Seducing Muslim Beauty Rubina Ch. 01



This is a story about how I seduced a stunningly beautiful burqa wearing woman Rubina. Everything I’ve mentioned actually happened, however for privacy reasons, I have changed the names of those involved.

My name is Vishal, a software professional in India’s software hub Bangalore. I work with a Tech company with a good pay packet, which enables me a good lifestyle, which I will describe as we go along in the story.

I’m also a practitioner of Kalaripayattu, the world’s oldest martial art for the last 5 years, which has taken my fitness to insane levels I never thought possible earlier.

I have a weakness for burqa wearing Muslim women, for the following reasons-

I find them very mysterious and enticing in their burqas or hijabs with only the face or sometimes only the eyes revealed.

And also, they are really wild and passionate lovers. Perhaps because coming from very conservative families, when they get their freedom, they really let go!

They usually tend to be conservative and shy, so you need to go slow or risk scaring them off. Many are stuck in unhappy abusive marriages, wherein lies the opportunity. It might need some extra effort and time, but in the end will be more than worth it.

This is a slow seduction story that builds up and not a quick jump into the sack story.

***Meeting Rubina for the first time***

This story is from when I was working in a software development company in Bangalore a few years ago. An insurance scheme I’d invested in had matured and I needed to make a trip to the bank to redeem it.

So here I was in the bank, waiting for my token number to be called. One of the counters was manned by a lady in a black burqa, with the front niqab (face covering) pulled up to reveal her pretty face. I was hoping my token would be assigned to her, but got assigned to one of the men.

But he seemed a totally at sea newbie and had to request burqa lady for help, which is when I learnt her name.

“Rubina ma’am. Insurance maturity case. Could you please help?” he asked her.

Rubina gestured to me to come to her counter.

When I got to her counter, I realized ‘pretty’ was an understatement. She was drop dead gorgeous with smooth fair unblemished skin like porcelain and such perfect features that she could have been a movie star. High cheekbones, naturally pink cupid bow shaped lips and a finely shaped nose that made her look regal. Stunning brown eyes and long thick eyelashes I could lose myself looking into all day.

Sitting in front of this rare beauty, and looking into her beautiful eyes left me breathless and fumbling.

“Sir, how can I help you?” she asked patiently.

“My insurance scheme has matured and needs to be redeemed,” I managed to say, pulled out the insurance papers from a folder and handed them to her.

After studying them, she asked me some routine questions as I looked into her mesmerizing eyes, trying to hold eye contact.

I felt a twitch of excitement when she too held eye contact whenever she was not looking into her computer screen. After some time she looked away with a smile that made my heart skip a beat and like a true red blooded male, I found myself thinking of what she looked like under the burqa.

“You will have to fill a redemption form, sir. I’ll just take a printout of the form and be back in a moment,” she said, getting up from her seat.

As Rubina walked to the printer and back, the burqa though a loose full body clothing, did afford me an idea of what was beneath. I guessed she was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a slim figure and full shapely breasts.

After the formalities were completed, she said, “Sir, the redemption process has been initiated and the money will be credited into your account in two days.”

“Thank you for your help, Rubina,” I replied, my mind racing to figure out how to get more time with her.

“Sir, this is a substantial amount. Do you plan to reinvest it? Can I recommend some investments?” she said, and silently I thanked God for answering my prayer.

“Sure that would be nice of you.”

She pulled out some charts and calculations and started explaining them.

But I wanted to meet her outside of her work place, so I could seduce this stunner who’d left me breathless and fumbling.

“These seem like complicated calculations to me Rubina. I’m not a financial expert like you, and will need time to understand them. But unfortunately, I need to get back to office or my boss will hang me.”

She smiled at my calling her a ‘financial expert’.

“Okay sir, would you have more time tomorrow?”

“Taking time off on a weekday is very difficult, Rubina. My Saturdays are free. So can I come to the bank on Saturday and you can explain them to me properly and answer any questions I may have?” I asked, well aware of the fact that the bank would also be shut on Saturday.

“Saturday is a holiday for the bank, sir.”

“Oh,” I said, pretending to be thinking of a solution.

“Then can we meet at a coffee shop izmir escort on Saturday, if you don’t mind?”

“Okay sir, I’ll call you on Friday to finalize time and place.”


On Saturday 4 pm, Rubina and I met at one of the many ‘Café Coffee Day’ outlets in Bangalore, popularly called CCDs.

As soon as we sat down, she took out the presentation material from a folder and started explaining the investment options.

I was trying to get some eye contact, but she avoided looking straight at me. She also kept her niqab on, so I could see only her mesmerizing eyes and not her beautiful face which I was yearning for so badly.

“Rubina, would you like to eat or drink something?” I asked, guessing she would need to remove her niqab for that.

“No, thank you sir. I’m fine,” She said.

“What a pity, I won’t get to look at you then because of the niqab.”

She seemed a bit taken aback by my straightforwardness and paused for a couple of seconds, and continued explaining the investments.

After a few minutes, she stopped, and slowly removed the niqab, with a ghost of a smile on her face.

“Yes sir, I think I will have a strawberry milkshake.”

“Great,” I said and ordered a strawberry milkshake for her and a coffee for myself.

Rubina drank straight from the glass with the strawberry milkshake leaving a fine layer of pink on her upper lip.

How I wanted to pull her to me and lick it off, but I knew it was way too soon to make any moves.

After about half an hour of her explaining the investment options to me, I decided to go for three different investments. For the paperwork, she needed my personal data like date of birth, marital status, address, income etc., and the forms required my multiple signatures.

“Sir, I’m marking the places you need to sign,” she said, making small ‘x’ marks on the forms, “Sorry sir, I know it’s a lot, but each investment form requires 8 signatures, so that will be 24 places you need to sign.”

Then she sat back and started to sip her strawberry milkshake, looking about the coffee shop while I signed at the places she’d marked out.

I badly wanted to meet her again so I purposely missed out on two signatures, because I knew she would then need to meet me again.

Once the forms were filled and signed, she slid them into her folder.

“Thank you sir, I will take your leave now,” she said and started to get up.

“I’ve told you everything about myself, but I don’t know anything about you,” I said, desperately trying to make her stay longer.

“What do you want to know sir?” she asked with a smile, sitting back in her chair.

“Everything, just like I told you everything about myself,” I said.

Of course, I didn’t ask for Rubina’s personal data and especially avoided asking if she was married.

I found she loved reading novels and Chetan Bhagat’s ‘2 States’, about a boy and a girl from diverse backgrounds falling in love was her favorite. She was also a big Bollywood movie buff, as I was. Her favorite movie was ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, a classic coming of age movie with a woman suffering under an abusive fiancé as one of its themes. She also liked cooking, and that was good for me because being an avid cook myself, we had one more common interest.

Rubina was surprised to learn that I was interested in cooking. In her community, men do not enter the kitchen and cooking is considered a “woman’s job”.

“I cannot believe you cook. I don’t know any man who cooks except the ones in restaurants. And I think they cook only because they have to, for a living. Not out of a personal interest,” she said.

“I will cook for you one of these days to prove myself. I think you’ll like it,” I told her.

“Hmmm, I hope so,” she said and we both laughed.

“So what’s your favorite dish, which you are most fond of, Rubina?”

“There are so many dishes I like to make. I’ll get some for you one day.”

We were really enjoying ourselves chatting and getting to know each other, and time flew.

Suddenly she noticed we’d already spent over 2 hours in CCD and it was getting dark outside.

“Oh, it’s already 7 o’clock. I should leave or I will get very late.”

“How will you go?” I asked.

“I’ll take a bus because cab will get costly. And a rickshaw will not come so far.”

“I can drop you home, if you don’t mind.”

“No sir, it would not look right, if you understand.”

“Yes, I understand. But don’t worry Rubina, I can drop you part of the way, and then you can take a cab or rickshaw from there. That way, it won’t be too costly and it will be much faster than taking a bus. Besides, we can continue talking in the car.”

I led her to my car and opened the door for her, and she seemed surprised by that.

Once in the car, I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her, but I knew I must be patient and not rush into trying to get physical. But just the thought of feeling her soft lips on mine and moving my hands down to feel her soft full breasts was giving me a hard-on.

Traffic alsancak escort was heavy, typical of Bangalore but this time I didn’t mind the heavy traffic because it gave me more time with beautiful Rubina. We continued chatting and joking and having fun until she told me to stop at a place she said she would take a rickshaw from.

I stopped on the side, asked her not to step out, went round to open the door for her and led her to a rickshaw.

“I’m taking a pic of the rickshaw number plate, just as a safety precaution,” I said.

Then, I asked the rickshaw driver to drive carefully.

He was an elderly gentleman, who smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I can see you love her very much. I will drop her to her destination safely.”

Hearing this, Rubina blushed and got into the rickshaw with a smile.

“Rubina, please call or text me once you get home, so I am assured you have reached safely,” I said.

“Yes, I will,” she replied with a smile.

As the rickshaw started moving, I thought she looked sad to be leaving.

Half an hour later, I got her text, “Sir thank you so much for a wonderful time. I rarely get to talk so freely with anyone. It meant a lot to me.”


The next morning, I’d just finished my two hour Kalaripayattu class when I noticed a missed call from Rubina and called her back.

“I’m sorry sir, but you missed two signatures yesterday. I’m very sorry, but I should have verified the forms properly. I don’t know how I too missed it,” she said.

“Please don’t apologize, Rubina. The fault is all mine, I was very careless. When and where would you like to meet?”

“Same time, same place, sir.”

“Great! See you then at CCD at 4pm. Also, please don’t worry about the transport. It’s completely my fault that you have to make an additional trip, so I will book you an Uber. Please text me the location where you would like the Uber to pick you up from.”

In the evening when Rubina’s cab arrived at the CCD I was at my chivalrous best, opening doors, holding the chair for her and walking with her by her side instead of ahead of her, all of which I knew was new for Rubina.

“Please remove your niqab Rubina, so I can be sure it’s you and not someone else.”

She giggled and removed the niqab to reveal her beautiful face which I was so craving for, “As you can see sir, it is me and no one else.”

“Thank God, I don’t trust anyone else with my signatures,” I said.

After the documents had been signed, Rubina slipped them back into her folder and reached into her bag.

“Sir, I’ve got something for you.”

“Please don’t call me sir. Please call me by my name. Since the business part is over, I think we’re meeting as friends now.”

“Yes Vishal. As friends,” she said and smiled sweetly.

She pulled out a small food container and a spoon and said, “I’d made chicken curry for my lunch. I’ve saved some for you.”

I was astounded, “My God. Thank you Rubina, this is so nice of you. You remembered our yesterday’s conversation and actually saved some of your lunch for me. You’re so generous.”

“It’s become cold. It’s best when hot. I hope you like it,” she smiled.

I took a spoonful and tasted it, and it was superb.

“My God, Rubina, this is simply fantastic. I’ve never eaten such tasty chicken curry. You cook like a professional chef.”

Rubina blushed, “Thank you Vishal. It’s so nice when someone appreciates your cooking.”

I thought I saw a sad look came over her beautiful face for just an instance.

“If you cook for me every day, I’ll put on weight! But I wouldn’t mind. This is amazing,” I said, polishing off the chicken curry, with great relish.

She just laughed at my statement.

Then I ordered a strawberry milkshake for her and a coffee for myself.

Continuing our chat, she told me she was also interested in history, especially the history of Indian classical dance.

“Wow. Do you dance, Rubina?” I asked.

“No, but I’ve always wanted to learn Bharatanatyam. I think it’s such a graceful dance and Bharatanatyam dancers look so pretty.”

“You should learn. Maybe you can join a dance class after office. I will take you. There is a dance class near my house that I pass by every day.”

“One should always follow their passions and do what brings happiness. Otherwise, what’s the point of life, living just like a robot? Don’t you agree?”

She didn’t reply.

Though I am not very interested in the history of dance, I was glad Rubina had some deeper interests than Bollywood movies and novels and she was not just one of the proverbial ‘dumb blondes’, but an actual beauty with brains.

“You haven’t told me about your interests. What do you like to do when you are not at work?” she asked me.

“I like to practice Kalaripayattu. I go for classes every Saturday and Sunday morning.”

“Kalaripayattu. What’s that?”

“Kalaripayattu is a martial art from Kerala. It’s a very fast and intense martial art and I’ve been balçova escort learning it for five years now.”

“Hmmm, I’d never heard of this martial art before. I’d only heard of karate,” she said, her eyes fleetingly going over my body, checking me out.

“Yes, it was not very known till recently. It’s only in recent years that its popularity has increased. I think you should also learn a self defense system if possible. It’s very important to know nowadays.”

Rubina just laughed and said, “I can’t learn such things. Not possible for me.”

“What about your family? Who all are there in your family?” she asked.

“Well, I come from a military family. My father was in the Army, retired now.”

“Oh. So that’s how you have habits so different from other man I’ve met…opening doors and pulling chairs!” she said and smiled.

“Yes, maybe that’s how I picked up that habit.”

I showed her my family photos on my phone, including my dad’s old photo in uniform.

Time flew again and when it was time for her to leave, I paid the bill and drove her to the same place as before, to a rickshaw.

In the car, I told her, “Rubina, I want to confess something to you. I hope you don’t mind my saying it.”

Again, Rubina didn’t reply, perhaps wondering what I was going to say.

“I really enjoy talking to you and I also feel nice that there is someone who actually cares for me to save some lunch for me. I know there is no business reason now, but I would really like to meet you again tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all Vishal, I enjoy talking to you also. I rarely get to talk so freely to anyone or someone who appreciates my cooking so much. We can meet tomorrow, same time same place,” she replied.

Half an hour after she had boarded the rickshaw, she texted me, “Reached, Vishal,” followed by a smiley.

“Thank you for saving some of your delicious lunch for me, Ruby. I really enjoyed talking to you today.”


“Yes Ruby,” I texted back.

I downloaded a picture of a Ruby and texted it to her.

She replied back with a ‘rolling eyes’ emoticon.

We continued meeting every evening after work for the next few weeks in different coffee shops and Rubina would save some of her delicious lunch for me every day.

I had started looking forward to meeting her every evening. It felt so nice to be with someone who actually cared for me.

Until one day, I was caught up at work and couldn’t meet her that evening.

“Vishal, this is not fair. I’m so bored today. And who’ll finish my lunch today?” she texted me.

“Sorry Ruby, I will make it up to you. Let’s go for a movie tomorrow,” I texted back.

“I’ll finish your lunch tomorrow,” I texted again.

“Oh really? As if I’m going to save it till then.”

***The Next day***

The next day, I booked tickets for a movie “Aashiqui-2” that Rubina had mentioned had very good music and was looking forward to watching. I booked seats on the last row, hoping to get lucky!

I had been very careful not to get physical with Rubina yet and had focused on building rapport, because as I said, one needs to go slow with Muslim women who generally tend to be conservative and shy.

In either case, I don’t enjoy getting physical with a woman who’s mind I haven’t got to know first. It’s just more enjoyable to first find out more about what’s in her mind and then maybe move on to her body, if I like what’s in the former. Not to mention, the mind-body connection is far stronger and enjoyable than just a physical connection.

Now, after about a month of meeting every day and getting to know each other, I decided it was time to take the next step.

In the waiting lounge of the theatre, Rubina was thrilled and excited like a little girl to be going for a movie and looked absolutely radiant with her flashing eyes and stunning smile.

I bought strawberry milkshakes and a bucket of cheese popcorn for both of us.

“Come with me, Ruby,” I said and took her hand, leading her to our seats through the dark once the theatre was opened for entry. Not that I really needed to, because it wasn’t that dark anyways!

I was pleased to see that it being a weekday, the other seats in our row were empty.

“If the story is too complicated, you must explain it to me tomorrow,” I said.

“Sure I will do that,” she laughed.

“And if there are scary scenes, may I hold your hand?”

“Yes sure, you may hold my hand. Don’t worry, don’t be scared. I’m right here to protect you,” she said, laughing some more.

“Thank you, Ruby. I know you’ll keep me safe.”

She just laughed again and shook her head.

Once the movie started, I reached out to her hand rested on the armrest and squeezed it.

She looked at me, laughed and said, “The movie’s just started. Are you feeling scared already?”

“No, not yet. I was just testing.”

Rubina laughed and took a sip of her strawberry milkshake and kept the container in the cup holder attached to the seat.

Immediately, I reached for her strawberry milkshake and brought the straw to my lips.

She turned towards me to tell me that was her drink, but before she could, she saw me take a sip from the straw and smile. She reached for my drink, took a sip and smiled as well.

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