Sex Sells and Raises Funds


This story and the characters are entirely fictitious, but gee, I wish it were true. It is to celebrate older and mature people having very enjoyable sex, and what they can accomplish by doing this.

To have the very best of sensual moments, one needs, besides a good partner, three things: Desire /Reason, Experience, and Knowledge. These things are not really acquired before the age of 50 years.

My wife Marie contributed a great deal to this story, and her help was greatly appreciated.

We also appreciate the help given in editing this story by Grammarly.


Sex Sells and Raises Funds

Oncology Unit

The atmosphere in the room was gloomy. It was the fortnightly meeting of the Townsville Service Club and the news that a third member had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had to travel to another town for treatment cast a heavy pall over the meeting.

“If only we had a treatment clinic here in Townsville, we would be able to support our friends and their families while they are sick, and I am sure that would help with their recovery,” said President Jamie. “Travelling all the way to the big city and not having family around must make the whole situation so much worse. I know that our New Zealand wide organisation has Cancer Lodges, and while it helps by having a home away from home environment, we could do more by having an oncology unit in Townsville.”

“OK,” said John, standing to his feet. “We are a Service Club. Raising funds for worthy causes is what we do. Why don’t we really put our backs into it and get a clinic here at our own hospital? It will take a lot of doing and it will cost about 2 Million Dollars. Let’s consult with the District Health Board, see just what is needed, and then get into it. Come on, guys, we are big boys so, let’s give it a go.”

Ralph, of course, was immediately against it. He was the longest-serving member of the club and resisted anything new being tried.

“Far too big a project for us. We have only 18 members, with three away already, and the current yearly projects, collecting for the Blind and the Hospice, take all our time. We would need far more people than that to raise enough money.”

Ian was very much in favour. He was usually the first on the job at any project and the last to leave. Also, Ian’s friend Peter had just been diagnosed with cancer, and he had been a particularly good guy and a hard worker as well, till this ailment struck.

Ian said, “If we can’t do it on our own, we will have to co-opt more people. Perhaps even consider allowing women into the club. (gasps of horror from Ralph) I am sure our wives will come on board, and we can co-opt local business people for special services. I am all for giving it a go. At least let us do a feasibility study and discuss it with anyone we can get to listen to us. There are all those people who have already done the trip to the big city for treatment with their families; we must ask them. Let’s brain storm for ideas and make the next meeting a special project discussion.”

At the following meeting, the discussion went as follows: “Ways to raise money are getting harder to find” contributed Rob. “The days of chopping firewood or mowing lawns for little old ladies are past, and we won’t raise this amount of $2m by running raffles. We will need to find a prestigious person to sponsor us and get the backing of some serious money.”

“You’re right,” said Trevor “And I know just where to get it. As you know, I run a lawn mowing business, and I have the contract to do the lawns and gardens for that new Gated Community on Highway 5. They are mostly widows and a few widowers, and with lots of, as you say, serious money. The newest resident is ‘Dame Whats-er-name’ who has retired from some high government position on a whopping great pension, and she is already becoming the Lady to go to in the Community. She is a woman of the world. She was known for her entrepreneurship before she retired, and if we could get her on board before she finds other interests in the town. With her, we would have a lot better chance of meeting our target.”

“Great thinking, Trevor,” said Jamie. “I will find how to contact her tomorrow and we will get this boat on the road or something. Now to other business.”

True to his word, Jamie found and met up with Dame Judy the next day and found her to be a delightfully mature, tall upright red head with an amazing figure, B sized tits, and long slim legs cased in skin-tight jeans. She invited him into her complex and offered him coffee. She listened attentively to his presentation and then asked what the Club expected of her.

Jaime said, “Your approval. Your encouragement. Your advice. We are suggesting hiring out our fit members and some helpers as mature escorts for a good-sized donation. As you well know, sex sells. We need your interest and help with selling the idea to the people of Townsville so we can raise the money for an Oncology unit. Would you kindly bahis firmaları consent to be our Patron?”

Judy laughed. “Well said,” she chortled. “I am a woman of the world, and I like your wild ideas. Raise a committee of really keen people. No nay-sayers. Let me know where and when, and we will get this show on the road.”

Jaimie concurred, “Yes, it’s a show, not a boat that we get on the road. I’ll be in touch. I must remember that saying.”

At the first meeting of the newly formed committee, Jamie introduced Dame Judy to the others and suggested she should take the chair. Judy had obviously become enthralled by the project, had thought a lot about it, and had lots of ideas.

“This is going to be a lot of money,” she said, “and we must keep the records straight, right from the start. With your permission, I will contact the Bank and start a trust fund in the name of our project. The bank manager is a friend of mine, and I am sure if I sit on his knee and squirm around a little bit, he will make us a good donation to open the account. Now, I have already put out a few feelers around my friends, and there are several who are thinking up a bucket list of places that they would like to go and services they would like to use, and they would be willing to make a good donation if their pleasures are met. The donations must be kept strictly confidential and will be made by direct credit to the Trust Account. Some of the ladies have already expressed a desire to have a nice man escort them out to dinner, and are willing to pay the evening expenses and a good donation to our cause. This idea could snowball as the word goes out, and it is up to you guys to make sure each of the ladies has a good time and that you meet all their needs, including servicing. The better the service, the bigger the donation. Now, who is in favour?”

There was silence for a few minutes, and then Ian gave a raucous guff, and said: “I will have to ask my wife Liz, but I am sure she will go along for the cause, plus perhaps there is a lonely bachelor who would like to take her out for dinner, and I will donate if she is made happy.” A unanimous agreement followed.

“Right,” said Judy, “I will start a list of names and requirements of clients, and it will be up to the Service club committee to find an appropriate “date” for each client. We must keep our standards very high and give real service as we want real donations.

So before we start, we must make up a set of rules so that every person is satisfied and there are no broken marriages or relationships.

This Fund Raiser will run for six months as we are raising a lot of money; $2.m total

All escort meetings are discreet and confidential, and guys make sure you do not pass any information to any other person.

Divorced and single men pose no problems.

Married men must present an agreement from their wives that they are happy for their menfolk to be escorts with all that entails. I have drawn up an agreement for you. All the wives have to do is sign it.

No one is to arrange any assignations on the side. We do not need any relationship breakups or scandal.

Donations will be confidential, and the person giving escort duties shall not know the value of each donation. All the committee will know is the total value in the bank.

Each escort will arrange a convenient time off from their work to fit in with their duties.

Clients will pay all expenses plus their donation.”

Dame Judy then added, “Maybe there could be the odd gentleman who needs an escort, so I hope a few wives will step up into this roll. All in all, this is not a problem as I am sure that for all who participate, they will have a mind-blowing experience as well as getting something else blown, besides I will also take part.”

Dame Judy called some of her friends together for a coffee morning and presented the idea forward to the girls.

“Girls, how do you feel about this idea? Our local Townsville Service club is raising funds for a new Oncology Immunotherapy Unit at our local Townsville hospital. It will be a lot of fun for everyone if you agree. I know that most of us are widows and all of us do not get much sex for one reason or another, but our local Service Club is running an escort service for older folk and promise that they will take you to any evening or outing of your choice, including away for a weekend or if required a week, all with the full service of your choice.”

Myrtle put her hand up and asked: “How will this make money for the Service Club?”

Dame Judy then handed out a copy of the rules to each person at the meeting.

She then stated, “We are all well off, and for a great experience, I am sure that any person going on one of these excursions will, if fully satisfied, give a great anonymous donation kaçak iddaa to the cause. This would be by direct credit so that no one knows who has given it. While the guys cannot talk about their experiences, we ladies can compare notes, if anyone wishes, and this could be fun to discuss between ourselves during happy hour, and it would be a great talking point.”

Dame Judy also added, “if any person has a husband, and he is agreeable to this project, some of the service club members’ wives and friends will accommodate them, I am sure.”

Dame Judy then asked who would be in on this experience. Janice tentatively put her hand up, and a general discussion ensued, and Betty asked if the meeting could be adjourned for a week so that all the ladies could think about it. Dame Judy agreed with the proviso that a week was all she could give them because the service club members needed an answer, as time was of the essence.

The following week our ladies assembled for a coffee morning. Five extra ladies were attending, and one woman had dropped out. Some of the ladies had discussed the project with friends, finding lots of interest, but some voiced a fear of outsiders hearing gossip, although they wanted to be part of the project.

Dame Judy said, “At our age, are you balancing a great time against a bit of gossip? Do not worry about it. I’m not.”

With that Dame Judy took the vote by a show of hands, resulting in a unanimous vote to go with the flow. The meeting dissolved into an excited babble of voices, each woman talking about what they may expect.

Dame Judy called the meeting to order, and gleefully said, “Let’s get this show on the road.”

The next part of our story tells how everyone enjoys their great experiences. We will come back to the narrator as required.


Michael and Hazel.

Michael had never had much success with the female population. At college, he always stood at the back of the room and watched his mates flirt and dance. At university, he came out of his shell a little and dated a few times, but he always felt the girls accepted him because no one else asked them.

He had been a change of life baby, after-thought to elderly parents. All his siblings were married with families when he came along. While he had been loved and nurtured and had no hang-ups, his parents were old school and bought him up to have old school manners and ideas about how to treat other people. He always said ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ opened doors for others, and was courteous and obliging to a fault, especially with the fairer sex.

He was certainly no Adonis. He was five foot ten in his boots, very slightly built, and his hair was thin, very blond, and fine. He had fine bones and large expressive eyes. He was highly intelligent and took a great interest in art and music, and although he followed sport to keep in touch with his peer group, he never took part.

He was financially very secure, having graduated a computer professional and also taken an interest in the stock exchange, but his social life was almost nonexistent. He did not belong to any clubs or institutes but had a quiet circle of friends who met at the local pub occasionally for a happy hour

Peter, from the Service Club, saw Michael chatting to a couple of the blokes at the bar and instantly thought of Hazel. She was a five foot two widow at the Gated Complex. She was slightly built, with good tits for her age, but had not as yet taken part in the fundraising. She had had five husbands and partners, all of whom had either died or who still adored her. She had raised six children and still owned three farms. She was strong-minded but in the old fashioned quiet and gentle way of yesteryear.

Peter made his way over to Michael and, after an initial word about the weather and the rugby scores, innocently asked Michel if he had heard of their fundraising scheme. Michael admitted he had, but did not think he could help in any way, firstly because he was not a club member, and secondly, he had no skills with the ladies.

Peter just laughed and said, “You don’t know till you try. We will induct you as a member at our next meeting; bring you up to date with the fundraising objectives, then how about escorting a lovely little lady to dinner with no strings attached?”

He knew Hazel had expressed an interest in going out to dinner, but she said at this point she wanted no further action. She said she was too old and had dried up. Also, she had no desire to be towered over by a hulking great ape of a man who had no manners. Peter suggested to Michael he should arrange for Judy to take Hazel out for coffee one afternoon and have Michael casually turn up and see where things went from there. Michael agreed.

The rapport between the two when they met was instant. They were like a pair of cupié dolls together and were soon touching hands and laughing at silly jokes.

As they talked about the Service Club fundraising project, Michael kaçak bahis remarked: “I do not know a lot about it yet as I am a very new member, but I will keep you up to date with progress.”

Michael was just about to stand up and go back to work when Hazel grabbed his hand and said, “How about taking me out to dinner tomorrow night. I have not been out for years. I will donate to this fundraising club of yours if you escort me. I would dearly love to spend an evening with you.”

“Right,” said Michael. “You are on.”

Addresses and phone numbers were exchanged, and times were set.

Michael made sure his car was clean and polished both inside and out and arrived promptly on time, carrying a single rose and a small box of chocolates.

Hazel opened the door, dressed in a lavender shift dress, high heels, and with her hair casually dressed in a halo around her face. Hazel was thrilled at the courtesy of the gift he offered, and Michael was stunned at how attractive she looked when dressed up, so the evening was away to a good start.

He offered her his arm to escort her to the car and made sure her seat belt had been properly buckled.

To say the evening was successful would be a total understatement. The pair laughed and joked all evening, and both knew that it was the best evening either had had in a long time.

He escorted her home and saw her safely inside. As he turned to go, he took her hand and kissed it. Hazel felt herself melt inside, and she closed her fingers around his hand and held on.

“Please, can we do this again? I am the happiest I have been for years.”

“Certainly we can,” said Michael, “How about I ring you next week and

see how your diary is filling up.”

Hazel chuckled. “I will clear my diary for you any time. Goodnight.”

They dined together a few times, then one night when he saw her safely home, she pulled him into the hall, closed the door, and pulled him towards her. She kissed him passionately on the lips. Michael was momentarily stunned, but reacted quickly and put his arms around her, pulled her close, and returned the kiss.

She pulled his shirt out of his trousers, opened it, and ran her hands over his chest, gently tweaking his nipples. Michael felt his cock respond, and he slid his hands down to her buttocks, pulling her close.

“Oh! Oh! I can feel we are on the same wavelength,” purred Hazel “Come on down to my bedroom and make love to me. I need you because I haven’t had a man in years.”

With his arms still firmly around her, Michael pulled back a little and quietly expressed his fears.

“I have never actually had a woman, and I don’t know how to be a lover.”

“Well now, that is even better still. I have enough experience for both of us, and you won’t be comparing me to anyone else. Come on. Time is wasting.”

The lights were subdued in the bedroom, and the bed cover was turned back. Hazel stood Michael by the side of the bed, slipped his shirt off, and unbuckled his trousers. His hard cock pressed against his jockeys and bounced out when she slipped them down his legs. She gently pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed, and she knelt and took his throbbing penis in her mouth.

Michael ran his fingers through her hair and moaned. “Oh! Oh! Oh! What a wonderful feeling. But I can’t take it any longer; I am going to come! Oh shit! I have spoilt it all!”

Hazel was prepared for this and had a hand towel ready and caught his ejaculation safely and assured him, “You have not spoilt it. That has just taken the pressure off so we can now enjoy each other. Slip those pesky clothes off out of the way while I do the same with mine, and we can get down to business.”

With that, she slipped her shoes off, slid her dress and panties off in one sweep, unclipped her bra, and let the whole of her clothes fall to the floor.

Once comfortably on the bed lying side by side, Michael fondled her boobs, which were still firm and pliant, in his hand. He felt his cock twitch again as her nipple caressed the palm of his hand, and she moaned softly as she pushed her tit towards him. Michael placed his mouth over her nipple and gently sucked it. She then guided his hand down over her tummy to her mound and rotated her hips to encourage his hand to feel her womanhood. Nature took its course, and Michael obliged. He slid his finger down the groove of her pussy and found her opening. She leaned over to the bedside table, grabbed a tube of KY and squeezed some onto his fingers. Without missing a beat, he slipped his fingers into her pleasure palace. She moaned and bucked and whispered her pleasure at how well he was doing. Michael could feel himself getting hard again and his confidence growing.

He didn’t know what “eating pussy” was, but he instinctively slid down the bed and started to lick and suck Hazel’s delectable woman parts. Her reaction was immediate. She squealed and lifted her bum to push her fanny into his face. She held his head and rubbed her twat over and around his face, and then with a mighty groan, she cried, “Oh God, I am going to come! Oh Holy Cats, I didn’t think I would ever come again. Oh, God, Michael, you are just so good. Oh! Oh! Oh! That is heavenly. Wow.!”

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