Sexual Extortion 3: The Blackmail part 1 of 3


Sexual Extortion 3: The Blackmail part 1 of 3Landscaping and Cleaning crewing INc, I am the primary cleaning clerk of one of the industrial and business cleaning company. I started out as one of the company and very shortly after I franchise out on my own. Now on a daily, I get about 300 listing of different places to go and either landscape or cleaning. I have a buddy of mines Big D that takes care of the landscaping and I do the business cleaning. When it gets slow on one or the other we pair up. Is business so we try to cut everything at equal parts. Since he is working for me I do get to keep a little more then he does. He’s also one of my close friends so whenever I’m jammed up I call him and he often helps me out. Finally on the last listing this Friday evening is a private doctor or clinic office I been here before often time is the doctor a lady doctor that is finishing up her last paperwork and just before I begin with my vacuum and heavy machinery that’s around the time that she starts to lock up, she always lets me know she’s leaving. She’s a very beautiful and striking female. She’s tall (6’2 amazing) and she has these 40D tits OMG. She has long blond hair and beautiful green eyes pale snow-like skin but she gorgeous. She somewhat remains me of a tall very tall barbie doll. ( btw in real-life Barbie really is her name and yes she is that tall and yes she is real and yes she has amazing tits idk her actual size but they are NICE! Also there will be another story specifically for her). She is very nice and polite she has an accent I am not sure of where but she has a slight accent. She is very striking and very beautiful. She looks like she walked out of a beauty pageant of some kind. Every male wants to fuck her and every straight female wants to be her. us lesbians we are half and half some of us would want to be her the other half want to fuck her. I fall in I want to fuck her brains out, I wanna fuck her so much I want to dumb her down. A little hard to do shes a doctor. I am unsure what type of doctor she is or what is her specialty but this whole clinic is her’s shes the own the WBIC white bitch in charge. I try to stay clear from her since she is the one paying me for this job and if she’s not happy she could easily close the contract and hire another cleaning crew. She is my number 1 highest pay client from my listing. If I had her a few days of the week all I would need is 3 more days of cleaning her building and I wouldn’t have to need a list. She makes up for everyone else in the listing. I am taking the elevator up to inspect the area as I see her over in the penthouse of the building picking up her briefcase and her bakırköy escort paperwork in a few minutes by the time I go out and check when I come back in she will be ready to take the elevator down with me say her goodbyes and leave in her nice one of a kind Ashton Martin car in dark red. After I go and do the inspection I return to the elevator and just like I knew it would happen, it stops on the way down at the penthouse as Ms.Barbie comes in. She prefer her work and clients to address her as Barbie only her patience dress her as Dr. I guess is her way of making herself feel important but not overly important or maybe is a culture thing. She looks at me and smiles I look back at her and smile acknowledging her. Just as the elevator is on its way down suddenly the elevator seem to get jam. We both look at each other and we wait looking up and looking over the buttons. “oh dear God do you think is stuck? she asks suddenly, ‘No no I don’t think so” I say reading over the last date the inspection was done everything seems to be up to date” “oh yes I make sure all the safety calls are done within a month before expiration, safety is a priority. she explainssuddenly the elevator does a suddenly drop two or three floors shaking. She suddenly reaches over for me, grabbing my right arm.’hello, the sexy hot doctor needs a hero” well well well I reach over to her not cause I’m afraid this be the perfect moment to couple a field. May overreach and touch those 40D tits she has hiding over her long black leather coat. shes wearing a red top over sling down to some black skirt cut right above her knee. The look is slightly vintage but it looks good and she looks fucking sexy. As the elevator does another bump she just suddenly grabs me and squeezes me right in between her tits. My face deep inside her cleavage burying me between these two cantaloupe size tits.’oh dear God I don’t like the way that sounds’ she said her voice shaking slightly.pressing me deeper into her tits. I’m trying to speak but to be honest I’m enjoying the moment of being titty bumped on my face. Her tits is about the size of my head. She’s holding me tight. Her arms are wrapped tightly about me. She talls so her arm can go twice around and she has a very strong grip.”oh Dear God we are going to die” I try to mumble knowing damn well we aren’t going to die but I wanted her to press me deeper into her breasts. I am fighting for dear life , stop sticking my tongue out and give her tits a major ass tityy blow job. I’m holding her tight, but due to our height differences my arms wrapped over her ass nice firm ass. Another bump on beşiktaş escort the elevator and I’m bumped and bruised by her tits on my face, sometimes around here is when I begin to notice I can’t breathe but to be honest it doesn’t matter. this is my equivalent of dying happy. Soffucated by huge ass tits. When they pick me up from the ground ill have the biggest smile on my face. By this time I can’t resist and I roll my tongue out one time licking the center of her cleavage tasting her. She tastes like strawberry and glitter. Shortly after a few more second the elevator stops shaking and bump and we safely arrive at the lower garage. She comes out of there still slightly holding me pressing up against me. Into both step outside the garage and she finally lets me go”oh no no I am calling the company immediately that cannot happen again, they need to come to check this elevator immediately. She said reaching over her cell. As I push back a little and lean over my knee and try and catch my breathtaking deep breath like someone that finally can breathe after holding their breath. My face all red and bruised from how tensely she was holding me. I take a peek at her and immediately I noticed something, that makes me take out my cell and take a few pictures of her as shes distracted on hers making an appointment for the elevator services company. I take a few shots of her from all sides especially the front to which she awkwardly smiles, i guess she likes taking her picture or she may think i was doing something relating to the incident that just occurred. ‘oh that was frightening, Vanessa I am so sorry are you alright? she suddenly asks as i am standing there with and an odd look on my face, “oh yes yes i am more than alright thank you for asking,” i say saving and backing up all the pictures I just took of hershe looked at me oddly, ‘may i ask you a question in the elevator did you,” she about to ask as she rubs her hands up her tits, ‘Vanessa did you licked my breasts” she suddenly asked i blushed a little looking at her ‘YES YES I liked your cleavage, it was a matter of life and death, the chance was then or never” I say seriously but deep inside I wanted to crack up laughing cause that sounded like a funny line for me to say. she stands there with an unknown expression on her face as if she’s not sure what she will respond and I think in a way she was not ready for my answer, the hell I wasn’t ready either, it came out of nowhere. ‘well, you do have a point there, but that is not the most appropriate..” she goes on as i stop her pointing at my cellphone ‘what pictures were you taking? she beylikdüzü escort catches on suddenly’well Barbie, in there as i was liking your tits, and you were grabbing me so tightly your secret seems to have popped out i say as i point downward to her skirt. She looks at me slightly and then follows my finger down as she looks down and catches herself with a giant oversize boner!”she immediately gets her purse and covers herself up “oh dear, i I didn’t think that would happen, I haven’t been aroused, I, sorry I OH WAIT WHY WERE YOU TAKING PICTURES???? she said getting all tongue-tied and trying to cover herself looking around as if she frightens to get caught in the act. “Vanessa please, what are you going to do with those pictures, no one can know this it can ruin me, please I have fought so hard’ ‘yes very hard” I say almost jokingly well it is hard she stays quite looking at me confused.”please Vanessa, I will give you whatever you ask just please delete those picture please don’t’ tell anyone,” Ill buy you your silences, this doesn’t usually happen to me. Guess by us being so close together and holding each other and when i felt you licking my tits yes i felt you do it that’s why i pressed you more, I got caught in the moment. Please Ill give you anything you ask for pleases don’t tell or share this with anyone” she begs me ‘ok ill think about it but if you are serious, there is something i want from you? i say looking at her as she looks so vulnerable there holding herself this is the weakest and comprising i have ever seen her. WOW, the woman every one goes crazy to fuck and be with is really in actuality a guy or was. That hot sexy European blond chick with the nice big titty has a dick. She’s very well in doubt if I may say so. It was perfectly erect and curved perfectly up the tip of her head barely touching her bellybutton. I must confess looking at her in that way that did turn me on will admit.’yes yes, whatever you want, tell me what do you want? she asks again this time moving closer to me as shes trying to get in her car before anyone else sees her. “later tonight when i am done cleaning your building, i want you to come to my apartment, i will text you my address once i am home I want you there in less than 30 mins’ i pretty much demanded her ‘what? but why, just tell me what you want here?’ she trys to insist’NO, we do this we will do this my way, i am the one with the pictures, if you don’t or if you try me I will make sure everyone in your mail listing get these a copy “IS DONE ILL BE THERE” she suddenly said “YOU DON”T HAVE to DO THAT I WILL BE THERE, send me your address when you get home ill be there in 30mins after. she sounds self assure as she always sounds. ‘GOOD, ILL BE WAITING Don’t keep me waiting’ i say as i gently close the door and she looks up at me still shocked and confused by everything but from where i am she is still very hard is pretty much poking right out of her skirt looks like she made need a new skirt soon…..

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