Sexy Wife, Sexier Sister in Law Ch. 02

Double Penetration

The ladies of the family made a delicious dinner, and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. After the cleaning chores were done and the kids were put to sleep Ayush, Siddharth, Madhu, Preethi along with their cousins and the respective spouses all sat down at the dining table to play board games while they ate dessert. Everyone was having so much fun teasing each other, but Madhu and Siddharth were having their own fun unknown to others. As always, they sat next to each other. Siddharth was rubbing his feet on Madhu’s feet. Whenever possible, he put his hand on her thighs gently rubbing them. She teasingly tried to take his hands away but did not try too hard to stop him. On the outside they both seemed completely engrossed in playing the game and chatting with everyone, but they were in their own world under the table. Madhu loved the excitement of doing something like that right under the noses of everyone. Especially with her husband and her own sister sitting next to them. For some reason, the fear of getting caught made her want to be more daring. After a few hours of playing everyone was tired and decided to go to sleep.

In the middle of the night while everyone slept, two people were texting each other on their phones.

I want you so badly!

Lol. I am surprised you waited this long before texting me.

Haha. Well I was too horny, so I was busy fucking your sister… while thinking of you.

You are so shameless lol!

That makes two of us. Besides, that wasn’t the first time I imagined you while fucking her ;p

Oh my God! I can’t believe you did that!

Lol. It feels so good to finally open up to you like this. I have been dreaming about this moment for so long!

Aww… little Siddhu had to struggle so hard keeping everything to himself.

Yes! Your poor little Siddhu really had to! Aren’t you going to do anything to make him feel better?

Isn’t being able to actually tell me that you fucked my sister while thinking of me rewarding enough?

No not really! I had to reward myself like that all this time. Now that I can actually get rewarded in person, why shouldn’t I?

Hmm… that’s a good point. But we have to be careful not to overdo and risk messing everything up. There are way too many people in the house to try anything daring or stupid.

We played with each other under the table while everyone was literally sitting next to us! And you are saying we should not dare try anything more? We could just go downstairs into the kitchen for a quick smooch.

You know very well it won’t really be a quick smooch.

I do! Isn’t that the best part? 😉

Lol silly goose! It’s tempting for me too, but we have to be careful about it. You know that.

Fineee! You always know how to tease me.

Yes, I do! ;p

So, does that mean we have to wait until everyone else leaves?

That’s right!

Ughh… I was afraid you would say that!

Lol, you know me well. But until then I can give you a small detail to help you survive.

Now that’s more like it! What is it?

While you busy fucking your wife thinking of me, I was busy fucking my husband thinking of you. ;p

Ohh my Goodd!! Really??? I can’t believe it!! Damnnnn!!

Lol, I am glad I was able to brighten up your mood at bit.

I am too! You are awesome.

I know ;)!

Now I can sleep happily dreaming about that lol. And, before you say it… don’t worry I will delete all the messages.

This is why I love you so much! I don’t even have to say what I am thinking, and you just get it.

I know! That’s why I love you so much too Madhu!

😀 Okay, go sleep now. Good night!

Good night!

The next few days went by uneventfully for Siddharth and Madhu, at least on the sexual side of things. Except for the late-night texts, they stayed true to their word to not try anything too crazy while everyone was around, which was basically all the time. They both kept fucking their respective spouses as often as they could to compensate for the growing lust inside them.

The moment of glory finally came in a very unexpected way. Madhu and Siddharth planned that they would go out for a drive as always, find a private space to park the car and go crazy. Slowly, their family members started reality kings porno leaving. They both were eagerly waiting for the right time. The unexpected moment came their way when one-night Siddharth woke up and found that he forgot to fill his water bottle before he went to sleep. He groaned in disbelief thinking he now has to go all the way to the kitchen to get some water. He walked towards the kitchen, and as he got himself a water bottle out of the fridge, he heard footsteps behind him. He was startled for a quick moment wondering whether a thief got into the house and turned around reflexively only to find Madhu standing behind him.

“Oh my God! You scared me!” he said to her as she stood a few feet away looking at him. She did not move or make a sound.

“Are you okay Madhu?” he asked her a bit concerned. He took a few steps towards her. She was looking straight at him. She wore a long, white nightgown and had an eerie look about her. He looked into her eyes and knew what was going on in her mind. He was thinking about the same thing the whole day. He knew they could not bear to wait any longer.

She walked towards him as he took her into his embrace, and they started kissing. They wanted each other so badly they decided to abandon their original plan. They did not care they might get caught if anyone woke up and came into the kitchen. They were unstoppable.

He picked her up and sat her on the kitchen counter as he kissed her on her neck. He fumbled to unbutton her nightgown and she smiled slightly in between kisses. When he finally took her shirt off, he stopped for a minute to stare at the beauty of her breasts perfectly supported by her black push up bra. He proceeded to kiss her neck as he made his way down. Her breasts were full and fleshy. Her skin was soft he thought it was probably glowing. He kissed her left breast as he squeezed her right one with his hands. As he was busy playing with them, she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground exposing them in their full glory. Her nipples were dark brown. He again stopped to look at them.

“You like them, don’t you?” she asked him.

“I love them!” he said to her. “I have dreamed about them for so long and they are as amazing as I have imagined!”

“Are they better than my sister’s?” she asked him teasingly.

“You know they are!” he said back to her with a grin.

“Are they better than my mom’s?” she asked him with a wide grin.

Siddharth was shocked for a moment, “what do…”

“I have seen you stare at her boobs many times,” she said smiling. “Don’t worry, even Ayush can’t help it.”

Siddharth smiled sheepishly that she caught him, “she is a sexy woman,” he said finally.

Madhu laughed, “you are so cute!”

“But she is not sexier than you, and her boobs are not as delicious as yours” he said leaning closer to her.

“Then what are you waiting for! Go take them” she smiled naughtily and said to him.

He got even more aroused hearing her teasing voice he squeezed her breasts vigorously as she moaned by the sudden touch of another man’s hands on her bare breasts. He quickly kissed her lips as he kept squeezing them hard. He then moved down and sucked on her stiff nipples as they stood proudly, a symbol of her aroused state of mind. She moaned a little louder but instantly bit her lower lip hard so she would not wake anyone up. She placed her hand on the back of his head running her fingers through his hair cradling him like a baby as he switched between sucking both her breasts. He bit her nipples arousing her even more. She took his shirt off and ran her hands on his bare chest. She imagined him shirtless so many times, she thought to herself. She swirled her fingers on his chest and pinched his nipples. He responded by biting her nipples harder.

“Mmmm!! Ahhhhh!!” she moaned.

He slowly moved down as he explored her navel. He started to finger fuck her belly button as she giggled feeling tickled and aroused at the same time. He then quickly removed her nightgown completely and almost tore her underwear. She was now sitting fully naked in front of him like a goddess. The bulge in his pants was getting bigger and bigger obviously drawing her attention. She gave him a naughty grin as she quickly pulled sexmex porno them. He was now standing in his underwear. As she was about to pull them off, he stopped her. She was first confused, but he them winked at her suggesting he has something in mind first.

He grabbed some coconut oil from one of the kitchen closets and poured a generous amount onto his hands.

“The benefits of making love in the kitchen” he told her as she giggled like a teenager.

He rubbed the oil on his fingers and started to rub the lips of her vagina.

“Mmmm!!” she moaned to his warm and soothing touch.

He massaged the outer and inner lips of her vagina slowly and then massaged her clitoris with his thumb.

“Ahhhh!! Sssss!! Ahhh!!” she moaned as the ecstasy of his touch drove her crazy. “I haven’t been touched like this in a while!”

“Good thing I came along then” Siddharth smiled and kissed her on her lips as he massaged her clitoris.

“I can’t believe this is how my sister has been getting pleasured! Ahhhhh!! It makes me feel… mmmm… so jealous!” Madhu said in between throes of pleasure.

“You don’t have to anymore. I am yours as much as I am hers!” Siddharth assured her in a calm tone.

Madhu smiled and bit her lip as another wave of pleasure rippled from her clitoris all over her body.

He rubbed some more coconut oil and slid two fingers into her vagina slowly. He rubbed and massaged the inner walls of her vagina in rhythmic fashion, making her moan like crazy.

“Haaaa!! Godd!! What the fuck!!” “You are so fucking good! I can’t… Ahhhhh… believe… Ahhhhh” she struggled to find words as she was lost in pleasure.

She gasped with a moan as he found her G-spot, “Haaaaa!! What the fuck was that!!?”

Siddharth just smiled and continued to rub and massage as she moaned. A few minutes later, her whole body shook as she bit her lip hard half moaning, half gasping as her body rippled through an orgasm. Her juices gushed out of her vagina, dripping down Siddharth’s hand. She sighed hard as she reeled from a pleasure she had not felt in years.

“My God! I never thought I would ever have such strong orgasms again!” she said to Siddharth smiling in between gasps. Her chest moving up and down with her breasts swinging slowly as she breathed heavily. She was now ever more aroused after that killer orgasm.

She got off the kitchen counter and pushed Siddharth back a bit. She quickly took off his underwear as she kneeled down in front of him. His thick, 7 inches cock stood proudly like a solider ready to offer his services. She smiled looking at it “I can’t believe my sister was enjoying this since she married you!”

“Well actually, she was enjoying it even before that” Siddharth said as a matter of fact knowing that would get her aroused even more.

“What! That slut!!” Madhu smiled in disbelief realizing her innocent looking sister had wasn’t really as innocent as she thought her to be. “She’s had enough of it then. It’s now mine!”

“Then take it babe,” Siddharth said slowly with a naughty grin.

Madhu took Siddharth’s penis in her hands. An electrifying sensation rippled through Siddharth’s body as a woman other than his wife, the woman of his dreams was holding his cock. She was feeling the same as she never thought she would hold another man’s cock like that. She opened her mouth and wrapped her sexy, full lips around his rock-hard cock and started sucking it slowly. Siddharth titled his head backwards as he lost his mind over how good she was sucking it. She stopped and looked up as if hearing what he was thinking, “I had a lot of time to practice” she said with a wink. He just smiled, “it’s obvious.” She continued sucking his dick, wrapping her tongue around it while she slid it in and out of her mouth. She was simultaneously stroking it with her hand rhythmically. He placed his hand at the back of her head, taking a hand full of her hair into his grip as he started mouth fucking her. She increased the pace sucking it harder and faster.

“Oh God Madhu! You are so fucking good! Even better than your sister!” Siddharth exclaimed as he moaned in ecstasy.

Madhu did not stop; she wanted his cock for so long without even knowing. Now that she was sucking on it to her heart’s sindrive porno content, she was in no mood to stop. A few minutes later he pulled his cock out of her mouth as she sighed and gasped for air.

“I want you baby! I want you bad!” He said.

She smiled and laid back on the floor opening her legs wide inviting him to take her. He got down on his knees between her legs, took his cock in his hand and rubbed her pussy with it. She gave out a slight moan. He opened her labia, and thrust his penis slowly into her. She let out a gasp, “Ahhhh!!” He started fucking her thrusting his cock deeper into her with every push.

“Fuck!! This feels so good!” They both said it as once.

He increased the pace and was now fucking her hard like a pig. She was moaning without holding back as he thrust deeper and deeper into her. With a few more thrusts, he was balls deep in her pussy. She locked him with her legs behind his back pulling him into her. Her boobs moved up and down in rhythm with every stroke, as he kept pounding her.

“Fuck! Shit! Ahhhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhhh!!” she kept moaning.

“Mmmm… Yesssss… Ahhhh.

She then threw him on his back got up and climbed over him. She took his dick in her hands, and slid it back into her pussy, as she sat down graceful on him. She started riding him, first slowly and sensually while looking into his eyes and biting her lips. She then placed her feet on either side on his body, placed her hands on his bare chest as she lifted herself up and down on his cock, riding him harder and faster. She wanted to show him how much she had thought about this moment, and now that it was coming true, she wasn’t holding back. Her pussy swallowed his big, fat penis completely. He could tell with the mixed emotions of pain and ecstasy in her face, that it was bigger than her husband’s. But she was riding it so passionately, that he lost his mind looking at her amazing body jump up and down! After a few minutes, he lifted her up, pinned her to the wall and continued fucking her, pushing harder and deeper into her. She could not control herself, and kept sighing and moaning, “you are a fucking animal! I have never been fucked this long!”

“I had been holding all this passion for a long time Madhu,” he said back to her. “I jerked off way too many times thinking of you.”

“How many times?” she asked him.

“Every fucking day,” he said back as he kept pounding her.

“Am I better than my sister?” she asked him in the middle of moans, looking into his eyes.

“Without a doubt! You are a Goddess!” he told her looking back.

She smiled and bit her lip, he smiled back.

He then picked her up and sat down on the chair by the dining table, placing her in his lap. They both held each other tightly and continued fucking. She came hard, as she shivered with the force of the orgasm flowing through her body.

“I am close baby!” he told her.

“Fill me up!” she whispered into his ear.

“Are you sure?” he asked her feeling shocked and excited at the same time.

“Ahhh! Yes! I will fuck Ayush if something happens so no one will know” she told him half moaning in between whispers. “So just shut up and pour your cum into your big sister’s womb little brother!”

That was all he needed to hear. He put her on the dining table, held her legs apart, and fucked her with more vigor, making her boobs jiggle up and down.

“Oh my God!” she moaned biting her lip, “you are making me feel like a woman again!”

Finally, Siddharth moaned and he thrust his penis deeper, unloading a huge load of cum into her. She crossed up her legs high behind his back pulling me into her as she shuddered from another orgasm. He emptied into her completely, and fell on her exhausted. He could feel his cum dripping out from her around his cock.

They both looked into each other’s eyes and smiled with happiness.

“I love you Siddhu!” she said to him.

“I love you to Madhu!” he said back to her.

They both kissed, got up and put their clothes back on. They slowly and silently walked back into each other’s room and crept into their beds with their respective spouses.

They both slept happily knowing in their hearts that this is not the end. It’s just the beginning of an entirely new adventure.


Author’s note:

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you liked it.

I would like to hear back from you, any feedback or any discussion about it are more than welcome. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

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