Sex With the Rock Star


I was a skinny tomboy. Active. Athletic. Anything I liked doing, I over did it. More was better. I remember my Dad pushing me on a swing. I kept wanting more. When he had enough I’d cry and he’d do some more. When he finally had enough, I learned to use my body to get myself swinging. I’d swing all day. As I grew some, I played every sport. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, track. In the higher grades I had to start limiting the sports I was in, they overlapped too much, but I managed to get into as much as possible. Looking back now I realize that I never had even a thought of sex, sexual activity. I was too busy doing everything possible to excess.

Some girls matured as early as twelve. I mean breasts and pubic hair. Not me, I was a late bloomer. I started changing at around fifteen and it went on for several years. My ass grew, stuck out more. I developed hips. And breasts. Wow, I began to wonder when they would stop growing. They screwed up my running. Threw me off balance or something. And they bounced and flopped. I had to get sports bras to clamp them down. I even had to start sleeping different, those big boobs got in the way.

But I also began realizing that sex existed. That boys existed and they were different. And they began noticing me. I think the boobs did it. There were girls with bigger ones but they carried them on bigger bodies. I was, and still am, basically skinny. Small waist. No poochy stomach. My breasts sit all up front on a slim body. They’re C-cups, not double D or anything but they look almost too big for my body. And I think they’re still growing, I’m probably going to have to move to D cups.

Anyway, I got curious about sex. On my eighteenth birthday, a guy I had dated a little was also curious so we helped each other learn. He was a nice enough guy. I knew I wasn’t madly in love but he was the one that was there at the time. Well, I learned that I loved sex. Anything at all about sex. I loved his cock. I loved the look of it, the feel of it, I loved to suck it, make him cum. I swallowed and actually liked it. It felt very sexy some how. And he loved my body. My breasts. He’d kiss them and feel them and suck on them. And my pussy. He really loved to taste my pussy, to lick me, to suck on my clit. And I loved everything he did. And fuck. We fucked a million times. Well, a lot. I loved the feel of him inside me, moving in me. For weeks we got together every moment we could and had more sex.

I guess I have a good body. Lots of guys have told me that. Lots of guys make moves on me. And since I want to have more and more sex, I let them succeed when they do it right. Actually, I’m always ready, so they succeed even when they don’t act as well as they should. The result is, I’ve been with a lot of guys. Probably too many. But I enjoy sex and I’m still overdoing whatever I like, I guess. I’ve had every kind of cock there is, big ones, small ones, fat ones, long skinny ones, even one that was so big it was like a freak. I like ’em all.

I’ve read and heard that bigger is better. Maybe it is sometimes. But there’s one guy I’ve been with several times and probably will be some more who has a smaller than average cock. I’ve never measured him so I can’t say in inches but he’s smaller. Well, he isn’t but his cock is. He’s really nice to me though. He loves my body. He’ll eat me to orgasm after orgasm. He loves my pussy. His cock fits my mouth easily. If I’m having my period, his cock even fits in my ass nicely. I’ll agree that a larger cock feels better inside me when we fuck, fills me up more, but with everything that goes with it, this guy’s smaller one works just fine, I enjoy my time with him.

Now the freakish big one was a little trouble. For one thing, the guy knew he had something special so I was supposed to go gaga over him instead of his making love to me. And there was no way I could get it in my mouth. I could lick it and suck a little on the head but my mouth doesn’t open that wide. Believe me, I tried. According to him, some girls were scared by it and wouldn’t fuck him. Well, babies make it out that same canal, so I know it stretches plenty. And as big as he was, he wasn’t bigger than a baby. So I fucked him. He got almost that whole humongous thing in me. Actually he bottomed out with a couple inches to go. I wanted to try it. But it’s not something I’d do regularly. It was an experiment that worked but it actually hurt a little and I think I was stretched out for a couple days after.

So size isn’t everything. Attitude helps a lot. I’ll take a guy who truly loves eating my pussy any time. Well, truthfully, I’ll take almost anyone anytime but it’s best when he likes oral.

Anyway, I’m now twenty-two. I have a job. I share an apartment with another girl. We get a much nicer place than either of us could afford on our own. We have separate bedrooms so can bring guys home easily. And we do. She’s almost as big a slut as I am. We also both have a favorite band. bahis firmaları Heavy metal. The lead guy, Jerry Stein, is to me like Elvis Presley was to an earlier generation, or Mick Jagger was (maybe still is for some). I think Jerry is great. Great at music and about the sexiest guy alive. We knew he was coming to the Santa Monica auditorium and got tickets. The show was great. Jerry’s even greater than I ever thought. After the show, we both ran around back to try and see them leave and get on their bus, maybe get an autograph. Well, there were a hundred or more other girls all there, and when he came out the screams were deafening. There was no way I was going to fight a bunch of teeny boppers so I stood back. I actually leaned against the band bus and smiled, watching the crowd.

I had dressed carefully. My jeans were skin tight, low on my hips. My top was low enough to show off my breasts, and high enough to show off my flat stomach. I looked good. As the band almost fought there way through the crowd, I watched, wondering how these guys handled this day after day. Jerry wasn’t last but he wasn’t first. I think the others helped run interference for him. Still girls were grabbing at him, yelling. I just smiled and watched. He looked up and saw me. I know he saw me, our eyes sort of locked. As he got almost to the bus he yelled at me.

“Want to fuck me?”

Nothing polite or loving. Just, want to fuck me? Well, I did. I’ve wanted to for a couple years. So I just grinned, told my friend I’d see her later, and started moving toward the bus door. As he got to the door he stopped and looked my way and reached towards me. I reached out to him and he grabbed my hand and helped pull me past a couple girls, right up to him. He put his arm around me and helped me up on the first step into the bus and then followed me. The front had several rows that were just like most buses, an aisle down the middle and a couple seats on each side. But the back half or more of the bus had curtains. I could see the curtains were screening off beds or bunks. They must sleep on the bus as they travel.

“All the way to the back,” Jerry says behind me, his hand on my back. Well, in the back of the bus he has a bedroom. What looks like a double bed takes up about two-thirds of the space but he actually has a bureau and what must be a sound system and a chair, too. I guess he can sit back there and listen to music as well as sleep. We get in there and he pulls the curtain closed. Not a door, just a curtain.

“Well, sexy lady, we might as well get naked, it should save some time.” This guy’s a real romantic. First, wanna fuck, and now, let’s get naked. But, truth is, I do want to fuck. So, as he strips, so do I. It’s tight in there, so I get my top off first, then my bra. I step out of my shoes and sit on the bed, to pull my jeans down. He’s pulling off his things, bends over to step out of his pants. I get my jeans off, then lift my butt a little to pull my panties down. I’m watching him and he’s watching me. Naked, I stand up.

“You have a beautiful body,” he says. I smile. When he first propositioned me, the only thing he could see was my face and boobs. Even now, he’s really looking at my boobs. Well, I’m looking at his cock. I knew it would be like it is. I mean, he’s sort of long and skinny so it figures that his cock would be long and skinny. I’ve learned after being with a lot of guys that it’s probably best for me to start by sucking the guy off. For one thing, it means that when we fuck later, he’ll last longer, maybe long enough for me to have an orgasm, too. And it often means that he’ll reciprocate and eat me, which I really like. So, I reach for his cock. I get my fingers around it and look at him and smile and then start pulling on it a little. He’s about half hard and I want to get him all the way up. I slide my hand back and forth, holding him and kneel down to get my face at the level of his cock.

“Let me sit down,” he says. He moves around and sits on the edge of the bed. On my knees I turn some and move between his legs, still holding his cock and masturbating him slightly. He’s getting harder. I lean closer and kiss his cock, bend my head and lick along one side, then back again. I move my other hand to hold his testicles and jiggle them around a little. I lick around the head while I keep moving my hand. He’s full hard now. I get my lips around the head and start sucking him into my mouth.

I’ve done this a lot, know what I’m doing. What I want is to make him cum. I want to enjoy it a little while but basically, I want his cum. So I take more and more into my mouth, still moving my hand on him, then pull back, holding tight with my lips, sucking on him, licking with my tongue, then slide back onto him, then back off, over and over, my hand moving just behind my lips on his cock. I straighten up a little to get my mouth and throat lined up and on my next trip along his cock, taking him into my mouth, I keep kaçak iddaa going and can feel the head sliding into my throat. I get my lips all the way to his pubic hair. Then back off, then back down again. Over and over. His cock fits well. It’s long enough that I have to deep throat him but it’s not so large that my jaws are strained getting around his thickness. He lasts longer than most guys but after a short while I can feel his cock stiffen some more and seem to actually grow just a little. I can also hear him sort of moaning. And then I’m getting a mouthful. I pull back a little so that his head is still in my mouth but I have room to hold the cum he’s shooting off. I swallow and he shoots out some more. I keep on sucking and licking until no more cums, then I pull back and look at his cock, much redder now. There’s a drop on the end so I lick it off, Then I look up at him, still holding his cock.

“You have a nice cock,” the first words I’ve said to him.

He reaches down and grabs under my armpits and lifts me, standing up himself as he does. “You have a gorgeous body and what looks like a delicious pussy. I love the taste of pussy. I could live on eating pussy.” With that he lays me back with my legs hanging off the end of the bed, kneels down between my legs and lifts one and puts it on his shoulder, so I lift the other and put it on his other shoulder and he starts in on me. I love to have my pussy eaten and he obviously wants to be doing this. He’s good at it. Not hurrying too much. He licks around a while, gets his tongue into me, before finally getting his lips to my clit. I can feel the bus moving, driving away.

This guy is good. I sit up slightly so I can watch him for a moment but then I lay back, just enjoying the feel of his mouth and fingers working on me down there. I can feel an orgasm rising. I can’t help myself I’ve got to yelp a little and bounce my bottom as it hits me and he just keeps on licking and sucking. He’s now slid a couple fingers into me and is finger fucking me as well as licking and sucking on me. I love this. It’s obvious that he loves it too. If he didn’t he’d have made a symbolic try at it and moved on but he’s really feasting away on me. The bus keeps moving and so do my orgasms. I have three of them before he finally stops and looks up at me. I’m lying back, almost weak from emotion.

“Sexy lady, when I saw you back there I saw breasts and someone that wasn’t fourteen years old like too many of them. But you’re a lot more than that. You have a delicious pussy. I’m going to have to get at that over and over again.” With that he crawls up on the bed and grabs me and pulls me up until I’m fully on the bed also. He kisses me and feels my breasts and slides down a little to get his mouth as well as his hands to them and licks and sucks and pulls on my nipples. Then he’s up over me and I spread my legs to make room and reach down between us to help aim him into me. Just as his cock pushes its way in, I can feel the bus pulling around backwards, changing direction, and then stopping. He feels terrific in me. He’s long enough that I’m filled, I can feel him all the way. Yet he’s not so thick that he’s stretching me too much but thick enough that I’m tight against him for his whole length.

A good fuck is so great. He’s moving inside me and I can feel it all through my body. After three orgasms from his mouth I’m about to have another from having his cock in me. I do, raising my bottom and making enough noise that he knows its happened. “Your insides really squeeze when you’re getting off, you know that?”

“You feel so good in there, I really love everything that’s happening.”

“So do I, sexy lady.” And he keeps right on fucking me, going faster and harder now. I’m pushing back as much as possible, trying to get everything out of this that I can. “Damn, you really like this, don’t you?” he asks me.

I’m looking up at his upper chest, he’s taller than me. “I’ll never get enough,” I say to him as I grunt and push back all that I can.

“Let’s roll you over and let me get into you from the back so I can reach around and grab those lovely breasts,” He says as he pulls out of me. I roll over under him and push my butt up, getting on my knees. He’s moved around some and is kneeling behind me. I reach down under myself to help aim him into me and then he’s back to sliding in and out of me. He does as he said, leans over me and holds both my breasts as he continues to piston in and out of me. His fingers squeeze and play with my nipples. Before I know it, I can feel another orgasm and I’m soon squealing and my insides are grabbing him and he just keeps on fucking away. “I love this. I love this,” I can hear myself saying. He straightens up some, his hands grabbing my hips and he starts shoving into me faster and harder again. Really banging into me. I can feel his testicles swinging and hitting right above my clit. I think once they start my orgasms come easier because soon kaçak bahis I can feel another once coming. “I can feel another one coming,” I say out loud.

“Me, too, darlin,” he says, grabbing my hips even tighter and banging into me even harder, if it’s possible. I can feel my insides reacting, grabbing him and then his cock seems to jerk some and I can feel his semen pulsing into me. I collapse and he lays right on top of me. “You sure are one sexy lady,” he says as he lifts himself off me and moves to one side. He lays there and his hand runs up and down my back and onto my butt. I look to the side and he has a cell phone.

“Fred,” I hear him say, “what room am I in?” Then a pause. “O.k., make sure the door is open. Prop it open with a chair if you have to. Then take the elevator down to the lobby and hold the door open. My sexy lady and I are going to streak the lobby.” He hangs up the phone and sits up. “Honey, gather up your stuff and put it in a pile on the bed.” He gets off the bed and I can see he’s getting his clothes together, so I get off the bed and do what he asked. My clothes and purse are all in a little pile.

“O.k, lets go.’ he says and pushes the curtain open.

“I leave my clothes here?”

“Yeah, Fred will get them and bring them up a little later. So c’mon.” He takes my hand and starts down the aisle of the now empty bus. I look out the window and realize we’re parked next to a large building.

‘We’re going in naked?”

“Yeah, the thing is, don’t run or anything, just walk along next to me like you would if we had our clothes on. By the time anybody reacts, we’ll be on the elevator and they won’t even be sure exactly what happened.”

And that’s what we does. He holds my hand and both of us, completely naked, walk into the lobby, across maybe fifty feet or more, toward the elevator, before anybody seems to even know we’re there. I can see a man at an elevator, grinning, standing in the elevator doorway. We don’t even hurry. Just as we reach the elevator there is a flash, someone took a photo. Then we were in, the door closes and we go up. The door opens and the man with us, Fred, I gather, says, “It’s just three doors down on the left.”

Jerry says, “Bring our stuff up, will you?” And we walk down the hall to a door propped open with a chair. We go in, Jerry moves the chair so the door closes, pulls me to him and kisses me, his hands on my butt. “Honey, you’ve got our stuff all down your pretty legs, let’s go take a shower.”

We take a shower together, feeling each other all the time, dry each other off. I play with his cock and he feels my breasts and fingers my pussy. “I’d like another long taste of you, honey.”

“Well, I’d like the same of you, lay back on the bed and let me sit on you and get at your delicious cock as you get your mouth to me. He just grins, climbs on the bed and lays back. I climb up over him, straddle him, get my bottom over his face and lean down to take hold of his now erect cock and get my mouth over the head. He grabs my butt, lifts his head some and I can feel his tongue in me so I start sucking on him.

I know he’s going to last. He’s already cum twice. So I can attack him and not worry about making him cum too soon. Meantime, he can eat me as long as he wants because I love it all. We’re well into it when our door opens. I assume it’s Fred because he says, “Oops, sorry, here are your things from the bus. Food is in room 312, two doors down, when you’re in the mood for something else to eat.” He giggles a little and the door closes. We just keep at each other.

I really like sucking his cock. But my pussy is getting excited by his mouth and I just feel like I want this cock inside me. I lift my mouth off him. “Can I switch around and fuck you?”

He slaps my butt. “Go for it sexy lady.” So I move around, straddling him again, hold his cock up vertical and drop my body down over it, taking him up into me. I start riding him, lifting my body with my legs. “This feels so good,” I say.

“There’s nothing better than watching a sexy lady fuck you, her gorgeous body bouncing where you can see it all. It makes life worthwhile, doesn’t it?” He reaches out and starts diddling my clit with his finger. I keep riding him, feeling his lovely cock moving inside me while he works on my clit and I’m soon cumming again. I lay down atop him for a moment.

“Before we keep at this until we get all messy again, maybe we should go get something to eat. It’ll just be pizza but if we don’t get any, it’ll get cold and then disappear and there won’t be anything else until tomorrow.” It makes me realize it’s somewhere after midnight. The concert didn’t end until after eleven and we’ve been at each other for what has to be an hour or more. So I lift off his erection and he sits up and gets off the bed and reaches for my hand. “Let’s go,” he says.

Well, we’re both naked and he has an erection. “Will there be others there?” I ask.

“Probably,” he says. “Don’t worry. They guys will all envy me for having such a gorgeous gal and the gals will envy you for having me but I get away with anything in this bunch so no one will do anything about it.”

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