Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW

Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOWSean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW!I’ve written about my dad before when Babs posed nude for him and then had sex with him – see Wife’s Nude Portrait and Wife’s Nude Portrait 2. Just to give you a brief update, my dad and I look very much alike, both standing 6’2” with athletic builds, only dad is starting to get a little grey at the edges. My mom had left him abruptly over 15 years ago and that had devastated him. He hadn’t dated or been with a woman until Babs posed for him and then seduced him. Since that time, dad has come out of his funk and started dating. Last Wednesday, dad called me as work and he sounded very down and depressed. He has been seeing this woman for about 2 months and she broke it off with him without telling him why. It hit him just like when mom left and my heart broke for him. I suggested he come visit this weekend as he always enjoys his time, especially with Babs. At first he wasn’t sure, but after a few more minutes on the phone, he agreed. He said his car was having problems, so I said I would arrange for a bus trip and pick him up at the depot on Friday. I had lots of time off coming and would take the off. We decided to keep his visit quiet and make it a surprise for Babs.Unbeknownst to me, Babs got a call from her mom, Helen also on Wednesday. She was also very down in the dumps. Babs’ dad had died suddenly 9 months ago from a stroke and Saturday was his birthday. Helen didn’t want to be home alone so Babs invited her to spend the weekend. Her mom said that would be great and she always enjoyed her visits. She would drive up to our place and be here in time for dinner on Friday. Babs told her if she got her before we were home, to let herself in as she had a key and to use the big guest room upstairs. They agreed to make it a surprise for me. Thus the scenario was set and none of us knew what the other had planned or what ended up happening. Call it karma, destiny, fate or just chance, but this weekend was about to change all of our lives.Just as I am the spitting image of my dad, Babs is the spitting image of her mom. They look more like sisters than mother daughter and at 55, Helen is still knockout gorgeous just like her daughter.Friday morning, I told Babs that I had taken the day off and that I had a lot of errands to run and would probably be gone most of the day and that I would see her for dinner. She smiled and headed off to work. I spent the morning getting the larger guest room upstairs ready for my dad and generally cleaning the house so Babs wouldn’t have to worry about it on Saturday. At lunch time, I headed to the bus depot and picked my dad up and brought him back to the house. He looked tired and I suggested he rest while I headed to the store for groceries, so he got comfortable and I headed out to get food for Friday night and Saturday. I picked up steaks and ribs, along with plenty of beer and some wine. When I say my dad got comfortable, he stripped down because he has always slept in the nude. While I was at the store, Babs’ mom Helen arrived and let herself into the house. She took her bag and headed up to the guest room as Babs had told her. Recounting what happened, Helen told us that when she opened the door to the guest room and saw my dad, Liam, laying there on the bed naked that she first thought it was me and could not believe her eyes. She was shocked and just stood there not knowing what to do. She quietly backed out of the room and took her bag to the smaller guest room down the hallway and just sat there trying to process what she just saw. About an hour later, I got home and was quite surprised to see Helen’s car in the driveway. I went in and unloaded the groceries. As I was putting them away, Helen heard me and came downstairs and looked surprised to see in kitchen. I didn’t understand why until she asked who the naked man was in the guest room. I told her that my dad had just come to visit for the weekend because he just had a bad breakup with a woman he was dating and needed cheering up. I told her that I was surprised to see her and she said Babs had invited her for the weekend as well. I tried to apologize for my dad’s nakedness but explained that neither he nor I knew she was coming. Her face turned red and asked me not to say anything to him about it as it would be very embarrassing for them both. I was thinking that it might be embarrassing for her but not for him. Since Helen looked so much liked Babs, Dad would undoubtedly get turned on knowing she saw him naked. I poured her a glass of wine and we went in and talked. She told me about Saturday being Ron’s birthday and that she just couldn’t stand to be home alone with all of his memories around her. I told her I was glad she was here and that we would do our best to cheer her up. I k**ded her about seeing my dad naked and said that we were already working on cheering her up. Her face turned red again as she realized I was teasing her. She told me that she thought it was me at first and that I was playing some kind of joke on her. I told her that seeing dad was the same as seeing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me and she got even redder in the face as she sheepishly said that she understood why Babs was so happy. I thanked her for the compliment and told her that Babs had told me the same thing about her and now her face was the reddest I had ever seen it. I told Helen that Babs didn’t know that my dad was coming to visit and asked her not to say anything to her when she got home. After another glass of wine and some more talking about life in general, Babs got home and saw us in the living room. She said she wanted to change and would be back down. A few minutes later she returned and poured herself a glass of wine and gave her mom a big hug and kiss. The two of them started talking away so I took the opportunity to go to the kitchen and get things started for dinner. I thought to myself that it was a good thing that I had bought lots of food. Just as I was heading to the back patio to fire up the grill, my dad came down the stairs, still naked. As he walked into the room, he said surprise to Babs before he realized that Helen was here. I wish I had a camera to capture the looks on dad’s and Helen’s faces. She was shocked and sat their staring with her eyes glued to dad’s cock. Dad just stood there like a deer in headlights. Babs was shocked at first and then seeing the expression on her mom’s face started laughing. That’s when dad realized and turned and ran upstairs. Helen asked if he paraded around naked in front of Babs and she tried to explain that it was a joke because Babs had posed for him in the nude. At that bit of news, Helen’s eyes got even wider and asked if Babs was serious. Babs tried to explain that she had asked him to take a series of photos of her in different outfits including some in sexy clothes as a gift for me. When Helen asked, Babs said she would rather Liam see her body than some stranger and that seemed to make sense to her mom. About that time, I got a text message from dad asking me to come upstairs. He was dressed but felt too embarrassed to come down. I told him what Babs had told her mom and assured him that I had no idea she was visiting. It took some encouragement, but I finally got him to join us downstairs. When we entered the room, dad started apologizing and to all of our surprise, Helen told him not to worry about it as she had already seen him naked when she went to put her stuff in the large guest room. Dad began apologizing again and again. I handed him a beer and then asked Babs if she could help me out at the grill and we left the two of them in the living room talking. When we got outside, Babs asked why didn’t I tell her dad was coming and I asked her the same. Babs started laughing at what had just happen and I couldn’t help but laugh with her. We asked what we were going to do with them the rest of the weekend. I told her that dad and I were going to watch college football tomorrow and drink beer. Babs smiled and said that sounds like a good excuse for her and her mom to go shopping. We kissed and figured we needed to get back inside. We found the two of them talking and laughing and decided to let them be and headed to the kitchen to work on dinner. With dinner on the table, we sat and enjoyed a great meal. Helen told me that this was the best steak she had ever tasted and dad told her thanks because he taught me how to grill. I told her that was true and if she thought the steaks were good to wait until she tastes the ribs tomorrow night as I use a homemade bar-b-que sauce that dad taught me to make. Babs told her it’s the best. After dinner and cleanup, we retired back to the livingroom with drinks in hand and continued talking. Helen commented to dad that she just found out that Babs had posed naked for him. He admitted that she had and that he often gets requests from wives to do sexy and even naked photos for their husbands. He told her that Babs was the sexiest and most beautiful model he had ever photographed. Then he said that if she ever wanted to try it that he would do a shoot for her free. Helen turned red and said she wasn’t sure she could do anything like that. Babs told her it was more fun than she realized and urged her mom to try it. Another glass of wine was poured and Helen was starting to lose her inhibitions about posing for my dad. Dad went and got his camera and just started taking photos of Helen while she sat on the couch. Dad started telling her how beautiful and sexy she was, just like her daughter. That’s when Babs told her mom that if it made her feel any better that she would pose with her. I saw the smile on my dad’s face and the thought of seeing Helen and Babs naked and posing together started making my cock hard.Babs led her mom to the bedroom to select some out fits to wear. The first several outfits were normal clothes and as dad started taking photos of the two of them, Helen began to get into the photo shoot. The two of them turned and posed and laughed and were really enjoying themselves. Then they went back to the bedroom to change into güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri something a little sexier. They were wearing tops that tied under the tits with short shorts. Since Babs and Helen were so alike, Helen could fit into all of Babs’ clothes without a problem. Again they turned, bent, leaned, twisted and smiled for the camera. Babs untied her top, but it was still held together with one button. Then she reached over and untied her mom’s top. At first Helen went to stop her but said what the hell, nothing is showing yet and they began posing again.After a number of poses, Babs undid the one button on her top and allowed it just hang open naturally. She reached for her mom’s top, but before Babs could get her hands on the button, Helen undid it herself and let her top fall open. I had fantasized about seeing her mom naked and Babs knew it which is why she told me that they look so much alike that if I’ve seen one I’ve seen both of them. Now I was finding out for myself just how much alike they were.As they moved around, I kept getting flashes of both of their tits and although Helen’s were a bit larger and had a little more sag to them but they were still fabulously sexy. Then Babs grabbed the top off of her mom and tossed it over at me and smiled. Then she took her own top off and tossed it to me. I expected Helen to try to cover herself, but the wine had lowered her inhibitions and she enjoyed posing topless. My dad kept shooting more photos and had to change memory cards twice. Ten minutes of posing topless and Babs unbuttoned her shorts and took them off, revealing the sexiest black thong. Helen looked at her daughter, laughed took her shorts off also, revealing an equally sexy and skimpy black thong that did nothing to cover a gorgeous ass. By now, both mom and daughter were really getting into the photo shoot and any inhibitions Helen had seemed to have gone along with her clothes. Mother and daughter posed together with their hands on each other’s tits and asses and generally began groping each other before the camera. Another 10 minutes passed and Babs knelt down in front of her mom and pulled her thong down to her ankles and Helen eagerly stepped out of them. Babs ran her hands up her mom’s legs and over her mound and the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Helen threw her head back giving way to all abandonment. Then Babs moved in closer and kissed her mom’s pussy. This brought Helen’s head back and she looked down at her daughter who was now licking her mom’s pussy in front of my dad and me. It looked like Helen was about to stop her but evidently Babs hit the right spot and she just held onto Babs’ head, closed her eyes and flowed with the feelings of ecstasy that she hadn’t felt since her husband died. Dad and I watched as Helen began to rise onto her tiptoes, her back arched, her head hung back and then suddenly her body shook with an intense orgasm. Babs had to hold onto her mom to keep her from falling over as she lost control of herself. When her heels finally touched the floor, she opened her eyes and realized what had just happened in front of us. Her faced turned red and as she started to say something, Babs put her fingers over her mom’s mouth and told her everything was okay. They hugged each other and dad kept clicking away with his camera. Babs took her own thong off as her mother wasn’t quite ready to return the full favor with her daughter. Helen looked over at my dad and he set his camera down and stripped. When Helen started to say something, he reminded her that she had already seen him naked twice today and Babs had seen him naked before. Then all eyes turned to me and I quickly stripped. Babs had me move over next to dad and then had us hold pillows over our faces. Helen admitted that we were virtually twins in every way, including our erect cocks. Babs then moved her mom closer to us and put her hand on my dad’s cock. She started to pull it away when dad grabbed her arm and held it there. With his other hand, he reached out and just cupped his hand over her pussy. His touched seem to melt Helen where she stood. Dad then pulled her against him and kissed her. Helen hesitated, but soon gave in and their tongues began to dance with each other’s. She was still holding his cock and dad had one hand holding her pussy and one hand on her ass. Their kiss lasted longer than Babs and I expected it to. As their embrace ended, Babs urged her mom to follow her example and she knelt down and began sucking my cock. Helen looked at dad and his smile told her it was okay, so she followed the leader and knelt and began sucking. My dad looked over at me, winked and mouthed thank you. I mouthed back that I loved him. Both dad I had been so turned on by the hour and half photo shoot that both of us came in record time. Babs swallowed every drop of my seed as she loved its taste but Helen was not big on swallowing and pulled off of dad in time for him to shoot his load over her chin and tits. Babs leaned over and licked her mother clean, much to her mom’s surprise. Dad held out güvenilir bahis şirketleri his hands to help Helen back up off the floor and then led her to the loveseat across from the sofa. He sat her down and then it was his turn to kneel down in front of her. She looked at Babs and I as if asking what to do and Babs just nodded her head to her mom, telling her it was okay and let it happen. Dad then started licking her pussy, working his tongue in and out and then worked his way up to her clit. As she sucked and nibbled on her clit, Helen quickly began to build towards another orgasm. He continued to work her clit until Helen couldn’t contain herself anymore and flooded his face with her orgasmic juices. Dad lapped as much of it up as he could. When Helen had somewhat regained herself and looked down at her, dad told her that she likes it the same way her daughter does. That brought another surprised look to her face and Babs just agreed that he was telling her the truth. Then Babs asked her mom if she like sex the same way she did and as she asked, she bent over in front of me and I easily slid my hard cock into her pussy. Helen just sat there and stared at us having sex in front of them. Dad broke her trans-like state by asking her if that was her favorite position or was there something she liked better. Helen looked shocked and wasn’t sure what to say so dad just leaned her over next to Babs and took her from behind like I was doing to Babs. He looked at me and smiled and I nodded back. Dad held onto Helen’s hips as he plowed into her from behind. From my angle I could see her tits swaying with the rhythm and I know that dad watching Babs’ tits sway also. I took one hand off of Babs hips and began rubbing Helen’s ass. Helen came first and dad had to really hold onto her as she bucked and shook and almost collapsed onto the sofa. Babs came soon after and what our ladies orgasm helped dad and me to build up to cum inside of them at almost the same time. Helen was moaning and when dad began shooting his load into her, her moans turned to aws and oohs. When we had finished, the four of us sat down on the sofa together and began talking about what just happened. Then Babs laid another bomb on her mom by saying that Liam is a great lover isn’t he. Her wanted to know how she knew and Babs said that he had been so lonely for so many years that after her first photo shoot with him that she seduced him and had wonderful sex with him. Helen looked at me and asked if I knew and I told her yes and that I totally approved. She then looked at her daughter and asked her how she would feel if she had sex with me and told her that I’ve wanted to take her from when I first met her and that she thought it was a great idea. With that, Babs stood up and pulled her off of dad’s lap and instructed her mom to suck my cock until it got hard and that once I was good and hard that she was to sit on my cock and ride me like there was no tomorrow. Helen looked at me and I smiled and said it sounded good to me. Helen knelt down and began to suck my cock. In the meantime Babs was already sucking my dad to another erection. My youth won out and I was hard before he was. I lifted Helen’s head off my cock and motioned for her to sit on it. She stood up and straddled my legs. I reached out and felt her pussy and then guided her down on my shaft and began moving up and down.By now dad was erect and Babs was on his lap in an instant and was bouncing up and down. She looked over at her mom and told her that this what Liam likes. Watching her daughter, Helen began trying to mimic her movements and soon both ladies were bouncing away on our cocks. I shifted Helen’s position so that my cock was rubbing more against her clit and she soon started building to yet another orgasm. I held her tight as her body rocked and swayed with each wave of erotic ecstasy that swept through her body. Now I knew for myself that she was virtually identical to Babs in every way and I mean every. It took dad and I longer to cum this time which gave the ladies time to have more orgasms. By the time dad and I had finally cum again, all four of us were exhausted and the ladies collapsed on us. After a few minutes, Babs got some wash cloths to help us all clean up. I poured the ladies another glass of wine and grabbed another beer for dad and me and the four of us sat there naked and talked. When it started getting late, Dad turned to Helen and told her that she had planned on sleeping in the main guest room and she could do so if she wanted. She said that was okay as he was there first and his things were already in the room. He said he wasn’t planning switching rooms, but was inviting her to sleep with him. He said hadn’t slept next to a beautiful woman since the last he slept in bed with Babs and me. Helen admitted that the thought of sleeping next to a big strong handsome man sounded very appealing to her as well. They said their good nights and dad helped Helen move her things into his room and they disappeared for the night. Babs and I were astounded and said that we both invited our parent to visit so we could cheer them up and make them happier and we haven’t seen either of them look this happy in months. Babs and I quickly cleaned up and headed to bed. We were still exhausted from our night, so she just cuddled into my arms and we quickly drifted off to sleep.Read what happened Saturday in our next posting.

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