School Days Ch. 04


Courtney checked Jill’s costume one last time. The little girl looked way too cute as a princess, her mother thought. Courtney handed her daughter the bag she would use to collect her candy and said, “Now, what do you say when people give you candy?”

“Thank you,” Jill replied dutifully.

“OK. You ready?”

“Yep. Let’s go,” the girl said, running to the door.

“Whoa. Hold on. Remember what I said about always staying with me. OK?”

“Yes, Mom. Come on.”

Courtney stopped in front of the living room window, catching a final glance at herself. She turned to the side. The short, Lycra pleated skirt of her sexy cheerleader costume glistened in the light. The halter-top with its matching black and red colors revealed an ample amount of her breasts. There was no changing out of it now, she said to herself.

Mother and daughter headed out into the cool dusk air.

Jill ran from door to door in the affluent neighborhood gathering lots of compliments and more than enough candy. Thirty four year old Courtney gathered her own attention from passing fathers and men who answered the door. Guys who never gave her much notice before suddenly became talkative. Courtney gave some of them special treats of their own by bending over to check Jill’s bag of candy.

About halfway through the pair’s tour of houses Courtney and Jill passed three boys. One of them instantly caught Courtney’s attention. He was dressed as a gladiator with muscles bulging from his arms, legs and chest. A mask covered his face, but the woman barely noticed–she was so raptured by his body.

They followed each other for a few seconds, their heads turning as they passed. Courtney smiled shyly. She could almost feel his eyes on her ass. She DID hear their whistles and comments. A tingle ran through her body.

Jill and Courtney stayed out for an hour before heading home. The princess’ bag was nearly three-fourths full and Courtney could tell the little girl was getting tired. Jill ran into the house and dumped the bag on the floor before her Mom could stop her.

“Hey. Wait a minute. Let’s get a big bowl for that stuff before you make a bigger mess, OK?” Courtney said.

“Look, Mommy. Look. I got lots of suckers.”

Courtney was fairly strict with the candy her daughter ate, but would give in this one time of year.

“Don’t get sick eating everything tonight, Hon,” Courtney warned. She went for the bowl while Jill sorted her candy into small piles. Eventually, the girl submitted to having all the candy placed in the bowl.

She stayed up for another hour before Courtney made her go to bed, the candy securely stored away in the kitchen. Mom even let her sleep in her princess outfit, knowing that in the middle of the night it would probably wind up on the floor.

Courtney returned to the family room, still in her costume. Just as she was about to throw herself on the couch, the doorbell rang…despite the fact she had turned the porch light out, attempting to signal the end of her trick or treating.

She grumbled to herself as she made her way to the door and opened it. The light from inside the house barely illuminated the form of the young gladiator on her porch. He still wore his mask and skirt, although he had discarded his cloak…and he still had that fabulous body.

The two stood silent for a brief moment, each taking in the other.

“Am I too late?” the gladiator asked. The voice was muffled under the mask and scarcely audible.

“Uh, too late?” Courtney asked as if confused.

“Yeah. Too late for a treat.”

Courtney’s eyes were on the bottom of the boy’s tan skirt. It stopped well above his knees but, admittedly, was a little longer than her own outfit. Then she noticed his empty hands. “You don’t have a bag.”

She tilted her head to one side and flashed her stunning gray eyes at him.

“I’ll have to eat it here,” he said.

Courtney started to laugh, but caught herself just in time. “Come on in and I’ll see what I’ve got.”

She held the door as the boy stepped into the house, brushing against her lightly in the process. She closed the storm door but left the front door open before turning to head into czech pool porno the kitchen. Again, she felt those eyes and gave her ass an extra wiggle as she walked away from him.

Courtney suffered only a small amount of guilt stealing one of Jill’s precious suckers in the kitchen. Then, knowing that she was hidden from the boy’s view, she pulled open her halter-top just an extra inch or two.

She approached him slowly, straining to think of what to say—anything to keep him from leaving, yet.

“How old are you?” she asked, stopping in front of him.

“Eighteen,” the boy answered.

“A little old for suckers, don’t you think?” Courtney held out the candy.

That having been said, the gladiator didn’t immediately reach for the sucker. He stared straight into the woman’s beautiful eyes. “You’re never too old for suckers.”

Courtney was enjoying the game. She removed the plastic from the candy and lifted it to her lips. As if the sucker was the most precious food ever devoured, she reached out her tongue and caressed the bottom of it. After two more delicate strokes, she pushed it between her lips.

The boy’s heart raced. Under his skirt, he felt a twinge in his cock that only worsened as the woman began to slide the sucker in and out of her mouth.

“Ummm. You’re right,” Courtney sighed.

“So, what about my treat?”

Courtney smiled with the candy firmly between her lips. She moved past the boy and pushed the front door closed. When she turned, her young guest had turned to face her. Courtney moved to him.

She put her hand on the front of his skirt, feeling his cock begin to press against the material. Courtney scraped her fingers across it but did not hold it. Instead, she pulled the sucker from her mouth and placed it on a nearby table.

Now she was able to stand closer to the boy, her body touching his. For the first time, she was able to look into the mask and see his eyes. At first she thought it was her own gray eyes reflecting back, captivating her.

Again, she touched his cock. She felt it hardening as her breasts touched his bare chest. This time she wrapped her fingers around the cock and pulled it out from his body. She heard his heavy breathing inside the mask.

“Take off your costume,” she demanded.

The boy grabbed the top of his skirt and pushed it down. As he lifted his legs out, Courtney saw his thick cock for the first time. He tossed the skirt on the floor and stood naked in front of her, except for the ever-present mask. Courtney took a few seconds to survey the entirety of his gorgeous body.

She reached out and lightly ran her fingers over his shaft. Then she touched his thighs, moving her hand up to his stomach and onto his chest. She stroked his nipples before putting her hand on his thick bicep.

“Untie my top,” Courtney said softly.

The boy didn’t hesitate loosening the knot in the front of her halter-top. Her breasts nearly hung out entirely by the time he was done. He let the flaps hang open for a second.

“Go ahead.”

The boy understood. He pulled the top away from the breasts and off Courtney’s shoulders. He let the top fall to the floor beside them, his eyes fixed on her beautiful full breasts.

His cock was now fully erect. He wanted desperately to suck the large nipples that protruded from the woman’s chest. But he was intent on keeping his mask in place as long as he could. Apparently, Courtney was willing to play along for now.

She dropped to her knees and placed her hand on his cock. He watched as the woman leaned forward and pressed the cock against her tits. Courtney rolled it back and forth across her chest, moving from one nipple to the other. She could feel the warmth of the hard shaft.

Then she lowered her head and lightly licked the tip of the cock. It twitched in her hand as her tongue slid across it. She moved a little and swiped her tongue up the entire underside of the boy’s cock.

He placed his hand on her soft hair and watched as she opened her mouth, allowing the cock to disappear between her lips. She didn’t close her mouth around it immediately. Instead, she licked it some more on the czech sharking porno bottom and sides.

Finally, she clamped her lips down on the shaft. The boy groaned softly, instinctively pushing his hips forward. Before he could begin a fucking motion, Courtney bobbed her head up and down, sucking and licking the now-throbbing cock.

The woman alternated between sucking the cock and stroking it with her hand. She looked up, occasionally, at the masked stranger. He stared back from behind the gladiator’s face, saying nothing. But Courtney assumed from the reaction of his cock that the boy appreciated what she was doing.

It didn’t take long for him to get to the verge of an orgasm. Sensing this, Courtney backed away. She stood and smiled at the perplexed young man. Then she strode to the edge of the couch and placed both hands on the arm, her ass facing the boy as she bent over.

“Fuck me, gladiator.”

It only took the boy two steps to reach the woman. She looked straight ahead as he lifted the back of her little skirt, exposing bright red panties. He pulled the panties down her legs, taking only a second to look at her ass before kneeling down and taking off the little red undergarment. When he stood once more he took a good, hard look at Courtney’s stunning, round ass. He placed his hands on both cheeks, gently squeezing the soft skin. Then, to Courtney’s complete surprise and delight, he lightly spanked her right cheek. Then again, only a little harder.

Courtney imagined herself in ancient Rome, being taken by the strongest, most handsome of the gladiators. She pictured his sweaty body and the huge cock that was about to force its way into her, whether she wanted it or not. Courtney wanted it.

The boy didn’t need to imagine. He was facing the most beautiful body he had ever seen, naked except for a cheerleader’s skirt that was pushed up above Courtney’s waist. His cock ached from the need to cum.

He used his hands to spread her legs apart. Courtney leaned over another few inches and the boy could plainly see the opening to her damp pussy. He moved forward until his cock was about to enter her. Courtney felt the head of his cock push open the entrance to her pussy and then he began to plunge the rest of his solid shaft into her.

Courtney moaned loudly as the huge cock was thrust inside her body. She had never been so filled by a man before, nor did any of her toys give her the same sensation as this boy’s penis. She nearly screamed with pleasure as he began to fuck her.

The boy took hold of Courtney by the waist and forcefully pushed his cock harder and deeper, himself now taking on the role of the dominating Roman. After a minute or two of frantic, heated sex, he yanked off his mask and threw it on the couch in front of Courtney. It stared up at her devilishly.

She was torn between looking back to see the face of her “attacker” and remaining blind to his identity. She decided to keep playing the game.

The boy bent forward just enough to reach under the woman and grab her breasts. He clutched them firmly, then rolled her nipples between his fingers.

“Oh, God. Yes,” she moaned.

Courtney’s pussy clamped tighter around the boy’s cock. He instantly began ramming her faster and harder. He was about to cum.

Courtney felt him stand more erect, grabbing her by the hips with strong hands. He grunted some muffled sounds a few seconds before the first blast of warm cum entered her pussy. Then she heard a series of long, low groans, each followed by a violent thrust of his cock and a long spurt of cum. He repeated this process over and over again, filling her pussy until cum completely covered his cock.

The sound of his body smacking against her ass filled the family room…at least until Courtney began to cum. Then her little squeals echoed against the walls as she reached back and rubbed her clit. To his credit, the boy remained hard long enough to stay inside the woman as she came. Courtney’s body was raked with several orgasms before she collapsed on the arm of the sofa. The boy’s limp penis fell out of her and he stood behind his cheerleader.

Courtney barely had enough czech streets porno energy to slowly turn over so she could sit on the edge of the couch. Her eyes turned towards her magnificent gladiator.

Courtney gasped.


The boy smiled nervously. “Hi, Mom.”

“What…how…what are you doing here?” Courtney stammered, her hands pushing down the edges of her short skirt.

“I got a ride home from one of the other guys. I thought I’d surprise you.”

Courtney was too stunned to answer. She held a hand up to her breast, then realized how stupid that must have looked.

“When I saw you and Jill outside and I knew you didn’t recognize me, I thought I’d come over and see if it would work again,” David explained.

“And have sex with me?” Courtney said sarcastically.

“Well, no. That was your idea, I believe.”

Courtney was too shocked to argue with the son she had at the age of sixteen. From his earliest years, David was raised by his aunt although Courtney and her late husband continued to support him. The last she had seen of him he was about to enter a private school three years ago.

“Get dressed, please,” Courtney said quietly.

David reached for the skirt of his costume and pulled it on. At the same time, he reluctantly tossed his mother her halter-top. David joined Courtney on the couch.

They talked for a while, catching up on family matters as if nothing had happened. But the experience was never far from their minds. And neither could deny their physical attraction to the other. Each time Courtney got up to get them a drink David followed her movements closely, imagining his mother out of her costume.

By midnight they were talked out. David accepted an invitation to spend the night on the couch and Courtney supplied him with a pillow and blanket. They wished each other “good night” and the family room fell into silent darkness with David staring up at the ceiling, deep in thought.

He awoke sometime in the middle of the night with the blanket being pulled down his body. In the darkness he faintly made out the outline of his mother. She appeared to be naked. David next felt the skirt from his costume being pulled off until he, too, was naked.

Lying on his back, he watched Courtney climb onto the couch. With his eyes adjusting to the lack of light he saw her breasts approach his face. His Mom straddled him with her legs, then lowered breasts to his waiting mouth.

David eagerly took it in his hand and licked the erect nipple. He moved the nipple back and forth with his tongue before biting down on it with his lips.

“Oh, David. I love that,” Courtney cooed.

He moved to the opposite breast and did the same thing to that nipple. Then he took as much of the breast in his mouth as he could and sucked it hard. He squeezed it with his hand and stabbed at it with his tongue, coaxing more moans from his mother.

David felt his cock beginning to harden just as Courtney’s hand reached for it. The more he sucked her tits the harder he got. She pumped the cock with her fist until it was completely erect.

By then she was ready for it. Courtney moved up and placed the cock under her pussy. David immediately felt her wetness as she lowered herself onto him. Despite his size, he easily entered her.

David wasn’t an expert at fucking while on the bottom, but his mother was obviously at expert at being on top. She made it easy for him to simply lay there and be ridden. Courtney played with her own clit while her son played with her breasts.

They were fairly quiet in their lovemaking this time, until it was time to cum. Then they urged each other on in very clear terms. David frantically thrust his cock upward into Courtney, who enthusiastically accepted each push. The cried out for each other to cum and timed it perfectly.

The couch rocked from their fucking and moans and groans filled the air. Cum shot into Courtney several times, her body shaking from its own intense orgasm. David held onto her ass until neither of them could cum any more.

Courtney fell into his arms. They kissed passionately for the first time. Mother and son stayed that way for nearly an hour, kissing and fondling and cumming once more.

As daylight approached and fear of Jill catching them heightened, Courtney made her way back to the privacy of her bedroom. But not until she was assured that David was staying for the weekend. They both agreed to hang onto their costumes for another night.

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