Secret Santa part two


Secret Santa part twoSo well duly ordered something from the room service menu, just a couple of club sandwiches and something to drink, as we waited for the food to arrive i took out a five pound note from my wallet and placed it under her collar,Sam said she can’t be wearing that when the waiter arrives – what would he think ? i said i did’t care besides it was all part of her slave status to me, i could see that she was not happy with this desision , tell you what i said, just answer the door naked as you are, i can’t came her desperate plea, i can’t , again i said to her if you don’t like my rules then pack your things and leave, But i’ll let it beknown at work what your really like !!” Thats blackmail ” she said, again i said i did’t give a fuck, your here of your own free will , its up to you what you do next ? she looked to the floor, just then there was a knock at the door ” room service ” the waiter called out, just a moment i called back , Well i said to sam , answer the door , that moment was electric, halkalı escort seconds seems like minutes,” get the door ” she opened the door to the waiter in such a way as to try and use the door as a shield from his eyes,”where would you like it asked the waiter ” over there of the table , this young lady has your tip – its tucked inside her collar, the waiter did not bat an eyelid , but grinned at me and took his tip & left, Right lets have our food < I'am not hungry sam said .... yes you are your just angry _ why ? putting me in a position like that was humiliating , she began to cry, cry all your want i don't give a fuck and reminded her that she wanted this , you wanted this treatment, so its upto you, " your a real bastard aren't you " sam said, yes and right now a horny one, come here she meekly approched me, over my lap and i was sitting on a chair, she duly obeyed , i began to spank her , just gently to start taksim escort with ” testing the waters so to speak” when was the last time she was spanked ? never she replied, find that hard to believe i said and in saying that i began spank her harder, alternating the blows to each cheeks, by now any tears she had , had gone and i could heard grunts from her, just little gasps of breath as each spank hit her tight round arse cheeks, i let my index finger probe her slit , she was wet – yes very much so, i said your enjoying this aren’t you ? yes sir was the only words uttered, i was by now spanking her really hard on her arse cheeks, her bum changing from a pale white colour to a bright red, i stopped for a moment and traced my index finger in and out of her cunt, which was dripping wet, she began to wiggle at the attention she was receiving , i had completely stopped spanking her at this stage but she continued to wiggle on my now two fingers that was up inside her, she şişli escort was lost in her own little world, she was literally using my fingers as an aid to masturbating herself , far from being angry i took pleasure from the sight below me, her gasps of breath got more urgent now and i had inserted three fingers inside her now , i just held my three fingers as one doing nothing but let her wank herself, her whole body tensed as i placed my thumb against her bum hole as her orgasm crashed through her crying out loudly as she came and soaked my hand such was the instensity or her orgasm ,she litterally shook from it , little sharp movements as her body jerked from her subsiding orgasm, on catching her breath she said ” sorry sir ” i just needed the release, far from being angry i simply said my pleasure , besides i love to see someone orgasm , its something i adore , if nothing else it shows me that i must be doing things right for you ? she seemed to be confused by my words, ” you really not angry with me ” coming like i did, without permission, i just giggled, of course not it was a pure delight to see you come – i like to ” force ” as many as i can out of you by any & all means, never been into denial , never will, with that we just kissed and cuddled, had our sandwiches and quickly fell asleep in each others arms….. to be continued.

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