Sex Addict Renu From Bangalore


Sex Addict Renu From BangaloreI am working in an IT company in Bangalore and do travel a lot. As a person, I am easy going and loves to talk, get along with people well. This is a real incident which happened in my life. I am a sex addict, because of this, I became a part-time gigolo who is very passionate about love making in Bangalore. My client was based out of Mumbai and I travelled to Mumbai to meet her and spend a weekend with her. All the names except mine are changed in respect of privacy. I hope you all will enjoy the story and please feel free to mail me or hangout’s me your comments on, a mallu housewife is my long-time client from Indira Nagar. One day I got a call from her asking whether I can meet a friend of her in Mumbai for the weekend. I said yes and got her number, called Renu. I fixed the date and she promised to send the ticket and pick up from the airport.I reached her home and had a long chat over a cup of coffee. While having a conversation, she told me her craving for South Indian guys. Renu was born and brought up in Hyderabad but shifted to Mumbai after marriage. Her husband died in an accident and left her with a huge business empire. Her maid showed me my room. I changed into my shorts and came out to find Renu on the balcony overlooking the beach. I went to have a chat and had a quick stroll on the beach. While coming back, she whispered in my ears to get a nice warm shower and will meet after her maid leaves in half an hour. I had a good warm shower and prepared for a great evening.I was making some quick phone calls while I heard the knock on my door. I opened the door and found Renu in a satin gown. We went to grab a glass of whiskey and had a conversation about sexuality and fun. She planted a kiss and grabbed my hair. I reciprocated by pulling her slightly towards my head and went in for a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues were tasting each others for long. I slowly lifted her and made her sit on the lap and gripped her in my arms while kissing. She was feeling my steel rod and gave me a naughty smile. Renu got up and took off her gown, to my shock, she was not wearing anything underneath.She pulled me up and started kissing, then she went on her knees to take off my shorts and took my penis. Started with a superb blowjob. Renu was treating it like a baby who got a feeding bottle for the first time and went on and on for 10+ minutes till I came inside her mouth and she swallowed every single drop of it. I kissed her again like crazy and cuddled on the sofa for a while. Reached for the legs and started sucking her toes and worked myself up through her thighs and inner thighs. She started moaning madly. I went at a slow pace in her inner thighs to make her hotter.This made her so hot and horny, she started grabbing my hair tight and was trying to push towards her wet hairy pussy. I wanted to make her want for more. I worked slowly towards her perineum, she couldn’t resist before the whole room was filled with her scream to suck her pussy. I didn’t waste any single moment and went right in. The taste of her pussy was heavenly and every drop was tasting great. I enjoyed every bit of it while sucking her vagina and increased my pace of sucking. My favourite is drawing a pattern in the pussy with tongue, this made her, even more, hotter and screamed to güvenilir bahis climax. Wow, her whole body was shivering. I enjoyed the juice and the great smell of her pussy. Hmmm, that was indeed captivating. Her face was glowing with a superb smile of extreme satisfaction.Then we quickly got dressed to grab a shot of whiskey and a smoke in the balcony. That’s when I asked her about her sexual fantasies. Renu wanted to have sex on the balcony at night on doggy, wanted to get her pussy sucked there itself and scream to orgasm. Next was, she wanted to share a man with her maid. She used to have a lesbian encounter with her maid sometimes which she gets paid extra of course. Next fantasy was to see a man ejaculating after a prostate massage. Wow, those were quite interesting indeed. I promised to fulfill all of her fantasies during next coming two days.We head to her bedroom this time. Since I am a South Indian, mine is a dusky skin texture and I am not a well built which I told her in the telephonic conversation. I was curious why she chose me to fly all the way from Bangalore. Renu smiled and said Girija was her classmate and she told about the experience with her during my frequent visit I make to her house in Bangalore & of course my skills for eating pussy in different styles.Renu asked me if we can have a proper passionate lovemaking like husband and wife. I was quite happy to give what my clients ask for and yeah that’s what I am paid for. We cuddled under the bed sheet and started exploding each other’s body and warmth. That was too hot and passionate for both of us. (I asked if she wants condoms on, she was ok without condoms as she is on pills. Since I came from a credible source she was sure that I am d**g and disease free. Likewise from my side as well.) Renu wanted a 69 this time and grabbed my Johnny and I dived into her heaven. Mine was hard at this time. We had an awesome 69 with lots of moaning and each other before we went on missionary and exploded my cum load into her pussy. We went for one more round beforeWe hugged each other’s sweaty body and took a nap. By the time we woke up, it was 7:30 at night. Renu went to order something online but I told her to cook since that’s something which I totally love to do. We went with a drink to the kitchen and had a good chat while cooking. She asked about what I do and things. We had a good rapport, it was more than a client for me and in turn, it helped to give her amazing satisfaction.Renu wanted to shave her pussy and felt it would be sexy if I help. We half filled the bathtub with warm water and I took the trimmer to trim it for her. Then we jumped on to the tub and I started shaving her pussy. I looked up to see the sexy smile on her face. Shaved it clean and we both went for a hot shower together. We fucked in the shower to finish. Wow, she was one heck of a horny lady.We put on the bathrobe and that’s when I felt we should go in the balcony to fulfill her first fantasy. We went to the balcony and she took my cock to make it ready for next round. She stroked it like a fire starter, hmmmmm that was heavenly. I made her bend over and started fucking her in doggy and made her moan like crazy and unloaded my cum into her pussy. That was a superb balcony sex we had and thank god it was quite late in the night otherwise it would have been a public türkçe bahis show as her moaning would have caught lots of attention.We went in to have some whiskey and we both cuddled in her bed and slept. Next day we planned a lot of fun. The day started with a nice jog, yoga, and a cold shower.When I came downstairs after the shower, the maid was already in and cooking breakfast. After half an hour Renu woke up and we had coffee together. She was surprised to see me awake early and called me to come over to her room. We went in and she started kissing & told me in my ears, “Give me a good morning fuck, want a nice cunnilingus and a shivering orgasm”. She fell down on the bed and spread her pussy. Hmmm, that was a very inviting posture. I didn’t waste my time, started slowly rubbing her pussy. Grabbed her boobs and started pinching her nipples while playing her pussy with my tongue.Most of the ladies I have had sex with gives a lot of nonverbal signals of what they want, as a professional I love to please them to the core. Pinching nipples and rolling it made her more hot and horny. Her legs were clutching my head in pleasure and her hands reached for my head. The room was filled with her screams and am sure the maid would have noticed it. I released the hand from her boobs and with the left hand, I grabbed her hips and right-hand index and middle fingers went right into her pussy stroking in and out slowly while playing with her clitoral hood. She started giving a signal of getting hot, I pushed the two fingers down slowly and started sucking her clit vigorously till she screamed to orgasm.Renu slowly reached for my cock and started sucking to make it hard. After my Johnny bravo got ready I entered her from side and started fucking her wet and hot pussy, we switched position to cowboy. Since it was a morning sex, I took time to ejaculate. I later fucked her in missionary and came on her boobs. When I came out, the maid was mopping outside the room and gave me a naughty smile. Renu called her inside the room, which became evident of our day long fuck session.While enjoying the coffee and the morning breeze Chanjal was busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch. Renu called me in for breakfast after her shower. After that we were sitting in the couch, to my surprise Renu started playing a porn movie on the TV and we started making out. Her hand slid inside my shorts and was playing with my balls. Hmm, that was a heavenly experience. She slowly started giving me a blowjob. The kind of play which she did with her tongue was amazing. I started moaning and couldn’t resist.Hearing this Chanjal also joined us. I pulled her towards me and started kissing passionately. She leads my hands to her boobs and I started pinching and playing with her cute nipples underneath her bra. Chanjal got so hot and removed her salwar. Renu was busy with my cock and I came inside her mouth. She swallowed every drop of my cum. That was awesome and I was filled with lust and felt lucky to have two horny babes. I suggested going to the bedroom as it’s more comfortable. We went in and I started removing the bra and sucking Chanjal’s boobs and the room was filled with her sexy moans. Renu started removing Chanjal’s panties and playing with her hairy triangle. She dug her face into her wet pussy.The hairs were sticky with her pussy juice. güvenilir bahis siteleri Chanjal got really turned on and wanted to kiss me. I know she has got good training from Renu. I slowly went down on Chanjal and felt the sweet aroma of her pussy and sucked it. Renu gave me a naughty smile and went up and started kissing Chanjal. My man was hard by now and I slowly slid my cock into Chanjal’s pussy. It was so warm, wet and tight. I pumped it slowly while Renu and Chanjal was busy playing with each other. They both were very sexy and the room was filled with both their moaning. I increased my pace and came inside Chanjal. Hmm that was an amazing creampie. I reached out for Renu’s pussy which was wet by now.I made her lay down after that and started playing with her pussy. I slid my two fingers back and forth slowly and built upon it, then I slowly playing with her clit with my tongue. With the middle finger, I tingled her G Spot and she jerked and let a moan. Chanjal reached out for my cock and started sucking it like a baby by now. Renu was in heaven and I increased the pace and hmm suddenly she started squirting wooowww that was awesome. Her whole body was shivering. Chanjal stopped blowjob and started stroking my cock. In next 5 mins, I shoot out my sperm to her face. Hmm, we all have three laid down naked. We three cuddled inside the blanket after dipping the temperature. It was so warm and horny to cuddle with two beautiful ladies.Chanjal had an amazing ass and a very hairy and chubby body. Her appetite for sex was huge. Renu went to take a quick shower. I woke up from the nap and saw Chanjal naked in the bed. Her pussy was so much inviting and I started sucking it. She woke up and we were in 69. Pussy got wet and I decided to go inside her on missionary. Hmmm, that was a sexy one, she started biting and sucking my lips which are a total turn on. I really wanted to fuck her ass. She was very much hesitant but agreed. I grabbed the lube and put in her ass, slowly entered my erect cock. Chanjal was screaming initially and started enjoying it when I started to go very slow. She was moaning, I saw Renu peeping from her bathroom doors and had a naughty smile. I increased my pace and climaxed…..I hugged from behind and laid down on the bed. Renu called us both to the bathroom. We saw the jacuzzi filled with warm water which was very much in need. We three went in and took a warm dip. It was so much relaxing after a long fucking session. Renu came and planted a kiss. We felt so romantic and hugged each other and went on for a while. She wanted to fuck me in the jacuzzi and started stroking my cock to make it hard. By this time I wanted to enjoy the warmth of the water. But still, it was a different feeling and started fucking her pussy. She was screaming for more. I lifted her from the jacuzzi to the floor and started stroking like a mad dog. Watching us, Chanjal got turned on and came near me and started kissing. I pulled the penis out and made Chanjal lay down on the wet floor.Entered her from behind and pumped her. I pulled my cock out and squirted my cum all over her ass. Hmmm, that was so far the best fuck ever. We finished with a hot shower together and dried ourselves.When we came out I had hardly 5-6 Hours for my flight. I got ready and came to the living room. Renu hugged me and said how about a goodbye blowjob from both of us???. That made my dick stand up again and surrendered myself to the beauties. They sucked my cock till I climaxed in Chanjal’s mouth and they both shared and kissed. Hmm, that was making me stay back.

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