Seduced by Her Sister


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people is a coincidence. All characters are 18 or older. Please enjoy.

“Nadya! Stop taking my clothes!” Kari threw open the door to her little sister’s room, her face red with anger. Nadya lounged on her bed wearing Kari’s favorite silk robe. Her pale blonde hair had been pulled up into a messy bun and her wide blue eyes were filled with faux innocence. The pale blue robe looked nice on her bronzed skin, with her long, toned legs folded beneath her. She had her phone propped on her nightstand and Kari could just barely hear soft moans from the speaker. Nadya shot Kari a pleading look. “Fine,” she hissed. “Bring it back right after you finish your call.” She shut the door behind her and returned to her room.

Kari flopped onto her bed and turned on her TV. Her pink hair fell into her eyes as she searched for something on Netflix. She tucked the strand behind her ear and queued up a cheesy romance movie. Once the intro started, Kari moved over to her closet. She’d been planning on sending a sultry photo to her FWB hoping to get some action tonight when she’d discovered her missing robe. Her hand ran over the clothes hanging on the racks. None of the rest of her clothes screamed sexy. Frustrated, she dug in her drawers and found a long-forgotten set of lingerie in the back of her underwear drawer. The sexy black negligee still had the tags on it. A small smile curved her lips as she set it on her bed.

She darted into the bathroom and glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Her short pink hair stood up all over the place and mascara smudged the skin beneath her vivid blue eyes. Kari brushed her hair until it fell smoothly to touch her chin then quickly fixed her makeup. Once she’d swiped on a new layer of mascara to make her eyes look wider and gently dabbed on a sheer coat of red lipstick to make her lips look a bit darker.

Kari had much paler coloring than her sister; her skin more resembled alabaster and burned ferociously in the sunlight. Though both sisters naturally had fine blonde hair and pale blue eyes with a darker ring around the outside, Nadya shared their father’s Mediterranean skin while Kari inherited their mother’s Scandinavian tones. Nadya had joined the track team in high school and still had the thin toned form of a champion runner. She’d never really developed tits much to her dismay. The lack of tits had caused many debated masaj porno between the siblings growing up. Kari was all curves. Her own tits had developed early and developed into DD’s by the time she turned 16. By the time she hit 20, her wide hips and firm ass had caused even more jealousy on Nadya’s part. At 22, she was the envy of most of her college friends. Nadya had just graduated high school and would be joining her at college in the fall. She wondered if the jealousy would continue at the college.

As she left the bathroom, Kari heard a moan coming from her sister’s room. Curiosity got the better of her and she peeked into the room. Her jaw dropped. Nadya lay across her bed, the blue robe spread open beneath her. Kari hadn’t seen her sister naked in years and was stunned. Not a single tan line marked the bronze skin and muscles rippled beneath the skin as Nadya writhed on the bed. The cause of her writhing stemmed from the hand pressing a long black dildo deep into her sopping pussy. Her other hand tugged on one hard rose-colored nipple. Small moans pierced the air. Kari felt an answering tingle deep within her own pussy; she hadn’t had sex in weeks and watching the stunning blonde woman masturbating in front of her affected her, regardless of her identity. Her nipples tightened beneath her thin cotton pajama top. Nadya’s moans peaked and her body quivered viciously. Kari realized that she’d been standing in the doorway of her little sister’s room watching her masturbate. Shame burned her cheeks and she quietly stole into her own room.

Despite the shame and guilt, Kari’s body burned with need. She needed sex desperately. The negligee taunted her from the bed. Her hands shook as she picked up the lacy fabric and tore the tags off. Her fingers brushed across her tight nipples as she tore off her pajamas and she had to resist the urge to rub her throbbing clit. Once she’d slipped into the negligee, she looked at herself in the mirror on top of her dresser.

The negligee had built in wires to lift her ample tits. She could clearly see the outline of her dusky rose nipples and areola through the hazy fabric. The pale skin of her cleavage had just the barest hint of a red flush from desire. The bottom half of the negligee fell to her upper thigh and had come with a pair of extremely tiny black panties and a pair of black fishnets. Kari knew that the panties would be soaked meet suck and fuck porno soon from her aching need. When combined with the flush of her cheeks, Kari looked downright sexy.

She grabbed her phone and snapped a photo in the mirror. The picture looked decent, but Kari really wanted to impress. She wondered if she could get a good photo while on the bed. Unfortunately, her tries came out terribly. She growled in frustration just as Nadya burst in.

“Ooh someone’s trying to take some naughty pics.” Nadya held the blue robe in her hands and had changed into a long tee shirt over a pair of plain cotton panties. “Do you need some help?”

Kari wanted to say no but knew she couldn’t get the pics she wanted by herself. “I’d love some.”

Nadya grabbed the phone and examined the ones Kari had tried. “Okay. I want you to lean back against the headboard with one hand gripping the top edge and the other just barely touching the top of your tits.” Kari did as commanded, feeling slightly uncomfortable at the prospect of her sister taking her picture like this. Yet the majority of her knew that Nadya’s skill as a photographer was much better than her own paltry skills. Nadya was planning on applying to photography courses in college and eventually wanted to take pictures for National Geographic. “Good. Turn your head to the right and bite your lip. Little bit less. Perfect.” She snapped a couple more photos. “Do you want to really send whoever these are for into overdrive?”

Kari nodded. She watched her sister dim the lights until the entire room was bathed in a sultry low light. Nadya set the robe on the dresser and turned on some low music with a deep bass thrum. When she came back to the bed, Kari felt something shift in the room.

“Use your fingers to slide the strap down your arm. Stop.” The camera clicked. “Rub your hand down the side of your breast and arch your back.” Click. “Move that hand down to the top of your leg. Gently push up the fabric.” Click. With each command, Kari felt less connected to reality. The low lighting, pulsing music, and the click of the camera became all she felt. “Sit up on your knees.” Click. “Grab the hem of your negligee and tug it up beside your boob.” Click. “Roll your head back and open your mouth slightly.” Click. “Grab your tit.” Click.

Kari followed each instruction without hesitation. Her milf porno hands grabbed her tits and squeezed them as Nadya clicked picture after picture. Gradually the instructions slowed and Kari just moved as desire struck her. It was perfectly natural when her hands freed her tits and pinched the hard nipples between her fingers. The fact that her sister was even in the room ceased to matter. Kari leaned back against the headboard and rubbed her pussy over the silky panties. A shiver of delight raced up her spine at the sensuous motion of the fabric over her throbbing clit.

“Take off your negligee,” came the throaty command. Kari stripped off the garment and her flushed body erupted in goosebumps in the cool air. She was sure her nipples had never been so stiff and achy. “Lay down, put your knees up.”

A hand reached out and gently traced a line from her ankle to the inside of her thigh, stopping just short of her aching pussy. Kari trembled in need. Her breath caught as she waited for the hand to continue its path. “Please,” she pleaded.

“Tell me what you want.”

Kari bit her lip. “I want you to touch my pussy. Please.”

A throaty laugh preceded the touch Kari had begged for. Deft fingers slid the panties to the side and slid over the dewy pink folds. Pleasure rippled through Kari as those clever fingers teased her folds until she wanted to scream. Sweat beaded on her flushed skin as Nadya finally used her thumb to press on her hard clit. It only took a few seconds to send her over the edge. Her eyes rolled back in her head as two fingers pressed within her pulsating canal and thrust.

Kari nearly screamed as a mouth closed over her clit and suckled. She’d had men go down on her before, but none of them had been as talented as this. Each stroke of Nadya’s tongue sent waves of unadulterated pleasure shooting through her. The fingers thrusting into her curled and found a spot within that sent a bolt of fire straight to her clit. Her body thrummed like a well-played fiddle at the hands of a master.

“Cum for me,” Nadya growled as she took the hardened clit into her teeth. She didn’t bite down, but the pressure sent Kari into a convulsive orgasm.

Kari screamed, her entire body shaking until the last wave of pleasure finally subsided. Exhausted and thoroughly ravaged, she could do nothing more than lay boneless on the bed. Nadya licked her fingers clean as she stood and stared down at her nearly comatose sister.

A wicked smile curved her face. “Come find me when you’ve recovered.” She winked and traipsed out of the room.

As Kari’s heart rate slowly settled back to normal, she felt a wave of excitement. She couldn’t wait to return the favor.

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