Sex on the beach under the Super Moon

Sex on the beach under the Super MoonThe day started like most other Saturdays. My husband and I worked around the house while the k**s played in the pool. At about noon, as I was making lunch my sister called me. She wanted us to come out to the beach, saying it was far too beautiful a day to waste working. She did make a lot of sense so after talking to my hubby we all changed into our swim wear and headed off to meet my sister at her beach.She was right. The beach was gorgeous. My husband boogie boarded with the boys while my sister and I tanned ourselves. It was a great day. At around 5:00 we decided to go get some dinner. There was a place nearby right on the Shinnecock canal so we went there. After dinner my sister asked the question that changed our night, “Can I take the boys for a sleep over?” My husband jumped at the offer and soon we were waving goodbye to our lovely boys and my sister for the night. What to do, what to do?My husband wanted to rush home. Thoughts of fucking in every room of the house ran through his head, while I had a better plan. “Why don’t we go back to the beach? The super moon is lighting up everything and it is such a beautiful night, it seems a shame to waste it”. My husband relented although he did not consider his plan a waste.We drove back to Ponquogue Beach. There were a few cars in the lot but we parked away from them. My husband grabbed 2 camper type chairs from the truck and started walking to the beach. I told him to go ahead, saying that I wanted to grab a sweatshirt. As he left I quickly took off my dress and panties and pulled my beach cover-up on. A car pulling in unintentionally hit me with their light and got a free show. A man from the car shouted “alright” and the driver honked. I waved pulled on the cover-up then turned lifted the cloth and gave them another ass shot. Another voice from the car yelled, “I love you!”, but I was off chasing my husband onto the beach.I found him near the water’s edge sitting on 1 of the chairs and staring at the water. He smiled when I approached and told me this was a good idea. I leaned over to kiss him and said I agree. We sat holding hands for a while, listening to the waves crashing and feeling the cool breeze off the water. We could hear voices in the distance but there seemed to be no one around us. My husband said that he felt more relaxed than he has in awhile and I responded that I bet I could make him even more relaxed. He smiled at the possibilities unfolding in front of him.I got up, stood in front of him with my back to the ocean and pulled down the cover-up. I stood there completely naked and just smiled. His response was WOW! I asked him to stand, lifted off his shirt, pulled his pants off then told him to sit again. He quickly complied.I leaned over and began to kiss him deeply and forcefully, as his hands moved all over my body. I then began to kiss down his neck to his chest. I sank onto my knees, as he instinctively opened his legs and then I began to suck his beautiful cock. He let out a long and loud sigh as I worked his cock all around my mouth. I alternated deep-throating him and sucking his balls as he sat there watching me and smiling. “This is fantastic; fucking fantastic was all he kept saying”. I was loving life too. Feeling the breeze blow over my burning pussy lips and hard nipples as my mouth was full with his cock. It was so erotic. We stayed there for about 3-4 minutes when my husband said, “shit, people are coming.” I didn’t give a shit. I’ve done this and much more in front of people before so if they want a show, Enjoy! But then my husband said they got k**s with them. Dam it! That changes it. We had to stop. I grabbed my cover-up and my husband covered himself with a towel, as we watched the group come closer. It looked like two families with a bunch of k**s. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri They headed for the lifeguard stand about 15 yards from us and the k**s began to play. We were far enough away that we were only shadows but we still couldn’t do anything. I stared at them and tried to will them away with my mind. My husband suggested we move back and so we did. We pulled our chairs back to almost where the dunes began and set up shop. Ironically as my husband was setting his chair the group decided to move on back toward the cars. Thank you God.I rose from my chair and grabbed my husband around the neck and began to kiss him. We kissed deeply for a minute then a reached down and undid the towel around his waist. I grabbed the bottom of my cover-up and told him to hold it as I sank to my knees, easily slipping from my clothes. There we were naked on this unbelievable beach. My husband standing and I on my knees ravaging his cock once again. I was mostly deep-throating him now as he held my head and fucked my mouth. It reminded me of listening to a seashell, the muffled sound of the ocean as his hands covered my ears. I was slurping loudly with spit and pre-cm dripping onto my tits. I looked up and could see that my husband was in pure bliss. A few rams of his cock down my eager throat and I felt his balls tighten up. I pulled him out and held his cock over my face, stroking him fast as I asked him to cum on my face. Ughhh! Was the only reply I got from him. Well that and a thick hot load of cum hitting me on the cheek, eye and into my hair. I smiled and slowed my stroking as I moved his cock into my mouth and licked him clean. He used his fingers to gently scrap the cum from my cheek and put it in my eager mouth. I looked up at him, kissed his slowly receding cock and asked, “More relaxed?” Fuck yeah was the answer. I rose up from my knees and jogged towards the water telling my husband to follow. The water was a little chilly but being overheated as we were it was perfect. We played in the water for a while then I came onto the surf and lay down, still naked. My husband swam a little while longer. I lay there looking up at the night sky. The super moon was still bright so there were not many stars but it was still awesome. I began to drift into a sleep state with the waves moving under my body every so often to pull me back to this night. I drifted like that until I felt someone between my legs. I awoke to see my husband had climbed out of the ocean and was lying between my legs with his head in my pussy as his hand spreading my lips. “Relax” was his only command. That I can do.He began to eat me out there in the surf. If you have never done this I highly recommend it. The alternating sensation of his hot tongue and the cool water washing over us was so intense. I felt like a piece of metal in a foundry being heated and cooled. Sizzling. Typically my husband can get three fingers into me as he eats me out and that’s how he started. Three finger in my pussy the pinky in my ass as the thumb worked over my clit. I was in heaven but then his mouth took over for his thumb and 4 fingers went in. It felt good. Stretching me but still hot. Then the pinky left my ass and I felt his whole hand enter my pussy. Shallow at first. I was a bit nervous having never been fisted but I figured with the black cocks I have had recently how much bigger could my husband’s hand be? This was incredible. As his thrusts got deeper I started to flick and pull at my tits. I raised my hips a little and let out a loud moan to let him know I wanted more. He kept thrusting and turning his hand in the opening of my pussy and I was in heaven. I felt so full and so wet. My pussy responded to the extra stretching by making me incredibly wet; but I did not come. I think the splashing tipobet güvenilir mi of the cool water kept me in a suspended state of bliss. I have always been quick to cum, but I never minded. I’d have lots of little orgasms and they felt great. But this was something else entirely. I would build to the verge of total explosion then a wave would wash over us and cool me down. I’d build again and then another wave. The intensity building in me was like nothing I had ever experienced. And then my hubby stopped. “Don’t stop” I moaned. “Please more” I begged. “I’m inside you” was all he said. My hubby had his entire hand in me. “Keep going” I said as I arched my back and pulled hard on my nipples. “Go, go, go”. And he did. He moved his hand in and out slowly at first but picking up speed as his mouth sucked my clit. It was sensory overload. Every nerve in my body tingled. Then my husband put me over the edge. While in me wrist deep, he turned his hand palm up, curled his fingers and began to vigorously rub my G-spot. That was it, water be damed I was going to cum and it was going to be incredible. “That’s it, that’s it, keep going, awww fuck yes”, were the only words I could muster. I looked down at my hubby and he was smiling at me with a devilish grin. “you are so fucking hot” he said, “cum for me baby”. I threw my head back and yell/moaned louder than I think I ever had before. “Looks like you’ve attracted some fans” he said. I didn’t care. I didn’t even look. I kept my eyes closed and let the orgasm happen. As my hubby kept massaging my G-spot, he returned his mouth to my clit and that was all I needed. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” I yelled, and this time I heard the voices of others. Moaning louder and louder I heard my husband tell me in between sucks on my clit. “Tell them what a whore you are”. “I’m a whore, I’m a dirty fucking whore, I moaned and then I screamed. An a****l scream like never before. The orgasm lasted intensely for 30 seconds or so and then began to subside but the convulsions seemed to last for minutes. My hubby pulled his hand out but kept rubbing my clit and I came twice more. Much less intense but still nice. I was a quivering mess lying in the surf. After a short while I returned to reality to hear the voices surrounding me and flashes from camera phones going off. My husband crawled on top of me and whispered in my ear, “your audience loves you but demands more”. I smiled a satisfied smile, kissed his cheek and told him to do whatever he wanted. “Roll over”, he said, “I need to fuck you bad”. So I rolled onto my stomach and as my husband grabbed my hips I raised up to all fours. He quickly and easily entered me and began a pounding fuck like a man possessed. It was nice but being stretched out by his hand, his dick just wasn’t the same. I felt him getting a bit frustrated as well as he kept moving around trying to find the right position. I took this opportunity to look around and quickly counted about 7 lights from phones. They were in a semi-circle around us. I looked up into the lights, squinted and moaned “Hi”. A chorus of hi and hey babe answered me back. My husband continued to wail away on my pussy from behind and I am sure it was making for great video, but he just was not getting satisfaction. “I turned my head back towards him and said, “Fuck my ass”. The whoops that went up from the crowd could probably be heard all over the beach and I smiled. I lowered my head to the sand and presented my husband with my ass. He first stuck his dick all the way into my pussy and then pulled it out. Apparently he was unsatisfied with the lubrication because he next inserted his hand back into my pussy, wet it in my juices and then rubbed his cock with his wet hand. A few of our fans came closer to get close up footage. “Hold that light tipobet giriş there, I heard my husband say to one of them and then I felt his lubed cock press against my ass. The pressure against my ass built until my ass finally relented and opened for my husband’s dick. Then he started to move. I heard one guy say, here wait and then I heard him spit. I couldn’t really feel it but I assumed he spit it onto my asshole. My hubby soon began to pound away on my ass and I knew he was much happier. He was grunting like the man I know and love. As he pounded away I felt a hand begin to rub my pussy. For a moment I thought it was my husband but then I looked to my left and saw a man sitting next to me. In his right hand he held his phone and was recording the events but his left handed was under me rubbing my clit and pussy. It was nice. My husband lasted for a few minutes until with a loud grunt and a thrust deep into my ass he came in another hot spurt. He held me there for a minute then released me to drop belly down on the sand. It was so cool and felt great against my steaming body.I rolled over onto my back and looked up into the cameras and smiled. “Can we fuck her man” was the general question being asked. My husband realizing I was spent said no but told them that they could jerk off on me. Since many were already stroking their dicks that seemed good enough for them. I lay there rubbing my tits, and moving my tongue around to put on a show for them. I could not see who they were due to the lights but I did not care. The man continued to rub my clit as the others knelt around me and jerked away. A few stuck their dicks in my mouth and I sucked them a bit. Finally one came with a low groan and being directly over my head, he shot it onto my neck and chest. He sank down a little as he came and his balls came to rest on my forehead. I reached up arched my neck back and sucked on them while he finished his shot. He pulled back and I licked the length of his cock to the tip. He shuddered and dropped back. Most of the others seem to cum in unison, spraying all over my face, hair and tits. A few stuck their dicks in my mouth and I cleaned them up a bit. The least I could do. As things were subsiding with the men I was getting ready to cum again. Thanks to the strange man who had been rubbing my clit I was ready and came one last time. “How was that?” the man asked and I told him, “awesome”, then I told him to come here. I grabbed his hips as he moved towards me and pulled him on top of me so he straddled my chest. He needed no further instruction as he began to tit fuck me. I raised my head and opened my mouth and on his longer strokes he shoved his tip into my waiting mouth. Soon though he lifted off me and I felt his hands land near my head slightly above me and his hips moved forward. His dick was at my mouth and wanted in. I lowered my head back to the sand and opened wide. The man fucked my face like that while the others whooped it up. With his final stroke he took it deep into my throat and exploded down into my stomach. He rolled off me satisfied to say the least.As I rose and walked to the water, covered in cum, the boys started in with my husband, begging for a shot at me. They were telling him I was the hottest sexiest thing they had ever seen. It was nice to hear. I washed myself in the ocean and came back to the beach, wringing the water out of my long hair. They were still talking to my husband, to no avail. When I got close some of them shifted the conversation to me. I smiled and thanked them all. I told them I was too tired for any more tonight being a 45 year old woman. Some gasped at that, saying “that’s my mom’s age!” and others kept saying how hot I was. It was so sweet. I hated to disappoint them but I was really tired and incredibly satisfied. So I made them a deal. I told them I would write down the story of what happen on Ponquogue beach the night of July 12th and post it here on xhamster. If they posted the videos they took with the story, I would arrange another meet up. I then walked to the truck naked and satisfied, under the super moon.

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