Sarah Gets Fucked…


Sarah Gets Fucked by Her Younger Brother

It started out like any other Saturday both my parents where out doing their Saturday morning routines, so I was able to go downstairs to watch one of my favourite programs as my sister was still in bed. After it was finished I went up stairs to get dressed as I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. As I was getting changed I heard my sister getting up and I opened my door and there was my sister stretching up to the top shelf of the hot press. In doing this, her short nightshirt rode up to expose her firm ass covered by a pair of white satin panties.

Watching her ass going up and down stirred some feelings in me and I reached down and started to rub at my hardening cock, even thou I knew it was wrong I moved over and took hold of her firm ass. My sister tried to turn around but I put my arms round her waist and held her tight, she asked me what I was doing and said what I was doing was wrong I told her not to worry. I moved my hands up and started to fondle her pert breasts and altyazılı porno her hardening nipples, this brought small moans of pleasure from Sarah as her body started to relax.

I turn my sister round and kissed her hard and I was a little surprised when she responded by sliding her tongue into my mouth, as we kissed both our hands where starting to explore each other’s bodies. One of my hands slide down between her legs and I could feel the first sign’s of dampness as her juice’s started to soak her panties. I started to rub her pussy through her panties; this had the desire affect of her grinding her pussy harder against my hand. We moved into my bedroom where I pulled her nightshirt over her head exposing her beautiful firm breasts. I pushed her down onto the bed leaning down kissing her hard again, moving down I started to squeeze her breasts and started to use my tongue to trace small circles round her nipples. My sister started to moan a little louder now as I continued to suck and nibble on her nipples, after amatör porno a few minutes of this her nipples where a full half inch and rock hard.

I moved down I lifted her hips slightly so I could slide her now soaking panties off. I looked down to a lovely trimmed pussy, which was glistening with her love juices. On seeing this, my head moved down between her legs as my tongue searched out her clit, and two of my fingers slide into her soaking wet pussy. As my tongue found my sister’s clit my tongue started to flick over it and I stared to finger fuck my sister after a few minutes I slide my tongue deep into her pussy and rub her clit in small circular movements.

I could hear my sister’s moaning getting louder and her breathing was getting more ragged and I knew that she was close to having an orgasm, so my tongue started to flick in and out of her pussy and rub her pussy harder. A few seconds later Sarah’s body tensed and her back arched as she let out a scream as the her orgasm raked her body, her love juices arap porno bursting out of her pussy. The taste of my sister’s love juice and her moans of pleasure where all too much for me. I had to ram my throbbing cock deep inside my sister’s pussy.

I lifted my sister’s legs up so that they where rested against my chest, I put the head of my cock to her pussy lips and I looked down to see my sister playing with her nipples desire had taken over in both of us now. I plunged my throbbing seven inch cock into my sister’s hot wet pussy right to my balls, Sarah gave out a gasp and moan’s of pleasure. This was not going to be a slow fuck as I started to pound in and out of her pussy; Sarah moved a hand down and started to rub at her clit.

My sister’s moans of pleasure where getting louder and I knew she was close to having another orgasm, this had the affect of me driving my cock harder and faster into her pussy. My sister’s body tensed and she let out a scream as yet another orgasm coursed through her body, that was the trigger for me as I drove my cock deep into her pussy as I shoot load after load of my hot cum deep into her pussy.

I can honestly say that was the most intense orgasm I had up to date, and that was not to be the last time I would have my sister but those stories are for another time.

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