Sexual Diversity Training


Sexual Diversity TrainingImran told me to go down to the cottage this weekend. There was a pretty but quiet little blonde that was getting cock and a husband who had to learn his manners. Leroy and Winston were going to be there too but a feminine touch with the husband, well, that would be appreciated. LuxuryThe cottage down in Dorset is pretty, you know, the whole thatched roof and roses around the front door kind of thing. It only has two bedrooms. Winston was given the place by one of his bitches and it was used now, by the circle for their ‘sexual diversity training’. Oh i know, way too technical, but you can call it the place where they fucked white girls and rode their husbands so that they accept that, if that seems more direct. There must be a dozen or more ways in which pretty white girls go black, go diverse, but the cottage is the intense route. Down there over a weekend a nice young wife can be turned into a bitch and her husband can pretty much be moulded to do what she wants. Its a place where women really learn what multiorgasmal means and its a place where the husbands learn humility. Thursday morning early and I got out of bed for a pee. Imran was still abed, the sheets pulled back his handsome cock erect. My husband was downstairs making Imran his breakfast as per norm when one of the circle come over. I’m Imran’s but of course I go with Winston, Leroy, Carl and Wesley, the others of the circle. Sometimes I’m sent over to be with one of the guys but more often a couple of them come over and we play. John, my ‘husband’ has been so squashed down by it all, that I’m getting a great deal of sex. Imran touches me as I come back to bed, his hand going straight to my pussy. I’m full to the brim with what he has ejaculated inside. So I thought that he was going to tell me to go on down to the kitchen and feed John. That was what we normally did. One of the ways you maintain a cuck husband is by feeding him that way. ‘I want you down at the cottage this weekend, to help with some training OK?’ I nodded to him. That was the rule. If you get a lot of cock you do what the circle men tell you. ‘I want you to work on the husband, a dude called Webster’ he said, encouraging my hand to his proud erection. ‘Man’s got a very pretty blonde, preppy specs and petite librarian wife that Leroy, Winston and I will sort, but Webster is getting broken in pretty fast.’ I kissed Imran. Touching his handsome cock made me want it again. Appetite can be trained and it can be fed. The little blonde would learn. Her life was going to become a disciplined, haughty sexual bliss. The husband’s life well that would be something less. He would learn to need it too though. I’d been to the cottage before to help with the conditioning of the white girls. The theory ran that seeing another white married girl respond so nice to the men helped the new girl learn how. But it seemed this time Imran wanted to swap things. He wanted me to me break Webster irrevocably, teaching him what it really meant to live with a woman who dismissed his manhood. ‘He’s going to lose a lot of sleep I suppose’ I whispered to Imran kissing his strong jaw. It was a key method. The husband glost sleep through the night, brought to the master bedchamber to see his wife taking cock. He never knew when or for how long. At first it was a cock stiffening thrill, but in the end, always, it humiliated and defeated him. After a weekend honest, husband’s could dread it. ‘I want you to teach him licking, during the day. But i want him talked to, so that he realises how this is happening everywhere, how this is going to change Nina.’ OK, I understood. Demoralisng a man was something I could do. John downstairs was as meek as you like. I confirmed him in his station. Imran smiled, ‘Couple of minutes on the ruler bitch and then when you’re loaded with something fresh and hot, go and see the cuck downstairs?’ I nodded gratefully. By the time I got down to the cottage Webster and his pretty wife Nina were already there. Nina was slim, but very bookish looking. Beneath her trim blonde fringe she looked out at the world through quaint round spectacles. Her sweet little cheeks were covered in freckles. Once she probably dressed in ‘sensible clothes’ but now she was in a sassy pleated mini skirt like she was off to the school gym. The history was that Webster encouraged her to dress sassy to come out of her shyness and to tease the local black guys. Wesley had been at the dance club though. He had danced with the woman, kissed her, petted her and now Nina was excited about a different kind of life. Sure she wasn’t sure that she could handle it, but then none of us thought that we could at first. I came in with my bags and saw Leroy and Nina cuddling. Webster had just been standing there like a lemon, his duster in hand. Winston snapped at him that he was take my bags and to stow my clothes for me, as directed in the camper van that he had driven down. Webster wasn’t a weedy man. He wasn’t a sap, at least to look at. But then the beta males are so often like that. They look regular in the street. Webster followed me back out of the door whilst Nina was getting felt up. She was going to have some ‘therapy’ and it was important that Webster noted what was going down. ‘Kiss Nina’ I told him, ‘it will be a while’ I said. He kissed his wife who was trembling. She turned back to Leroy, kissing the handsome relative stranger. He was dressed in a singlet and jeans, so that his huge biceps and big chest were obvious to see. We went out to the camper. I told him to open the bags. He saw the expensive things that I wore, the big box of jewellery. You could almost see his mind ticking over just how expensive it was going to become serving his new mistress. ‘So what are you, a mastabator, someone who got dominated by a sexy aunt or something?’ I am attractive, trimly dressed, very smart and middle class looking. I look polite. Webster didn’t want to answer. He was already ashamed. ‘Nina, she’s beautiful. Bet she’s intelligent Webster. You know something, don’t you. You know that she’s better than you.’ He still wasn’t answering. bakırköy escort He placed my jeans untidily, so I slapped him suddenly. His face spun around under the force of my slap. His face was smarting. His eyes flared. Yes, a reaction. For a second I saw his fists tense. I hoped that I didn’t need to call over Winston and Imran. ‘When a mistress talks to you, make sure that you answer. You address her as Miss or M’am. You will address Nina that way too’ I said coldly. He shuddered. I was a shock to him. A charming looking steel hearted shock. ‘Yes Miss’ he whispered. ‘Life ahead Webster, it’s not just about Nina having better men…its about you learning why you’re a lesser man.’ The words wormed inside his head. Every setence did a job. ‘Now…tell me nicely, how do you see Nina?’ Webster stowed my lacy knickers. ‘Nina has a great intellect. She has a PhD. She is so sharp, so intellectual…’ ‘With a great body too. She’s going to love her new life’ I interjected. Dialogue was important. Webster would be confessing a lot to me. ‘She’s very beautiful. But we started some place else, the love of minds. I didn’t pretend that I could be a stud for her.’ I smiled. ‘But she saw other women having something better, something physical…’ He nodded. ‘I thought that if she dressed sexily, she could feel closer to that set. She is quite shy, she hides her intellect, it puts people off. So I bought her clothes, nice clothes.”And Wesley laid her?’ He frowned.’The guy at the dance club’ I explained. His head dropped. Yes the guy had laid her. He had laid her and the lady went into shock. Sex, so sex was like that!After Webster had stowed my things I had him make coffee and i took out my manicure things. I seated my myself on the fitted sofa and handed Webster the nail varnish and towel. I’ve found that teaching a man to pretify you, for the alpha male, was the****utic too. For the girl, wow, it felt neat and powerful. For the beta male it was something that humbled. I told that Webster that he would learn to do Nina’s nails, when she went out with a lover. It was clear that Webster had never done this stuff, so i showed him on one nail. Then i was up to him and slaps awaited any sloppy efforts. You know how k**s tend to stick their tongue between their teeth when they’re concentrating, well Webster did that. I smiled. ‘You hope that it would only be Wesley tha dropped by to lay your wife?’ I asked. He nodded unhappily. ‘It doesn’t work that way. Its a culture shift. Wesley will share her. She’ll want to be shared. She’ll grow accustomed to more cock, better cock, social party cock.’He looked at me trying to judge how much he could say without getting into trouble. ‘That’s exploitation…’ he suggested humbly.I smiled. No….its not.’ I responded. ‘There are no d**gs, there is no smuggling, the women are not put on the game, they simply go with the guys in the circle because they are clean and beautiful and they know how to fuck. They’re taught to realise that they’re better than their husbands. It’s a way of living, a way of thinking’. He smiled back. His first nail had been varnished quite well. I think that he was even surprised. ‘So they can leave when they want then?’ Nice question. A tricksy question. So now we were a cult huh? ‘They can leave. Their cucks can run away, but then they have to stay away. There was a girl, Christine, Imran owned her. She was taking so much cock and with her heavy career, she became exhausted. Her husband wasn’t bending so well. So she left for a while, a few months. Then she got an easier job, and she came back. She needed Imran.’ I didn’t think that I would mention that I hated the bitch. Jealousy could be an issue. I wanted Imran in my bed most nights of the week. My phone rang. It was Leroy who wanted to ‘tweak’ Webster a bit. He was running video on his phone, having set it up to show the seduction of Nina. I set my phone on its stand, on the table, so that Webster could watch whilst he painted my nails. You’d imagine that the fucking was brutal wouldn’t you? But it wasn’t, not always. Leroy knew that he had to teach the bitch to want it and then need it. On screen he was typing her arms and legs with silk scarves to the brass bed in the main bedroom. He was then kissing her bare tits and we watched as Nina’s nipples stiffened. ‘Nina like being tied up?’ I asked. Webster grimaced. ‘I think…’ he stammered, ‘it helps her feel less guilty about doing this to me. It makes it seem that she just has to submit. It makes it look like she doesn’t want this.’ Webster was intelligent too it seemed. He knew that his shy young wife did want it, she would want it and how! My nail painter was trying not to watch. Now Leroy was moving down to her bare belly and kissing her tummy button. He was sliding his hand between her milk white legs and teasing her sex. The girl was already movng against his masterful fingers. ‘They will teach her to fuck so hard and often that nothing you could have ever done, even if you were masculine, would compare. She will learn to feel such a bitch and to accept it’ I explained gently. Leroy had two fingers up her. She was grinding against his hand. The woman still had her preppy specs on so it was kinda quirky. Imran came in to the bedroom. He wore only a pair of pants. He has such a gorgeous physique. He is so lush! I watch him walk up to the side of the bed and take out his cock. It was bullet hard. Nina looked away blushing. Imran pulled her face back towards him. His cock was pushed towards her mouth. There was a pause and Nina started to lick. May be I was disappointed too when the video clip ended. May be! I checked Webster’s face. It showed how much he hurt. ‘You’re not a voyeur are you?’ I said. Some cuck husbands weren’t. Some came to this thinking that they would watch their wives do sexy ‘tricks’. But there were other humbler men, nicer men in some regards who just needed to know that their beautful and increasingly superior wives were getting inseminated properly. They didn’t want to see it. They just needed to hurt, humbly, privately. beşiktaş escort Seeing though was accepting and accepting led to serving. It helped an instinctive cuck to accept his lot in life. Webster shook his head. He didn’t think that he was. This had just been meant as a tease, a gesture to help Nina feel more confident. ‘But she needs to be with better men than you’ I said calmly, ‘she needs to judge you. Somewhere inside that pretty head is a woman who doesn’t accept that everything can be equal’. I checked the first coat of varnish on my finger nails. There were mistakes and normally I would slap the man. But he was talking humbling and letting me inside his mind. I put a foot up onto his lap so that he could start painting nails down there. ‘It surprise you that women want to disparage some men? It surprise you that a woman likes to hurt?’ Of course it did. Of course it was a shock. Bitches were the other kind of women, the depraved women. Bitches came from a dark and gutter like place. They weren’t from nice schools and pleasant homes, but that seemed so because men never truly understood how angry a woman could be. The truth of it was that some distant time ago, men and women left the tribe, where women accepted and confirmed the stronger males. They stopped being able to dominate the weaker ones, bringing them to pussy for licks and they were shut away in individual homes, with one man, good or bad, mad or weedling, just because it suited the society best. That was what had happened. There would come a time, not now, when I would teach Webster that. The camper van door opened and Winston came in to see how things were going. He smiled when he saw that I already had Webster painting my toe nails. ‘Thought I’d bring you a vodka’ he said and set the glass down beside me. I watched him then casually unbuckle his belt, undo his jeans and get his black cock out. Winston has a moorish cock. It had an insoucient upward curve to it. It looked and indeed was, a pleasure machine. When he brought it close to, i looked meekly up at him and started to suck it for him. I sucked easily and slowly, so that it might pleasure him the more. He was so handsome, so arrogant, that i wanted to confirm his princedom over and over. Webster watched. He watched the way that my mouth enveloped Winston’s cock slowly pulling and sucking on it like it was the source of life itself.’You try’ I said to Webster. My attendant pulled a face. The look in his eyes were one of fear and disgust. ‘No?’ I said. ‘Well, you will suck. You will suck when Nina tells you to. You will suck because otherwise you’re going to suffer some terrible withdrawal symptoms.’ Winston laughed and stowed his tool. I think that Webster was surprised that he hadn’t taken a hiding for not behaving. Such disciplinary measures were used, sometimes, they were necessary, but the enslavement to the new order was largely one long, inevitable psychological submission. It was like travelling back to that earlier time when some men just knew that it was right to support the chieften and the woman that he bred. That evening I took Webster in to cook the evening meal and to set the table. He was told curtly that there were some rules to follow. He never spoke unless spoken to. He never held the gaze of his better’s especially not Nina. He was to look down at their feet when he spoke. He was to accept judgements on him, withot rancour. It was going to be a stiff test, but a necessary one. I watched Webster set the evening fire in the ample grate, warming the cottage for the autumn night. I watched him lay the table, aching to look at Nina who was reading passages of a novel to Imran. She laughed as she did so. It seemed to astonish her that the truly masculine men were not all louts. I then superintended Webster in the kitchen as he prepared the chicken stew. ‘What was your mistress wearing?’ I asked him suddenly. He looked suspiciously at me. ‘A romantic white blouse, a pendant choker….’ I slapped his face for him and it clearly stung. ‘What did I tell you about being in company?’ I snapped. He remembered. He was to look down! John had taken time to learn this too. I was a humility thing. Even if you put a beta in a collar to remind him that he was a serf he still had to remember to look down. I went out and sat down to dinner with the others. Webster served the wine and then bruschetta canapes for a starter. He retired to the kitchen to take a bite of food himself. He must have listened to the lively chatter, the banter through in the dining room. Leroy kissed Nina and said that he’s enjoyed her that afternoon. It had been slow, sensual and he liked her sweet learning, yearning looks. Webster had just come in with the main course. He heard. ‘I liked it too…goodness’ she admitt shyly without noticing her husband was there.Leroy kissed her again. Webster approached the table, found a gap and silently placed the serving dishes in the centre. That night Webster’s first calling to the bedroom was just before midnight. I stood quietly in the corner, his trainer and stern critic. Nina was already in bed with Winston and they touched slowly, launquidly, first beneath the single sheet and then increasingly plein air. Nina wasn’t wrist bound this time but she was clearly nervous as she stroked Winston’s ebony skin and felt the tautness of his muscles. She trembled when he kissed first her forehead, then her nose and then her half opened lips. She wore nothing save for that pendant about her throat. Leroy brought Webster in, waking him barely after he had started to sleep. He nudged Webster down into his knees to watch. My charge blinked as though he was living the most surreal dream. He had been told to hold his hands behind his back and i noted that he did so now. There was no reason for Leroy to cuff them there yet. I sipped the glass of brandy in my hand. There was no need for talk. Webster was to concentrate on his other senses. He was to see how a big man took a woman, how his wife responded gratefully. He was to smell how she climaxed. It was strange how beylikdüzü escort cucks learned that, to live through scent and taste. They learned to embrace their new lives through senses that they used much less of in the humdrum vanilla world. Winston kissed Nina’s breasts and she gasped. His lips were pulling gently on her nipples. Her soft brown areoles were glistening with Winston’s spittle. I saw Nina stroke Winston’s dreadlock hair, feeling how the strands moved aganst her fingers. The hair was coarser that Webster’s it was like that of an a****l, other, dominant and confident. When Winston gestured her too, she drew back the sheet and at his gazed instruction she started to play with her sex. She started to run her delicate fingers up and down her crease, teasing open her blossom so that the sweet interior, moist, peachy and spasming now, started to show. Leroy clipped Wesbter across the ear. He was meant to move forward on his knees. My charge did as he was bade and when he reached the bed, Nina shifted angle so that her bare sex lay before his face. Another nudge from Leroy and i watched Webster lick her. Surely, honestly, if you ever want this as a woman, this is the quintessential act. Having your beta lick you ready for your lover, or else, sweet dessert, having him lick up the gifting after he has ejaculated inside you. I glanced down. There, yes, Webster’s cock was bucking n his pants. He needed this alright. Nina mesmerised him the soft and receptive way she was with Winston. Nina whimpered, just as her ancestor sisters must have done. She whimpered enjoying the adulation of the weaker male, watching always the gaze of the alpha beside her. There was an elegence and a grace to it. I watched her start to move her sex against her husband’s mouth. I watched her start to wipe her sex on his face, like he was a rag. She started to move her hand down onto his hair to encourage him, but Winston took it. No, not this time. Webster was to learn that she was aloof. Webster was to learn that she was other, superior, absolute in her authority. Watching Webster lick I could sense his hunger. Yes, once he smelled her he would want to eat deeply. I nodded to Winston and he pushed Webster aside. Once again Winston’s cock was presented to Webster and once again he dropped his head, unable to submit. Winston smiled. He knew, that would come. He turned and watched Webster as without a word he stuck his dick into the man’s wife. He didn’t jag or jerk, he simply occupied, slowly, completely, working his manhood inside until Nina arched ecstatically, feeling the absolute girth, the force of the man. I watched Nina’s fingers dig into the pillow, her pretty mouth open and then I heard her start to pant. Winston held steady a moment, his cock pulsing inside her. I watched him check the pain and the shame on Webster’s face. Winston looked back to Nina. She was to watch Webster, contemptuously whilst she took the slowly pumping length. Once Winston worked up the strokes, burying and twisting into her, she gritted her teeth, gasping the hot sensations that coursed through her. ‘God!’ she gasped as she climaxed. It was so fast and so complete. But then the men had been petting her, arousing her all day long. I saw Nina lock on Winston and then easy as you pleased he pumped the first load of the night inside. Nina gasped with evry stroke.Yes….Nina…..its exquisite it isn’t it?.It’s exquisite, not just because the man is so proud and so strong, but because you put the other one down doing it.The minute hand on my watch swept around a couple of times. Stll Winston’s hefty balls made their delivery. It was as if Nina was a churn to be filled with cream. She writhed on him, feeling the steady flow of his gift. After Winston had enjoyed her, after she had started to learn how to welcome a man, Webster was brought to bear. His face was pushed btween her legs, within inches of her filled sex. Sometimes cucks lick at once. Webster though held out until his breath failed him. He sucked down a breath, smelled her pleasure and started to lap. His tongue went everywhere I noted. It was a wild and a ager licking. He would need to learn to leave his mistress’s button aside until she instructed him. Leroy dragged him away. There were lessons to be learned and constraint to be showed. Webster was led from the bedroom and Nina slipped back into the ample muscular arms of Winston. Next morning, after a good nights sleep I went and woke Webster. He had breakfast to prepare starting with a tray of croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice for his mistress and the man in her bed. Webster looked wrecked. He looked absolutely wrecked. I forced him to drink some fruit juice himself and asked how many times as if I didn’t know. Four times. Winston, one oclock. Imran three oclock (my lover was the perfectionist as regards training) and then Leroy at five and at six oclock. The men had taken it in turns to sleep and to make love with Nina. I knew that she would be tired and replete, but there would be scope for her to snooze during the day. Webster would have lessons to learn and chores to do. I followed Webster in as he took in the breakfast tray. Nina was asleep, curled up in Leroy’s arms. She looked like a blonde squirrel resting. Leroy directed where to leave the tray and then told Webster to ‘fuck off out’. The remark was curt, gratuitously so perhaps, but he was needing a little catch up sleep too. After breakfast I took Webster out on a run. He watched me bouncing forward through the woods before him. He tried to run. He tried to run. But it was impossible. He was exhausted and mentally, well…..I returned to him as he knelt beside a fallen tree. He was sucking down air as though he could expire at any minute. I sat on the tree before him and held his face in my heads. He looked done in. ‘Well?’ I asked. He sucked down more breathes. ‘God…she is so beautiful…’ he stumbled. Webster didn’t know where to start. ‘Going with men of her own class, beautiful men, proper men?’ I asked. ‘Yes’ he said his head slumping against my thigh. ‘It’s better this way isn’t it, that Nina is content?’ ‘Yes’ he gasped.’Do you need a few minutes a micro sleep or something?’ I asked, stroking away his sweat matted hair. He looked up at me. He knew. He knew that it was conditional. ‘I want to suck cock….I can manage that now’ he admitted. I kissed his head. ‘Good boy…that’s so much nicer.’ I soothed.

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