immediately you are told. Any hesitation, and words spoken out of turn, and you will be punished. do you understand?”.Sandra nodded, not quite sure what “punished” meant, but she knew when to agree. “Now dear Slut, we have to prepare you.” She clapped her hands. “Misty, Mina, lets escort karabük get to work.Sandra felt her dress being pulled over her head, then, someone took her arms. Her wrists were held together, and she felt them being tied. tight. As this happened, something was put round her neck. A collar? It felt heavy at the front. She realized why, as the chain was let go, and fell down in front of her, its cold steel links touching her body from neck to waist. then she felt her arms being pulled. She couldn’t make out what was happening. “Oh God”, then she thought, as she realized, her arms were being pulled over her head. She couldn’t move. her arms were obviously tied to something on the ceiling. She felt unsteady, just able to maintain her balance on the high heels. “Mmmmm”. She couldn’t help letting out a small sigh, as she felt lips on both her nipples. At least 2 karabük escort bayan of her hostesses were tasting her, having pulled her bra down out of the way, making her nips go hard as they massaged, and kneaded her breasts, pushing the nipples to their mouths. “Mmmm” she thought, lost in pleasure, but then she felt her pants being pulled down to the ground. “Step out of them SLUT”, said Glenda. As she did so, she felt something being pushed against her lower leg. the girls stopped playing with her, and slowly loosened the rope tying her to the ceiling, as one of them lowered her backwards onto some form of bench. She felt her legs parted, and then some sort of straps tied to her ankles. As the hostesses finished with the ties, she could sense that something was holding her legs apart. She had seen pictures on Paul’s PC of women with legs spread by bars but had never imagined herself in such a helpless situation. Her fanny felt slightly cold, and definitely damp, as she imagined the three women looking at her exposed glory. Then she felt warm air on her ear, and heard Glenda whisper “and now for a special treat slut”.

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